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@BrightonHoveCC @Northern_Bobby @PHE_uk correct PPE:
*** they *already* wear gloves normally
*** hand sanitiser? " " " "

anti-bacterial wipes do NOT work on VIRUSES

as @PHE_uk can confirm.

It is NOT necessary for them to share cabs

Maybe you need to be trained on basics of #Coronavirus BEFORE tweeting.
@BrightonHoveCC @Northern_Bobby @PHE_uk So let me see, @BrightonHoveCC & @Refuserecycling

would send soldiers into battle with ZERO armour?

You need to learn about:

a) #COVID19
b) Health & Safety LAW
c) SIMPLE changes to make HUGE difference.

NO sharing the same cab is NOT written in stone.
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🔊🔊SATURDAY 07/09
#StopTheCoup Protests (A-Z)

#ABERGAVENNY, Market Hall, 19.00
#BIRMINGHAM, Victoria Sq, 14.00
#BOURNEMOUTH, Square, 11.00
#BRISTOL, College Green, 12.00
#CHELTENHAM, The Prom, 12.00
#CHESTER, Bridge st (caffe Nero), 13.00

#CHIPPENHAM, Town Bridge, 11.00
#CIRENSESTER,Market Place, 14.00
#CINDENFORD,35 High street, 18.00
#CUPAR, Cupar Street, 10.00
#ELY, Lighthouse Auditorium, 14.00
#EXETER, Princesshay, 14.00
#FAVERSHAM, Market area(stall), 10.00

#GUILDFORD, high Street(Monsoon), 14.00
#GLOUCESTER, Eastgate Street, 10.00
#HARPENDEN, High Street, 10.00
#HEXHAM, Abbey, 11.00
#HITCHIN, Bancroft Park, 12.00
#HORSHAM,out Cafe Nero, 10.00
#HOVE, Peace statue, 19.30
#KENDAL, New road, 11.00
#LANCASTER, Town Hall, 13.00

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As a member of #Brighton/#Hove's small Jewish community I can tell you that there is something fundamentally wrong with our great city at present. Our community deserves more.
Time and time again these incidents happen here - in our home - and they do not happen without our community shaking their heads in disbelief.

"If you prick us do we not bleed?"
What is it about B&H now that seems to bring out the very worst in some?

What is it that makes some think they can use language they wouldn't dream of using with any other minority community?

Why are we - a comm. that has lived here for 250 years - now feeling so concerned?
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Yesterday we saw a horrendous attack on a Synagogue in San Diego in which Lori Kaye (BDE) was senselessly murdered by a gunman and 3 others wounded. This is not the first nor sadly will it be the last attack on one of our places of worship.
Shortly before y'days attack in San Diego @NudderingNudnik wrote a thread about a credible risk to his own shul here in the UK that was considered of such seriousness that the police felt the need for a high profile presence during the Shabbat service.
You might be thinking these incidents happen in isolation or that the threat to us is minimal or exaggerated.

Sadly that might have been true a few years ago, it is not now!
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Just back from a few days away so sadly missed this. As usual, the hate mongers of @BrightonBDS and @BrightonPSC have taken to lying when the truth doesn't fit their narrative of events.
No intimidation, surrounding nor blocking. It was simply a group of pro-Israel supporters sick to death of the hate, bigotry and lies that the BDS and PSC have been disseminating on the streets of our city for well over a decade. It was Jew (and non-Jew) saying #EnoughIsEnough!
If those happy, smiling faces in the above pictures intimidate you, frankly you are in the wrong game!

Simply @BrightonBDS/.@BrightonPSC hate anyone questioning them, their narrative or their 'motivation!' The right to protest is a right for ALL, not just those that hate!
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Last night approx. 90 people, mainly from the Jewish com. went to see a film - ‘An Israeli Love Story’ @dukesatkomedia in Brighton. What happened both outside the venue & inside left the mainly elderly audience asking if it was safe to leave once the film was finished. 1/
This was #Brighton/#Hove, a City of Sanctuary, liberal, tolerant, diverse. But not for all it’s residents! Over the last number of years we have increasingly been intimidated & bullied by those hiding behind their ‘pro-Palestinian’ agenda.
They have used every possibly opportunity to shout & scream at anything with even the most tenuous link to Israel. Not just politics or politicians, but shops, dance performances and last night, a film.
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