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Apart from Star Bestsellers, Star Network also had two other anthology series - #StudioOne and #DirectorsCut featuring stories by notable filmmakers..

A thread on some of the prominent episodes..
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[Woman at the wheel of a truck, looking over asking "you ready?"]
[gif is World Wrestler jumping up on arena ropes hollering out "I SAID, ARE YOU READY?!"]
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Next Up: #3 Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) vs #6 Mandrill (Mandrillus sphinx) #2021MMM Chimpanzees are a black-hai...Mandrills have a bright red...
Chimpanzees, among wild primates, are the most studied species yielding extensive knowledge of their natural history, social behavior, diet, hunting, & development (@bezanswer & @allison_mcnama 2019)… #2021MMM Species represented in fiel...
Chimpanzee males spend their lives in the community they are born into, developing bonds, friendships, & coalitions with other males. These relationships begin during development, often with kin (Sandel et al. 2020) #2021MMM
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NEXT UP: #1 seed Harpy Eagle vs #8 seed Ghost Bat, with lots of battle narration guidance from @Mammals_Suck #2021MMM A harpy eagle perches on a branch against a light blue sky. A pale white-grey ghost bat photographed hanging downward. I
The Harpy Eagle is an avian 'QUEEN of the jungle', documented to prey upon at least 102 species of mammal, bird, and reptile (Miranda 2020, #2021MMM A harpy eagle sitting on a large horizontal branch against a
Learning to hunt by juvenile Eagles seems to be mostly trial-and-error. Juveniles are unlikely to learn to hunt directly from their parents. Instead, parents stop providing food, forcing youngsters to just figure it out (Cavalcante et al 2019, #2021MMM A juvenile harpy eagle sitting on a branch against a green,
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NEXT UP: 6th seed Sphinx monkey (Mandrillus sphinx) vs. 11th seed Black and Red Bush Squirrel (Paraxerus lucifer) #2021MMM
Sphinx monkey is named after the sphinx, a mythical creature w/the body of a lion, wings of an eagle, and head of a person. Astute observers may recognize sphinx in hits like #2014MMM, #2017MMM, & as part of the seven Wonders of the Ancient World. [Pic: Clark & Kim Kays] #2021MMM A photo taken by Clark and Kim Kays showing the Great Sphinx
Sphinx were supposed to be intelligent & ferocious guards. It must be something about these monkey's colorful faces that just strikes us as wise - Rafiki, Simba's mentor in The Lion King, was also a sphinx monkey (or more commonly, mandrill). #2021MMM
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Next up: 7th seeded Blue-capped ifrit (Ifrita kowaldi) vs. 10th seeded Brussels Griffon* (Canis familiaris) #2021MMM  Color photograph of blue-capped ifrit. Small song bird withColor photograph of Brussel's Griffon. Small dog is tan-brow
Blue-capped Ifrits are small (34-36g, 0.16 of a stoat) passerine (perching & sing well) birds only found in the montane rainforests of New Guinea & Papua New Guinea #LiferBird #StoatsAsMeasurement #2021MMM Range map of blue-capped ifrit from IUCN red list. Home rang
Blue-capped Ifrits are not shy birds & their calls, a sort of whip-crack sound (, are similar to Australian whipbirds #SoundsOfNature #2021MMM Blue-capped ifrit is perched on a vertical branch. Small son
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Next up: #2 seed Masrasector nananubis Vs. #15 seed Crypt-keeper Wasp. Battle by myself and @c_n_anderson #2021MMM  image shows crypt keeper wasp. the predominant colour of th image shows the skull of Masrasector nananubis. it is a sku
Masrasector nananubis species name means "little Anubis", referring to the jackal-headed ancient Egyptian god of embalming who protects tombs & brings souls through the underworld #2021MMM Picture of wall painting from the tomb of Sennedjem. Anubis
Lit'l Anubis belongs to a group of extinct predators known as Hyaenodonts. …..not because they looked like hyenas but because their teeth are similar to hyena teeth! The species dates to 35 million years ago (or 6,800,000 stoat life units) #2021MMM
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FIRST UP: 1st-seed Orinoco crocodile (Crocodylus intermedius) vs. 5th-seed Secretary Bird (Sagittarius serpentarius)! #2018MMM secretary bird glamour shotOrinoco croc showing off it's jaws
Our competitors in this first battle have so far only faced off with much smaller Arthropod foes, so the Sweet 16 Round will be their first tournament tumble with large vertebrate competitors. #2018MMM
The Secretary Bird has used its lengthy gams to crush the carapace of a horseshoe crab and given the mantis shrimp the ol' one-two kick right out of the tournament (and this life). #2018MMM
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NEXT UP: 7th seeded Porcupine (Erethizon dorsatum) vs 10th seeded Delhi Rhesus (aka, Rhesus Monkey or Rhesus Macaque; Macaca mulatta) #2018MMM
Erethizon dorsatum are the 2nd largest rodents in North America (1st place goes to beavers), weighing anywhere between 5-14 kg (23-64 stoats #stoatsasmeasurement) #2018MMM
When we think porcupines, we think quills, right? Quills & spines have evolved multiple, independent times across the mammal tree of life as a defense strategy & are excellent examples of convergent #evolution (see the hedgehog battle) (…) #2018MMM
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