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__Want to know more about #LauraLoomer? Specifically
on the Islam 🕌 equation? LEARN! You have come to the right thread. In tweet 1/6 perhaps fast forward to 22:50 for brevity only.
Loomer is Brilliant. WATCH! 👍
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You know ConInc is cheering @YouTube even as they pretend to champion #freespeech. They didn’t stand w/ #LauraLoomer or #GavinMcInnes. They tried to kill my career over defending @nickjfuentes & #AmericaFirst kids. They’ve done nothing to help @McNeilJaden. #freespeech poseuers!
Laura Loomer on YouTube ban of @NickJFuentes : “He shouldn’t have been silenced.” #loomerforcongress #stopthebias
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2019 Year in Review - Mega-photo thread. Thanks for the memories...and what a year it was! I promised at @CPAC to defend free speech & #AmericaFirst , to call out the sellouts & stand at the bridge. I kept my promise. #lauraloomer #defendgavin @FaithGoldy
@CPAC @FaithGoldy I enjoyed every minute I got to spend with true patriots across the country - old friends and new - @TuckerCarlson @DarrenJBeattie @pdabrosca /2
@CPAC @FaithGoldy @TuckerCarlson @DarrenJBeattie @pdabrosca Grass-roots activists & leaders inspired me throughout the year @mamendoza480 @mbdavolt @TomFitton /3
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The 2020 election is fast approaching and the time for action is now, we cannot afford to wait until the last minute to secure our right to fair and equal treatment on Social Media.

I'd like to highlight, yet again, two SERIOUS instances of CURRENT election meddling by Twitter.
Laura Loomer is running for the House seat in the 21st district in Florida.

Despite promises from Twitter that all confirmed(via Ballotpedia) Congressional candidates will be given verification, Laura Loomer remains banned.

Not only is Laura Loomer a confirmed candidate, she has raised more money than the rest of the Republican and Democratic candidates.

Media Outlets claim her campaign is a "stunt" to get her twitter account back, this is a complete lie. She is the front runner.
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Thread: #ConInc establishment is made up of cowards. #LauraLoomer has battled jihadist tools, #SiliconValleySharia & exposed Dem anti-America squad (Omar/Tlaib) before anyone was paying attention. The same Swamp people attacking me as "anti-Semite" attack me for supporting LL! /1
Look at this: GOP pols cowering & pandering to Daily Beast leftists and lying/denying that they don't know who #LauraLoomer is. Crapweasels!… /2
Today is one-year anniversary of Laura's ban by @twitter for exposing @Ilhan 's allegiance to radical Islam & anti-Semitism. Who spoke up for her? Where was #ConInc ? Now they all surf anti-Omar wave while mocking/shunning LL. Because *virtue signal!*… /3
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1) So this is…
2) But don't forget that you are not allowed to talk about it freely, because you might get banned from Uber/Lyft, like #LauraLoomer , who could tweet #IToldYouSo , except she can't, because she's banned from Twitter & Instagram & Facebook...…
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All of them just got Zucced for speaking while conservative.

Where’s our supposedly fearless leader @realDonaldTrump?
Farrakhan and Nehlen shouldn’t have have been banned either.

Ideas, no matter how repugnant you might find them, should be freely expressed.

Without such freedom, we have nothing.
“Sadly, conservative media is dying. We’ve gone from Alex Jones to Amber Athey.” - @howleyreports nails it

Nobody who’s ever made a difference in the conservative movement has a platform anymore.
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Weekly Recap:

Buzzfeed drops Fake report - MSM promotes fake report and screams "impeachment"

Mueller Debunks Buzzfeed

Liberal post partial video of teen in MAGA hat smiling at 'Drummer Man' w/ racist narrative

MSM calls teen racist

Full video debunks racist narrative
'Beto' Campaign staffer accused of rape at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation

Rape Victim tells Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee she wants to take legal action

Jackson Lee fires rape victim

Americans demand Jackson Lee's resignation

Jackson Lee refuses to resign

Media ignores
Anti-Semite Leaders hold Women's march

Loomer gets on main stage & #Loomered the entire event

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaks at Women's March

Loomer confronts AOC at Women's March

AOC runs away from #LauraLoomer trembling & refusing to answer any questions
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(1) .@AOC

Alexandria, what if all of the #Liberal #Socialist #Communist #Antifa women who r proponents of "#Sharia" #Islam #Burka #Hijab were to line up in accordance w/ #Islamic precepts to have their genitalia trimmed in2 a likeness of a topiary exhibition?

R u a Christian?
(2) Alexandria, the #Islam which they are importing is not of a Pre-Medina peaceful (mental) jihad - its ramifications have political consequences and part of the (non-internal but externalized) jihad is to force women into submission ....
(3) I would love to see u sit down with .@LoomerFanClub #LauraLoomer

Alexandria, you have the power to be an agent of change - or a great failure.

#Soros handlers can no longer guarantee the future.

Educate yourself.

Sit down with the "opposition" like an adult.
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She's baaack. BREAKING LIVE: #LauraLoomer & illegal aliens seek #sanctuary on the lawn at @speakerpelosi 's CA mansion ==>
Illegal aliens under a canopy with #LauraLoomer in Pelosi's yard.
Paying tribute to victims of illegal alien crime - starting with Californians Cpl. Ronil Singh & Kate Steinle - #LoomerCrashesPelosi

Illegal alien trespassers chanting "Everyone is welcome here" at Casa de Nancy ==>
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Why go into politics as a #Conservative @MNGOP'ers if you're not going to, are too afraid or compromised to stand up to the #MNDFL Party of #Pedovores #Freemasons #Cult. ...asking for a friend🙄 @GOP @realDonaldTrump
@mngop @GOP @realDonaldTrump For 1 thing, they stole the election AGAIN, and no one but #LauraLoomer and myself objected!
@mngop @GOP @realDonaldTrump #MNGOP is just an extension of the DFL. I've been saying that for years, #Minnesota!
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It's not about whether you LIKE or AGREE with #LauraLoomer. Don't you GET IT? Fcking open-minded libs applaud when someone they perceive as being on the wrong side is censored. "Diversity," but those whose thoughts are diverse and deviate from what is acceptable shall be banned.
1. Yes, twitter is a private company and yes, they can delete anyone they want. But be consistent.
2. Social media is a powerful platform used by millions as a de facto public square/town hall. FB and Twitter have an unfair monopoly. They're biased and they make huge profits.
Yes there are others but they don't compare to the big two. It's like having one television station or one radio station.
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1) One the one hand I applaud what #LauraLoomer is doing by handcuffing herself to Twitter HQ in NYC.

On the other hand I don't.
2) The act of handcuffing is a long standing civil disobedience tool. Good on her.

We all know what a disgusting problem this is having a public corporation act in such an overtly bigoted fashion over political disagreement.

#LauraLoomer has made herself heard.
3) What I don't like is the overt "Jewish" + "woman" + "conservative" identity politics.

She was banned for being conservative. Not for being a woman or Jewish.

If we hate this about the other side, then we should not be celebrating it here.
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