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Over the last 2 months, Russia has undertaken a series of thrusts in eastern #Ukraine to capture territory & weaken Ukraine’s armed forces. Soon, it will be the turn of the Ukrainians to resume their offensive operations. 1/20 🧵 Image
2/ It is important to explore the purpose of these offensives because those planning them will have to balance multiple political, strategic and military imperatives for the coming attacks against Russian forces.…
3/ Purpose in these circumstances is vital. It provides the starting point for strategy, and operational planning. But, it also ensures that those who will participate in these offensives understand why they do so.
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Raport z frontu. Dworiczna - bez większych zmian w przebiegu linii frontu. Od kilku dni z tego regionu nie spływają żadne nowe oraz ciekawe informacje. Wydaje się, że RUS atak w tym kierunku na Kupiańsk zakończył się niepowodzeniem ze względu na opór UA oraz bardzo dużo błota. 1/ Image
Kysyliwka. Tutaj również bez większych zmian w przebiegu linii frontu. Wydaje się, że główne linie obrony UA biegną wzdłuż linii kolejowej z Kuzemiwki na Kysyliwkę, co jest dość naturalnym rozwiązaniem. Z tego regionu pochodzą informacje o bardzo dużej ilości błota. 2/ Image
Swatowo - także nie odnotowano tutaj nowych informacji związanych z postępami UA lub RUS. Błoto oraz rozbudowane pozycje obronne jednej i drugiej strony doprowadziły w tym regionie do czegoś, w rodzaju wojny pozycyjnej. 3/ Image
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"#Xi’s peace offer to #Ukraine should be seen... as a #kabuki dance, in which the peace plan is offered in the full expectation that Ukraine will refuse it while giving the appearance of Chinese good faith, Professor Albion M Urdank wrote for the @FT. ⏬ Image
He believes that "thus spurned, Xi will claim full justification in providing lethal weaponry to #putin so that he may carry on with success... The provision of lethal weaponry to 🇷🇺will mark Xi’s formal break with the west, for which he has been planning."
Professor Albion M Urdank believes Xi "will then turn his gaze to #Taiwan."

I'm not sure #Xi will jeopardize his trade with the #US and the #EU for #putin's strategic blunder.
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La consultation #UkrainesFutureVoices a permis à 20 000 jeunes 🇺🇦 d'exprimer leurs priorités pour leur avenir sur @Make_orgDE, avec 678 propositions et plus de 275 000 votes.

Découvrez leurs 18 priorités dans le rapport final de la consultation⤵️

#Ukraine #StandWithUkraine️
Le rapport complet (en anglais) des priorités de 20 000 jeunes Ukrainiens est à retrouver ici :…

#Ukraine #UkrainesFutureVoices #StandWithUkraine️ #Україна Image
On voit que, malgré la guerre et les difficultés de la vie quotidienne, les jeunes Ukrainiens ont été très nombreux à participer à cette consultation : près de 20 000 participants, dont une grande partie en #Ukraine 🇺🇦⤵️ Image
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America’s efforts to block oil & gas pipelines from #Russia date back to #JFK, who pressured #NATO allies into an embargo of the Friendship pipeline in 1962.

This 2019 Radio Free Europe article on #NordStream2’s construction is quite telling indeed……
#JFK’s 1962 embargo on oil pipes and pipeline technology marked a foundational decision that became a template for future #USSR-USA conflicts, as shown by the embargo on pipeline technologies in the early 1980s by Ronald #Reaganʼs government to halt the Trans-Siberian pipeline.
Let’s go back to the summer of 1961, when — in the words of US delegates at #NATO — the main discursive line was that European countriesʼ Soviet oil & gas trade was allegedly imperiling the security the entire Western bloc.

The Friendship pipeline was a threat, the U.S. said.
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How do Ukraine’s 🇺🇦 and Georgia's 🇬🇪 fights for freedom compare to each other?

UkraineWorld spoke to Bakur Kvashilava, Dean of the School of Law and Politics and Professor of International Relations and Comparative Politics.

Key points – in our brief, #UkraineWorldAnalysis 1/11
There are similarities and differences between #Georgian Abkhazia and South Ossetia in 2008 and Ukrainian #Donbas and #Crimea in 2014. 2/11
The similarities are that #Russia was the main driving force for the separatist aspirations of these regions. Russia was instrumental in making these entities successful on the ground and expelling legitimate state authorities from the territories in question. 3/11
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My Maidan massacre article is accepted by major peer-reviewed journal: Revelations from trial & investigation in #Ukraine confirm that #Maidan protesters & police were massacred by snipers in Maidan-controlled buildings with implications for #UkraineWar 1/…
Online video appendix of my new article shows Maidan massacre trial & investigation testimonies by 52 wounded Maidan protesters about being shot by snipers in Maidan-controlled buildings or witnessing snipers there. Total blackout in Western media. 2/
Another online video appendix of my new article shows Maidan massacre trial testimonies by several dozen prosecution & Maidan witnesses about snipers in Maidan-controlled buildings shooting Maidan protesters & police. Total media blackout. #Ukraine 3/
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The continuing of #Russian offensive operations around #Bakhmut and #Avdiivka, as well as along the #Luhansk and western #Donetsk front lines, is a further indicator that #Putin remains committed to victory in a protracted war. ImageImageImage
It is not a given, nevertheless, that #Putin will continue fighting regardless of cost until the day he dies.

Putin is nevertheless putting no terms for negotiation on the table now other than #Russia’s total success. 2/
The choices before #Ukraine and its Western backers at this time are thus relatively straightforward:

(1) Ukraine can unilaterally cease fighting even as #Russian attacks by ground and air continue, which would lead to disastrous defeat. 3/
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#Putin instead remains focused on achieving his initial war aims through protracted conflict in which he wins either by imposing his will on #Ukraine by force or by breaking #Ukraine’s will following the West’s abandonment of #Kyiv.
Multiple successful #Ukrainian counter-offensives are almost certainly necessary but not sufficient to either persuade #Putin to negotiate on acceptable terms. . . 2/3
. . . or to create military conditions on the ground favorable enough to #Ukraine and the West that continued or renewed #Russian attacks pose acceptable threats to Ukraine or #NATO. 3/3 Image
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[1/🧵] A short synopsis of Joachim Nagel's most recent speech on the future of #economic and #monetary union, presented and released by @OMFIF (@OMFIFDMI). 👇

[2/7] Joachim Nagel, a member of the @bundesbank's Executive Board, discusses:
🔸 #Inflation
🔸 #Monetary policy
🔸 #Fiscal development, ...

... among other topics.
[3/7] According to Nagel, the ongoing #energy #crisis in #Ukraine has resulted in:
🔸 Greater #inflation
🔸 Higher #energy prices ...

... influencing:
🔸 #Industrial costs
🔸 #Financial insecurity.
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Via @dailykos : As the Daily Beast reports, Ben Cohen, founder of Ben & Jerry’s, is funding a campaign against US military support for #Ukraine through the organisation People’s Power Initiative.
Ben Cohen has funded PPI with one million dollars and is the president of the organization. PPI has launched the campaign through a project named Eisenhower Media Network (EMN), which is now pushing a tankie-narrative.…
I realized what he was when he and Jerry threw their support and money behind Bernie Sanders against Hillary and never bought another container of their overpriced ice cream.

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Over 50% of Putin's army may now be KO'ed: my new Kyiv Post story

With >660K possible casualties, Moscow's disintegrating army may have just hit a desperate new milestone: It’s officially combat ineffective

#Ukraine #UkraineRussiaWar #UkraineRussianWar
Of ∼800,000 initial Russian invasion force and troops added later, Ukraine estimated 166,570 were killed as of 3/21

Based on Western estimates of a 3-to-1 wounded-to-killed ratio for Russian losses in the war, that means ∼500,000 wounded, for a total of ∼666,000 casualties /2
Of the Russian wounded, based on calculations using data from previous wars and reports from the current war, I estimate 250,000 have returned to battle, 150,000 still getting medical care and 100,000 are permanently out of action 3/
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The continuation of the battle for one of the positions of the K-2 battalion. 8 Ukrainian defenders vs 30 Russian attackers. This position was lost late in night battle but recaptured in next morning. RIP defenders. PART 1.

#Ukraine #UkraineRussianWar
The continuation of the battle for one of the positions of the K-2 battalion. 8 Ukrainian defenders vs 30 Russian attackers. This position was lost late in night battle but recaptured in next morning. RIP defenders. PART 2.

#Ukraine #UkraineRussianWar
The continuation of the battle for one of the positions of the K-2 battalion. 8 Ukrainian defenders vs 30 Russian attackers. This position was lost late in night battle but recaptured in next morning. RIP defenders. PART 3.

#Ukraine #UkraineRussianWar
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#Russian Mobilization & Force Generation Update:

#Wagner Group financier Yevgeny #Prigozhin accused Russian authorities on March 25 of rewriting the history of the war in #Ukraine to cut out Wagner.
#Prigozhin claimed that unspecified #Russian authorities forced state-controlled media outlet RT—which has consistently promoted #Wagner operations in #Ukraine—to cut the first half of a film on the role of Russian convicts in the war because it centered on the Wagner Group. 2/
#Prigozhin claimed that #Russian authorities want to convince the populace that “pomaded generals” in fancy offices really won the war. 3/
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Was lernt man aus dem geleakten Telefongespräch zwischen einem Musikproduzenten und einem Oligarchen über diese russ. Eliten außer der Tatsache, dass sie sich nur um sich selbst sorgen, in Panik sind, die Sanktionen wirken und sich weiterhin gegen die #Ukraine einsetzen?

Diejenigen, die vom System um Putin profitiert haben, betrachten ihn plötzlich nicht mehr als Retter und beschreiben ihn als reinen 'Medienheld', dem man immer das Skript geschrieben habe, der zur Show aufgebaut wurde und jetzt das "russische Volk begraben" habe. /2
Sie beteiligen sich plötzlich selbst an einer Kritik der Politik der letzten 22 Jahre (verweisen etwa auf vernachlässigte Provinzen), als ob sie nicht selbst zu dieser Politik beigetragen hätten. Weil das alte System an die Wand fährt, arbeiten sie mit Schuldzuweisungen. /3
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Sunday is Day 396 of #Russia's illegal war in #Ukraine. Welcome along to Daily Thread 396 with all the conflict news

The public & some politicians lose interest, just as Putin wants. Don't let them!

If you're able to support me, I'll be very grateful💙💛
A fairly quiet day in #Ukraine yesterday, all things considered. But quite a few mysterious fires in #Russia🔥😉

Catch up on anything you missed on Saturday with this link:


The number of soldiers from #Russia who've died in #Ukraine has passed 170,000 *

It was just 24 days ago that total reached 150k.
The number of tanks and artillery systems destroyed in the last 24 hours is also higher than average.

* Ukraine govt data Image
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Russians are moving Katyusha rocket launchers on Zis-151 or Zil-157 trucks from 1940s or 1950s, headed by even older Zis-6 trucks from 1930s.

#Russia #Ukraine
Sorry, I mean Zis-5. Image
It could be for a parade, but you never know.
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This is visual demonstration how SITU model misrepresented wound locations specified in forensic reports to falsely frame Berkut as killers & whitewash Maidan snipers in buildings. SITU fraud was propagated by @NYT & even some academics. Maidan trial didn't admit it as evidence.
@NYT This visual demonstration corroborates my research showing SITU model's misrepresentation of wound locations specified in forensic reports to frame Berkut as killers & whitewash Maidan snipers. But SITU fraud is still propagated by Western journalists.…
. ImageImage
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🇺🇦 Looking to support #Ukraine but not sure where to start?

Support Ukrainian orgs run by Ukrainians in Ukraine.

It's really quite simple. Image
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1/ 41 Analýza 395. dne ruské invaze na Ukrajinu 25.03.2023
#Aktualita #Ukrajina #Ukraine #Den395 #aktuvalka

Již od rána byly dnes poplachové sirény slyšet na většině východní Ukrajiny a později během dne se po různu střídaly jednotlivé oblasti, kde došlo k vyhlášení. Image
2/ Severovýchodní fronta: Rusové se opět snaží prosadit u Hrjanykivky, která tvoří vstupní bránu na západní břeh Oskilu, ale vzhledem k územním ztrátám, které tu za posledních pár dní zaznamenali, je nepravděpodobné, že by něčeho dosáhli.
3/ Většina linie je až k Ploščance relativně klidná. U té dochází k ruským útokům ve směru na Makijivku. V oblasti Dibrova-Kreminna podnikají Ukrajinci protiútoky směrem na Pryvillju a Šypylivku. U Spirného okupanti zasáhli ukrajinský muniční sklad a došlo k jeho detonaci.
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💥FLASH INFO #Russia 🇷🇺Le PDT #VladimirPutin a confirmé l'envoi d'armes nucléaires tactiques en #Belarus 🇧🇾.
"La #Russie déploiera des armes nucléaires tactiques en Biélorussie, qui borde l'#Ukraine.
#Donbass 🇷🇺 #Crimea 🇷🇺 #Luhansk #Mariupol #Donetsk
#Russia 🇷🇺 #VladimirPutin sur la fourniture d'armes occidentales à l'#Ukraine : il y a des menaces, on connaît ces livraisons.
Selon lui, le conflit en Ukraine avec la fourniture d'armes par l'Occident ne fera que durer.
#Donbass 🇷🇺 #Crimea 🇷🇺 #Luhansk #Mariupol #Donetsk
⚡️ #Russia 🇷🇺 #VladimirPutin : Le 1er juillet, nous achevons la construction d'une installation de stockage d'armes nucléaires tactiques en Biélorussie.
#Belarus 🇧🇾
#Donbass 🇷🇺 #Crimea 🇷🇺 #Donetsk #Mariupol #Luhansk #Zaporizhzhia #Bakhmut #Ugledar
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Bunch of stuff to take away from this map I made about a #Eurobarometer question on support for military aid to #Ukraine — but one is to be wary of anyone who holds forth about what "East-Europeans" think of the war in Ukraine. Image
(That massive north-south contrast should help deconstruct the once ubiquitous label "Central and Eastern Europe"!)

Here's the map on % agreement with military support to #Ukraine. Over 85% in the Nordic countries, Poland, Lithuania, and the Netherlands: Image
And here's the map on the % who disagree with military support to #Ukraine.

Just under a third in Germany, France, Spain; just under half in Austria, Czechia, Hungary; over 50% in Slovakia, Bulgaria, Greece: Image
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😪 Very sad video shared by Russian soldier. A Russian soldier searches the body of a fallen Ukrainian soldier for intel and finds drawings from his children......

#Ukraine #UkraineRussiaWar
He returned papers to the body and covered his face with a jacket........

I was editing video, added blur to hide his face and somehow missed this part. sorry.
I am closing comments section to stop hate speech from any sides.

This video was shared by Russian side with different intention. but i think it has very strong message. Personally I shared this video only to show for what Ukrainian defenders are fighting for.
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