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Okay. If you plan to #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica or you are a voting engaged informed #Democrat, by all means read this by @MoveOn and @ppglobe.

You must be shown how your ‘leaders’ have decided you can’t think for yourselves. So be it.

Haven’t voted yet? Suggest you watch the
upcoming Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation Hearings before your do vote.

@POTUS has given #WeThePeople a pretty good refresher course on the Constitution and I believe Judge Barrett will ‘punchewate’ this #AmericaFirst Agenda in a #Biblical way.

If you #VoteRedToSaveAmerica2020 or are hoping for a #TrumpLandslideVictory2020, then I suggest you read this too. Very well thought out for the left since they’ve been incapable of independent thought for generations now.

We must re-elect @realDonaldTrump to flip a couple more
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America First Healthcare Plan comments:
Patients will be put first.
Better care, more choices, reduced costs of drugs, no surprise billing, strongly protects Medicare and patients with pre-existing conditions.
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By GM65 - 2020-09-23 20:09
China Virus Cover-up: Dr. Li-Meng Yan discusses how the Chinese communist regime covered up the origins of the deadly China Virus. #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs



感谢邀请我.是的,它是以一种中共军方发现并拥有的自然蝙蝠病毒为基础制造出来的病毒,他们称之为“ZC45” and “ZXC21”,这是一种无害的蝙蝠病毒
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Corruption in the Lexington Kentucky Police Department: The Bluegrass Co... via @YouTube
#WWG1WGA #AmericaFirst #YouMeWE #MAGA2020 #Kentucky #BreonnaTaylor
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1.) As parents, we can’t just blame the public school systems on what’s being programmed inside of our children’s “impressionable” young minds...
TECHNOLOGY has them beat, by a LONG-SHOT on that one...…
2.) Kids nowadays are a different breed “all their own” & it’s amazing just how fast they became like that too... mostly through the inappropriate guidance & manipulation of BIG T... 😡
3.) They have easy access to WAY TOO MUCH & they grow up WAY TOO FAST B/C OF IT!
It doesn’t matter if you put parental blocks or controls on their devices either...
Because their buddies up the street or at school may not...
They can STILL get access... no matter what! 🤷🏻‍♀️
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Great Historic Org that:
Destroyed Slavery
Preserved the Union
Restored Credit
Expanded the Nat'l Domain
Est a sound Financial System
Dev'd the IND & Resources of🇺🇸
Gave the Nation her seat of honor in the councils of the World…
Contract with America
3 Core Principles

10-Point Plan's Theme:

Decentralize Federal Authority
Tax Cuts
Reform Social Programs ⬆States Power
A Vision for Americans —
Border Security
Tax Cuts
National Security
Ending Foreign Wars
*(against constant litigation)
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1.) @TuckerCarlson I’m adding my thoughts to your question to @IngrahamAngle about why the Democ🐀’s are so focused on abortion... Image
2.)📢Because they’re in bed with Big P & the rest of the GL🦠BAL HEALTHCARE CAB🦠L📢
ALL for POWER & 💰... Because there’s A LOT of 💰 to be made off of the corrupt pharmaceutical industry as well as from the sadistic philanthropists who fund them.
3.) They’re not only making a HUGE financial profit, but they’ve also been slowly sneaking in their “population control agenda” a.k.a “GREEN NEW DEAL” by means of the pharmaceutical industry!
AND they’ve been doing it for DECADES!
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@CarrollQuigley1 Let me start out by saying I have the utmost Respect for RBG. We have learned in the U.S. you do not have to agree with another's political views to respect them. In addition, there have been enough 9-0 decisions against Obama in the Supreme Court and greater than 5-4 wins for ..
@CarrollQuigley1 President Trump to dispel the idea that Ginsburg was a rubber stamp. But saying that, What is the problem now with filling her seat now???  Obama appointed Garland under the exact same circumstances. The Dems in the Senate to a person were in favor of this. The only thing that...
@CarrollQuigley1 has changed is Reid opening the door for a 51 vote to stop a filibuster in the Senate. There is not one person that can say if the Dems controlled the Senate during the Garland appointment that Garland would not have been appointed. It is a virtual certainty. As Obama used ...
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#WalkAway "My husband and I voted blue for as long as we were able to vote. The last election we were a home divided. My husband voted for Trump and me the other. He started to see through the decades of lies and failed promises from the Democratic Party.

1/ Image
The constant exploitation of minority groups and the working middle class and impoverished for their political gain became overwhelming to me, and now I will vote for Trump in this years election! FINALLY a president who is NOT a career politician. He truly is the people’s

president. He doesn’t owe favors and isn’t afraid to speak the truth. He may be rough around the edges and may not be eloquently spoken, but his heart is in the right place. He cares about all Americans. We need equality for all, we need law and order, and we need to uphold

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1.) Our school system had the entire summer (and then some) to “work out all of the kinks” within their online schooling system.
I was told “through the grapevine” from a school employee that their online system changed “multiple” times... 🤔
It’s been a disaster!
2.) It’s been the most unorganized process that I’ve ever had to witness.

It’s like the online students are treated like “the red headed stepchildren of the “traditional” school body... 🤷🏻‍♀️
3.) I’m almost starting to wonder if their unorganization is deliberately out of spite for doubling their workload or for interfering with their normal teaching methods? 🤷🏻‍♀️
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#WWG1WGA #AmericaFirst #SoldiersLivesMatter

2.) This type of evilness STILL GOES ON within our military!
Help takedown the military members who are part of the C🦠BAL!
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“We will stop the radical indoctrination of our students & restore patriotic education to our schools." – President Trump

Okay, so here comes some hard truth. I know I will catch flack from many people & will probably lose a shitload of followers (1/11)

but anyone who knows me knows I have no filter & I say what’s on my mind.

So here are my thoughts on the “radical indoctrination” issue:

(1) Globalists have known for decades that the media & school system had to be controlled to be able to destroy American sovereignty. (2/11)
(2) When powerful unions took control of the direction of education & President Carter created the DOE in 1979, the handwriting was on the wall.

(3) At the same time parents got caught up in the rat-race of Corporate America, while materialism & “feminism” pushed families(3/11)
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1.) “The CDC Confesses to Lying About COVID-19 Death Numbers.”

If you do your research properly, you’ll find “a “pattern of the CDC confessing to their corrupt misdeeds... #covid_19@WhiteHouse⁩ ⁦…
2.) They confess, take accountability, and then go right back to participating in the Global Healthcare Corruption...
The CDC should’ve been shutdown a LONG time ago... Image
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@SidneyPowell1 @BarbaraRedgate @TomFitton @LeeSmithDC @RichardGrenell @JosephJFlynn1 @molmccann @kayleighmcenany @SaraCarterDC @GoJackFlynn @JeffLandry Unfortunately you had to pick the best of the worst scenarios after the appellate court sent it back to Sullivan. If Sullivan is indeed in the tank, there will be more chaos in this case. Notice how they have drawn out each ruling to bide for time. I doubt Sullivan is going....
@SidneyPowell1 @BarbaraRedgate @TomFitton @LeeSmithDC @RichardGrenell @JosephJFlynn1 @molmccann @kayleighmcenany @SaraCarterDC @GoJackFlynn @JeffLandry to dismiss this case without the Supreme Court instructing him to. Lawfare has control of the case at this point. This means if Trump wins eventually the case will be dismissed. If he loses in November, then its either a pardon or Flynn will be headed to prison.....
@SidneyPowell1 @BarbaraRedgate @TomFitton @LeeSmithDC @RichardGrenell @JosephJFlynn1 @molmccann @kayleighmcenany @SaraCarterDC @GoJackFlynn @JeffLandry That is how corrupt our judicial system has become. An innocent man with years of service to his country is a political prisoner whose fate hinges on the whims of political adversaries. Not exactly the way justice is supposed to work. #americafirst #flynn
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The Biden family connection to Chinese investment partnership runs through Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Yang Jiechi currently serving in the Politburo and as the Director of the Office of Foreign Affairs of the Communist Party of China. #Biden #China
Yang served extensively at the Chinese embassy in Washington meeting with Senator Biden regularly. The Hunter Biden investment partnership was managed through Ministry of Foreign Affairs institutions designed to garner influence with foreign leaders during Yang’s tenure as FM.
Chinese financial industry sources indicate that the partnership is believed to have a direct line to the Politburo. Background research supports this assertion.
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I woke up in Motel 6, Sioux Falls, SD. on Sep. 11, 2001.
Heading back from visiting family in MN. Flipped on the news and thought it was a movie. When I looked out, I saw people in the parking lot talking quietly together with a sense of disbelief on their faces. Image
After showering, I went out and commiserated for a time. It was good to talk with other Americans and share the grief. This was when I began to listen to Rush Limbaugh on a regular basis. He was on the radio every day, as I drove across America.
@BoSnerdley Image
His commentary was reassuring and insightful and I'll always be grateful for that voice along the way. Thank you, Rush, for making that pill a little easier to swallow.

Like all of you, I'll never forget that day. #September11th
#GodBlessAmerica #AmericaFirst #TrumPence2020 Image
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It reloaded for a little while... now “the bug” is back....
#WWG1WGA #AmericaFirst #YouMeWE #MAGA2020 @TheAllieWays @Johnheretohelp ImageImage
I’m back for now...
But, I’m sure I’ll continue to experience “loading issues” for extended periods of time... 😡
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You are a strange person. I don't follow you and only see your account quote tweeted as some kind of liberal/tds jerk.

Covid numbers readjusted to non-comoribity are only 3x the deaths of 9/11 and when you take out the nursing home deaths by governors, it's lower.
Normal, non-elite Americans were and are still horrified at what happened. The failures of our IC. The failures of the msm which now villifies our very lives because we won't capitulate to your un American ideals.
Americans want:
*Safety through tight immigration policy, closed borders, ICE and criminal enforcement.
*An economy that DOES NOT let the entire world screw us over in industry, farming, professional services etc.
*An end to government employees getting rich by sellin us out.
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1.) What the hell is WRONG with these people???
Are #NewYork business owners THAT SCARED NOT TO FIGHT FOR THEIR RIGHTS & THE RIGHTS of their customers?
2.) It sounds to me… that some DIRTY corrupt city & gov’t officials cut a DEAL with some of these “business owners” to defend these “peaceful” protestors in order to downplay their violet unstable acts and FORCE acceptance.
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[Cabinet]... #SeditiousConspiracy
What key positions of power would
be critical to the operation?
#ComplicitMedia #FakeNews
#EnemyOfThePeople #Treason
🔹️… ImageImage
WOULD LOSE [Sloppy] #PanicInDC
Seek & destroy [lose] incriminating
evidence? #MuellerReport
Andrew Weismann claims to have
"accidentally" wiped, via wrong
passwords at least 2 phones
detailing his activity during
antiTrump probe. ImageImage
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@julie_kelly2 Trump had no choice in the matter. In retrospect yes, it was a mistake to shut down the economy. But, he is no medical expert, and when the CDC lays out the info it did to him, what is he supposed to do? Go against the medical advice? Now, should he have cleaned up the CDC....
@julie_kelly2 the first year he was in office?  Of course, but considering he has been under constant attack 24/7 with the Senate refusing to approve cabinet appointments he has done an excellent job. The Senate has too much power. Six year terms, unlimited special interest money, No...….
@julie_kelly2 Independent oversight, absolute control over the Presidents cabinet picks. This is a recipe for disaster. You get a bunch of self dealing Senators at a level never seen before and you have essentially a constitutional crisis. Things have to change. And know you have the courts...
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1.) And ALSO the same man who orchestrated the fake @realDonaldTrump “Russia collusion”... then targeted and set up @GenFlynn!
ALL to keep HIS pathetic, cowardly, evil a$$ OUT OF PRISON or from being sentenced to DEATH! Image
2.) Seriously folks...
Think about it...
We TAXPAYING AMERICAN CITIZENS, have had to sit back and watch our hard-earned tax dollars be WASTED on their “Deep State Showdown” drama for almost FOUR YEARS now!!!
3.) They’ve gone to EXTREME levels to remove @realDonaldTrump from office too... (attempted assassinations, BOGUS impeachment trials, Russian Collusion Hoax, destroying the economy he built for us, orchestrating a pandemic with China in efforts to destroy an administration,...
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