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The @FBI published a wanted poster and an indictment of 4 “Chinese military-backed hackers” for their alleged roles in the 2017 #Cyberattack against credit company @Equifax.

Article by @JoshJPhilipp | (Thread👇)…
The @FBI described the breach as “the largest known theft of personally identifiable information ever carried out by state-sponsored actors.”

Yet, despite the rare exposé of Chinese soldiers, little has been said about the #Hacker unit they were allegedly part of.
The case that most closely resembles this is the May 19, 2014, indictment of 5 Chinese #Military hackers for multiple alleged #Cybercrime acts committed between 2006 and 2014.

They were identified as being part of the #Chinese military, the People’s Liberation Army.
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Mehr Unterstützung nötig, IT-Sicherheit teilweise mangelhaft: Ergebnisse der #DSGVO Datenschutz-Umfrage des @lfdi_bw unter allen 1101 baden-württembergischen Gemeinden sind da:… – Viele Erkenntnisse, ein Thread nicht nur für #Teamdatenschutz und #Hacker 1/x
2/x „die umfrage ist genauso sinnlos, wie der ganze Datenschutzquatsch. Wir verwalten uns zu tode.“ – diese Meinung war die Ausnahme. Bei der Umfrage haben sich über 80 % der baden-württembergischen Gemeinden beteiligt, nur 12 % haben trotz mehrfacher Aufforderung nicht reagiert.
3/x Zur IT-Sicherheit: „Alle Datenträger befinden sich in mit Schlüsseln abschließbaren Räumen“ ist eine interessante Antwort auf die Frage nach Festplatten-Verschlüsselung, ebenso „Rekonstruktion der Daten nach Auflösung des RAID ist quasi ausgeschlossen“…
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At the airport waiting on flight to see Mom in ICU. Promised I would tell her story to the world before she’s gone. She is my hero, shaped the man I am today, and the most OG #hacker when Kevin Mitnick was still in diapers.

Prepare for a mega thread. RTs welcome! 1/x
Grew up in a bad home, left at 13 and took her 5yo brother too. Went off grid. Got a job, apartment, everything. She was always tall and attractive, so she made a life for them in relative safety.

Learned to socially engineer people at a pretty young age. 2/x
You can’t do this if you’re just a dumb kid raising another kid. She had street smarts, and did her best to impart that on us. Especially my older sister. Best piece of advice I ever heard her tell sis:

“Don’t have to choose between wearing and burning your bra. Adapt.” 3/x
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Es dürfte sich rumgesprochen haben: Alte KGB-Taktik ist es, dem Gegner immer das vorzuwerfen, was man selbst tut. In diesem Fall wirft die ÖVP Unbekannten vor, sie würden „die Demokratie“ angreifen, weil sie sich illegal Zugang zur IT der Volkspartei verschafft haben sollen.
An diesen Vorwürfen ist so vieles absurd, dass wir es gar nicht alles wiedergeben können, aber brechen wir mal die wichtigsten Punkte nieder.

1) Anzunehmen, dass die Volkspartei ein Hort der Demokratie sei, ist, gelinde gesagt, lächerlich.
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Excited to announce we have an offer of up to $5,000 in matching funds for $$ raised via our GoFundMe thru the end of Sept! $ raised so far will be included! Thx to those who donated! Can you plz give as much as you can today to support #ElectionSecurity!…
2. Your donation will help me edit/distribute footage of #hackers dominating #election equipment from the @VotingVillageDC at #DEFCON27. #Voting machines & #registration databases from all over US were hacked/ all of it is in use. This port? easy to #hack.…
3. Your donation also supports my writing - like the op-ed I wrote for #TheHill describing what easy pickings our #voting machines are for #hackers.… The piece was shared almost 3k times.…
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I agree w @winstonpeters that it is unwise to ignore how the National Party got the information from the Treasury.

What it comes down to is what constitutes hacking?
This is very important in this day and age.
If a burglar deliberately searched repeatedly for where a key might be hidden, and checked all the windows and doors; then, finding an opening broke into a house and took something - would that be a crime, or just a bit of fun?😏

Who’d be the bad guy -the burglar or home owner?
If someone incidentally comes across something on the internet, that is a totally different thing from acting like a burglar and deliberately seeking to break into a computer system to access data.

Didn’t Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics referred to hacking by Nat henchmen?
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#hoax #FakeNews #Assangearrest #LouisianaChurchFires #gemtaria #wtf #qanon

Major fake news the numbers
Today is the 101st day of the year
Julian assange was arrested for hacking
His hacker name was "mendax" wich=101
Julian assange also=101
Then the church burnings..
#JulianAssange #mendax #lousiana #church 101 #gematria for the 101st day of the year
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I hate the certification industry, it prevents talented people from participating, particularly younger and less well off. If you want to learn online #investigations I'll teach you everything I can with live support absolutely free. #OSINT #infosecjobs
If you can get an employer to pay then go for @SANSInstitute because @mcafeeinstitute stinks of stock photography and shyster marketing. Not to mention these people kick ass. @jms_dot_py @WebBreacher @kirbstr @baywolf88
An @OReillyMedia subscription ($39) and @jms_dot_py course ($45). These are what young #infosec / #OSINT investigators. Should be spending money on. Keeping low monthly payments allows people to get the skills while paying for quality.
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📢 Avis aux designers !
On a besoin de vous pour le #HHCafe du 2 octobre à Givors avec @calydial !
Voilà pourquoi ⬇️ #thread
Nous allons parler de parcours utilisateur dans la #santé ambulatoire :
le parcours de santé
#ergonomie #UX
L'objectif du parcours de #santé : recevoir les bons soins par les pros dans les bonnes structures, au bon moment…
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