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You've probably never thought about it, but you almost certainly don't know enough real life historical figures who were #dwarf people - and dwarf women especially.

So let me tell you about Perla Ovitz, a strong, proud Jewish dwarf woman who survived Auschwitz.

Please RT.

CW: some people may find this thread distressing.
Piroska ‘Perla’ Ovitz, was born in Romania in 1921. One of 10 children, she and 6 of her siblings had dwarfism, like their father. He was a travelling rabbi & jester.

Her childhood was marked by loss: her father died when she was a toddler; her mother passed when she was 9.

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Thread: as a kid, I loved comics. I used to read them when my mum and I went to the library and, later, when I went alone.

But it was only as an adult I learned of a super cool character with #dwarfism: Anna Maria Marconi.

As a #dwarf person, this discovery is important to me.
Created by Dan Slott and Guiseppe Camuncoli, Anna Maria is a scientist and girlfriend of Peter Parker (well, Doctor Octopus if we're getting technical).

It was so refreshing and exciting to find a character with #dwarfism who is fiercely intelligent...
... in a relationship...
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Thread: #Dwarf people have long since been (over)represented in fantasy. There are more than enough White Male Bearded Dwarf Warrior tropes out there.

BUT, did you know: a leading fantasy & sci-fi editor was a dwarf woman - who worked with Isaac Asimov and signed #StarWars?

Judy-Lynn del Rey was a leading sci-fi and fantasy publisher.

She was born on January 26, 1943. She had Achondroplasia - the most common form of #dwarfism - like I do.

She went to Hunter College and graduated in 1965.

She started her career at Galaxy Magazine.

In 1973, Ballantine Books hired her as a sci-fi editor.

One year later and she had her first best seller with Arthur C. Clarke’s ‘Rendezvous With Rama’.

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THREAD: People with #dwarfism are frequently stereotyped in popular culture, but a lot of our real history remains largely unknown to those who consume such stereotypes.

Comfortable? Cool. Let me tell you about 'Count' Joseph Boruwlaski, 1739-1837.

'Count’ Joseph Boruwlaski was born to average height parents, into a poor family, in Poland in 1739.

He was one of six children – three of which, including him, had #dwarfism.

Joseph’s father died when he was 9.

When the family’s finances became desperate, a local noblewoman, the Starostin de Caorliz, persuaded his mother to let her own/adopt Joseph, who then lived with her for several years.

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Thread: just finished the 2nd book in George RR Martin's Game of Thrones series and I am keen to return to the problematic depiction of Tyrion.

Let's begin...

Overall, I love Tyrion. He's smart, charismatic, well-read, equipped with razor sharp retort, and brave.

As a white male with #dwarfism, I see him and I think "Yes!"

I wish I'd read these 15 years ago.


My gosh does GRRM's writing about him (and other #dwarf people) make me frequently feel uncomfortable and, at times, a little sad.

Let's look at some examples...

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Thread: Just finished this beautiful book in which the protagonist is a strong, powerful woman with #dwarfism - Trudi - living in Germany before, through, and after WW2.

This is the first piece of adult non-fantasy fiction I've read with a #dwarf main character.

A dwarf person in an average height town, Trudi is, in a way, an outsider, and yet central to the community, too.

As a child, she yearns to be average height - she asks the doctor for pills to make her tall, she hangs by her arms from doorways trying to stretch her body.

Children shy away from Trudi as if touching her might turn them into #dwarf people, too.

Adults act as if she is invisible and they say things they wouldn't say if other children were around. For Trudi, this is the beginning of something key...

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Thread: Some advice for parents when your small child sees someone with #dwarfism for the first time.

Please read, RT, and, if you yourself are a #dwarf or #disabled person,​add your own ​advice.


I can imagine you feel embarrassed right now…

...but what you do next helps set the foundations on which your child will build their understanding of #dwarfism, #disability, and difference.

The first thing to say is: don't ever encourage your child to point and laugh at people who are different. Ever.

That might ​seem​ obvious, but I've encountered parents who’ve done so - and even filmed me, too.

But these are a tiny minority, so let's move on...

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Thread: Heard of the Seven Dwarfs? Mini-Me? Tyrion?

Cool. Pull up a seat.

Let me tell you about Jeffrey Hudson - a real #dwarf person whose incredible life featured Kings and Queens, pirates and prisoners, soldiers and slaves.

He once shot a man dead for mocking him.

Hudson was born in England in 1619 to poor average height parents.

Not long after, the Duke of Buckingham moved nearby.

When he was 7, the Duchess of Buckingham asked his father to permit Jeffery to live with her.

The Duke 'gave' Jeffrey (you read that right) in **a pie** (you read that right, too) to Queen Henrietta Maria.

If that sounds disgusting and barbaric it's because it is (sadly, this is not the only time this humiliating practice occurred in history).

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Thread: I have #dwarfism.

I knew who the Seven #Dwarfs were by the age of ten.

I knew who Mini Me was by 13. 

I was 31 when I learned who Benjamin Lay was. 

This is important. Please read and RT. 

Born in England 1682, Benjamin Lay was among the first known radical abolitionists. 

He was fearless, compassionate, and principled. 

He was also a #dwarf

A "living stick of dynamite", Benjamin Lay was "one of the very first to call for the abolition of slavery".

He wrote one of the world's first abolitionist books - calling for the church to cast out slave owners.

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Thread: following my tweet about the word "M*dget", lots of people are asking "but what do we call people with #dwarfism?". Listen close...

Please RT 1/
I promise you: the best thing to call someone with #dwarfism is *their name*.

If you don't know their name, ask yourself why you need to refer to their body before knowing who they are. This is important. 2/
3/ Know their name? Good. Then politely ask them how they like to refer to themselves.

It's for them to decide, not you. They are the author of the dictionary that defines them*

Don't know their name? See 2/.

(* I stole this from Zadie Smith)
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