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Hey all-these are new candidates running to unseat democrats & RINOs. They all support

“the wall,immigration reform and law enforcement“

and many if not all of our issues - the real issues that are important to us! And, they have all been vetted by our group #RedAwaken2020 .
This information is not an endorsement. Our purpose is to let you know you have choices. We have an unprecedented number of new candidates running to unseat Dems and RINOs. We present them - you pick them.
AL01 @JohnCastorani

AZ01 @Taylor4arizona
AZ02 @Pathforfreedom
Brandon Martin
AZ07 @BarnettforAZ
Josh Barnett

CA38 @congress2020j
Paul Jones
CA48 @ElectEngels
Chris Engels

FL20 @GregMusselwhit3
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NV03 Dan Schwartz is your candidate for US House of Representatives! Dan was our State Treasurer from 2015-2019.
You can follow Dan @Dan4Nevada and learn more him at his website:
If you want to control how your money is used and who it used for you can donate directly to his campaign through his website.
.@POTUS @Trumpwarroom @OANN #RedAwaken2020 #AmericaFirst

Need your election dates, candidates social media links, website/donation incumbant information? Need to know who the RINOs are? If so, we welcome you to use our 2020 campaign guide! Click:
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Thank you Mr Vice President. Glad the grown ups are going and @TheDemocrats and GOPe FredoCons shouldn't be any where near matters to do with the Nation's foreign policy. They are unhinged.
@TheDemocrats ❤️🇺🇸 God Speed, to you all ~ Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall inherit the earth.
@TheDemocrats 🚨 Breaking 🚨
News conference on standby — bilateral has gone much longer than anticipated. @VP and @SecPompeo still meeting with President Erdoğan of Turkey 🇹🇷.
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SOOO many questions answered!

Who really owns the NBA?

Why does Nike hate Trump? And America?

Is Kaepernick just a dumb pawn?

Jason Whitlock continues

"The #NBA exists to sell shoes!"

The #NBAChina is beholden to Nike!

Nike's hatred of @POTUS is all about #TPP & Trump's cancellation of it.

Remember when #Obama
went to NIKE HEADQUARTERS to talk TPP?

How weird is that?

(Obama loves him some NBA basketball 😉 - maybe even more than America)…
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Hey followers the Red Awaken Campaign 2020 guide just got better! You can find it here.
1. Candidate name
2. Candidate website
3. Social media links
4. Primary and general election dates
Please go to the next thread - we have more!
1. Click on the man to watch a candidate video
2. The red xxx's indicate RINO's. Click on them & it tells you why
3. The race car indicates the seat is one of 31 seats the GOP thinks we can take back from the democrats. Tap to read the narrative.
The guide is intended for personal use only and cannot be sold or used for profit. We hope you find it useful!

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President Trump Today:

"We've been in these wars now, one of them 19 years, and they didn't fight to win they fight to just stay there...these wars they never end...we can't stay there forever. We have to bring our great heroes, our great soldiers, we have to bring them home."
President Trump Absolutely Nails It:

"I don't think our soldiers should be there for the next 50 years guarding a border between Turkey and Syria when we can't guard our own borders at home. I don't think so."

President Trump on European Nations Refusing to Take Captured Terrorists from their Countries Back

"I call them again and I said, 'gotta take them back or I'm going to let them go right on your damn border.'"
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These are the 31 districts the GOP feels we can take from th Democrats. Up front , we did not include NY11 candidates because they did not meet MAGA criteria. The other seats that say no candidate is exactly that- no conservative in the race at this time. We still have time
🔴Arizona – District 01
Chris Taylor

🔴Georgia – District 06
Marjorie Taylor Greene

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Trump mocks NBA’s ‘scared little boy’ Steve Kerr and Gregg Popovich for pandering to China…
Stephen Curry has been quite vocal about status quo lefty politics & his hatred for Trump, but like his coward coach, the hypocrite can't seem to find an answer when asked abt actual oppression from NBA’s business partner, communist Chinese gvmt…
South Park Puts NBA to Shame, Says ‘F*** the Chinese Government’…
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Senator Josh @HawleyMO Supporting President Trump's Decision to Pull Troops Out of Syria:

"We are not there to police the region, and we’re not there to be in these endless forever wars. So I think the President is right.”
@HawleyMO "Senator @HawleyMO says in the middle east, the focus should be on counter-terrorism rather than fighting battles for other countries."…
@HawleyMO #ThrowbackThursday Sen. @HawleyMO: "[The American People] are not going to support these endless wars in the Middle East...they look at what we're doing in Afghanistan, they look at what we're doing in Syria & they say 'why are we there again exactly?'"

Bingo #AmericaFirst
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‘Scams’ is how Trump once described super PACs yet here we have America First Action Inc and 100 such groups.

Mike Pence is the celebrity face of #AmericaFirst along with Don Jr and the group’s vice chairwoman his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle. (thread)
Giuliani Partners LLC handled #AmericaFirst’s finances, a portion of which was allegedly funneled in from #Russia.

The group spent about $415,000 at the Trump International Hotel & restaurants.

#AmericaFirst paid Kellyanne Conway’s former firm, the Polling Company ($476,000)
#AmericaFirst (continued)

Former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski’s firm, Green Monster Consulting ($75,000)

Former Milwaukee sheriff David A. Clarke’s firm, DAC Enterprises ($92,000)

Trump campaign manager, Brad Parscale’s firm Parscale Strategy LLC ($184,000)
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🇺🇸🔴Hey America these are new candidates either running t unseat a RINO or socialist! Please follow- let them know you support them!🔴🇺🇸

AZ01 @taylor4arizona
AZ02 @PathForFreedom
AZ07 @BarnettforAZ
CA03 @TamikaGHamilton
CA48 @ElectEngels
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I was researching CIA Coup 2.0 and I found some interesting things:
1/We know the whistleblower met with a member
of @AdamSchiff 's staffer illegally prior to the report being filed on 8/12/2019. Schiff has said he misspoke and didn't know. I say BS. The 9 kids left town for the Ukraine on the same day the report was filed?
2/While we are on the report, it has been said that the ICIG said the form had been modified between May 2019 and Aug 2019 and he couldn't remember. I pulled the form up and on the lower right corner it shows revised Aug/2019. What specific day in August. The guy sent the revised
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GA06 Marjorie Taylor Greene is your US House of Representatives candidate!

Marjorie is wife, mother of 3 and a small business owner!

A vote for Marjorie is a vote against socialist @lucymcbath !
Marjorie and her husband, Perry, have been married 23 years and live in Milton. They have three children, Lauren, Taylor and Derek.

Marjorie supports:
1. Securing our borders and finishing the wall
2. Save America and stop socialism
3. Protecting our 2nd Amendment rights
4. Defending the unborn
5. Taking care of our great veterans
6. Passing a balanced budget

Know that the day the Democratic Party embraced socialism it died! Those that remained have embraced socialism and that makes them socialists! Call them what they are today, now,
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CA33 your US House of Representatives candidate is James P. Bradley! Vote out incumbent socialist @tedlieu ! Know that @BrandonFrickeCA and @drwright4congr1 are independents with no party preference!
James has experience in the private sector as well as being a U.S. Coast Guard veteran who conducted search and rescue (SAR) operations. He is trained in multi-departmental defense campaigns in coordination with the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Air Force.
Know that the day the Democratic Party embraced socialism it died! Those that remained have embraced socialism and that makes them socialists! Call them what they are today, now, in the present and not what they once claimed to be! They are SOCIALISTS
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CA03 Tamika Hamilton is your candidate for US House of Representatives. Tamika is trying to unseat socialist @RepGaramendi ! Tamika is currently in the Air Force and has been for 16 yrs.
This young woman is willing to put her military career on hold to serve her country in Congress! CA03 includes Lake, Glenn, Sutter, Colusa, Solano, Yuba, Yolo, West Sacramento.
She is a wife, mom and member of the US Air Force. Her husband is a police officer. This is a family who supports their community, their country and our President along with our Constitutional rights!
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#JobsJobsJobs LOWEST unemployment rate in 50 years!
Thank you Mr President ❤️🇺🇸 #BuyAmericanHireAmerican
👆👇 Imagine if the #DoNothingDemocrats passed 🇺🇸•🇮🇹•🇨🇦 #USMCA how much better our economy would be doing?
🇺🇸•🇮🇹•🇨🇦 #USMCA is a deal the President of Mexico already passed in their Congress and Canada's waiting on US to send it through their Parliament.
Nancy "Master of DISASTER Legislator" Pelosi has done is to do nothing!
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If you just recently discovered that the #FakeNews media was lying about President Trump

What made you realize the #CorruptNews was wrong?

Please share so we can help wake up other good Americans!

#GREATAWAKENING #WWG1WGA #DrainTheSwamp .@realDonaldTrump #AmericaFirst #MAGA
I realized firsthand when I attended a #MAGA rally in Anaheim California before the election

Local news said there was a mass protest of Trump

It was FILLED with people from all walks of life

A tiny group of protesters were there with all cameras on them

I also realized the #FakeNews media was lying about President Trump because professionally, I knew someone that met him years before he became president

He was impressed how smart & nice he was

Nothing like #CorruptNews portrayed

I knew they were lying

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⚡☔ 'NEVER land' #decode thread:
POTUS tweet "NEVER"➡ #QPOST search "never"
Many themes currently in the news.
👉#civilwar #Schiff #treason #Rudy #Barr #snowden #EricHolder #impeachment #cia #msm etc.
#MAGA #TheGreatAwakening
@realDonaldTrump #Qposts #qmap #Qanon
#futureprovespast #Qanon
#civilwar talk has ramped up ever since @poyus shined a light on reality of D-party divisiveness. Anons had no illusions long ago of the evil we face.
searching for #Never also brought up posts about @potus being insulated from #impeachment scams.
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OMG! Everyone start screaming - @JoeBiden is interfering with the election! Joe you are out buddy! You are the focal point. The socialists won! They snookered all of you. You should have never allowed them into the party. The day you all embraced…
socialism you became socialists and the democratic party died and you all never saw it coming. Now Warren and Sanders are in the number 1 and 2 spots while you and Hunter are being investigated. Chances are great that you will roll to save yourself and Hunter and the house of
cards will crash with a hard landing. I sincerely hope you stay safe and are not suicided. Be cautious of Obama - he didn't endorse you for a reason! Trump will win by a landslide
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GA07 Mark Gonsalves is your candidate for US House of Representatives!
Mark is an experienced leader, business man and innovator. He has spent a lifetime of leading businesses through rapid change.
Like us, he is tired of watching partisan political fighting when America’s mounting problems demand courageous leadership now more than ever. Mark is married and has one daughter in college. You can read more about Mark’s accomplishments on his website at
For the issues, Mark sees them as we do. You can also read more in depth at his website. But here are some highlights. Mark supports:
1) 2a and our constitutional right to bear arms
2)Restoring fiscal discipline to the Federal government and getting our national debt under
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#Thread Highlights From @michellemalkin's Fantastic #StandWithICE Rally Last Week!

@michellemalkin: "Immigration is not a single issue, it is every issue. And if we do not stand for immigration enforcement, our country will fall." 1/
@michellemalkin .@michellemalkin: "Those people want to destroy our country. It is a transnational undermine American Sovereignty. Are we a Sanctuary Nation?"

Crowd: "No!"

@michellemalkin: "Are we a sovereign nation?"

Crowd: "Yes!" #AmericaFirst 2/
@michellemalkin .@michellemalkin Slams the Feckless Republicans in the Swamp:

"Too many Establishment Republican Beltway types put the almighty dollar and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce over the safety and security of American Citizens! They all need to be called out!" 3/
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1. #News ~ EXPLOSIVE! 'Shut up, you moron!'

Fox panel erupts as Rudy Giuliani THREATENS LIBEL against former Schumer aide.

Rudy, "I don't know why you have that man on." @IngrahamAngle

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #Ukraine @RudyGiuliani @FoxNews
2. #News ~ CHECKMATE: President Trump Set to Release Ukraine Phone Transcripts as Pelosi Announces Impeachment Inquiry… #Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA
3. #News ~ McCarthy: They’ve Been Investigating President Trump Since Before He Was Elected… #Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #Ukraine
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Please, please retweet so that your followers receive this!

Judicial Watch recently mailed their Guide to Prevent Voter Fraud. JW tells us what we can do now. The most important action we can take now is to help verify and purge voter roles. The following info is quoted from the
JW guide, “The key to ensuring voter integrity during an election is being able to verify the names and addresses on the voter registration list are legitimate and up to date. In each state, voter registration lists can be obtained ahead of the election. Checking these lists
against other available data is a laborious, time-consuming - but essential job for which your help would be definitely welcome.

Don’t buy the lists. You should have no difficulty getting a copy of the list for your precinct from the state headquarters of your candidate or your
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Fascinating impeachment data around @SpeakerPelosi & the words "Pelosi impeach" ... in the past 24hrs a significant uptick in almost every purple state except Wisconsin & New Mexico. Presumably due to the explosive Whistleblower revelations on discussions between Trump & Ukraine
To continue the Google Trends data theme tonight, #Qanon searches are now at a 12 month low. Part of this is likely the deplatforming of 8chan back on August 5th ..also whats up with Wyoming? Least populated state has the most Qanon cult activity? #WWG1WGA #Maga #walkaway from #Q
And #Maga activity is also at a 12 month low according to Google Trends .... despite White House staff frantically gaming the Google searches to keep Washington DC at least as the top source.😂😂 #AmericaFirst #KAG2020 #qanon #WWG1WGA
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