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Core Planets and their responsibility in term of education in commerce and management:

The Sun is the planet about authority, with a strong sun in the horoscope makes leaders and all administrative work. With the strong Sun Jatak can have energy, enthusiasm and a strong
will to tackle any problem in the
respective work. The Sun is the only planet who makes Jatak determinative in nature.

A strong Moon always represents his or her minds stable in only one field. It means that Jatak cannot be confused to select a career in his or her life.
The mind is everything what we think we become said by Lord Buddha 2500 years ago. If the Moon is weak Jatak is always confused for his or her career.

Mars has a very commanding feature. With a strong Mars any person can definitely become the Managing graduates from most
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#Jupiter, the planet of dharma and prosperity is entering the 11th house of zodiac i.e., Aquarius where it does extremely well. The philanthropic nature of this sign coupled with innovation goes well with expansionist nature of Jupiter.

It will be era of transformation with new ideas in the mainstream. The IT industry will show many wonders through new inventions and path-breaking research. Philanthropy will be change the world for good promoting welfare of all. As the changes are quite interesting on

global level, let’s see how the Jupiter transit on April 6,2021 will impact all the moon-signs:

#Aries: Jupiter, the most benefic planet for your lagna will is transiting the 11th house of your chart. Its excellent time for enjoying the fruits of good health. Jupiter is the
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The power of forgiveness

Heal your prana through the power of forgiveness. Learn to forgive and seek forgiveness. Hold photos or a paper with written names of your family members or visualise them, and seek forgiveness by saying, 'If I have hurt you in anyway through my action
or words, please forgive me.' And, 'I forgive those who have hurt me in anyway.'

Then say a prayer for them, like- ‘Dear God, please bestow your blessings on them, give them good health, wealth, and peace. Fill their life with love and respect, give them contentment.'
Try to project environmental energy through your left hand towards them and everyone in the world, with a good intention and pure heart.

#GkmSays #TechyPanditJi
#forgiveness #karmic #karmichealing #GkmTalks
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Today is Ratha Saptami. Symbolically, this festival represents that Surya is turning his Ratha drawn by seven horses towards northern hemisphere. In reality, Ratha Saptami marks the change of season to spring. This day is also celebrated as birthday of Surya

i.e. Sun God. It is believed that Surya was born to Sage Kashyapa and his wife Aditi on this day(Saptami of magha month). GOD VISHNU in his form as Sun-god is worshipped on this day. The seven horses of the Sun signifies the seven days of the week also. Horses can also be

aligned with spiritual significance. Our mind is pulled by numerous thoughts in different directions in same manner as the horses pull the chariot. As sun controls the horses and show them proper direction, we should also show direction to our thoughts and focus them on
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9th February to 18th April 2021!

- Being a minimalist is good for you, good for society and for nature.
- Don't be a pawn of consumerism promoting companies.
- Nature has given you a lot, it's time to be responsible and give something back. Image

- Reduce your needs. Use what's absolutely necessary.
-Become a better human being by 18th April 2021.
- Work to improve your physical, mental and spiritual state.
- Spend time in and with nature. Do meditation. The benefits are immense. Your wellness is a priority.

- Be aware of attempts to sabotage this movements because there are people who don't want you to become a good human being. Don't let yourself be regulated and controlled by someone who controls the media or Social media!
- Don't be over dependent on social media.
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क्या है जन्म कुण्डली.?

-आपकी जन्म-कुण्डली आपका बैंक लॉकर है जो आपके जन्म से आपके नाम है ।
-आपकी कुण्डली के योग आपके लॉकर की कर्म-संपति का ब्याज है । जो अशुभ योगों के कारण आपकी कर्म संपति से काट लिया जाता है और शुभ योगों के कारण आपकी कर्म-सम्पति में जोड़ दिया जाता है ।

- महा-दशायें और अन्तर्दशायें आपकी कर्म-सम्पति की FD, Fix-Deposit है । महादशायें बड़ी FD है और अन्तर्दशायें छोटी FD है । अशुभ और निर्बल ग्रहों की दशायें आपकी FD को Matured परिपक्व नहीं होने देती ऐसे ही शुभ और बलवान ग्रहों की दशायें आपकी FD को परिपक्व कर देती है ।

- गोचर के ग्रह - आपकी कर्म-सम्पति के लिये शुभ-अशुभ सन्देश लेकर आते हैं । जैसे - किसी बैंक के लिये सरकारी नियम - कभी अच्छे और कभी बुरे ।
ये कभी आपके लाकर पर अच्छा-बुरा प्रभाव डालते हैं । कभी आपके ब्याज को कम ज्यादा कर देते हैं और कभी आपकी FD को प्रभावित करते हैं ।
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THE GRAND STELLIUM IN CAPRICORN -What is going to happen on 11th February, 2021

If you are thinking that 2020 was the year of major shifts, then you are quite wrong. Year 2021 will be equally surprising or it can even surprise us more! A rare event in cosmos is

about to shake the world on 11th Feb, 2021. This time a stellium of 6 planets i.e., #Jupiter, #Saturn, #Moon, #Sun, #Venus & #Mercury will occupy the sign of #Capricorn. Imagine the level of energy created by 6 planets in Capricorn. Well, this conjunction can be labelled
as rarest event which can bring many political and social changes throughout the world. I want to bring one thing into your notice that 5 planets gathered in the sign of Sagittarius on 26th December, 2019.
This led to the outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19 in the world.
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How Jupiter -Saturn planetary war will affect us- Ascendant/moon-sign wise predictions

Many of us has this thought in mind that how will this planetary war will affect us. I have received numerous messages asking such questions. Many of us want to know the end Image
result of the planetary war. Therefore, I decided to write general effects of this planetary war on these moon signs and ascendants.

First of all, we need to understand that this conjunction was already happening in Capricorn after Jupiter entered in the sign in November.

However, when the planets are on same degree, it will increase intensity of results.Your thought patterns will get 2x jump and the severity of conflict in the relevant portion of life will get increase a lot. Though the conjunction is not bad but the increasing closeness
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21st December 2020 - Jupiter-Saturn Planetary War


On 21st December, Jupiter and Saturn, the heaviest planets in cosmos will be in exact conjunction of 6 degree. When two planets are at same degrees, it leads to planetary war between the two planets.

According to matsya purana, when a planetary war happens within 7 days of an eclipse, it can lead to great havocs. The eclipse took place on 14th December, 2020 in the star of Jyeshta with the star lord mercury residing in the sign of Scorpio only. Though the eclipse was

not visible in India, but its overall effects on the world can’t be ruled out. Here, we should also note that Jupiter is a Jeeva planet. On the other hand, Saturn is giver of death as it is the karaka for the natural 8th and 12th house of the zodiac. As these two energies
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Solar Eclipse December 14th, 2020 and its Effect

Are you feeling depressed, in a shallow mood, or witnessing any other signs mentioned below? If yes, then there is nothing wrong with you medically, you are under the planetary effect.

The solar eclipse on December 14th, 2020 will affect, with the following effects, all those who are Scorpions or are a trio of Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio with a connecting thread between them. The eclipse will mark a special marker of soul evolution and major transitions

with sidereal Scorpio 29°.
Some of you may feel these emotional changes:

❖ Disconnected
❖ More anxious to surroundings
❖ Disinterested in your work and other activities
❖ Tearful for nothing
❖ Don’t want to engage in conversation
❖ Sensitiveness towards the
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Navratri: Best 9 days to heal your Rahu energy

Goddess Durga is worshipped in Bharat and many other parts of globe during the 9 days of Navratri. The planet associated with Goddess Durga is Rahu. It is a very powerful shadow planet which entangles a human mind

in the cobweb of desires. Rahu has a subtle influence on all humans in form of Maya which has made our life complex. It gives power to our greed and lust which is the main reason for the frustrations & unhappiness in this world. Goddess Durga is all powerful and travels

on a grand lion. Lion is the king of the jungle and a ferocious wild animal. But still Goddess Durga has comfortably tamed such a difficult animal. This clearly highlights that she is supreme in power and strength. Rahu, the significator of never-ending desires need
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Why women should wear Gold Jewellery? An Astro Perspective .

From ancient times, Gold has been an important asset in India due to its monetary and cultural importance. It has adored the Indian weddings and household functions from past many centuries and the trend

is still on. There is always a debate that why this yellow metal hold so much importance in our culture and Vedas. Gold is the foremost ornament of Indian women which gives her classical touch on every occasion. But have you given a deeper thought why our ancients preferred

gold for making jewelry and not other metals such as iron, bronze etc.?
The answer lies in Vedic astrology and study of different planetary energies. The ancient Vedic seers possessed far sighted vision with deep understanding of energy fields and planetary energies.
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