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[Thread] Suite à un tweet de @Benazdia sur, j'ai décidé de faire un petit thread sur les éléments intéressants à regarder dessus ! J'espère que cela vous plaira :)
1) Déjà ... ? Kesako ? Et bien, c'est une mine d'or ! C'est un site qui vous montre tous les objets catalogués par Space-Track.Org qui est un site géré par ... l'USAirForce !
2) Et oui, il faut savoir que ces chers américains contrôlent le ciel depuis des années et répertorient l'ensemble des satellites/débris/lanceurs dans le ciel !…
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So tomorrow #NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter circling Moon since 2009 is scheduled to fly over #Chandrayaan2 #Vikram lander's site. Interestingly #LRO was close enough during Vikram's landing to gather data about maneuver using its Lyman-Alpha Mapping Project instrument.
"As a matter of fact during descent of #Chandrayaan2, the
Lyman-Alpha Mapping Project #LAMP instrument was observing the changes in the exosphere of #Moon as a result of the rocket effluence coming down"

- Jay Jenkins, Office of Exploration at NASA's Science Mission Directorate
#ISRO lost contact with #Chandrayaan2's #Vikram during final stages of its descent. An unexplained wobble may have caused Vikram to go off course, data suggests. Descent was to last around 15 minutes. But around 11 minutes after Vikram began its decent, things went haywire.
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The Sanskrit word "Veda" is derived from the root vid "to know" . Which means "knowledge".

The total number of Vedas is 4: -
1- Rigveda
2- Samaveda
3- Yajurveda
4- Atharveda

Rigveda: - This is the first Veda. The total number of mantras in it is 10552. Its main subject is self knowledge.

• Mandal - 10
• Octave - 08
• Sukta - 1028
Anuvaak - 85
• Skip - 10589
Samaveda: -The method of worship is the main subject in this.The total number of mantras in it is 1975.

• Archik - 06
• Chapter -06
• Move - 1875

Yajurveda: - It refers to the process of action &yajna. The total number of spells in this is 3750.

•Chapter 40
• Mantra -1975
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Growing up, I heard there was a secret "NASA" rocket testing facility in northern Nevada (home for me), but I never knew what it was. Today, I finally found out...
Thanks to @Erdayastronaut, while digging into aerospike engine history, he came across this test site in Nevada called the "Nevada Field Laboratory" (NFL) which is tucked away between Reno, NV and Pyramid Lake 📍 Map:,…
The NFL test site is only 20 miles north of Reno, and the only people that (I recall) knowing that this place even existed were local farmers.

Turns out...this place was instrumental in the #Gemini, #Apollo, and #Shuttle programs for supporting rocket engine dev testing 🚀
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#ArabieSaoudite Les installations d'#Aramco sont en feu. L'incendie s'est déclenché à Abqaïq, un des principaux gisements pétroliers dans la province orientale d'ach-Charqiya
La cause est, pour l'instant, inconnue
#SaudiArabia #KSA
#ArabieSaoudite Autre vidéo qui laisse voir et entendre plusieurs explosions à Abqaïq Buqayq
#SaudiArabia #Aramco #SaudiAramco #KSA
#ArabieSaoudite Le site d'#Aramco à Abqaïq Buqayq est en flamme.
La vidéo documente le début de l'événement, on peut entendre des coups de feu (rafales d'armes automatiques ?).
La cause n'est toujours pas connue.
#SaudiArabia #SaudiAramco #KSA
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Second Panel!
"Ad Astra and Deep Space"
Director James Gray with Laura Kerber, Rob Manning, Steve Lee, and Astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson!
@nerdsandbeyond #AdAstra #NASA
James Gray coming in hot asking about what happened with the story that there was possible microbial life on Mars/why we don't talk about it anymore.

"Well even with our technology getting better and better, we are still trying to figure that out! That's why we're doing this!"
NASA gets very STRESSED when movies like Gravity and The Martian and Andromeda Strain come out, because then they have to spend millions of more dollars to assure people that those things won't happen.
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Screenwriter Ethan Gross talking with a panel of badass NASA women:
Lara Kearney, Nujoud Merancy, Jessica Vos, and Astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson.
@nerdsandbeyond #AdAdstra
"From Apollo to Artemis: Back to the Moon"

The plan is to establish the Gateway Program, a satellite platform that can orbit both earth and the moon, to launch landers anywhere on the moon, and eventually create a stepping stone to Mars.

New plan for sustainability.

- reusable Landers
- using the resources already on the moon (the frozen water underneath the surface can be converted to drinking water, oxygen, and hydrogen fuel)
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$TSLA -1/ @elonmusk just met with Party Secretary of Shanghai, Li Qiang. This is whom Elon was seen with back in July of 2018.

"Tesla's China operations will further grow with its entry into Shanghai," a beaming Li said back then.

Who is Li Qiang?…
2/Li is currently the Party Secretary of Shanghai.

He oversees a very important post in China. Since the 90’s, almost all Shanghai bosses have been promoted to the Standing Committee and some have even become President (Xi, Jiang Zemin)…
3/Li’s star has been rising in the CCP. Li accompanied Xi on his official state visit to the USA back in 2015. A member of the Politburu, he is trusted member of Xi’s inner circle, the “New Zhijiang Army”

Li is seen as one of the potential successors to Xi as President of China
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Vamos a ver. ¿Cómo se hace un hilo? Estudié física en México hasta la maestría. De ahí crucé el charco para hacer el doctorado en la Universidad de Valencia, España, especializándome en astrofísica. Ahora mismo me encuentro en #Purdue para hacer un posdoc en astrofísica.
Llegué aquí con la beca de @Conacyt_MX para estancias posdoctorales en el extranjero. Tuve un primer año muy productivo. Escribí un código en #fortran e interfaz en #python para evolucionar una distribución de partículas relativistas y monitorear la radiación que estas producían
La finalidad de este código era simular #blazars y #GRB afterglows…

Del modelo para los #blazars se escribió un proyecto con el que se consiguió apoyo del telescopio #FermiLAT de la #NASA. Del de #GRB hay un artículo en camino.
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Não importam Emmanuel Macron nem interesses políticos ocasionais de outros países. Importa a aceleração da #degradação #ambiental na #Amazônia em um governo cuja postura tem sido hostil para com o #ambiente desde seu início. Apontarei exemplos dessa hostilidade
Defender o #ambiente é uma das missões constitucionais e legais do #MinistérioPúblico #MP, instituição a que pertenço. A Constituição define a Floresta Amazônica brasileira como patrimônio nacional (art. 225, § 4.º). Ela precisa ser defendida e nenhum governo pode dispor dela
Set/2018: #Bolsonaro, ainda candidato, diz que pode retirar Brasil do #AcordoDeParis #ambiente
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#FalseAlarm, #fakenews, ignorance...2019 #AmazonFires are only 35% more (ok, so far) than the average of the last 8 years.Most are burning on agricultural land where the forest had already been cleared, a common agricultural practice #deforestation #Brazil…
#AmazonFires 🔥🔥🔥 As of August 16, 2019, an analysis of #NASA satellite data indicated that total fire activity across the #Amazon basin this year has been close to the AVERAGE in comparison to the past 15 years.…
#AmazonFires 🔥🔥🔥 Dr. Jonathan Foley @GlobalEcoGuy @ProjectDrawdown
#Amazon contributes at most 5% (not 20%) of the world’s oxygen‼️
We actually used to see fires like this, and even worse, back in the 1990s and the early 2000s #climatechange #FakeNews…
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Presente il caos sugli incendi in #Amazonia cui abbiamo assistito sul “record di incendi”?

Malgrado quanto scrivano molti sui giornali pare le cose siano andate diversamente

Chiaro anche che resta lo stesso un grosso problema

Molti in particolare ne hanno scritto dopo che il cielo sopra San Paolo, la città più grande del Brasile, si è coperto di fumo nero per circa un’ora, come hanno documentato foto e video molto spettacolari.

- A proposito delle foto spettacolari molti vip hanno veicolato dei fake
1) la prima foto #fake è stata condivisa da DiCaprio, Macron, Greta Thunberg e centinaia di vip: fake. È stata scattata da Loren McIntyre, morto nel 2003, quindi ha almeno 16 anni

#PrayForTheAmazonas HT @iosonocarrara
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@EmmanuelMacron The image on the left shows a fire from 1989, and the image on the right has been online since at least 2012. A number of other outdated and unrelated photographs have also been circulated as if they depicted the 2019 #AmazonFires.…
@EmmanuelMacron Plankton that are plants, known as #phytoplankton, grow and get their own energy through photosynthesis and are responsible for producing an estimated 80% of the world’s oxygen. They need #CO2 to thrive.…
@EmmanuelMacron Many use fire to maintain farmland or to clear land.
Typically, activity peaks in early Sept & mostly stops by Nov.
#NASA satellite data indicates total fire activity across the #AmazonBasin this year has been close to the average of the past 15 years.…
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@godless_mom Heaven is just a fairy story for those afraid of the LIGHT
#TheoreticalPhysicists prefer to believe in the heavenly fairy tales they can concoct themselves.
#cosmology #Heaven #GOD #Truth #StephenHawking #NeildeGrasseTyson
@godless_mom Don’t know if they buried #StephenHawking in a black hole, like most people, but he said: "If you feel you are in a black hole, don’t give up. There’s a way out."… #Hawking #BlackHoles #MythMath #cosmology #NeildeGrasseTyson #atheist
@godless_mom Imagine there’s no #BlackHole heaven.
#StephenHawking didn't know what to believe about the NOTHING of #BlackHoles.… #atheists #cosmology
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58. #TripleEights #RingofFire
My lovely fren @LavenderLives💜 reminded me that I posted about the joint forces on Langham Beach Queensland today. Then it hit me 🚛💥 It connects to this dig #RingofFire via the Coral Sea. See my drop #41 & Watch this...!
59. In the middle of all this being revealed I go to post & the #TripleEights make an appearance in my post😲. Just. Can’t. Make. This. Happen.🤯💚 I know I’m on track.🚂
I recalled Q mentioning Solomon. Bank owned by Rothschilds. Multiple meanings exist.
60. Now take a look at this revealing thread connecting Solomon.💥 Multiple meanings always exist. #SealofSolomon #SolomonsTemple #Occult #Illuminati #QAnon

#TripleEights 888 #RingOfFire

See whole thread 👉🏻
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53. I’m going to share full thread from @Ascension_Guide here b/c w/in it relates #TripleEights 888 & #Infinity. All info is very important & connects #LionsGate #Orion #Sirius #Leo Hope you enjoy as much as I did! ThreadReader 👉🏻…
54. OMG. I’ve been over target 🎯 with #888 #TripleEights #infinity #Epstein #pedoisland #tetragrammaton 😱 Right in front of us! They pervert ebpverything that is true & holy & good.
55. Watch this interview with Bill Barr here regarding Robert Mueller 👉🏻

💥L👀k in the background! Ah! That’s a #TripleEights #Infinity #888! L❤️VE IT!
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#ClimateAlarmists ignore the fact that all of their propaganda efforts to scare people into submitting to expensive CO2 reduction schemes are having less than no restraining effect on the one & a half degrees of #GlobalWarming over the last two centuries.…
Nothing being done now is having any effect on reducing CO2. We could help Nature do it the old fashioned way by planting a trillion trees. But that takes time.
#ClimateAlarmists prefer preventing the poorest people from trying to stay alive during winter.…
Scientists are proving that active geothermal sources around the globe are causing most of the glacier melting & ocean warming. And more of that heat should be harnessed to benefit humanity, as has been done throughout human history.
#GeothermalGlobalWarming #ClimateChange
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1. In this thread I am going to share why I believe FRIDAY, JUNE 28th, 2019 will be a very significant day! Approx 2wks ago I kept bumping into a # & it continued for days. I watched, played w/ a few thoughts & it revealed some highly fascinating details! It lead me to 6/28/2019
2. What will happen FRIDAY, JUNE 28TH, 2019? I have no idea! 😂LOL Nothing may happen💁‍♀️, but then again, it may & that would be pretty incredible considering what I have here!😮 I will line up some interesting coincidences.… or are they?
3. Parts of this may be a big pill for most to swallow but I’m not asking you to believe anything here. I am only laying out what I found that coincides & could be very related & . Only time will tell! Here goes…
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@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper In the U.S. at least, air pollution is down since 1992 for every single pollutant the EPA measures. And our CO2 emissions are down since the mid-1990s, yet #ClimateCatastrophists claim NONE of that improvement has slowed global, or U.S. #ClimateChange.…
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper For more than forty-five years the Clean Air Act has cut pollution as the U.S. economy has grown.
Carbon dioxide is not pollution. It’s colorless, odorless, and tasteless.… #ClimateAlarmism #ClimateChange
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper Watch the animated version & see how average global temperatures continually vary and move around erratically with no relationship or response to any nation’s #GlobalWarming prevention policies or actions.
#GlobalWarmingism #ClimateAlarmism #AlGore
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1. #DARPA > #LifeLog=Facebook, You Tube, Twatter,#23 and Me, #Alphabet, #Google, Internet, M-I6, Robotics, #FVEY GMO, GPS,NASA, #AI and much more all have in common??
Let us take a look at DARPA it creation, its ‘inventions’, and it’s history…
Thread 1/45 >#WeAreTheNewsNow #Q
2. It was created in 1958 after the Sputnik launch from Russia in 1957 #Alphabet #BigTech 🤡
What Is #DARPA?…
3.They have been at the forefront of the creation of #AI #Qanon
#DARPA Artificial Intelligence Colloquium Opening Video via @YouTube
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Reading some @NASAhistory, and was curious who this was...
Her name is Poppy Northcutt, and she's the first female engineer to work in Mission Control at @NASA_Johnson #Apollo8.
For half a century, pop culture has immortalized a group of quick-thinking, pocket-protected men as the face of NASA’s mission control room during the Apollo program. But amid this sea of men, was one woman: Frances “Poppy” Northcutt, engineer and return-to-Earth specialist #NASA
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Finally got to watch @apollo11movie and was curious who this was...
Her name is JoAnn Morgan, and she was the only woman inside the control room at the historic launch of #Apollo11 in 1969. A glimpse of her is seen in this documentary, but that’s only the beginning of her story.
At the time, JoAnn was a 28-year-old instrumentation controller and the first woman permitted to be inside the firing room (where all personnel were locked in 30 minutes before blastoff) during an Apollo launch. #Apollo11
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💥Trump’s changing how Govt #Climate Agencies report results!All 4 $$$ 4 BIG OIL🏭

Astonishing article.He’s KILLING THE EARTH 4 GENERATIONS 😢🥀

#TrumpFakeScience #ClimateChange #SaveTheEarth

#Trump Admin #Attacks #ClimateScience-NYT…
This is the thickness of the #EarthsAtmosphere from pictures I took during one of #NASA’s Live Feeds from the #ISS!Trump wants to change how #Climate data is shown to Americans so that releasing CO2 looks less dangerous then it actually is #ClimateChange #ClimateAction is needed!
Here’s one reality, we should be spending more money to stay on Earth than planning to leave to go to Mars because Earth’s Atmosphere is no longer viable to sustain life. Research is important but Mars Doesn’t Have an Atmosphere. Millions of people can’t live there in 125 years‼️
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