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“The Ninth Descent—Farming:

“The Agrarian “Revolution” Was the Direst Development”

is Chapter 9

of *Prodigal Human: The Descents of Man*

by Michael Adzema.

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PH 9/1
[*Quotes/highlights:*] “Yes, we turned life into work, when it could have been play.”\

“…we lost the magic of living. We focused, because of fear, on the quantity of said existence instead of the quality of it….” []

THREAD… #devo #psychology

PH 9/2
[Chapter 9 text begins:] “Returning now to human’s devolution in the course of our prehistory,..”

READ/DWL BOOK…… #devolution #psychology #farming #anthro #agrarian #evolution #birth #agriculture #perinatal #primal #psyche #consciousness #culture

PH 9/3
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(1/7) 📢 📢 The ninth (9th) update on this final stage of the #evolution of #ProfitSharing 2.0 is here! 📅 📅

Read it out loud: We have officially started #migrating services from the current version to ProfitSharing 2.0! 💪✨ 🙌
(2/7) We have begun with some #services from the list that have a small number of #followers, and we will be #migrating more and more services as the days go by. ⚙️ 💪
(3/7) Currently, we'll not publicly share access to the whole #community, only the followers of those services that we are #migrating will receive access, and they will do it by #email. This way, those investors will be able to continue to manage their #portfolios correctly✨📈
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Chapter 17

of *Psychology of Apocalypse: Ecopsychology, Activism, & the Prenatal Roots of Humanicide*

by Michael Adzema, is titled,

“Prenatal Revulsion Become Phobias & Sexual Abuse, PME 4:”

#psychology #prenatal #anthro #womb #birth

PA 17/1
Chapter 17 is subtitled:

“Prenatal Matrix of Human Evil 4...

“Burning, Irritation, Itchiness, Creepiness, “Makes Skin Crawl,” Dirtiness, OCD, “Ewww,” Rape, Insect Phobia...

““Don’t Bug Me!””

THREAD… #psychology #prenatal #anthro #womb #birth

PA 17/2
[*Quotes/highlights:*] “*Irritated...dirty...“eeew!” Touch, sex, preadolescent “creepiness” & early roots of rape & sexual abuse*” []

READ &/or DW entire BOOK free AT SITE...… #psychology #prenatal #anthro #womb #birth #symbolism #PME4 #gestation

PA 17/3
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🧵 "#Criticality: A Balance Between #Robustness and #Adaptability"

Today's SFI Seminar by @cgershen @cgg_mx:
Regarding systems at the #EdgeOfChaos
Identifying #PhaseTransition dynamics
Citing @WagnerEvolution on #Robustness
Contrasting it with #Chaos (fragile, hard to predict, etc.)
And then #Criticality, somewhere in the middle... ImageImageImageImage
With #criticality, due to #PowerLaw(-like) distributions:

"Most of the changes will be small, but for some, you can have large changes."

See also #fractals

Key history point: Stuart Kauffman's #random #Boolean #networks (1969!)

Updated by @cgershen in 2004 ImageImageImageImage
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"Liquid and Solid #Brains: Mapping the #Cognition Space"

Today's SFI Seminar by Ext Prof @ricard_sole, streaming now — follow this 🧵 for highlights:

"Why #brains? Brains are very seems like they are not a very good idea to bring complex cognition to a #biosphere that just needs simple replicators."

"I also want to explore the problem of #consciousness, which is around all the time..."

@ricard_sole Image
Two different views of #evolution:

- Stephen Jay Gould and an emphasis on #contingency

- Simon Conway Morris/Pere Albach and an emphasis on #constraints and #convergence

--> "Replay the tape with different results vs. 'the logic of monsters' & 'life's solution'" Image
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🚨🚨 IT'S OUT! Two new Jurassic lizards known from exceptional skulls and braincases refine our understanding of the early evolution of squamates!!! #paleontology #evolution #Science…
In this paper, we describe two new lizards from the Late Jurassic Morrison Formation. Presenting Eoscincus ornatus, the ornate dawn skink (left), and Microteras borealis (right), the little monster from the north! ImageImage
These new lizards fill a critical gap in our understanding of squamates when they were just starting to diversify! The Triassic-Jurassic indeed does preserve squamates, but they are usually pretty crushed, which limits their informativeness... Image
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(1/8) This is the eighth update on this final stage of the evolution of Profit Sharing 2.0. 📢 📢
This week we are very excited. Users have been testing the interface for more than a week, and we are giving access to more users every day! ⚙️📅 💪 Image
(2/8) Hear the good news out loud: So far, #everything is working as planned and the feedback have been very positive! As we mentioned before, another positive thing is that all the visual work is complete since everything is finished from the #backend 🤫✨
(3/8) This week, we concentrated on four things. i) moving forward with the first #metrics for the service profiles. #Investors are now able to see the #evolution of the strategies before they start investing. We plan to add a lot of metrics going ahead ⌚ 🚀
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“The Eighth Descent—Murder:

““Kill or Be Killed”—Our Delusion of Scarcity Made for Murder”

is Chapter 8

of *Prodigal Human: The Descents of Man*

by Michael Adzema.

READ CH THREAD or CLICK a link for free BOOK... READ BOOK…… #devolution #anthro

PH 8/1
[*Quotes/highlights:*] “…in early gatherer-hunter times, yes, we had plenty for everyone. But with fear rose anxiety over one’s ability to survive, thus competition over resources—” []

READ BOOK… #devolution #psychology #murder #anthro #violence

PH 8/2
[] “…a competition which was not needed—& then the very creation of what one was trying to avoid: The possibility that one might need to kill or one would be killed.” []

READ/DWL BOOK…… #devolution #psychology #murder #anthro #violence #evolution

PH 8/3
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Chapter 16

of *Psychology of Apocalypse: Ecopsychology, Activism, & the Prenatal Roots of Humanicide*

by Michael Adzema, is titled,

“Prenatal “Poisoning” Become Paranoia & Intolerance, PME 3:”

READ BOOK…… #psychology #prenatal #anthro #womb

PA 16/1
Chapt 16 is subtitled:

“Prenatal Matrix of Human Evil 3...

““Bad Blood,” Disgust, Nauseated, Sickening Become Homophobia, Smoking, Sadism-Masochism, Addictions, Money Fetish, Air & Food Pollution, Propaganda...

““Don’t Feed Me That Bullcrap!””

PA 16/2
[*Quotes/highlights:*] “We’re getting some blood, but is it bad blood? How it manifests in our thinking, in psychosis—food, aliens, & tin foil. “Bad blood” aspects of fetal oxygen hunger…” []

THREAD…… #psychology #prenatal #anthro #womb #birth

PA 16/3
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🧫 Everybody Talks 🦠

Evolution has primed microbes to communicate and work together, or competitively, to survive. The evolutionary theory is: mammals evolved to become more complex organisms, while some microbes evolved to become simpler, more efficient organisms. >
Both have advantages:
It's why we often see comorbid viral and bacterial infections. Microbes communicate to change and rearrange host biomes to their advantage; like humans renovating a house or building cities.

"Sorek named this viral peptide ‘#arbitrium’ after the Latin word for decision. >
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“The Seventh Descent—Hunting:

“Killing of Planetmates & Eating Flesh Began Our Descent to Savagery & the Apocalypse Today”

is Chapter 7

of *Prodigal Human: The Descents of Man*

by Michael Adzema.

READ CH THREAD or CLICK a link for free BOOK...…

PH 7/1
[*Quotes/highlights:*] “…increasingly separated from Nature, from feeling, & from clear apprehension of reality, humans became insensitive.” []

READ BOOK… #devolution #psychology #hunting #anthro #birth #evolution #perinatal #primal #psyche

PH 7/2
[] “In becoming more numbed to their empathy & fellow feeling, they became inured enough to the spilling of blood, so that making life & death decisions over fellow planetmates became easier.” []

READ BOOK>… #devolution #psychology #hunting #anthro

PH 7/3
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Chapter 15

of *Psychology of Apocalypse: Ecopsychology, Activism, & the Prenatal Roots of Humanicide*

by Michael Adzema, is titled,

“Prenatal Oxygen Hunger Become Bigotry & Racism, PME 2:”

READ THREAD or CLICK a link for free BOOK…… #womb

PA 15/1
Chapter 15 is subtitled:

“Prenatal Matrix of Human Evil 2...

“Deprivation Become Jealousy, Anti-Semitism, Xenophobia, Blood Libel, Anti-Immigration, Vampire Symbolism, Capitalism...

““Please, Mother, Might I Have Some More?””

THREAD… #psyche

PA 15/2
[*Quotes/highlights:*] “…in ‘evolved’ economic systems, we make certain we will not feel relief from the threat of lack (oxygen starvation/ fetal malnutrition): For we insist on a ‘dog eat dog’ competitive system like capitalism,..” []


PA 15/3
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Chapter 6

of *Prodigal Human: The Descents of Man*

by Michael Adzema, is titled,

“The Sixth Descent—Mistrust:

READ THREAD or CLICK a link for free BOOK

READ BOOK…… #birth #psychology #BasicMistrust #perinatal #BasicTrust #devolution #parenting

PH 6/1
Chapter 6 is subtitled,

“Mistrust of Nature, Mistrust of Divine Providence...

“Our Experience of Birth Determines Ever Afterward Our View of the World”

READ THREAD or CLICK a link for free BOOK

THREAD… #birth #psychology #BasicMistrust #psyche

PH 6/2
“[*Quotes/Highlights:*] “The cold, hard fact is that our experience of our birth—that is, the amount of pain & discomfort we experience in the process of delivery added to those first crucial moments & hours...” []

READ BOOK…… #birth #psychology

PH 6/3
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Hello #everyone! This is the 6th update on the final stage of the evolution of #Zignaly’s #ProfitSharing 2.0. This week we have an important #announcement to make! But first, I would like to share something about the new Profit Sharing interface we are working on. (1/10) Image
The initial version of #PS2.0 that we will release is finished from the back end, but the UI still has basic functions, while the full version comes later. That way, we can launch the most needed functionalities without delaying the whole deployment. (2/10)
Profit Sharing 2.0 is a massive update and includes most of the requests from our Zignaly community in the last 2 years, so we still have a lot to add - and, we will keep doing that! (3/10)
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Chapter 14

of *Psychology of Apocalypse: Ecopsychology, Activism, & the Prenatal Roots of Humanicide*

by Michael Adzema, is titled,

“Prenatal Suffocation Become Greed & Class War, PME 2:”

READ THREAD or CLICK a link for free BOOK

THREAD… #womb

PA 14/1
Chapter 14 is subtitled:

“Prenatal Matrix of Human Evil 2...

“Gasping, Suffocation, Drowning, Being “Cut Off” Become Greed, Oppression, Conformity...

““They’re Sucking the Very ‘Life Blood’ Out of Us!””

READ BOOK> #psychology #prenatal #anthro

PA 14/2
[Quotes/highlights:] “The timelessness of prenatal experience at this point—when not getting enough air—feels horrific, an unending nightmare. This part contributes to human ideas of places of forever, endless suffering, for example, hell.” []…

PA 14/3
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This Twitter thread explains how the #evolution of even the primitive election #FPTF system still used in too many elections can be guided to produce a much more democratic election system, through the accumulation of simple changes.
#BRAMYIR offers the benefits of #ApprovalVoting, #ScoreVoting, & #RankedChoiceVoting, plus the benefit of a balanced ballot, while encouraging honest voting & discouraging attempts to game the system with dishonest strategic voting such as votes for the mere lesser of two evils.
It's easy to improve on the common single faceted first past the post voting system, and it's easy to make positive changes add up to positive evolution. #RankedChoiceVoting is an improvement, we can do better then that with the simple removal of a single voting restriction.
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🚀 We are live! Here is the correct streaming link for all of today's discussions and performances, starting with a panel on complex time with David Krakauer, James Gleick, Ted Chiang, and David Wolpert in a few moments (measured linearly...):

"One of the ideas we had with #InterPlanetary was, 'What would it take to make science hedonistic? And instead of telling people to do it, you'd have to tell people to STOP doing it?"

- SFI President David Krakauer sets the tone for this weekend's celebrations
#IPFest Image
David Krakauer: "Do you have a favorite model or metaphor for #time?"

@JamesGleick: "You've already mentioned a river; that's everybody's favorite. Borges said time is a tiger. People talk about it as a thread. We ONLY talk about time in metaphors." Image
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#SARSCoV2 #Variants are collecting identical sets of concerning mutations (aka #Convergent #Evolution)

Latest threat is from the recombinant lineage #XBB (BJ.1/BM.1.1.1), the most immune-evasive #COVID strain seen yet

H/T @ErinMPrater @FortuneMagazine
XBB (aka #Gryphon) is the most immune evasive lineage.

BA.2.75* sub-lineages bind better to host ACE2 receptor.

XBB could pick up addition mutations to optimize its ACE receptor binding!

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Dreadnoughtus!!! 🦕

I like sauropods (long-necked dinosaurs) in general, as these Mesozoic puzzles 🧩 pushed evolutionary innovation to the extreme, & even the simplest aspects of their biology are confounding, oft-debated subjects. A thread 🧵 highlighting few of those.

Dreadnoughtus schrani was discovered (2014) in southern Patagonia, Argentina 🇦🇷 and is thought to be the largest 🏆 terrestrial animal to have ever walked the planet (i.e., it possesses the greatest mass of any land animal that can be calculated 🧮 with...

...reasonable certainty). This colossal sauropod flourished during the Late Cretaceous Epoch (100.5 million to 66 million years ago). It was about 26 m (85 feet) long 📏 and may have weighed about 59 metric tons ⚖️ (image source: Wikimedia Commons) -...

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Diese #Herbstwelle wird #keine klassische #Varianten-#Welle, wie die 6 Wellen zuvor (2xD614G, B.1.1.7, Delta, BA.1, BA.2, BA.4/5) sondern wir sehen alle möglichen BA.2 Sublinien, die alle die gleichen Mutationen aufweisen (493 Reversion An Position 346 444 452, 460, 486 /1
Es entsteht eine Situation, die die Wissenschaftler so zuvor bei SARS-CoV2 vorher noch nie beobachtet hatten: konvergente Evolution überall weltweit, immer die gleichen Mutationen = koplett unübersichtliche Lage. "Something #big ist happening with SC2, /2

Absolute Leseempfehlung für diesen Thread von @shay_fleishon ⤵️wenn jemand da näher einsteigen will. Fakt ist dass dies eine für die Pandemie völlig #neue #Situation : #Überall ploppen #Subvarianten und Second-Generation Varianten von BA.2 und BA.5 auf,

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This is a thread about how anyone can use publicly accessible sequence databases and free software to discover new things about #genomes, #biology, and life on earth.

#Bioinformatics #Genomics #Evolution #Science #MolecularBiology #DNA #Research #DataScience #LifeSciences Image
Genomes are absolutely loaded with complex information, most of which we still don’t understand.

Complete and near complete genome sequences are now available for many organisms.

However, decoding the information in these genomes remains a slow and difficult process. Image
A large proportion of most published genome sequences consist of DNA that is incompletely understood in terms of its evolutionary origins and functional significance. Image
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Birds do it better: our latest work in @CurrentBiology shows their neurons consume 3x less glucose compared to neurons in the mammalian brain. Very excited to share the results of lasts years work with you! A🧵…
#Birds #Neuroscience #Evolution #SciComm
Brain tissue is metabolically costly. This is mostly caused by expensive neurons that need a lot of glucose. Across mammals, the neuronal energy budget appears to be fixed.
Birds pack many more neurons in their brains compared to mammals. This partly explains how they enable advanced sensory and cognitive processing capacity with such small brains. But how can they support such high cell numbers?
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If I could put forward a single argument in favor of #evolution, it's this: It works.

Set the truth of it aside: it predicts how cancer responds to chemotherapy, it tells us how to find new genes, steer conservation efforts, and which genetic variations associate with disease.
No alternatives to evolution have this kind of utility: you can argue that "intelligent design" makes retroactive predictions, but evolution is the predictive algorithm that explains the specific mechanisms of change over time.

All of population genetics is built on it.
Ultimately, whether evolution is "true" or not, living systems behave as though it were completely accurate. It's the same type of predictive science that can tell us when eclipses happen, or what chemicals will form from reacting two compounds.

We *use* evolution.
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@InfectiousDz Three more suspected #pneumonia cases, with one fatal.
@InfectiousDz ''“Last night and this morning we had #information from the #Malbrán Institute and so far all the studies that we had as #negative -for #Covid19, #Hantavirus and some strains of #Legionella- are also giving negative results there''
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