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🎥 NEW VIDEO ALERT! We break down the intricate process of #DeFi #Liquidation in light of the recent market liquidation topping $163 million due to USDT short-time depeg.
Dive deep into the #crypto world with #EigenTx: 🌐 #Blockchain

🔗 Collateral and borrowing play a crucial role in liquidation. In the video, we illustrate this by borrowing TUSD against vBUSD collateral via #Venus.
Understanding this exchange is crucial to navigating the volatile crypto market: #Cryptocurrency

🎬 And this is just the tip of the iceberg!
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🇺🇸 #Ciencia | Sobre la “recuperación de naves y cuerpos extraterrestres”. 🔭

Es imposible decir que estamos solos, como también es imposible tener credibilidad con solo cuentos y dichos.
Decir que la vida extraterrestre posee un cuerpo verdoso y nave circular no es adecuado
🧵👇🏻 Image
El motivo principal: La vida #extraterrestre es vida bacteriana vagando por el #cosmos, restos gaseosos como referencia de algún tipo de vida microbiana del pasado (caso #Venus) o en el mejor de los casos restos que se pueden observar bajo microscopios. Image
Pero asegurar naves vistas bajo detalles extremadamente incomprensibles captadas por sondas o satélites ubicados hacia el sol con temas como “objeto masivo absorbe materia del sol” es muy engañoso y falso.

Explicación: Lo de la imagen es una simple mancha solar. Image
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#Astrology : Knowledge about #planets
#Venus is exalted in #Pisces. It is only when we learn to become free, unbiased thinker, by understanding how Universe works in unbiased way (Shiva tattwa), that we start finding happiness within. #Mercury is
debilitated in Pisces . Hence our philosophy towards life should be guided by heart and not Intellect.
#Mars is debillitated in #cancer. This placement is about developing inner Emotional Intelligence by using energy for inner self exploration , being able to link our own
Intentions/desires to happenings in our life.
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#Astrology : Simple #remedies which any can do
1. #Moon - Drink water in a silver glass, take blessings from mother
2. #Sun - Add ginger in your daily foods, Take blessing from father
3.#Mercury - Eat Green leafy vegetables spinach,cabbage, broccoli, etc.,Take blessings from
mother's sister
4. #Jupiter - Eat Besan products, Chana daal, yellow fruits, Sweets.., take blessings from your boss, guru, teacher
5.#Venus - Eat curd daily at afternoon but not after 3 pm., take blessings from your wife/spouse
6. #Saturn -Eat Uraad daal,kichdi on saturday..
Add Bay leaf in your daily foods, Do your work on time
7. #Rahu - Eat two Tulsi leaves daily in a empty stomach, Give donations to Handicapped people
8.#Mars - Eat some spicy foods on Tuesday.. Add red chilli.. Take care of your elder brothet
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#Astrology : Your 5th house and you behave in romance/love
♥️If the 5th lord is #Venus - You seek a romantic and luxurious approach in romance..You need the atmosphere to be filled up by Venusian accessories..
🌗If the 5th lord is #Moon - You seek a Lustful experience and getting psychic rejuvenation and Peace of Mind through Romance.
🌄If the 5th lord is #Sun - You would like to dominate/lead to the other person in Romance..and such an inclination makes you confident and
📚If the 5th lord is #Jupiter - You would like the traditional approach in meeting/philosophical approach in Romance..You like to nurture /guide your partner..
📩If the 5th lord is #Mercury - You seek the playfulness and intellectual discussion in Romance...
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met gala black & white with the focus being cats symbolism:
black and white are the stripes of the tiger

- White Tiger of the West (Xīfāng Báihǔ 西方白虎) one of the four divine beasts related to the four cardinal directions/seasons etc. of the Chinese constellations. ImageImage
- tiger=lion=king=ac(antichrist) (false king false ruler)
- associated with the metal(META/robots/flesh of the “gods”/ sinking) element. earth(yellow)=supporting element of metal(white/beige/silver=supporting element of water(dark blue/black) meanwhile water can release the power ImageImage
of metal. also the  respiratory system/lungs/related to the nose/large intestine/fall/venus(lucifer)/round shapes. Metal ‘governs’ the Chinese Zodiac signs Monkey, Rooster and Dog.
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OpenLeverage is now live on Arbitrum with the Permissionless Money Market!

This expansion is providing more opportunities for Arbitrum's DeFi users to leverage.

What does this mean for DeFi on #Arbitrum?
How can you capitalize?

I will explain, #ùRT 4 Others Image
2/ @OpenLeverage is a permissionless lending margin trading protocol that connects traders to trade with the most liquid decentralized markets.

Like #Uniswap, #PancakeSwap, & #SushiSwap, it allows you to use long or short trading pairs on DEXs efficiently & securely.
3/ @OpenLeverage is now live on #Arbitrum, supporting $GMX, $GNS, $RDNT, and $BFR.

Offering a permissionless money market unleashes more opportunities for Arbitrum's long-tail market.

What does this mean for #OpenLeverage & integrated protocols?
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1/🧵Ok it's only 10:30 in the morning and 🤯🤯🤯
Do you astro folx (who were raised in one of the Western monotheistic traditions) remember Ba'al from your Sunday/Hebrew/Qur'an school stories?
The "bad" god in the story of prophet Elijah?>>>
2/🧵Guess who Ba'al was to the Phoenicians?
✨The constellation Orion. ✨
And they observed Ba'al/Orion's movements in giant reflecting pools that were oriented to the directions of the equinox and solstices.
These pools are found in Phoenician temple complexes>
3/🧵all over the ancient Mediterranean, as the Phoenicians were skilled sea-farers/traders.

I had known that the Phoenicians were amazing navigatiors (they got at least as far as the West coast of Africa and the British isles).
And I knew they worshipped Astarte/Venus>>>
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#Astrology:#Debilitated #Planets
1. Debilitated Sun in Libra - problem in sharing , not able to make a choice, showoff which other don't like , taking too much resposiblity which they can't justify.
False ego, false confidence , use cheap ways to get ego satisfaction,
diffrence of opinion with father.
2. Debilitated #moon in #scorpio - tension , always on edge of the seat , struck in past, natural spy, past bitter experience haunt current subconscious mind , issues with mother , don't get proper care in childhood
3. Debiliated #mars in #cancer - mental aggression, fighting for happiness, not able to relax, can't feel happiness, issues with brother and property matters
4. Debilitated #mercury in #Pisces - childish, immature, abstract intelligence, not able to put your
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#Astrology -#Rahu(North Node) and #Venus #Conjunction in #Navamsa Chart
Venus is our passion. It represents things that you like to do, things that you just wish you can do all day. Venus signifies your artistic talents. Venus signifies your creative talents in a particular field. if you’re a man, Venus represents your wife.
It also signifies marriage. Venus is the love that you give and the love that you receive.
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#Astrology Some knowledge on #Retro Planets:
Retro Mars - Blocks the way and creates problems in a subtle way. Logic gets skewed or twisted. Unethical but very powerful. Native do not understand their own power and do not know how to use it properly.
Retro #Mercury - Talking too much or No talking at all. If retro Mercury is also combust - Native is unsure of using his Mercury qualities.
Retro #Jupiter- Spoils the Visudha ( Wisdom ) chakra (filter) leads to wrong choices. Very knowledgeable but do not know how to use
their knowledge. They have a different and unconventional view point in understanding and advising others.
Retro #Venus -May choose unusual alliances- Do not know how to express love and affection.
Retro #Saturn - Native does not know when to stop working or do not work
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#Astrology: Use of #Horaray Astrology:
I was checking my wrist watch,was not remembring where I kept my watch, I thought It is gone/lost , or I might left somewhere.
Now How as an astrologer how can I find where the stolen item is ,where I kept ?
So I have taken help of divine
knowledge and made a chart with a horary Number 5 and taken help of ruling planets also
The below is bhav chalit chart : see here 7th house is wife , wife siblings are 3rd from 7th that is 9th house , and #Venus ( Venus female ,Valuable items -like watch) is also there and,
mercury (Younger siblings here is 3rd lord ) also is there in 9th house ,
Then I remembered that Last week we went to my wife's sister house and we stayed there in the night and before I went to sleep I should have removed and kept my watch there , So immediately I called
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#Astrology:#Venus some #knowledge
-Exalted Venus, in any house, grants a lovely appearance. Often one is a talented artist or musician (unless talent is blocked by malefic aspect). The native enjoys fortune through women.
-Debilitated Venus, in any house, reduces the natural
grace . Venus's naturally smooth, integrated balance is overwhelmed by Kanya's computational logic, criticism, and a feeling of inferiority or servitude.
-Shukra + Shani = elegant simplicity, talent in architecture, diplomacy, structural design, wealth after a long step-wise
-Venus= significator for wealth = treasuries of valuable goods and conserved knowledge; sensual pleasures of the body especially food, drink, and love-making; luxury
-Venus gains more power as
-ruler of the Moon-nakshatra,
-Atmakaraka,(Your soul desire)
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#Astrology:#Jupiter's enemy #Venus and Mercury
No planets treats Jupiter as an enemy, but Jupiter dislikes Mercury and Venus
-In Gemini- Jupiter's grand wisdom is drained off by chatty conversation about mundane topics. The day-to-day busy-ness of scripted communications sucks
the life right out of big philosophy. The mind becomes fixated on short-term plans and daily transactions. Gemini's channel is too narrow to accommodate Guru's wide perspective; wisdom is "packaged" in bite-sized portions for the short attention span.
Gemini goes in details
, while jupiter looks the things on bird's eyeview perspective.
-In #Virgo, Jupiter is constrained by Virgo's service duties. Jupiter expands the complaining, accusing, litigious qualities of Virgo but He can also help the medical genius of Virgo, by expanding health
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#Astrology: #Sun and #Venus
1st House, the I (Me), is where sun exalts. But 7th House, you/ partner/ public/ spouse, is where sun debilitates.
When a king goes to bedroom he has to leave ego, for a Queen, A king is a normal human being , she will accept the king as a normal
person in the bed room.
Even people with 7th sun, with constant Sun sadhana, mindset changes and remedies will reach leadership positions. Or get a taste of it. Its not so difficult. 1-2 years this will happen.
But once you assume a leadership position, people dont tell you
what they really think of you. Feedback is often witheld. Without feedback the best of us falter. And with power/ leadership position who could stop the ego trip.
A sun in 7th house person is extremely attuned to the "feelings" of public. His issue is that he would do anything
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#venus & #Mars

The best thing about Mars and Venus conjunction, placement, opposition’s and trine to each other is , it will makes your very passionate in whatever endeavour you follow, either it’s about #relationship, #marriage or in any creative studies or profession
i.e music, #fashion, #beauty, film industry, media, #Sports, #gymming and show biz etc. If we go for majority of views, Venus and mars conjunction usually delays a marriage,a person may remain unmarried if there is involvement of either Saturn or nodes Aspect on this
conjunction in either D1 or d9. If the person is married the native may not have a normal home life due to spouse working in different city or different work culture; however the conjunction itself does not cause any multiple partners either before or after the marriage .
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#love & #relationships in #astrology

When we are talking about Love relationships & Marriage in Astrology the primary planet to look deeply is Placement, dignity, affliction & Strength of Venus for Both male & Female.

As Venus is karka of Relationship & Marriage prosperity.
When Venus is well placed in Natal & Navamsa chart without any blemish one will have good married & relationship life.

These are below factors, combination & source of affliction in Love relationships.

1) Venus & Rahu Conjunction either in D1 Or in D9.
2) Venus & Ketu
3) Venus & Mars
4 ) Venus & Sun
5 ) Venus & Saturn
6) Affliction to 7th Lord
7) Darapada in Dual Signs & in affliction.
8 ) Uppada lagana is in affliction.
9 ) Navamsa 7th & 8th house is in affliction via nodes, Mars or Saturn.
10 ) Mercury & Venus conjunction in D1
& D9
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Voy a intentar sacar tiempo para hablar de lo que he visto y voy a ir viendo en #Sitges2022. No prometo nada. Por cierto, si os encontráis un paraguas rojo es mío. No lo he perdido TODAVÍA, pero... Dadme tiempo.
Y tenemos que empezar por la inauguración. #Venus tiene unas cosas muy potentes y otras que no tanto (ese final?), pero lo mejor es cuando se desata y abraza la locura y la sangre. Es lo mejor de Balagueró desde Mientras duermes.Y Ester Expósito cumple con creces.#Sitges2022
#BrianAndCharles nos enseña en falso documental a un curioso robot casero hecho con un maniquí y una lavadora. Simpática y divertida, pero también formulaica y vista otras veces. A mí me sirve. #Sitges2022
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➡️ Jueves 6 de Octubre 2022⬅️

Sitges 55è Festival internacional de cinema fantàstic de Catalunya

⬇️ ¡Tráileres y Sinopsis! ⬇️ Image
Realizamos RESEÑAS sobre series y películas que vamos viendo a medida que se estrenan tanto en salas de cine, como en plataformas.

Todo ello, siempre desde la mirada del espectador.…
➡️ Sala Auditori Meliá 🎥 09:45
➡️ 1h 25 min

Sessions especials

Un roble de 210 años que se había convertido en un pilar. Desde sus raíces hasta su copa, es el alimento, refugio y protección de un elenco fuera de lo común.

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In #Virgo, we have the representation of the harvest, of the moment of separating the wheat from the chaff.
We can be content to analyze the various differences and components. We can be efficient, precise, and attentive to process.
In #Virgo, we are in preparation mode for the coldness to come.
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It's good to be back! Follow this thread for the video stream & live coverage of tonight's first SFI Community Lecture at @TheLensic in two years, featuring @Sara_Imari on the #physics of living #systems.
And stay tuned for an extraordinary lineup of additional talks this year...
Live stream starts in one minute!
SFI's @ChrisKempes introduces tonight's speaker @Sara_Imari (@sfiscience, @beyond_asu) by quoting #HaroldMorowitz about how, to find life beyond Earth, we must understand the *origins* of life...
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Some #SundayArchaeology #Paleolithic haute couture:

These ab. 25-30k y/o so-called #Venus figurines have been discussed a lot as religious, health & fertility symbols, & mother goddesses.

But some of them offer s glimpse at another interesting, often overlooked details …
A number of these figures also show a couple of details which might be interpreted as headdress - and even #clothing from the Upper #Paleolithic #Gravettian (of which we have little evidence otherwise).
There has been, however, some interesting research on such #iconographic evidence for #clothing, e.g. by O. Soffer et al. in Archaeology Ethnology and Anthropology of Eurasia 1(1), 2000:…
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#Saturn and #Venus is a natural pair. Saturn is the fixed expression of Libra as its middle decan, and also the mutable expression of Taurus as it's third decan, transforming into Gemini. Venus exalts Saturn in Libra, masculine cardinal air sign.
Furthermore, Venus is the cardinal expression of Aquarius, and represents the force the transforms Capricorn into the active + airy Aquarius. These two play a balancing game that highlights important planetary transitions across the zodiac.
Saturn's exaltation in Libra further affirms this connection and importance to finding structure and foundation even in a high-movement sign like cardinal air libra. Saturn is the force that tames Venus, just like Mars is the force that tames Jupiter. Mercury relates the lights.
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#Navamsa is a world of knowledge in itself. Navamsa is also called Baghya-Amsa and Dharma-Asma. The dharma bhava is the 9th and the fruits of dharma is the 11th from it. This is the 7th. No wonder elders have taught that blessing of the spouse accelerates #Spirituality.
The troubles in marriage life is one of the harshest experiences in owns life, The trouble pointers are the 6th, 8th, and 12th FROM the 7th house (In navamsa). #jyotishkatti #marriage #love
The 6th house from D9 lagna will be the 12th from the 7th. This shows the spouse rejections ans losses. This indicates what the spouse is rejecting.

Malefics here can play havoc in married life. More afflictions can point to celibacy. #jyotishkatti #marriage #love #divorce
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