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Each of my recent Twitter threads had tens of thousands of views and 100s of retweets & likes. But as soon as I posted a 🧵 with a link to an article on a rival social media/newsletter site, the thread barely got more than a thousand views, and just two retweets. This seems like…… ImageImageImageImage
👆🏼 I say this as somebody who intends to continue using Twitter and whose overall experience on the platform has been positive in recent months. Twitter has allowed me to connect with numerous Sudanese and to follow the conflict there closely. More importantly, it (and Facebook……
On net, I think #socialmedia has had an overall positive impact during the crisis that began in Sudan on April 15, 2023. (I would not say the same about all conflicts. During the civil war in #SouthSudan that began in December 2013, for example, I criticized Facebook for……
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A 🧵 with some thoughts on #Sudan & how we got here:

Many rightly blame Bashir for creating Himedti & his militia as well as Burhan as Islamist SAF officer. No excuses for Bashir - but who created him? I first came to #Khartoum in 1997 & NOBODY took him seriously then. 1/10 Image
Of course, it was Turabi who ruled #Sudan back then rather than Bashir & had planned for it strategically for decades. So who paved the way for the Sheikh? Yes, Nimeiri elevated him since late '70s with Saudi support, but before it was: Sadiq al Mahdi & his UMMA. 2/10 Image
As I raged in my Twitter obituary for His Royal Holiness, never forget: it was Sadiq's UMMA who pushed for an Islamist constitution in the late 1960s. He ignored the Supreme Court ruling to reverse his ban of #Sudan's Communist Party & thus undermined the judiciary. 3/10 Image
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Situation in #Sudan and what it means for #SouthSudan.🧵

What we are witnessing today are death throes of unequal country. Dr John Garang once said, pain of disenfranchisement and war is unknown in the north until war comes to them and there is fighting in streets of Khartoum.
For my #SouthSudanese readers the simplest background to the current war in #Sudan is this:

After SSD left, war continued in the “new South” (Nuba and Blue Nile). SPLA sponsored Khartoum’s rebels and Khartoum sponsored Juba’s rebels. But politics and economics had changed.
In #SouthSudan wars since 2012 caused havoc economically forcing J1 to pressure their pets to sue for peace with North #Sudan which Juba, without irony, sponsored.

Khartoum did the same forcing SSD rebels to sign peace with Juba. Along the way Bashir was toppled by populous.
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The @eu_echo & WHO are empowering health workers across 16 African countries.

🎯Goal: To increase #COVID19 vaccination coverage.

🧵on how health workers are reaching vulnerable populations and working with community leaders to ensure #HealthForAll.

🔗 A man is sitting on a plastic chair in the open under a tree
In times of crisis, leadership matters.

Bornalia Kuajo Peter, a community leader in #SouthSudan 🇸🇸, decided to take his #COVID19 vaccination in public.

To dispel fear and demonstrate that vaccines are safe.


🔗 Community workers are seen providing information about COVID
Nurse Rachida Ibrahim takes a motorbike 🏍️ and goes from village to village to ensure that every community is properly vaccinated. Her motto is no one should be left behind.


🔗 In Niger, a COVID-19 vaccination team heads out into the cou
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In another tweet which I will append below, I write about the dizzying diplomacy that #Eritrea #Sudan #Somalia #SouthSudan are going thru. Here, I am going to include momentous changes all happening at once. A New World Order?

This happened, via #China…
“Last week, #SaudiArabia and #Iran announced that they would reëstablish diplomatic relations after seven years of severed ties. The two nations pledged to reopen their embassies and also agreed to begin coöperating in areas such as security and trade.”
(3) Then #SouthKorea and #Japan decided that focus on the future is more paramount than letting your interpretation of history keep u estranged for 12 yrs. #NorthKorea shot an ICBM to remind them yeah, we should meet.…

Reason over passion.
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More than 30 million children in the 15 worst-affected countries suffer from acute malnutrition.
8 million of these children are severely wasted, the deadliest form of undernutrition
🔴Climate shocks
🔴Impacts of the pandemic
🔴Rising costs of living
have left increasing numbers of children acutely malnourished while key health, nutrition and other life-saving services are becoming less accessible
Acute malnutrition is a form of undernutrition caused by a decrease in food consumption, illness, or both that results in sudden weight loss (wasting) and swelling in both legs
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More than ten thousand civilians are in grave danger in Fashoda county in South Sudan in the face of an imminent attack. @unmissmedia can take steps to fulfil their mandate of protecting civilians under threat of physical violence. But action is needed now. 🧵
To save lives, UNMISS should provide protection by deploying more peacekeepers to Kodok and open a humanitarian corridor. Currently the Malakal PoC is the only relatively secure spot for the Shilluk. However, reaching Malakal for civilians is very dangerous at the moment.
More generally, all actors with influence over the commanders on both sides, including elders and community, faith, and political leaders, should use all available channels to broker an end to the cycle of violence. The UN should stand ready to facilitate any such dialogue.
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Climate change is fuelling deadly conflict in a number of ways.

@CrisisGroup we highlight how this dangerous dynamic works and what world leaders can do to mitigate it.

Follow this live #COP27 thread for daily updates on climate security.…
.@RobBlecher testified before the U.S. Congress and explained the three main categories of security risks:

1) Cascading risks. How climate change can undermine livelihoods and induce competition over land, water, and other resources, driving conflict.
In #Kenya, the ongoing drought in the Laikipia plateau has led to renewed violence between pastoralists and farmers as well as between security forces and herders.

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East African leaders have agreed to assemble troops to combat armed groups in the eastern Democratic Republic of #Congo #DRC.

What is this joint force and what are its objectives?

@PMvandeWalle takes a close look in our latest Q&A.

[Thread] 🧵👇…
The East African Community (EAC) @jumuiya is composed of #DRCongo 🇨🇩, #Tanzania 🇹🇿, #Kenya 🇰🇪, #Burundi 🇧🇮, #Rwanda 🇷🇼, #SouthSudan 🇸🇸 & #Uganda 🇺🇬.

The EAC’s joint force was designed to respond to the rampant insecurity in eastern DRC, a serious concern for the entire region.
Cyclic violence, displacement and insecurity due to the presence of armed groups has been plaguing the region for almost 30 years.

Yet an actual deployment of a regional force is unprecedented.…
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It's #WorldHepatitisDay!

Bringing #hepatitis care closer to communities and those in need is 🗝️ to achieving a hepatitis-free future.

Here are 5⃣ things you should know about viral hepatitis 👇
More than 350 million people live with viral #hepatitis, and every 30 seconds, someone dies from hepatitis-related disease including liver failure, cirrhosis and cancer.

Don't wait, get tested 👉 #WorldHepatitisDay
#Hepatitis A is an infection that can cause mild to severe illness. It is mostly transmitted through ingestion of contaminated food and water or through direct contact with an infectious person.

More info 👉
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Very proud to announce 'infrastructural frontiers: terrains of resistance at the edge of empires' has been published by #Geoforum, a collective & interdisciplinary attempt to bridge the study of #infrastructure and #resistance. A thread w/main takeaways
Featuring archeologists, activists, anthropologists, political scientists & geographers, the special issue pushes the study of the politics of infrastructure to its physical and theoretical frontiers, w/cases from Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa
Infrastructure is ubiquitous & key form of power in social sciences; yet, the infrastructural power of states isn't spread out equally across the globe, w/large areas in Global South comprising 'state-resistant terrains' (@JacobAShell) where infrastructure is highly contested
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Our #Food and #Water crisis' are rapidly getting worse. Two of the founding necessities for human life and wellbeing are rapidly #collapsing.
In #Kansas thousands of cattle died from the heat and humidity. #WetBulb temperatures hit agricultural production hard.…
In #Ethiopia the #drought is so bad that monkeys are attacking children.…
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Just IN: 'Medicalised #FGM' - #Uganda Indicts #Kenya and #Sudan 😯
Ugandan girls and women are being mutilated from hospitals in the neighbouring Kenya and South Sudan, a senior Govt official has revealed.
The State Minister for Gender and Culture, Ms Peace Regis Mutuuzo, says
some girls and women from Karamoja and Sebei sub-regions sneak into Kenya and South Sudan to secretly undergo medical mutilation.
Ms Mutuuzo said she got to know about the horrible stories of medicalised mutilation last year in September when she led a delegation of legislators
for a field mission in the FGM practising districts.
She said whereas some girls and women were voluntarily seeking medical mutilation, others were being mutilated against their will during child birth.
“Medicalised genital mutilation is not happening in Uganda. It is happening
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#Ethiopia #NorthAfrica #MiddleEast long rang rainfall forecast bulletin 2022 - #1

Around this time last year I began posting rainfall forecasts for East Africa & Horn of Africa. These expanded to include North Africa & ME.

I am restarting them today.
The big picture. The West African Monsoon is undergoing an intense period and significant amounts of atmospheric is transiting the Sahara bringing clouds & rain to the Middle East.

Rain forecasts for East Africa show significant rain over the coming fortnight.
Sub thread: Covers the past two weeks as West African Monsoon was building. Interestingly the rains appear to be arriving in the Horn and East Africa at roughly the same time, and at similar intensity to last year.
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#Pneumonia is the #1 infectious killer of kids – killing > 40,000 in #Somalia, #Guinea, #SouthSudan & #Chad in 2019

Introducing #PCV 💉would dramatically save lives - 92,000 by 2030!

What must be done:

#EveryBreathCounts #VaccinesWork #AUSummit
🧵 1/
More than half of child #pneumonia deaths are in countries with < 60% #PCV coverage. These kids are paying with their lives!

These govts👇must introduce & protect >90% children with #PCV by 2025

More 👉

#EveryBreathCounts #VaccinesWork #AUSummit
Introducing the #PCV 💉in #Somalia could avert 32,600 child deaths from #pneumonia, #meningitis & #sepsis

Prevention is key where just 23% of kids with pneumonia symptoms are taken for care.

#EveryBreathCounts #VaccinesWork #AUSummit @MoH_Somalia
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Bidding farewell to @swisspeace this week after 6 years heading the #mediation team, 3 years together with Philipp Lustenberger (@Loschti). A unique team it is, answering 🔑 questions in #peacemediation practice, policy & research, often with partners. A 🧵with 1⃣4⃣ highlights👇
1⃣How do you train international mediators? Answer: in the 🇨🇭 mountains at the annual #PeaceMediationCourse, convened by @SwissPeaceHR and run by @CSS_Zurich & @swisspeace in the framework of the Mediation Support Project. @SimonJAMason
2⃣How do you include civil society into the Intra-Syrian Talks, against the odds? Answer: through the Civil Society Support Room, run by @UNEnvoySyria and implemented by @NOREFno & @swisspeace. See paper by @SaraHellmuller & @JoelleZahar 👉… @Ahmed_eleiba
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1. Gentle rant thread: When I see comments posted below stories on the humanitarian crisis in #Afghanistan and many tweets on here, it makes me sad to witness people equate ordinary Afghans, millions of human beings just trying to survive impossible odds, with the #Taliban.
2. [I have spent my whole career trying to draw attention to the fact that wars are fought by a tiny minority of people, amongst a massive group who feel the worst impact of it. They are the civilians. I worry in no small degree sometimes that I’ve failed in that.] #afghanistan
3. The impact of war is increasingly causing economic collapse and #famine. Whether on purpose (in places like #SouthSudan and #Syria), as an unintended side effect (as in #Afghanistan) or somewhere between (like in #Yemen). So these conflict induced crises are@not going away.
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*Exposé of the Healthcare Sector in South Sudan*

#SouthSudan #Sudan

Monday 10 January, 2022
(Washington DC; London; Pretoria)

“HIV/AIDS in South Sudan: The Diagnosis That Leads to the Murder of Doctors”
“Even in South Sudan, the truth never ever stays unknown and hidden indefinitely”, says the elder brother of the brutally-murdered British medical doctor and Oxford University PhD neuroscientist, *Dr. Ding Col Dau Ding*.
Aside from *Makuei Deng Majuch*, *Ateny Wek Ateny* and *Bol Wek Agoth*; Dr. @DauCol Dau Ding shall this month (January, 2022) begin disclosing new findings regarding the other co-conspirators who have been integral in obstructing the criminal investigation into the brutal and…
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Thank you, Honourable @DuncancBaker, MP, @UKParliament. #Justice4DrDing


*Debate on a Motion on Consular Support for British Citizens*

[Thursday 9 December 2021]…



*MP calls for justice for family of Norfolk doctor who died overseas*

Stuart Anderson

December 10, 2021…



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A high resolution view over the #HornOfAfrica and Nile Basins from this morning from the @NASA Worldview satellite system. #GERD #Ethiopia #Somalia #Somaliland #Sudan #SouthSudan #Kenya #Uganda
A closeup of Ethiopia's #GERD and #Sudan's Rosieres dams.
And a close up of the upper reaches of the White Nile showing Lake Albert and Lake Kyoga which are downstream from the Lake Victoria outlet of the White Nile at Jinja.
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The world is on fire. I've been warning about the perfect storm brewing due to Covid, conflict, climate shocks & now, rising supply chain costs. IT IS HERE. 45M lives are at stake—and increasing daily. If you don’t feed people, you feed conflict, destabilization & mass migration.
This hunger crisis is urgent, unprecedented, AND avoidable. @elonmusk, you asked for a clear plan & open books. Here it is! We're ready to talk with you - and anyone else - who is serious about saving lives. The ask is $6.6B to avert famine in 2022:…
Just five countries alone account for 20M people:…

They are the frontlines of hunger. What I’ve seen in each of these countries is worse than you can possibly imagine. #Afghanistan #Madagascar #SouthSudan #Sudan #Yemen
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1/ In one corner of the #COP26 forest, we launched a joint statement committing signatories to end international public #fossilfuelfinance by the Dec 2022 and to prioritise $ for the #cleanenergytransition.…
2/ This should shift $24bn that has been going into international public support and subsidy for fossil fuels into clean energy. Critically, this will leverage and redirect many $billions more in private finance, delivering clean power to markets around the world...
3/ It's an #inclusive agenda. It’s not just rich nations, but also emerging economies - signalling they want cheap clean power, and to create jobs & investment and avoid #strandedassets. #Gabon #Zambia #Gambia #SouthSudan #Ethiopia #Fiji #MarshallIslands #SriLanka #ElSalvador...
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*Exposé of the Healthcare Sector in South Sudan*

Monday 8 November, 2021
(Washington DC; London; Pretoria)

#SouthSudan #Sudan #SSOT

“HIV/AIDS in South Sudan: The Diagnosis That Leads to the Murder of Doctors”
“*Salva Kiir* (President of #SouthSudan) is sick with HIV/AIDS”, according to *Makuei Deng Majuch* - former IGP of the southern Sudan National Police Service - and *Ateny Wek Ateny* - spokesman in the Office of the President.

Photo - Salva Kiir (Centre); President of South Sudan
Photo - *Makuei Deng Majuch*; a Former Inspector General of Police (IGP) of the Southern Sudan National Police Service who says that the President of #SouthSudan is HIV/AIDS Disease Positive
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