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1. 强势币空投企稳卖币行情(14h +145%)🚀
2. 猴地Otherside空投 + 结构行情(9D12h + 114%)💥
3. Ape超跌反弹行情(2D12h +40%)👺

趁着时间还近,详细讲下进出场逻辑,以及当时的市场状态(详细可复盘但是的twitter & Discord & Youtube)





价格急速回调至6美元附近并没有任何间歇,六美元附近三角突破进场 15以上加速跑路最后卖在 18美金附近...

1. 为何6美金的三角能进场
2. 为何能卖在18$美金附近

1. 常识 + 结构

币安新币或者强势币大家都在等着低吸,第一波跌了50%不低吸不就跟傻子一样,那么底部这个小三角,必定很多人回去做突破,so干就完了... Ape如果一直跌yuga的脸放哪里?
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Este va a ser el primero de varios hilos donde daré mis opiniones sobre el mercado crypto y cómo veo que están las cosas.

El primero será sobre el porqué de este tweet y cómo “supe” que iba a pasar. ( recordemos que todo es basándonos en probabilidades) Image
Llevaré poco más de 1 año en el mercado crypto y aún me queda mucho que aprender, pero creo que explicar mis ideas y el porqué de mis acciones me puede ayudar en un futuro a ver mi evolución y aprender de mis errores.

PD: cualquier feedback es bienvenido.
Desde que puse el tweet citado los Bored Ape Yacht Club que podríamos considéralos como los BTC de los NFT han caído ya un 50% llevándose consigo a muchísimos otros proyectos ponzi.
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🧵How I am playing the #Otherside/#Otherdeed

- Logic on when to enter (AKA #floor support price ?)
Upside/Downside potential

- What to buy? (#Koda / Artifact / Floors )
- Why I choose Artifact over #Koda
- TLDR of 🧵on post number #6

1/x Determine floor price support.
(What is the %Prob of it going lower ?)

Current Floor: 4.29Eth
(Note: Pre-reveal @ 7 to 8 Eth)

Minting of #Otherdeed was 305 #Apecoin @ $22 (~$6,700/~2.4 Eth) + Gas wars ( 2.5Eth for 2 mints)
Minting cost = 2.4 + 1.25 = 3.65 ETH
1/x For comparison:

Current Floor: 4.29

Minting cost (Normal user): 3.65 ETH
Minting cost (+KYC): 3.65 + 0.5 ( 1 ETH/2 ): 4.1 ETH
Minting cost (Bulk Sybil): 3.65 + 0.25: 3.9 ETH

Don't make sense to sell < mint.
So downside is really low✅

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Some numbers for @OthersideMeta 's drop.

22478 Wallets hold 305+ $APE (not inc CEXs)
Of which 9756 have been KYC'd.
Of the KYC'd holders, only 7051 hold 610+ $APE.

tldr; mint will go into wave 2. Will update numbers periodically.

#NFT #BAYC #APE @BoredApeYC @yugalabs
@OthersideMeta @BoredApeYC @yugalabs For anyone asking how I verified KYCd wallets, hint: somethingisbrewing @yugalabs own website
@TenaciousEth here's a more accurate representation
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结合 @wilxlee 的此篇推文,nft 玩家如何去发现蓝筹 #nft, 避免“nft卖家秀翻车”。


- 个人资金情况和风险承受能力
- NFT:种类,其外形,叙事,赋能的权益及价值上升空间
- 社区:热度,社区文化及带来市场效应
- 团队:背景,可信度及其规划之下的执行力
- 安全:合约、交易、保存的安全性
- 时间:进入的时间点,项目的timeline
- 创新:碎片化,衍生品..
- 链上工具参考及使用
- IPs
- meme & hape
- 消息渠道

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How the #SEC Proposal to Change One Definition Could 'Kill' #DeFi
The agency wants to expand the definition of "dealer."
The SEC has been releasing proposed rule changes this week.
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🦧 THREAD 🦧 @ElrondApes
#ElrondNFT #ElrondCommunity

#ElrondApes is a collection of 10,000 unique 3D APEs living on #Elrond

The collection aims to create a club of enthusiast #NFT collectors in order to build the largest NFT community on Elrond ⚡️

⬇️ Let’s go ⬇️ Image

💰 Price - 0.5 EGLD
1️⃣ 1NOV - 500 #NFTS - SO in 1H30
2️⃣13NOV - 2000 #NFTS - SO in 30m

First 500 🦧 will have a custom attribute (one per address) called golden banana on hat, shirt,..

I was worried but the CM confirmed that they will have same rarity as the others
⛏ Minting ⛏ 1️⃣

📆 Public launch Jan 13th at 7pm UTC
🧮 Supply 2070/10000 (2k presale & 70 for marketing)
💰Price - 0.8 (0.5 in PreS)

10% of every minting fee is reflected back to existing Elrond APEs holders 💎

Therefore, more early you mint, the more rewards you earn 🪙
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1/I’ve been relatively quiet about #MOASS this past week or two for a couple reasons. The exciting reason is due to my efforts towards a HUGE project I’m working on. I’m getting close to announcing it, but not quite ready to set a date. Stay tuned on that!

The second reason…
2/ … isn’t exactly good. I’m pretty disheartened by the #AMC, #GME, and #Crypto communities lately. It seems many have forgotten what this movement and being an #APE is all about. Listen, I know we’re all on the #StockMarket rollercoaster. That said, when did…
3/… we start allowing our emotions be tied to the economy’s ebbs and flows? Did anyone say this would be easy? Last I checked, this was a FIGHT! We’re fighting with the wrong people though #ApeFam! Here’s the thing, as far as the charts are concerned, nothing has changed…
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Next Up: #3 Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) vs #6 Mandrill (Mandrillus sphinx) #2021MMM Chimpanzees are a black-hai...Mandrills have a bright red...
Chimpanzees, among wild primates, are the most studied species yielding extensive knowledge of their natural history, social behavior, diet, hunting, & development (@bezanswer & @allison_mcnama 2019)… #2021MMM Species represented in fiel...
Chimpanzee males spend their lives in the community they are born into, developing bonds, friendships, & coalitions with other males. These relationships begin during development, often with kin (Sandel et al. 2020) #2021MMM
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