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1. #GavinMcInnes is a Canadian citizen who created a violent extremist org in America

2. Justice for liberty is a #ProudBoys fundraiser.

3. 👇 Image

3. If you recall, in 2018, 2 days after the #ProudBoys were temporarily classified as an #extremist organization...Gavin McInnes “claimed” to have stepped down from his involvement in the extremist organization.

Since then he has...
3/ Made appearances as recent as September 2020 in Las Vegas, alongside #infowars staffer Joe Biggs, and Enrique Tarrio, the current chairman.
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Trump's DOJ turns against #RadRight, pro-Trump #ProudBoys
A message from #KyleChapman - founder of the Proud Boys street fighting spin-off group known as the Fraternal Order of the Alt-Knights (FOAK) endorsed by Proud Boys' founder Gavin McInnes.
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Who are the Proud Boys?
Let's hear from founder, #GavinMcInnes
Who are the Proud Boys?
Let's hear from Proud Boys International Chairman #EnriqueTarrio
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#GavinMcInnes the founder of #Proudboys played in an Ottawa punk band called Anal Chinook, featuring songs like "foreskin". This is who @realDonaldTrump associates with now. America is a farce.
@HouseGOP @HouseDemocrats @StateDept @SenateGOP @SenateDems @HouseForeign #uspoli
For the love of God and common sense, it's beyond time to throw the bum out.
Einstein called it. Now for the love of God smarten up and do the right thing.
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12 MAGA Factions unite for Trump.
Baked Alaska is a proud boy white supremacist. We worked our arguments because we both supported Trump and felt Dems were the enemy. He got even me to go on #GavinMcInnes show to defend Trump.👇my segment is at the end.
13 1/2 The dialogue
The dialogue between Sarah and I took place after I criticized her comedy because of conservatives being shadow banned and was upset that Sarah and liberals were comparing Trump to Hitler, as I see it clearly now that they were right. She still listened. ImageImageImageImage
13 2/2
MAGA knew Trump wasn’t a saint. They & (myself at the time) didn’t know how bad he was. As you know everything outside of Fox News was fake news. Even though I was still a Trumper, I realized how important it was to have a respectful discourse & started asking questions. ImageImageImage
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10 1/2 All in for Trump.
Trump was elected because MAGA felt Dems & MSM are enemy of the people, basically MAGA are afraid of what they don’t understand, as you see here where my anger lied. Trump was the manifestation of that anger which is why we defended him no matter what. ImageImageImageImage
11 2/2 All in for Trump 2/2
When you go full on MAGA you all in which turns really ugly & hateful. My replies you see here justifying and defending Trump dropping the MOB in Syria is how low you can go without any empathy I believed Trump would protect Americans, boy was I wrong. ImageImageImageImage
To add a note here, I've mentioned there are different factions of MAGA and that depended specifically on foreign policy and it caused a little bit of a rift between the factions but of course, when push came to shove MAGA would unite especially when it came to Dems.
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You know ConInc is cheering @YouTube even as they pretend to champion #freespeech. They didn’t stand w/ #LauraLoomer or #GavinMcInnes. They tried to kill my career over defending @nickjfuentes & #AmericaFirst kids. They’ve done nothing to help @McNeilJaden. #freespeech poseuers!
Laura Loomer on YouTube ban of @NickJFuentes : “He shouldn’t have been silenced.” #loomerforcongress #stopthebias
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The trial of two #ProudBoys involved in the #NY9 incident began yesterday.

Defense contended #GavinMcInnes was a satirist whose work was taken out of context.

@ADL dir. @orensegal stated violence is a core tenant of Proud Boys charter.

@RVAwonk @lighttuponlight
2/ In 2017, (during an #IRB approved research project), I sought to probe Gavin’s #altright connections & explore the possibility that the #ProudBoys were a #radicalization vector.

Prior to this I had studied foreign #terrorism.… @JD_JournalDerad
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Hey Mark,

I respect your work, but when it comes to #ProudBoys you are wrong.

I’ve studied the #ProudBoys and #antifa since 2017.

The concept of a multi-racial white supremacist organization may be hard to understand, but PLEASE ask me before you mainstream them further.

1/ I apologize if that came off stronger than I intended. I mean to say I was where you were in 2017. That is why I began my ethnographic research with them and antfascists. I wanted to see what the reality of being a member was like, apart from media narratives.
2/ And after what I learned, I feel obligated to warn others about.

They are a violent crypto fascist extremist organization.

They are a radicalization vector.

They reframe their extremism as an assertion of masculinity, which allows them to reach a broader contingent of ppl.
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