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UN 2019: 1st Ever High-Level Mtg on “Universal Health Coverage”

Global Fund: US Pays 33% of Global Fund to Eliminate HIV, TB & Malaria (In addition to $$ US pays to UN, WHO, etc.) (we can assume more $$ to be “needed” for new project to eliminate COVID19)
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Hi @secpompeo @statedeptspox - I would like to know if @StateDept still plans to resume refugee resettlement on April 6 or whether you will continue to freeze all new importation of foreign refugees to put #AmericaFirst ?
Citizens, please RT if you want to know the answer, too.
UPDATE: I received a response from the State Department to my inquiry on whether refugee resettlement will be suspended beyond April 6. I think the answer is yes, although it could be no. State Dept bureaucratese is opaque like that. @RefugeeWatcher
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Alphabet of #GreatAwakening themed hashtags that are currently trending when you type one letter into the Tw1tter search bar.

Gives a gauge on our influence on social media trends even though Tw1tter wont list as "trending".

We are #winning.

Smashing the algo's.
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Ce soir on parle de stratégie diagnostic coronavirus #COVID19

rtPCR, sérologies et scanner !
Le coronavirus comme son nom l’indique est un virus. C’est un virus enveloppé qui se développe essentiellement dans les alvéoles pulmonaires et qui est excrété par les voies aériennes supérieures
Le plus logique quand on cherche un virus c’est de chercher le virus.
Pour cela on va chercher son ARN car c’est un virus à ARN.
Pour le chercher il faut aller là où il se trouve.
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Pelosi and Dems continue to block consideration of legislation that would provide crucial emergency relief
to Americans who are suffering from the Coronavirus pandemic and economic crisis.
2/11 Here is the help that Dems are blocking:
· Direct payments to American families ($1.2K/person, $2.4K/couple, $500/child)
· $350B for small businesses
· $250B in unemployment insurance for displaced workers
· $100B for hospitals
· $4.5B for the CDC
3/11 Here is the help that Dems are blocking (cont):
· $11B for vaccines, therapeutics, diagnostics, and other preparedness needs
· $5B for FEMA Disaster Relief Fund
· $1.7B for Strategic National Stockpile
· $12B for the military
· $20B for Veterans health care
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How can we help people, especially those at risk, withstand a #ChineseVirus, possibly released as a bioweapon against @realDonaldTrump and the resurgence of the American nation, without destroying that American nation & everyone's lives, livelihoods, liberties, dreams?
Do our political leaders even ask themselves this question? Maybe some. Maybe our president. But what about the globalist corrupto-crats in the #DeepMedicalState he has once again surrounded himself with?
What of WHO, Event 201, Fauci & Birx? I'd bet a zillion taxpayer $ (which they lavish w/o thought or audit 4 globalism) that saving roaring Trump economy, freedom, is last thing they want. How then can they possibly value our lives? We, the People, freedom r their political enemy
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So in case no one else notices? John Bolton tweeted about his old job as National Security Advisor. That's right, the guy who oversaw the Pandemic response office. It was simply reassigned to Dr Fauci's NIH for the infectious disease rapid response team.

Tim Morrison did us a huge favor documenting what happened ~
Joseph Maguire
John Brennan
Michael Leiter
Matthew G Olsen
Nicholas Rasmussen
Andrew Liepman
Geoffrey O’Connell
Michael V Hayden is
James Clapper

Former intelligence chiefs: Trump’s removal of experts is deeply destructive to our nation’s safety…
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80% who contract novel coronavirus are asymptomatic
#WuhanVirus • MARCH 21 2020


175,305 *Active

273,619 Confirmed

11,358 Deaths

86,956 Recovered


19,344 *Active

19,622 Confirmed

261 Deaths

17 Recovered
Remember only those who are suspected of having COVID19 are being tested in the US right now.

— The highest risk are the elderly, medically fragile *underlying condition and . . . male.
Thank you Mr President, @US_FDA regulations was a major stumbling block and thank you @SteveFDA . Gov Cuomo of NY is thrilled your administration has it on the way NOW. #RightToTry ⚕️ #COVIDー19 #ChineseWuhanVirus 🇨🇳

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THREAD: Elaine Chao. 1/ My reporting on her shady ChiCom ties & the national security threat of her Swamp crony deals dates back 2 decades. In 2001, I reported on Chao's close ties to Clinton-Gore Chinagate donor/Lippo Group operative John Huang.…
2/In 2001, I also reported on how Chao's hubby Mitch McConnell worked closely w/another Chinagate operative, Maria Hsia, who helped draft the EB-5 program peddling green cards to wealthy Chinese investors.…
3/In 2015, John Miano & I devoted Chapter 7 of Sold Out to EB-5 racket, elaborating on Hsia's role in working w/Chao's husband crafting EB-5. Hsia had laundered DNC $$ through Buddhist temple. At least 6 officials who worked w/Huang at Lippo Bank reportedly benefited from EB-5.
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Phony. You championed EB-5 for Chinese until TODAY despite decades of program’s bipartisan fraud, cronyism & natl security threats. “Pay for play” is your middle name. Sit this one out, son. @NickJFuentes @ChiefTrumpster #americafirst
Listen to him. Why does anyone take him seriously on anything?
If MAGA supporters don’t do homework & wake up to lying donor class, you are responsible for tanking America, not disease or ChiComs. These greedy GOP elites let them in front door via EB-5, F-1, OPT, H-1B & now they pretend it’s China’s fault. #followthemoney #openbordersinc
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The basic lessons of ChiCom Flu are clear.

America needs tight controls on it's borders, and America needs domestic supply chains, particularly with regard to strategic products and MEDICAL supplies and equipment.

A self sufficient America is a safer America.

Sen. Cotton Introduces Bill to End US Dependence on Chinese-Manufactured Pharmaceuticals After China Threatens to Cut America's Access to Vital Drugs.… via @gatewaypundit
We have been told for all of our lives to "trust the experts", but just what is it that makes an expert, and further, what qualities should define an expert as a trustworthy expert?
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Executive Summary + Background and Political Climate: Re-Remembering the Mis-Remembered Left:
The Left’s Strategy and Tactics
To Transform America©… by Stephen Coughlin + @RichHiggins_DC

ThreadCompiled @ threader_app in last tweet #UnconstrainedAnalytics
“The American people have got to stop fooling around with just fighting
communism in the abstract. They have got to know what the thing means, why
they are against it, and how to fight it.”3
—Bella Dodd, Testimony to the HCUA, 1953…
National policy has come under the influence of
constructed narratives that mainstream and
conservative leaders neither understand nor
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My Dear Trump Supporters
... please start smirking!😏

Trump is a genius & hero! 🇺🇸

The Globalist media-incited panic over Chinese virus allowed Trump to declare a state of emergency, granting him the power to enact lasting changes to our system in a way he never could before!…

123 statutory powers are available to the president when he declares a national emergency, including the power to help build the wall (10 U.S.C. 2808 (a)).

An additional 13 statutory powers are available when a national emergency is declared by Congress.
As I sipped my covfefe yesterday, after returning home early from my Chinese Virus truncated ski trip, I realized that the Idiocracy-style media-incited panic had played right into Trump’s now even more powerful hands ... & a smirk settled onto my face. 😏
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@MSNBC Host Nicole Wallace Hopes Coronavirus Tanks Trump’s Presidency.
Watch these SICKOS🤢🤢 GLEEFULLY discus potential deaths of AMERICANS benefiting DEMS in 2020😡😡😡
This POS is NOT alone in her hopes at the network😡😡😡…
NObama did NOTHING until H1N1 had already killed 1000 Americans😡😡
Were the borders closed to prevent spread⁉️NO❗Were flights from infected areas stopped⁉️NO❗Did MSM call NObama on his failure to protect America's health⁉️NO❗❗😡…
Did DEM leaders do ANYTHING to help STOP the Coronavirus soread in the US⁉️⁉️NO THEY DID NOT❗❗In fact they used the travel ban to/from China as a POLITICAL talking point DENYING the necessity to stop travel from the EPICENTER of the outbreak❗❗ INCOMPETENCE or INTENTIONAL⁉️⁉️
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THREAD: Groypers exposed @charliekirk 's pimping of EB-5 last fall at @TPUSA. Now, MORE audio unearthed via @ChiefTrumpster of Kirk elaborating on his glowing praise of this atrocious citizenship-for-sale racket he calls "tremendous". GET INFORMED #ConInc #OpenBordersInc /1
I've released for free on YouTube my investigation of EB-5 originally aired in 2017. This scam promoted by GHWBush, Teddy Kennedy, Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, Jared Kushner & @charliekirk11 is OPPOSITE of #AmericaFirst #MAGADoctrine

@RMConservative /2
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What the media is not telling you about Corona. We are going to be fine.

Aggressive “social distancing” measures implemented in the entire country have been a key factor in China's success in getting the Corona Virus in check.…
While it is frightening to see the announcement of school closings, NBA season suspension, and other major events it is a good sign that America is following the protocol that worked in China. They aggressively canceled sporting events, shuttered theaters, and closed schools.
It appears that the sports & entertainment power brokers are willing to do the right thing and put public health over profit.

That's a really great sign that America is not lost yet. There is still good to work with here.
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Potential H-1B-Corona virus nexus. More investigation needed & more transparency from our govt about immigration status/visa programs that brought Corona to our country. Especially looking at coastal & interior tech zones. F-1/OPT another obvious avenue. #AmericaFirst
Whenever jihad attacks have occurred, we've had a few vigilant members of Congress push for disclosure of HOW they infiltrated (DV lottery, short-term visas, amnesty etc)--because DUH it matters. Same thing applies w/WuFlu & all "xenophobia" grievance-mongers can kiss my a**. /2
Related angle: This is so bad. #BigTech & Trump now working together on AI to develop WuFlu vaccine & squelch "misinformation." Really? How about requiring them first to disclose how many of their foreign H-1B/OPT workers have been tested + results?… /3
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Follow-up to questions I asked yesterday. @mschlapp didn't answer me, but his appearance on @foxandfriends this morning strongly suggests that Corona-PAC carrier is a donor. Told Fox person was only in "small rooms," which is a euphemism for VIP.…
You know who I bet is not "calm" & not appreciating being told not to panic? All the other VIP donors who paid to be in the "small rooms" at CPAC in close contact w/big pols, ConInc celebrities, etc.
Free advice/protip to admin/GOP: Don't be tone-deaf.
Imagine if CPAC staff/security had spent more time screening for potential Corona virus threats instead of cracking down on #AmericaFirst-ers, Infowars reporters & Proud Boys.
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#CoronavirusUSA Thread
So by now we are seeing cases pop up in most of the US. @CPAC just announced that the virus was there as one person tested positive who was in attendance.
Besides the threat it poses as does the yearly flu especially to the elderly, the standard safety precautions remain. Wash hands regularly, carry hand sanitizer and try to stay out of crowds.
The real struggle for Americans is going to be the supply chain interruptions. A run on non perishable goods including toilet paper is already happening. (TP🧐?) The US has always been a a top contributor to the global GDP. We are witnessing a melt down in global supply chain
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The World's most influential and loved couple...

President Donald J Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.

Gods Speed to their family and team working tirelessly at Keeping America Great.

The Best Is Yet to Come.


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My son knows how to code. Job prospects for very smart Americans is not good. He assumes he'll be delivering pizza when he returns to America.

H-b1 visa needs is a BIG FAT LIE.
America has the talent.

#MormunMafia all have NWO allegiance.
We see you #MikeLee.
Love my hashtags. Let's see what they pull up.


Whoa! and there it is ... Mike Lee can kiss my ass.

According to Tucker, program doles out

85 THOUSAND H-1b visas a year!

16-year plan to destroy America from within.

No need to fix our schools when we hire foreigners for everything. Keep our kids dumb w/common core.

Much work ahead. #AmericaFirst

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It's one thing to let bygones be bygones after hard-fought 2016 primary. That's the nature of politics. But POTUS has gone above & beyond in elevating this opportunist & promoting his new "book" while tossing actual #AmericaFirst nationalists & veteran immig hawks under the bus.
The most dangerous people inside and close to the Trump admin are the ones whose views on the most fundamental MAGA doctrine issues - American sovereignty & ending Open Borders - blow with the wind.…
The most important #AmericaFirst battle now in DC is the one ConInc refuses to talk about: Big Business & Big Tech lobbying White House to sell out American workers across the wage scale: H-1B, OPT, H-2A, H-2B & mass amnesty for DACA illegals. Not a peep from CPAC's stars.
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ALERT: We had warned against owning stocks before the huge market dump of last week. If you did not listen to our warning and got your ass beat by the big guys on Wall Street, you might be wondering what to do next. DO NOT SELL first thing in the morning on Monday, the big boys..
... are looking to clean you out. There will be rebounds in the coming weeks. Use them to reposition yourself according to risk tolerance. Some people have asked us what to buy - so here is our answer: gold, silver, #bitcoin and bullets. The US economy is strong but it is based..
... on a fake monetary system controlled by a cabal opposed to @POTUS - this is similar to a bodybuilder who has poison running through his veins. It does not matter how strong the economy is when with a whistle the cabal can bring the whole system down. So plan accordingly...
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