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BOMBAZO!!! Disney cambió toda su planificación de estrenos para 2022 y 2023, y obviamente afecta a #MarvelStudios.
Estas son las nuevas fechas así que para leer este hilo, agarren lápiz y papel:

El cambio en los cambios es el siguiente:
#DoctorStrangeInTheMultiverseOfMadness pasa del 25 de marzo de 2022 al 6 de mayo de 2022.

#ThorLoveandThunder se ha pospuesto del 6 de mayo de 2022 al 8 de julio de 2022.
#BlackPanther #WakandaForever del 8 de julio de 2022 al 11 de noviembre de 2022.

#TheMarvels del 11 de noviembre de 2022 al 17 de febrero de 2023.

#AntmanandtheWasp #Quantumania sin fecha para 2023 figura para el 28 de julio de 2023.
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🥃 🧵 This is #Botswana, where all human life began. Today it is a stable, well-functioning democracy w/ the highest standard of living and lowest corruption in Africa.

And the country likely wouldn’t exist without alcohol prohibition.

A #LiquorThread. 🥃 🧵 1/
For decades since its independence in 1966, Botswana was an island of black sovereignty & stability between apartheid South Africa and white-supremacist Rhodesia. Some say it was the inspiration for #Wakanda in the movie #BlackPanther. 2/…
But to understand the political origins of this real Kalahari country, we need to examine the colonial history of what was then known as Bechuanaland...

and how booze was the lifeblood of European colonization. 3/
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SEMANA 35: Noticias, rumores y curiosidades durante la semana 😁

La serie de #Hawkeye contará con seis episodios, tendrá una ambientación navideña y transcurrirá después de #AvengersEndgame. 💜
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II indica que #BlackManta tendrá una evolución en #Aquaman2; será más maduro y tendrá tiempo para respirar.
James Gunn desmiente la existencia de un proyecto en desarrollo de #Bloodsport.
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Danai Gurira and Letitia Wright is seen filming for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever at MIT in Massachusetts, 21-08-2021


16 Pics

#Marvel #MCU #BlackPanther #BlackPanther2 #BlackPantherWakandaForever
Danai Gurira and Letitia Wright is seen filming for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever at MIT in Massachusetts, 21-08-2021


16 Pics

#Marvel #MCU #BlackPanther #BlackPanther2 #BlackPantherWakandaForever
Danai Gurira and Letitia Wright is seen filming for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever at MIT in Massachusetts, 21-08-2021


16 Pics

#Marvel #MCU #BlackPanther #BlackPanther2 #BlackPantherWakandaForever
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Inside this week’s cover story:

What Scarlett Johansson’s ‘Black Widow’ Legal Battle Means for the Future of Hollywood
The birth of the subscription streaming platform Disney Plus is a good marker for the transition that’s spurred a wholesale realignment of film and TV operations.
As the aftershocks spread across the industry, the benchmarks of success have been radically altered. But talent compensation packages didn’t keep pace.
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Marvel heard our commentary and was like "y'all think fat meat not greasy"
I don't know, Natasha might be the baddest Avenger.

I was a skeptic.
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Been a while between threads

#Veve x @Marvel

You know these franchises already, but given that @ecomi_ will be turning them into epic premium NFTs - 3D, AR/VR, Animated? Interactive?

Its fun to remind ourselves no?

👇🏼~A Marvel Movie Mega Thread ~👇🏼
@Marvel is enormous.

Multiple mediums and founded originally in 1939. We are talking about THOUSANDS of iterations of characters.. 2,612 to be precise

And #VeVe gets to take their pick and bring US (the fans) a whole new way to enjoy our fandom

Lets look at the movies alone👇🏼
@Iron_Man ...
Who doesnt love him?

Could we have him firing palm particle beams across our living room?
Superhero landing in our backyard... cracking the earth?
A Tony Stark workshop showroom?

Will we see:
Pepper Potts as Rescue?
War Machine?
Jarvis 🤣
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Being a Cinematographer is the best job on the planet (It’s true. Don’t make me fight you). A thread of some of my favorite Female + Trans DPs.

#EllenKuras - 1st time I met Ellen was at a now defunct (?) Women in Film org event. I was ridiculously excited to meet her. Prob best known for #EternalSunshine but was #Unzipped that wow’d. Revolutionized how I viewed docs. Here’s Mizrahi & Eartha Kitt
#SandiSissel. We all watched #SalaamBombay. Keeping tabs on Sandi’s career introduced me to 2nd Unit DP opportunities. I admired her versatility moving from indie film to #MasterAndCommander. Two visual worlds I love to play in.
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I am the Answer-Man and I must voice my displeasure with Disney's decision to NOT recast the Black Panther after Chadwick Boseman's untimely death.

The explanation was: 'No one could replace Chadwick in the role.'

And no one will. Instead, let a new actor step into the role.
As someone who has spent the bulk of his life enjoying different interpretations of my favorite heroes in the hands of different writers and different actors over decades, I don't see this as ANY different than any other recasting.

How many versions of #Batman do you know?
Why can the legendary heroes of #Batman and #Superman be recast again and again, both in face and in voice, and no one says: "This depiction of the character buries him for anyone else to consider playing. We just don't see any future for this iconic character."

Doesn't happen.
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Wow... @nytimes has gotten way ahead of their skis here!…
NYT: Kamala Harris’ parents belonged to a study group that was “the most foundational institution in the Black Power movement,” along with “Huey Newton — the future co-founder of the Black Panther Party.”

Huey saw Mao as a hero. He visited China in 1971, met Premier Zhou Enlai.
The “Maoist Internationalist Ministry of Prisons” — which pushes #BlackPanther-style Maoist Revolution, runs a Tor site, & accepts Bitcoin — began publishing a newsletter from a #SanFrancisco PO Box in 2007. It’s sent to prisons everywhere.

How’d #SanFran DA #Kamala not know?
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[DEBATE] En nuestro maravilloso grupo de #Telegram estuvimos charlando sobre quién es el más inteligente en #Marvel y por eso, nace este #TopTenMarvel de Mentes Brillantes
Puesto 10: #AmadeusCho
El Totalmente Asombroso #Hulk es un experto en cálculos rápidos y predictivos. Mucho tiempo creyó estar en el puesto 7, pero algunos personajes estaban muertos o no habían alcanzado su potencial.
Puesto 9: Superior #SpiderMan
El intelecto combinado de #PeterParker y #OttoOctavius #DrOctopus le permitió crear un imperio como #ParkerIndustries
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El rumor de que #Shuri podría ser la nueva #BlackPanther en el #MCU no es para nada descabellada, y tenemos una buena referencia para decirlo: Esto ya pasó en los cómics.
Principalmente en el año 2009, durante el evento #DarkReign

#MarvelPodcast #Marvel #MarvelStudios Image
Cómo llegó a portar al manto que antes usaran su hermano y su padre??

El personaje creado en 2005 por #JohnRomitaJr, ya había intentado ser la lideresa de #Wakanda, pero su hermano #TChalla había ganado el derecho.
Durante la invasión de Klaw, ella debió enfrentarse al #HombreRadiactivo, al que asesina, lo que la somete en una profunda depresión.
Su hermano promete entrenarla para que no vuelva a estar en esta posición. Image
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El grito de guerra de #BlackPanther y los Wakandianos en #Endgame.

Literalmente, #Shuri, dice que en lengua Xhosa, significa, RESISTAN ó AGARRATE! Image
Aunque para Ben Grimm, signifique...

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Today's docket:

Listening to the #BlackPanther soundtrack; rereading more of 'The Peripheral;' and attending to editorial and reviewer suggestions on my piece about race, marginalization, and technoscience.

(The first two help me gear up to doing the last one.)
(Fun Fact: Even if I somehow know that a piece has been well-received, it is REALLY hard for me to read editorial criticism because part of me is like "Didn't do it perfectly enough that there was literally no criticism? Then why the fuck did you even try?" And no I don't know…
…where that comes from, because I wasn't like, shielded from failure or the need for improvement as a child or anything; I'm just EXTREMELY hard on myself in a way that I fundamentally am not, when it comes to other people.)
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1/ Although it's great to see a big-budget @Disney movie with an entirely Asian/Asian-diaspora cast, this live-action #Mulan is a train wreck of narrative yellowface that is almost to be expected when a creative team led by predominantly white people culturally misappropriate a…
2/ …Chinese story. (However, some of the cinematography is beautiful and that cameo is a nice touch.)

Aside from inauthenticities that plague this movie, some of which I'll get to shortly, the very nature of the production (white-led creative control of a Chinese story)…
3/ …perpetuates and normalizes Orientalism* and cultural imperialism, wherein the meaning of Asianness is dictated by a western colonizing culture and seen through their lens (even if it's enacted with Asian faces), largely erasing or distorting any authenticity.
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Our favorite highlights from Issue 10.

First, @atav1k writes the workers' perspective, after 8 years escaping a string of startup jobs:

"It’s far from certain that the future of tech labor will be comfortable. Design history suggests the opposite..."
...after all, there was a time when operating a printing press was a professional job. I’ve watched out for dead-ends in my career, but I can’t say what no-code or machine learning will bring."
Now, news from us: an open call for submissions!

We invite you to share your workers’ perspectives – even if just an idea – and we'll help you write. We also welcome tech labor news, historical highlights, song recommendations, & more.

😊 Click here:…
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delete that footage 😂
#BlackPanther #WakandaForever
hey auntie
"i'm kidding , we're vegetarians"
#blackpanther #WakandaForever
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Ryan Coogler, o diretor de #BlackPanther, emitiu uma carta em tributo ao Chadwick Boseman, que faleceu nessa sexta-feira.

A carta é longa, mas nós a traduzimos aqui e já de antemão pedimos desculpas por qualquer erro gramatical.

[a thread] 👇
1/ Eu herdei a escolha de elenco da Marvel e dos Irmãos Russo para o T’Challa. É algo pelo qual serei eternamente grato. A primeira vez que vi a atuação de Chad como T’Challa, foi em uma edição inacabada de Capitão America: Guerra Civil.
2/ Eu estava decidindo se dirigir BLACK PANTHER era ou não a escolha certa para mim. Nunca esquecerei, sentado em uma suíte editorial na Disney e assistindo suas cenas.
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How black panther impacted us black people and now the impact remains unmatched thread! Image
We had our uncles who ain’t even watch marvel movies dressing up in traditional clothing and being so hyped Image
This was such an anticipated even of us as a community/culture. Sometimes people normally buy into the hype for stuff like a movie but it did make me proud seeing a black superhero and what this means to kids like me seeing it 😢 Image
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Okay so I'm watching #AvengersEndgame for the first time and I've already had to pause cause my anxiety is through the roof.

Where is his baby girl? She just went to get the arrow.
Oh my gosh. Where's the kid? That would break me.
Should I have watched that other Avengers film first?
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Chadwick Boseman just died. And these are my tears for him and everything else that has happened this year.
#RIPChadBoseman #BlackPanther #chadwickbosman #WakandaForever
I have had enough of 2020. I feel like I am stuck in some terrible intellectual purgatory. I don’t know what to say, what fight to have, what argument to make, or to whom to make that argument. I live among white people whom I love—white people who are well-read and
freedom-loving. White people who have not read Frederick Douglass’s slave narrative. White people who saw every Marvel movie that has come out since 2008, but skipped Black Panther because— well, because… I don’t know why they didn’t see that one. But if I were to speculate,
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1/ The clinician in me now observes 2 prominent, young Black men diagnosed with advanced stage colon cancer. I urge my white colleagues to investigate & query the role of systemic racism on this incidence and recognize that it is likely occurring more often than reported @SWexner
2/ This tragedy is another opportunity to acknowledge the vast amount of gaps in knowledge we have on the impact of daily racism on Black American health. This ignorance, willful or unintentional, can no longer be ignored by medicine. @DrIbram @DrOniBee
3/ Without a family history of colon cancer, he wasn’t even old enough to be recommended for routine colon cancer screening. The @AmericanCancer recommends starting at age 45. Other organizations recommend starting at age 50.
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"Ungubani?!" #WakandaForever Image
"How do you think you got these? Think your ancestors paid a fair price?" #WakandaForever
"We will not have it O!!"
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What if Wakanda was the world's most powerful nation?

THREAD [& tribute to @chadwickboseman]
This question is referencing King T’Challa's address to the United Nations at the end of #BlackPanther.

In the speech, T’Challa announces that Wakanda "will no longer watch from the shadows" but "will work to be an example of how we, as brothers and sisters on this earth, should treat each other"
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