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Voglio fare chiarezza su come è stato possibile creare #GreenPass pass sotto il nome di Adolf Hitler e Spongebob, perchè la fuori, soprattutto tra i vari media, si sta facendo molta disinformazione.

(Mia personale ipotesi a scopo educativo spiegata in semplici parole)
I vari paesi dell'Unione Europea (e non solo) utilizzano l'"EU Digital COVID Certificate Issuance Web Frontend " per emettere Green Pass.

Tale sistema è open source ed il codice è facilmente visualizzabile e riproducibile qui:…
Chi si è occupato di creare tale sistema (contractor dell'#UnioneEuropea che non hanno pensato alla sicurezza informatica), ha generato una password default del server NGINX e l'ha lasciata in chiaro, sotto la stessa repository GitHub:…
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Do yourself a favour and learn to hack🐞.

You just have to START!🏁, you will be good in no time⏱️.

/ A mega thread🧵👇

Here are a few resources for you to get started.
#cybersecurity #CyberAttack #infosec #hacker
Also, please note that I'm not a professional hacker or pentester. I'm still learning to be, so these are the resources I have found useful along my journey.

1) Basic IT skills.👶🍼
If you are brand new to IT, I strongly recommend this course.
This is a FREE course by Professor Messer –…
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Recommended Books to Learn and Master Linux [For Beginners to Advanced Linux Users]📚
Linux plays an incredibly important part in the job of a #cybersecurity professional, #hacker or #pentester.
/ A thread 🧵👇 Image
If you are planning on working as a cybersecurity professional, you'll definitely need an excellent working knowledge of the Linux operating system. Below is a curated list of books to master #linux.
1) Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible, 3rd Edition📜
My personal favourite. Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible is a reference book written by Richard Blum. The book includes detailed instructions and abundant examples.
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Video and slides of each talk are now online
⬇️ thread ⬇️

And... don't forget that next year we will celebrate RomHack 5th anniversary during an #hacker #camp
🌳⛺🌳 23-24-25 of September 2022 🌳⛺🌳
Marco Ivaldi @0xdea
"My last Solaris talk (not your average keynote)"

📜… (5.4MB)
Antonio Morales @Nosoynadiemas
"Fuzzing Apache HTTP Server for fun (and CVEs)"

📜… (2.5MB)
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#RomHack2021 is over, really tks to anyone

The big news: in 2022 we will reach a big milestone turning 5y old and want to celebrate with the community during an #hacker #camp

Back to the conf stream recording here

⬇️ thread ⬇️
Marco @0xdea Ivaldi
"My last Solaris talk (not your average keynote)"
Antonio Morales @Nosoynadiemas
"Fuzzing Apache HTTP Server for fun (and CVEs)"
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⚠️ Abro un hilo #hacker importante… ⚠️

Para contaros lo mío con la transparencia del Gobierno de 🇵🇱@Cantabriaes. Escribo todo esto porque estoy convencido de que es sano para el país y para la democracia que haya sucedido. Y QUE SE SEPA.

Todo empezó durante el confinamiento…
Encerrado en casa sin mucho que hacer, me puse a zascandilear por el portal de transparencia. Y llegué a la sección donde se «publican» (o eso creía…) los contratos que adjudica el gobierno. Esperaba encontrar una tabla descargable. Pero no.

Lo que había me pareció INDIGNANTE.
👉 ¡No se puede buscar por adjudicatario!
👉 ¡No se pueden descargar todos los datos!
👉 ¡Los resultados aparecen de cinco en cinco!
👉 ¡Hay que transcribir un código una y otra vez!
👉 ¡Está hecho de tal forma que nada sale en Google!

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𝗨𝗣𝗗𝗔𝗧𝗘 @Accenture @Accentureitalia
7° giorno D. ADC
Se avete seguito la vicenda, conoscerete la storia dello scoop mondiale a firma @arturodicorinto per #ItalianTech (@GEDIspa)
Sintesi in due screenshot:
Negli ultimi 3 giorni ho chiesto, prima ad @arturodicorinto e successivamente a @RiccardoLuna di spiegare CHI e DOVE avrebbe pubblicato 63 TB di dati di #Accenture, perché la notizia non trova riscontro su nessun altro organo d'informazione del pianeta

Ieri, sia @RiccardoLuna (Direttore Responsabile di #ItalianTech) che @arturodicorinto (firmatario dello scoop mondiale) annunciavano "un comunicato da parte dell'Azienda" (devo presumere @Accenture).
Comunicato di cui non c'è traccia (saranno in ferie).
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#Learn 📚 #Linux🐧:

A thread

Some useful Linux terminal keyboard shortcuts you should know to increase productivity. 👇

#CodeNewbie #coder #computer #code #java #100DaysOfCode #golang #privacy #css #javascript #html #linuxfan #linuxwindows #linuxmint #linuxubuntu #linuxtips
1) Working With Processes📈
Use the following shortcuts⌨️ to manage running🏃 processes.
#linuxfan #linuxwindows #linuxmint #linuxubuntu #linuxtips #linux #programming #hacking #coding #python #cybersecurity #hacker #kalilinux #programmer #technology #coder #100DaysOfCode
2) Controlling the Screen💻
The following shortcuts⌨️ allow you to control what appears on the screen.

#linuxfan #linuxwindows #linuxmint #linuxubuntu #linuxtips #programming #hacking #coding #python #cybersecurity #hacker #kalilinux #programmer #technology #100DaysOfCode
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Breaking News #hacker

There is no single work of #LeonardodaVinci has been fully and conclusively understood,often disproven by later critic,or triggering unanswerable controversies.
#DeconstructingLeonardo we unveil a freakish 3D monster inside Leonardo's SelfPortrait
#ioRinascimento #History #Art
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‘Tricks With a Notorious Russian Spy Group’

‘Security researchers have found links between the attackers and #Turla, a sophisticated team suspected of operating out of Moscow’s #FSB intelligence agency.’

“…believe the SolarWinds #hackers and #Turla aren't one and the same. But … one #hacker group at the very least ‘inspired’ the other, and they may have common members between them or a shared #software developer building their #malware.”…
“… That actually makes the connection more significant … ‘It’s more like handwriting. That handwriting or style propagates to different projects written by the same person.'"

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I just spit into a tube for my employer. So my keycard would be "unlocked" and I could get into my very own office. Where my property has been for very many months. Now yeah, I guess #COVID19 means this is just what #workers do now. But here are #disability implications:
-- my spit, which has my DNA of course, is now a QR code
-- my employer now has access to my DNA
-- my employer now knows I'm on #opiates
-- my employer now knows I'm on #Lexapro
-- my employer now knows things about me that I don't even know about me b/c I've never given DNA
In return for this enormous amount of data I've just given my employer, what do I get? Access to my property, that is, my #poetry books, my #journals, my mementos from across a decade & etc
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La info de ayer te desperto el bichito de meterte en #ciberseguridad? ¿Querés ser hacker? te cuento un poco de como arranque y algunos consejos para que logres progreso y te vayas enamorando. En el hilo anterior mencione aprender de sistemas operativos. Acá hay principalmente 2
Sé que estas pensando! sí! #Mac y #Windows, pero NO. Me refiero a #linux y a #windows. otro día hablamos de Mac. Es importante que conozcas a detalle como funcionan estos sistemas operativos. Para esto te podes bajar #virtualbox y crear dentro una virtual machine con un @ubuntu
y otra con #windows10 o el que tengas licencia. Hay que entender como funciona por dentro, cual es el tipo de file system que utiliza cada uno, porque se utilizan permisos, que tipo de archivos hay en cada directorio, que hacen esos archivos? cuales son ejecutables y cuales
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1/ So nun werde ich hier noch mal zum angekündigten, Zusammenhang Zwischen der Webseite ⛔️linke-blockt ⛔️und der #Doxing Szene geben, dies wird ein langer #Thread
Wie kommen #Hacker an #Daten ? #Doxing

man lockt Sie auf eine Webseite #OSINT #WhiteHat…
2/ Man landet auf einer sog. #LandingPage
, diese ist schnell geladen und hat nur 10 html Zeilen und ca. 10 #Javascripte ,
Diese #Sripte tun Ihre Arbeit, und der Anwender wird abgekloppft, #knocking ,
zu diesem Zeitpunkt kennt der Server schon einiges #dnssniff #ipgeoilog #CSS #Ports ! und #JavaSkripte#Twitter  #Java#Remote #Get der #Knocking ...Dies #CSS wird im Hintergru...
3/ Da jeder #Hacker faul ist lässt er natürlich andere seine Arbeit machen #Browser , #CPU, #framework #Cookie #Cloudserver #Datenbank wo die Ergebnisse des #Doxing dann in Millisekunden je nach verfügbarer Internetleitung gespeichert werden ohne das der #User was merkt ! #SSS #CSS #Framework Freeware au...#Favicon vektor angiff ? @h...#SSS Server Side Scripting ...#Browsererweiterung mit #ph...
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I’m going to tell you some things about #cybersecurity and why you should consider addnig it to your careers. For starters, today there’s a lack of 1.5 million specialists worldwide and the number is expected to grow by 2022.
Today more tan ever, #cybersecurity is important for everyone—professionally, as parents, for our exposition and above all, for our #reputation. Many times I find myself speaking to people that believe that you need to be a #hacker to work in #cybersecurity.
There’re 4 domains you can investigate and study: Information Security Governance, Information Risk Management, Information Security Program Development and Management Information Security Incident Management. All allow to get a #CISM certification,
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#Taiwan #Jappan #Taipei #China #Hacker #Coronavirus

Japanese pharmaceutical company Shionogi & Co. said Thursday that its Taiwanese subsidiary had been hit by a cyber attack earlier this month, resulting in a data breach,
although no information was leaked about the latest coronavirus vaccine it is currently developing. According to the company, after a computer in its Taipei sales office was infected with a virus in mid-October,
import licenses for medical equipment and employee resident permits were released on the 'dark web'. Shionogi said there was no evidence that its computers had unauthorized access to laboratories and offices throughout Japan.
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I've had success porting my #ArchLinux system into a ramroot!!

It's now 39x faster, and is much more hacker-resistant: The / will reset to pristine every reboot!

(I will also have / in git-annex and /etc in full git so I'll know -instantly- if a file changes...)
I literally unmount `/media/true-root` and gap my real / for much more extra protection.

The only time I ever reconnect is during planned system upgrades. Most of ~home lives in RAM.

I usually update true-root from inside a VirtualBox VM or manual rebooting.

I’ve made a benchmark video!

Standard SSD vs NVMe vs RamDisk!!

Thank you,

#ArchLinux #Linux
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#Iran #Teheran #CyberCrime #CyberSecurity #Hacker

According to researchers, attackers from Iran have been carrying out cyber operations for years with which they outsmart the encryption of popular messenger services.
The capabilities of state-backed Iranian hackers have so far been underestimated in the West. This is the result of investigations by the civil rights organization Miaan, which is active in the Middle East, and the IT security company Check Point.
The experts unanimously report that attackers from the country have been carrying out massive cyber operations unnoticed for years and for a long time, with which they can access the actually continuously encrypted communication via messengers such as WhatsApp and Telegram.
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1. buongiorno, eccoci alla seconda giornata di udienze del processo di estradizione di Julian #Assange. Innanzitutto, in questo articolo per @fattoquotidiano racconto come ieri Julian #Assange è stato arrestato di nuovo. Un'assurda situazione:…
2. la situazione dell'arresto di uno già in prigione da oltre un anno ha portato #Snowden a twittare da Mosca che questo processo è meno credibile di quelli sovietici
3. nell'articolo per @fattoquotidiano vi spiego perché Julian #Assange è stato arrestato ieri di nuovo, nonostante sia in prigione da oltre un anno. Trovate tutto qui:…
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@justinsuntron Hit with the hack/scam.

@bitfinex got yeeted, #confirmed.

@bitcoin got hit. #PepeHands
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#Germany #Russia #Berlin #Bundestag #Hacker #attack #consequences.

It was Russian hackers who captured data from the Bundestag administration five years ago, including numerous emails from Chancellor Merkel's office. It now reacts and calls the attack "outrageous".
Chancellor Angela Merkel blamed Russia for the hacker attack on the Bundestag five years ago and threatened the consequences. The fact that the traces of the attack led to Russian intelligence five years ago was "more than unpleasant",
said the former CDU leader in Question Time of the Bundestag - she found it "outrageous". Such an incident "naturally disrupts trustful cooperation," said the Chancellor. "Of course, we reserve the right to take measures against Russia."
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The @FBI published a wanted poster and an indictment of 4 “Chinese military-backed hackers” for their alleged roles in the 2017 #Cyberattack against credit company @Equifax.

Article by @JoshJPhilipp | (Thread👇)…
The @FBI described the breach as “the largest known theft of personally identifiable information ever carried out by state-sponsored actors.”

Yet, despite the rare exposé of Chinese soldiers, little has been said about the #Hacker unit they were allegedly part of.
The case that most closely resembles this is the May 19, 2014, indictment of 5 Chinese #Military hackers for multiple alleged #Cybercrime acts committed between 2006 and 2014.

They were identified as being part of the #Chinese military, the People’s Liberation Army.
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Vamos a usar este tweet para publicar #Dorks de todo tipo, empecemos con este:

inurl:wp-config.php intext:DB_PASSWORD -stackoverflow -wpbeginner -foro -forum -topic -blog -about -docs -articles

#CyberSecurity #dork #BugBounty
intext:"pass" ! "usuario" | "user" | "contraseña" filetype:sql -github
Este es muy bueno, nos permite hacer uploads, ha sido probado con imágenes .jpeg

intitle:"FCKeditor - Uploaders Tests"
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Mehr Unterstützung nötig, IT-Sicherheit teilweise mangelhaft: Ergebnisse der #DSGVO Datenschutz-Umfrage des @lfdi_bw unter allen 1101 baden-württembergischen Gemeinden sind da:… – Viele Erkenntnisse, ein Thread nicht nur für #Teamdatenschutz und #Hacker 1/x
2/x „die umfrage ist genauso sinnlos, wie der ganze Datenschutzquatsch. Wir verwalten uns zu tode.“ – diese Meinung war die Ausnahme. Bei der Umfrage haben sich über 80 % der baden-württembergischen Gemeinden beteiligt, nur 12 % haben trotz mehrfacher Aufforderung nicht reagiert.
3/x Zur IT-Sicherheit: „Alle Datenträger befinden sich in mit Schlüsseln abschließbaren Räumen“ ist eine interessante Antwort auf die Frage nach Festplatten-Verschlüsselung, ebenso „Rekonstruktion der Daten nach Auflösung des RAID ist quasi ausgeschlossen“…
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At the airport waiting on flight to see Mom in ICU. Promised I would tell her story to the world before she’s gone. She is my hero, shaped the man I am today, and the most OG #hacker when Kevin Mitnick was still in diapers.

Prepare for a mega thread. RTs welcome! 1/x
Grew up in a bad home, left at 13 and took her 5yo brother too. Went off grid. Got a job, apartment, everything. She was always tall and attractive, so she made a life for them in relative safety.

Learned to socially engineer people at a pretty young age. 2/x
You can’t do this if you’re just a dumb kid raising another kid. She had street smarts, and did her best to impart that on us. Especially my older sister. Best piece of advice I ever heard her tell sis:

“Don’t have to choose between wearing and burning your bra. Adapt.” 3/x
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