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Happy #Ugadi2023 #gudipadwa2023 and #navrehposhte.

Happy #ChaitraNavratri2023

Starting a short thread dedicated to the 9 forms of Devi.
O Lord Ganesha, brilliant as a million suns!

From your broken tusk and twisted trunk came the lakh verses of the Mahabharata.
Bless us so our mind shall never tire, and our pen shall never dry. Image
Vasanta Navaratri - Day 1: Shailaputri
The Soundarya Lahari of Sankara describes Devi thus:

धनुः पौष्पं मौर्वी मधुकरमयी पञ्च विशिखाः
वसन्तः सामन्तो मलयमरुदायोधनरथः ।
तथाप्येकः सर्वं हिमगिरिसुते कामपि कृपाम्
अपाङ्गात्ते लब्ध्वा जगदिद-मनङ्गो विजयते ॥

Elaboration follows. Image
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चैत्र शुक्ल प्रतिपदा, विक्रमी संवत २०८०
हिंदू नववर्ष की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं 🌼
Why should we consider today as New Year.
#Thread. Image
New Weather Spring arrival. New leaves grow on trees, new flowers blooms. Image
Beginning of navratri
The nine-day Shakti festival Starts from Varsha Pratipada,
The Hindu Samaj is absorbed in the devotion of Shakti. Image
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9 hard truths for women #Navratri

1. Ageing is a gift, embrace it.

2. Beauty comes in all sizes, shapes and weights, don’t wait to feel beautiful.

3. Be friends with women who know how to enjoy a meal.
4. Cook a special meal for yourself once every week.

5. Self care is not skin care and massages, it’s protecting your bandwidth from getting exhausted.

6. Financial literacy and resilience saves lives. Learn to earn money, it’s an important skill.
7. No one and nothing is worth losing your sleep over. Maintain good sleep hygiene.

8. Sex is important. No shame or guilt in being sexually fulfilled. No greatness in sacrificing your basic needs.

9. No is powerful. Say it like you mean it.
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Today is Saptami and is presided over by Maa Kaalratri who is the seventh manifestation of Durga
Maa Kaalratri has a dark complexion,disheveled hair & a fearlessness posture. A necklace flashing lightning adorns her neck. She has three eyes that shine
bright and terrible flames emanate from her breath. Her vehicle is the donkey.
Her raised right hand always seems to grant boons to all worshippers and her right lower hand is in the pose of allaying fears.
Her left upper hand holds a thorn-like weapon,made of iron & there is a
dragger in the lower left hand.
She is dark like Goddess Kali and holds a sparkling sword in her right hand to battle all evil.

Her gesture of protection assures us of freedom from fear and troubles. So she is also known as ‘Shubhamkari’ – one who does good.

Maa Kalratri is
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6th Day of #Navratri
Neivedyam to Amman
Vellai Karamani Sundal
Pooja performed by Dad & Neivedyam achu
Pray to Mahalakshmi for all types of wealth & prosperity
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There were 2 deities at the centre of Chhatrapati Shivaji’s religious & spiritual consciousness. One was Lord Shiva, whom he invoked in his battle cry of ‘Har Har Mahadev.’ The other was Goddess #Bhavani. One of the avatars of #Durga, Bhavani was Shivaji’s patron goddess. A🧵
Her temple at Tuljapur - where she also takes the name ‘Tulja Bhavani’ or simply ‘Tulja - was for him the holiest of holies. Before every battle & before every campaign, small or big, Shivaji prayed to his Mother Goddess. His contemporary chronicler Parmanand wrote that just...
before he went in for his dramatic, life-or-death encounter with Bijapur general Afzal Khan, Shivaji ‘sent up a prayer in his mind to Bhavani.’ The killing of Afzal Khan marked a big turning point in Shivaji’s life, & in honour of the goddess who he was convinced was blessing...
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit Gujarat on September 29-30, to inaugurate & lay the foundation stone of various development projects worth around Rs 29,000 crores in programmes spread across Surat, Bhavnagar, Ahmedabad & Ambaji: PMO

(File photo)
Projects aimed to develop world-class infrastructure, enhance mobility & improve ease of living. PM to inaugurate Phase-I of Ahmedabad Metro project & flag off Gandhinagar-Mumbai Central Vande Bharat Express; to also take a ride in Vande Bharat Express & Ahmedabad Metro: PMO
PM Modi to lay foundation stone of world’s first CNG Terminal at Bhavnagar & declare open the 36th National Games, being held for the first time in Gujarat. He'll inaugurate Phase I of DREAM City- project aimed to complement rapid growth of diamond trading business in Surat: PMO
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#Garba and #Navratri are synonyms in #Gujarat.

Garbas were used during freedom struggle to praise Tilak and Gandhi.

Garbas have always reflected the political and cultural changes.

Thread about some anecdotes:
First thing first, what is Garbo?

Garbo (Garbha Deep) is a clay pot around which this dance is performed.

It symbolises a belief of the world’s conception and birth from one pot.
Now, the dance is being performed around it in revolution to honour (mostly) Maa Ambe. There are different Garba dances: Be taali, tran taali, dodhiyu etc.

Garba is also referred to the songs used.

Raas-Dandiya is different. It depicts the lila of Shri Krishna.
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🌺Story of the Birth of Maa Durga🌺
Maharishi Markendeya gives a detailed account of the birth of Goddess Durga in ‘Durga Saptashati’. He narrates how after getting defeated by demon Mahishasura and his army, the helpless and tired Gods led by...
...Bramha went to address their woes to Sri Vishnu and Shiva of the Holy trinity.
They explained how Mahishasura had snatched the rights of the Sun, Indra, Fire, Wind, Moon, Yama, Varun (rain) and other gods and has made the heavens his new home.
Now, the homeless Devas roamed on earth like ordinary humans as they had nowhere to go. The Devas spoke of how they were now counting on the Holy Trinity to save them from this misery. Listening to the anguish of the Gods, Sri Vishnu emitted a divine light.
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Goddess Durga is worshipped in 9 different forms as Nava Durga. Each God has a different form & a special significance.
Lord Brahma gives these nine names of Nava Durgā in Devi Mahatmyam 🙏#JaiMataDi 1/6
"Shail" means mountains and “Putri" means daughter, is the first Nava Durga. Parvathi, the daughter of the King of Mountains, married to Lord Shiva after performing a severe penance 🚩 2/6
🕉 In her previous birth she was the daughter of Daksha Prajapathi. In order to marry Bhagwan Mahadev she sacrificed her life in Yagna Vatika to incarnate as Maa Shailaputri.
Moon is believed to be the provider of all fortunes and is governed by Goddess Shailaputri 🚩3/6
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Devi Mantras have the power to change the dimension of life. There are specific Mantras for specific purpose. Navratri is the best time to chant them and have the blessing of Maa Durga. Here Are Some.

1) For the fulfilment of all their wishes and to remove every obstacle in the
way of success, students should regularly chant at least one rosary, or prayer bead (108 times) "Om Shri Durga Devyai Namah" in the morning during Navratri.

2) If any remedy, ritual or mantra is chanted during Navratri, then it definitely gives results. While worshipping
the Goddess in Navratri, the mantra given below should be chanted first.

"Om Jayanti Mangala Kali Bhadrakali Kapalini, Durga Kshama Shiva Dhatri Swaha Swadha Namostute."
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1000 RTs and I’d create a short thread on Durga Ma & her devotee Guru Gobind Singh that will leave SGPC McSikhs & Khalistanis no place to hide.

जय माता दी! Image
Olrite let's go!
In comments to OP many mentioned Guru's autobiography Bachittar Natak where he speaks of doing tapasya in previous birth to Kalika at Hemkunt, and of his famous composition Chandi di Vaar (or Vaar Durga Ji Ki) ie Ballad to War Goddess.
So I'd share other sources.
Actually Shakta influence takes hold in Sikhism, not from GuruGobind but as soon as the first Sikh Guru, Arjan Dev Ji, is martyred. Here is the sword of his son and 6th Guru, HargobindJi, who was GuruGobind's grandfather.
Etched on blade his is name in Persian & image of #MaKali. Image
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Public celebrations of #Navratri in #Maharashtra began in 1926 & are linked to reformers Prabodhankar Keshav Sitaram Thackeray, Dr #BabasahebAmbedkar & Rao Bahadur S.K. Bole. This was a form of counter-culture against #Ganeshutsav, which was then dominated by #Brahmins
Incidentally, #Ganeshutsav was popularised by #LokmanyaTilak in the backdrop of the Hindu-Muslim riots in 1893-94. It soon replaced #Muharram, which was then the most popular festival in the Bombay Presidency, with massive participation from Hindus
The #Ganeshutsav at #Dadar in #Mumbai, saw donations being collected from people across castes. However, the organising committee was dominated by Brahmins, who kept other groups away from it. The singers and religious orators were also Brahmins. In short, they ran the show.
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30 जून - 08 जुलाई, आषाढ़ #गुप्त_नवरात्रि की मंगलकामनाएँ
अभिजीत मुहूर्त-30 जून सुबह 11.57-दोपहर 12.53
माँ काली, तारा देवी, त्रिपुर सुंदरी, भुवनेश्वरी, छिन्नमस्ता, त्रिपुर भैरवी, माँ धुमावती, माँ बगलामुखी, मातंगी, कमला देवी दुष्टों का संहार करें, शक्ति दें।
#गुप्त_नवरात्रि में 10 महाविद्या की पूजा होती है, दुर्गा सप्तशती व सिद्ध कुंजिकास्तोत्र का पाठ किया जाता है, अपनी राशि अनुसार 9दिन मंत्र जाप कर सकते हैं:
मेष राशि-ॐ ह्रीं उमा देवाय नमः
वृष राशि-ॐ क्रां क्रीं क्रूं कालिका देवाय नमः
मिथुन राशि-ॐ दुम दुर्गायै नमः
कर्क-ॐ ललितादेव्यायै नम:
सिंह-ॐऐं महासरस्वतीदेव्यायै नमः
कन्या- ॐशूल धारिणीदेव्यायै नमः
तुला - ॐश्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं महालक्ष्म्यै नमः
वृश्चिक- ॐशक्ति रूपाय नमः
धनु- ॐ ह्रीं क्लीं चामुण्डायै विच्चे
मकर- ॐ पा पार्वतीदेव्यायै नमः
मीन- ॐ श्री ह्रीं श्री दुर्गा देवाय नमः
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Hindutva groups hold rallies, ask people to hoist saffron flags to mark Hindu New Year

Curfew was imposed in Rajasthan’s Karauli city where communal violence broke out on Saturday following stone pelting at a motorcycle rally.…
Hindutva organisations yesterday held rallies, carrying & distributing saffron flags in various parts of the country to mark the beginning of the #Navratri festival, which will culminate in the #HinduNewYear.
The Hindutva groups went door to door, asking locals to hoist saffron flags in their homes.

Motorbike rallies were held by Hindutva group members in several districts in UP. They chanted “Jai Shree Ram” slogans.
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🕉 #Navratri - 9 Nights of Worshipping Ma Durga 🙏
8/9 - Maa Mahagauri
‘Gauri’-clean & pure, MahaGauri is bright ray of hope spreading love in World. Severe penance done by her for Bhagwan Shiva as her consort was attained in this form, when Lord cleaned her with Ganga jal 🚩1/4
🕉 Ma Ganga Ji acted as an enhancer to the beauty of Goddess Parvati & so her shining white appearance was named as MahaGauri 🚩
Governing planet: Rahu
Colour : Peacock Green/Pink
Flower: Rose
Neivedhyam: Kheer-Sweet Porridge 🚩2/4
🕉 3. Thithi: Ashtami/8th Day of the Lunar Fortnight/ Paksha of Hindu Calendar
Kolam: Traditional Lotus shaped rangoli
Raagam: Punnagavaraali
Mantra: Om Devi Mahagauryayi Namah
Shwete Vrishesamarudha Shwetaambardhara Shuchih |
Mahagauri Shubham Dadyanmahadev Praodadaa || 🚩3/4
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🕉 #Navratri-9 Nights of Worshipping Ma Durga-
7/9 - Maa Kaalratri- One who is “the Death of Kaal”.
Kaal- Time & death. Goddess Who destroys ignorance & removes darkness. Ma depicts that life also has a dark side – Violent Mother Nature creates havoc & removes all dirt🚩1/5
🕉 In this form Goddess Kaalratri killed Raktabeej. Raktabeej was a demon who could multiply from every drop of his blood which fell on the ground. Goddess Kaalratri killed him by consuming the blood before it could reach the ground and hence conquered him 🚩2/5
🕉 Colour: Blue
Planet : Saturn
Flower: Jasmine
Neivedhyam: Lemon rice
Thithi: Sapthami/ 7 th day of the Lunar fortnight/ Paksha of Hindu Calendar
Kolam: Rangoli With fragrant flowers
Raagam: Bilahari
Mantra : Om Devi Kaalratriyayi Swaha 🚩3/5
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9 nights of Worshipping Ma Durga 🚩
6/9- Maa Katyayani
Sage Katyayana performed severe penance for several years to Ma Durga for having Her as his daughter. Finally his wish was granted & Ma Durga took birth in his clan & So is known as Maa Katyayani 🚩1/4
🕉 Ma Katyayini was worshipped by Bhagwan Vishnu, Shiva & Brahma to destroy Demon Mahishasura, who was troubling Gods. Ma Katyayani, as the powerful & fierce form of Ma Durga vanquished Mahishasura on #VijayaDashami day 🚩2/4
🕉 Governing Planet : Brihaspati
Colour : Pink/Orange/Red Flower: Hibiscus
Neivedhyam: Coconut rice
Thithi: Sashti/ 6 th day of the Lunar Fortnight/ Paksha of the Hindu Calendar
Kolam: Rangoli of Goddess using Gram flour
Raagam: Neelaambari 🚩3/4
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9 nights of Worshipping Ma Durga 🚩
Day 4/9 - Maa Kushmanda
Ku - "a little",
Ushma - "warmth"/"energy" Anda- "cosmic egg". Maa Kushmanda created the universe with her divine smile🚩1/4 Image
🕉 When the universe was non-existent & darkness prevailed everywhere, Maa Kushmanda produced the Cosmic egg with her smile, bringing light to the universe. Maa Kushmanda has the power & strength to live in the core of the Sun. Her luminosity gives the Sun its brightness🚩2/4 Image
🕉 Governing planet: Sun
Flower: Pink Jasmine
Neivedhyam: Mixed Rice wth vegetables
Thithi: Chathurthi ( 4th day of the lunar fortnight/Paksha of Hindu Calendar)
Kolam: Draw rangoli in shape of steps by using atchatai (mix of rice,turmeric,ghee.)
Raagam: Bhairavi 🚩3/4 Image
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Why do we as individuals, as a community, as a nation, as a world revel in maligning the rich and famous.
Why does a part of the collective, a part within each of us, have this need to put someone down.

#StopMaligning #StoptheShaming 
#StopJudging #AryanKhan #ShahRukhKhan #SRK
Esp. when there's an opportunity for the slander of someone successful, or their family; especially if they have made it on their own terms as an 'outsider'. Worse still, if they don't toe the line and are not 'politically correct'. And God help them if they happen to be Muslim.
We grudge the rich their riches, the privileged their privileges, the famous their fame because of our own severe LACK or Scarcity Consciousness that we don't want to take ownership of. "How dare THEY have it all. It's not fair."

#StopMaligning #AryanKhan #SRK #ShahRukhKhan
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🕉 #Navratri -9 Nights of Worshipping Ma Durga:
Day 3/9 - Maa Chandraghaṇṭā
‘Chandra’ -moon, ‘ghanta’- means bell-shaped. Goddess wears a half-moon on her head which is in the shape of a bell .She is also known as Chandika because of her ferocious form & warrior stance🚩1/5
🕉 2. After years of penance by Ma Parvati,Bhagwan ShivJi agreed to marry her & went to her house with an army of gods, mortals, ghosts, sivaganaas, sages etc. Parvati’s parents saw Bhagwan, fainted seeing his huge body,long hair, serpent on his neck & tiger skin as clothes🚩
🕉 3. Ma Parvati to match up to Bhagwan,then took the form of Chandraghanta as to not let him feel insulted. She requested him to take a charming form so that her parents would accept him who then appeared as a prince, well dressed with jewels. The marriage then took place🚩
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Hindu scriptures provide the 9 steps of Bhakti known as Navdha Bhakti.

Today is Day 2 of #navratri 2021 and we are going to discuss what is Kirtanam!

कीर्तन - Kirtan (Telling/Discussing) with joy and enthusiasm of God's qualities, character. 1/10
Kīrtana (कीर्तन, “glorifying”) refers to one of the three rites mentioned in the Śivapurāṇa 1.3.

"Śravaṇa is the first rite. The intelligent scholar must listen to the oral explanation of the preceptor and then practice the other rites.—Kīrtana and Manana(deliberation)”.
According to Śivapurāṇa 1.4, “Śravaṇa (listening) is effected when one associates with good men. Then the Kīrtana of Paśupati becomes steady.

In the end is the Manana which is the most excellent. All these take place as a result of benevolent surveillance of Lord Śiva”.
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🕉 #Navratri
Day 2:
NAVADURGA - 2/9 - Maa Brahmacharini
'Brahma'-penance, 'Charini' -female follower. Brahmacharini - one who performed ‘Tapasya’.
Goddess Parvati,being born to Himavan, King of Himalayas, did severe Tapasya for 1000’s of years to attain Bhagwan Mahadev 🚩1/5
🕉 Rishi Narada who advised Ma Parvati to perform penance.She gave up water, food & survived consuming leaves, towards the end she had nothing. For this reason, she is also known as Aparna. Bhagwan Shiva pleased by her devotion accepted Ma Parvati as his wife🚩2/5
🕉 Maa Brahmacharini is governs Planet of Lord Mangal which brings good fortune. By worshipping the goddess, devotees are blessed with peace, virtue, prosperity, happiness & emancipation, . She is also known as Ma Tapascharini & Uma🚩3/5
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🕉 #Thread #Navratri DAY 1: MAA SHAILAPUTRI
Goddess Durga is worshipped in 9 different forms as Nava Durga. Each God has a different form & a special significance.
Lord Brahma gives these nine names of Nava Durgā in Devi Mahatmyam 🙏#JaiMataDi 1/6 ImageImageImageImage
"Shail" means mountains and “Putri" means daughter, is the first Nava Durga. Parvathi, the daughter of the King of Mountains, married to Lord Shiva after performing a severe penance 🚩 2/6 ImageImage
🕉 In her previous birth she was the daughter of Daksha Prajapathi. In order to marry Bhagwan Mahadev she sacrificed her life in Yagna Vatika to incarnate as Maa Shailaputri.
Moon is believed to be the provider of all fortunes and is governed by Goddess Shailaputri 🚩3/6 Image
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