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#Breaking: Wow i just saw this video of French journalist @RemyBuisine filming the riots and looting today in #Paris, and seeing a police officer filling a bag of a store that was looted. Not sure if he stole it of has confiscated that items but seems fishy to me. #GilesJaunes
#Poll: Do you think the police officer stole those goods, of the looted store? #Gilestjaunes #ActesXVIII
I can confirm now that that cop had confiscated the bag of a looter looting that store...
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Ok This will be again my #GiletsJaunes Thread of Tomorrow in #Paris and across #France! Keep this Thread open and refresh once it will start! I Will be reporting again in my Home Studio of the situation. #ActeIX
#Update: Ok the weather for today in #France will be Cloudy with rain in the afternoon! No #GiletsJaunes yet arrived. #ActeIX
#Update: The Secretary of State to the Minister of the Interior "Laurent Nuñez" is at the #Rouen Police station before the start of #ActeIX of the #GiletsJaunes protests.
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🇫🇷 La primera consulta oficial para responder a la crisis de los « chalecos amarillos » plebiscita el rechazo del matrimonio homosexual como prioridad #1.…
🇫🇷Hoy sábado, nueva manifestación de los chalecos amarillos. Primeros incidentes en París, del lado de Vincennes. En otras ciudades de provincia hay concentraciones por el momento en calma.
La cuestión que plantea el Referendo de Iniciativa Ciudadana (RIC), reclamo #1 de los "chalecos amarillos" que piden democracia directa, es que minorías muy organizadas, como los sectores que se oponen al matrimonio gay, pueden imponerse en una consulta.…
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Lowest #GiletsJaunes turnout ever! Not even 3000 people nation wide in #France as new years eve approaches! #YellowVests #Acte7
#Update: In most cities in #France the event didn't even started! Despite they registered to tun out on #Facebook for #GiletsJaunes protests!
#Update: According to police in #Paris not even 300 people came to the capital to protests! There are more tourists on the #ChampsElysees then #GiletsJaunes protestors! Even a low turn out police force in #Paris not even 200 law enforcment in Paris.
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#Breaking: First #GiletsJaunes arrive in #Paris but are protesting at the outskirts of Paris and has moved! #YellowVests #Acte6
#Update: There are also people gathering at the "place de la Comédie" in #Paris today as they are being heard saying #Macron démission "Resign" as the New #Acte6 protests begins. #GiletsJeunes #YellowVests
#Update: Here is also an another video of protestors singing jingles bells in #France, as new protests are accepted to form across the country! #GiletsJaunes #YellowVests #Acte6
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So, the story of the UKIP/'Tommy' rally being held this weekend is getting all kinds of nuts.

Here's your rundown of all the things going on...
First up, this photo was put up on various UKIP social media a few days ago. It shows preparation for the rally.

Most of the media attention surrounded the bloke next to 'Tommy', convicted kidnapper 'Danny Thommo'...…
...however, this woman is identified by @Guardian as Lisa Babounis, of Middle East Forum, a hard right US thinktank who have paid for Tommy's staging before.

Kinda weird, seeing as 'Tommy' has been sending begging letters for donations towards staging.…
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#GilletJaunes protesters kicking a riot police officer today in #Paris. Police are firing rubber bullets. Protesters are throwing rocks. Looks messy.
Footage of what is believed to be a police sniper on the roof of the #ChampsElysees in #Paris a few hours ago.
Looks like some pretty big fires were set also.
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#Breaking: The #YellowVests protests in France #Paris are getting out of hands people throwing Molotov Cocktails, and self made minor explosive devices. #GiletsJaunes as people demand for French President #Macron to resign.
#Update: More then a dozen of cars, Scooters, and vans have been set on fire in #Paris in France! People are scaling the Champs-Élysées monument and are screaming #Macron resign now! #GilletsJaunes #YellowVests
#Update: Some pictures of the protests today in #Paris in France.
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"We’ve had enough. We have low salaries and pay too much tax and the combination is creating more and more poverty"
"We are just normal people who are fed up. I voted for Mr Macron last year, but I feel betrayed and I’m angry. I was wrong."
.@NabilaRamdani: "The majority of those I spoke to were part of a forgotten France based in the suburbs of major cities or the countryside. They rely on very low incomes or benefits, and are mainly dependent on their cars to get them anywhere"#GilestJaunes…
.@Ed_Crooks: "The protests are the latest illustration of how difficult it is to raise taxes or cut subsidies on energy. ... [they] showed how poor people can often bear the cost of fighting climate change."…
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