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What is #liquidity pool? how does it work? what is impermanent loss? how to minimize it?

This visual guide will help you understand #LP and how it enables decentralized #economy to thrive.


#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #AVAX #BNB #DEX #Uniswap #PancakeSwap
LP is a vault into which participants deposit and lock their assets in smart contracts to form a market (trading pair) and make it liquid for those wishing to trade in that pair.


#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #AVAX #BNB #DEX #Infographic #yieldFarming
Most #LP requires assets to be paired, this asset will create trading pair by utilising constant product formula to ensure a fair price.


#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #AVAX #BNB #DEX #Infographic #yieldFarming
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After a successful weekend with Biomass again, I figured I'd share a bit about its inception 🧵⬇️

HOW I MADE THIS: Visualizing the Biomass of Life #biomass #wip #process #art #science #datavisualization #dataviz #infographic #biodiversity Visualizing the Biomass of Life infographic pinned onto a co
The original paper that this graphic is based on was published by @yinonbaron @MiloLabWIS @WeizmannScience. It came across my desk working at Visual Capitalist and the crew wanted to see what I could do with it.…
There was already a graphic explaining the key findings in the paper, shown here. It's a really nice Treemap visualization using a #voronoi pattern (random Fun Fact: voronois are everywhere in biology: bone matrices, cell shapes, wing scales, etc.) A treemap in voronoi style showing the distribution of bioma
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My first #dissertation chapter has been published! The paper focuses on #predation of #urban #wildlife by #cats with recommendations for collaborative data-driven management strategies. Main points are summarized in this #infographic, but more info and paper link in this thread!
We spent 3 years surveying #WashingtonDC for #cats using #trailcams. Whenever we saw an image of a cat carrying prey, we noted the species and location, and added it to our predation database.
So what influences predation rates by #urban #feral cats? We found 2 driving factors: access to cat food and distance to forest edge. Why would cat food increase predation? Supplemental food allows cats to occur at greater densities, amplifying population-level predation!
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Dive-in for a peek at my #process and #designthinking on how I made my latest science infographic: "Comparing How COVID-19 Vaccines and Antiviral Pills Work" ⬇️🧵#COVID #Pfizer #Merck #DIY #infographic #vaccines #WIP #development #Covid_19 #paxlovid A poster showing "How I Made This", and a reproduc
The original inspiration for this piece was the newly marketed antiviral pills by Pfizer and Merck for the treatment of COVID-19. I thought with hearing so much about vaccines this year, and with pills entering the arena, people might be curious about what each does in the body.
When I started researching, I quickly learned that there were many types of vaccines. Here's one chart I found that explains this (left; by Nikita Ramesh, made with @BioRender). My first idea (right) was to convey ALL these types of vaccines against antivirals. A chart showing 7 major types of vaccines technologies and hEarly sketch of research and my arrangement for the infograp
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It was a delight to work with @gabifpucci of @neudrawlogy to explore the incredibly diverse CNS complications of infective endocarditis!

An #infographic & #tweetorial investigating the radiographic & clinical findings in IE + some management pearls!
#MedEd #Neurotwitter
The most common cause of neurologic injury in IE is ischemic stroke.
But! Management is somewhat different.

Notably, due to the high risk of hemorrhagic transformation, tPA is relatively contraindicated or should be used with extreme caution.

You don’t want to end up with ⬇️!
As evidence: in this series, 1 in 5 patients experienced post-tPA ICH and only 10% achieved a good outcome.

Thrombolysis for Ischemic Stroke Associated With Infective Endocarditis…
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What To Expect From The Markets This Week - 251021

#Nigeria #MarketUpdate #Marketanalysis #AskProshare via @proshare

#Thread Image
Nigeria Economy: According to data obtained from the @cenbank, Nigeria's foreign reserve exceeded the $40 bn mark on 18th October 2021, after gaining $566.45 million on Monday to steady at $40.39 bn - @ecopoliticsNG via @proshare
Global Economy: According to officials of the Bank of Japan, the Bank would phase out the #COVID19 lending program if infections in Japan continue to decline - @ecopoliticsNG via @proshare
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NEW PIECE: A Visual Introduction to the Dwarf Planets of our Solar System🔭🌕🌑🪐 #dwarfplanets #space #dwarf #outerspace #planet #pluto #infographic #dataviz #orbit #scicomm #sciviz #nasa #spaceart #visual
This one is a fun topic for me - I've always been fascinated with society's disdain for Pluto's downgrade, but the complete lack of interest for the other members of Pluto's family!!
You'll notice there's more than 5 of the IAU's recognized dwarf planets. This is because I referenced additional planets that are agreed upon by @plutokiller, @GonzaloTancredi, and Will Grundy @LowellObs. Depending who you ask, there's more!
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Infographic of the latest issue of Islamic State's Al-Naba weekly: #ISKP once again topped the casualties list with 36 killed&wounded during the last week, but with 11 attacks, in number of attacks took 2nd position after Iraq. A next page of Al-Naba shows details of all attacks. ImageImage
The #infographic of the 307th issue of Al-Naba weekly of ISIS is showing that #ISKP with 10 attacks& 100 casualties, is on the 2nd position after Iraq in number of attacks& on the 1st position in number of casualties, among all Islamic State provinces during the last 1 week.
#AFG Image
News of #ISKP took the front page of the latest issue of Al-Naba weekly.
Also, one&half pages in the weekly are allocated to the news of Khurasan (#AFG), that mainly consists of ISKP attacks against #Taliban.
Al-Naba also confirmed Taliban raids on ISKP hideouts in Parwan&Kabul. ImageImage
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Ever wondered what all that time on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok was doing to you⁠—and society?

Here’s an #infographic on what you need to know about the dark side of social media. (Follow the 6 part thread for close ups of the bigger file)
Social media’s harms form a continuum that runs from personal tragedy to large-scale loss. How has it affected you and your community? #Infographic 2/6
Let’s get to the root of social media’s harmful model: Our attention is being put up for sale. #infographic 3/6
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Thanks for being brave and helping us learn @AryaCampaigns! Here's my redesign!

Your focus is ACCESS. Currently that is buried and obscured. Suggest a #stackedbarchart #infographic to show your avg access, then break down by low and high health literate.
cont... Redesign of graphic showing support for eHealth intervention
honestly, in this case, your graphics are fighting your message, and I'd just get down to clearly showing your data. I'd also rather have labels than icons here, because I'm struggling to understand exactly what some of the icons are.
Possible to bring some images back in what I've labled demographics, but you may want to ask yourself what those are doing to help your message. Some of the side info could be cut.
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I've been thinking a lot about #illustration and #graphics in #scicomm and the place they play in design.

Like text, images hold info. I like to think of my images in terms of question-centered design as well. Here's a system of levels I've made to help me organize images:
1. Observational, descriptive. What something is, its inherent form, materials and characteristics. (what, who) Pen and ink drawing of a lithic
2. Contextual, locative. Puts the subject in a setting, either placing it in geographic or temporal space. Gives us the position relative to time or location. (where, when) lithic drawing, with leader lines placing it on a timeline a
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I'm a #sciviz freelancer...

Institutions & individuals contract me for help communicating science. I collaborate with researchers, designers, journalists, or comms to execute the right visuals for the audience.
This #sciart for @TheScientistLLC Recent cellular illustratio...
On any given week I may be juggling:
Multiple Figs and visual abstracts
Journal cover submission
Patient ed animation
Biotech campagin storyboarding
Zoo sign species ID #illustrations
Helping craft a @NatGeo #infographic
Kids puzzles!
#Textbook graphics
Science #editorial
... Image
I'm a generalist, with a #science and #medical background, and #editorial experience. So I communicate a wide range of #scicomm topics. My superpower is turning #data into #dataviz.

Many in my field are much more specialized! I'll tweet share colleagues work in a bit!
brb! Image
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📣NEW📣 Our monthly #INFOGRAPHIC is here, with all you need to know about how #African countries are responding to #COVID19.

Our headline?

While deliveries are still far too low, #China has surpassed #COVAX as #Africa's top vaccine source. How and why? Read on 🧵👇🏾!

2/ The first fact to be aware of is that #Africa accounts for under 3% of global cases, under 4% of global deaths, and under 2% of global vaccines administered.
3/ African governments and the @_AfricanUnion have so far ordered doses to cover 50% of the population. But only 1.9% of the population could be covered right now. It's a huge discrepancy, because deliveries are too slow.
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Did you know that #Africa's 55 countries account for just 1.5% of #COVID19 vaccines administered globally? Why? Incompetent governments? Vaccine hesitancy? Poor vaccine efficacy? Our new monthly #infographic report uses the data to explain... A 🧵1/…
To date, less than 3% of the world's #COVID19 cases have been recorded in #Africa, despite having only administered 1.5% of the world's vaccines, and 2% of the world's #COVID19 tests... 2/
However, #Africa is not a country. It's possible to split African countries into 6 categories - depending on total cases they have recorded. Of the 55 African countries, 6 varied countries are currently seeing new daily records of #COVID19 deaths... 3/
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I'm collating a thread of resources showing that #PlasmaTherapy doesn't really work & can in fact, lead to the emergence of more virulent strains of #COVID19!

These resources are at varying levels of reading difficulty + reading times needed.

Pls RT and/or add more resources👇🏼
First, here's a short and accessible mega-thread by @netshrink that quotes several other scientists who have also publicly spoken about plasma therapy not working!

@GKangInd @MenonBioPhysics @AnantBhan @vishuguttal

Second, here's a comprehensive article by @sandygrains for @ThePrintIndia clarifying the effectiveness of several potential treatments for Covid, including remdesivir, plasma therapy & more!

@IndiaBioscience @IndSciComm @IndiaCOVIDSOS @IndSciCOVID…
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New report: ‘The Sky’s The Limit’ finds huge falls in the cost of #solar & #wind power have unlocked an energy reserve that can meet world demand 100x over! Most is already economic compared with #FossilFuels…
At current growth rates, #renewables will push #FossilFuels out of the electricity sector by 2035, & 2050 could see a world powered entirely by electricity. Author @KingsmillBond says: “we're entering a new era, comparable to the industrial revolution”…
.@KingsmillBond continued: "Geopolitics will be transformed as nations are freed from expensive imports of #coal, #oil & #gas. Clean #renewables will free the planet from the impact of fossil fuel pollution."…
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Today's #INFOGRAPHIC Thread: Understanding Futures & Options 🧵

Done in Collaboration with @summachar_in

@TraderHarneet @Rishikesh_ADX

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👨🏻‍💻 What are Derivatives?
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🧚 What are Futures?
👨‍💻 What are Options?
💎 Call Options & Put Options
🧮 Examples & Case Studies
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In the fallout from the #2020Election, numerous credible allegations of voting #Irregularities have arisen in the form of sworn #Affidavits and other #Evidence.

ℹ️This #Infographic provides an overview of what we currently know. (Thread👇) Read more:…
1. This year, universal #MailInBallots were widely adopted by states in response to the #Pandemic.

This year, 9 states plus #WashingtonDC mailed #Ballots to everyone on their voter rolls, while others suspended the witness requirement.
2. #Progressive groups in many states sued to ease #ElectionSecurity features for #MailInBallots and, in some cases, to allow #Ballots to arrive after #ElectionDay.
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News Analysis🔎The post-#Election push to pressure President Trump to concede, despite numerous credible allegations of #VoterFraud and ongoing legal challenges, is the culmination of a 4-year-long campaign against him. (Thread👇)…
This campaign started in 2016 when the #FBI launched a politically motivated investigation of his campaign. During his subsequent 4 years in office, there have been consistent efforts to remove him from office.
#Infographic: an overview of some of the main efforts made against the sitting @POTUS.

This is an issue that transcends party lines, as it is not only an assault on Trump, but an assault on the office of the presidency, and with it, an assault on the foundation of America.
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Starship: A Roadmap to Mars

Its time ... for a massive SpaceX infographic #Thread!

This intro shows the timeline from SpaceX's founding to the current Starship in development. Also listed are #SpaceX rockets relevant to the Mars timeline 🚀🟤
#Rocket #ElonMusk #Musk #Tech #Mars Image
Starship: A Roadmap to Mars [Edition #01]

Moving on to more recent development & testing history...

We saw the first Mars hardware take flight in 2018 with the now historical 'Starship Hopper' ie Starhopper and its infamous hops.
#Starhopper #SpaceX #Mars #Space #Tech Image
Fullres of Edition #01:

I will add at this point that this infographic is going to be HUGE.
It STARTS with current #Starship development 🚀
It ENDS when boots are on #Mars 🥾🟤

Im fully confident #SpaceX can make it happen so lets follow the journey 🙂
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