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Every single phish we received from the student teams during @CollegiateSectf was better crafted and more sophisticated than this real phish...

...I wonder what happens when you call the number...

Time to spring the trap from the inside!

#infosec #CybersecurityAwarenessMonth
They wanted me to go to:


That should be fun.
Oops. Typed it wrong.
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Is Bank of #SouthSudan offering rewards to its visitors?
Here is what i found
#Thread 1/10

#SSOT #CyberSecurity #CybersecurityAwarenessMonth
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When i try to visit https://www.mp3juices[.]cc
(Free music downloading site)
There is a malicious ad that pops up at the top
When I go ahead and click on that ad in an isolated environment.I am presented with the screen below claiming that i have won $300,000 reward from Bank of #SouthSudan
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Oh look it's just another Twitter clone.
What a gift to the world as we come to the last week of #CybersecurityAwarenessMonth.
Source code for the website shows trackers from Bonsa dot net, which is a very real company with very real staff members.
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General #CyberSecurity policies

General security policies affecting an employee using the internet are as follows:
#SSOT #CybersecurityAwarenessMonth
Social media networks/applications

Many people have social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.These sites store personal details about everyone who has an account, and employees need to be careful with the information that they post on these sites.
Cognitive hacking
This is where a computer system attack relies on changing human users' perceptions and corresponding behaviors in order to be successful. This is a social engineering attack and the information required could be found on your various social media websites.
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Ok let’s hold on Apple Live Tonight because idk WTF is going on with MacOS and iOS 15.0.2 right now but we will still be doing LG Live Zero-Day exploitation,all are welcome…raw code is out in my feed somewhere and I’m creating the Repo on GitHub now #CybersecurityAwarenessMonth
I will show you where the code elevates privileges and how
Anyone that has been watching my LG exploits, please help others if they have questions…let’s unite on this please…let’s not fight, I’ve worked on this for years and made many video demos…you finally get the full code…as promised …
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💉📲 On Oct. 22, Ontario is set to launch a new vaccine certificate and verification app. Receipts will be available in the form of QR codes. In the coming months, Ontario will also release another credential called Digital ID. I asked experts about usability and security. [1/12]
Some vaccination-credential apps have been criticized for how they handle users’ information (see the private PORTpass app:…) but generally, cybersecurity experts say systems like Quebec's (similar to what Ontario is doing) should be secure. [2/12]
Ontario has not publicized the source code for its app yet, but as @BrockUniversity professor of digital media @onthename explains, it's likely the QR codes will contain unique URLs that will interface with the app to check users' vaccination status in a govt. database. [3/12]
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Do yourself a favour and learn to hack🐞.

You just have to START!🏁, you will be good in no time⏱️.

/ A mega thread🧵👇

Here are a few resources for you to get started.
#cybersecurity #CyberAttack #infosec #hacker
Also, please note that I'm not a professional hacker or pentester. I'm still learning to be, so these are the resources I have found useful along my journey.

1) Basic IT skills.👶🍼
If you are brand new to IT, I strongly recommend this course.
This is a FREE course by Professor Messer –…
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If u come across a tempting link,
No harm in analysing it at @virustotal (

It will take u few seconds but will assure a safer online experience.


PS: important when u receive a shortened link (e.g.
Imagine same key 4 all the locks - loose the key and u loose the access.

This applies to passwords/passphrases as well

Use separate passwords/passphrases for different logins

Consider a password manager e.g. @LastPass

Set the system (PC/mac/smartphone) to update "automatically"


@WindowsUpdate @linuxfoundation @Apple
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As part of #CyberSecurityAwarenessMonth, what are Security Design Principles that you know of? In a couple of hours I will proceed to describe the most important ones in a tweet each. Would love to see what you know about them!
1. Minimize Attack Surface:
Your surface should be closed by design. Open ports based on need, not because it's nicer to have multiple ports open. This is production, not testing.
Remove assets that were removed. Keep a checklist (QA - sign off for validation).
2. Least Privilege:
If A shouldn't do X, they are not *granted* X. Starting with an empty slate and going up is better than the opposite, yet harder. Make sure that the user has the requirements to do their job.
If app needs 60% CPU to be safe, then that is given. Same for users
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