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1/The security assistance came as #Giuliani ramped up his campaign to get President Volodymyr #Zelensky’s administration to open investigations that could damage Biden ahead of the 2020 election.
2/And as #ErikPrince pursued a business deal in Ukraine that would grow his personal portfolio and assist the Trump administration in its foreign policy goal of limiting China’s power and influence, according to four sources familiar with his business endeavors.
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1/3: Es sollte auch für Westeuropäer von Interesse sein, dass dies in der Nähe des grössten Atomkraftwerks Europas in Saporishja passiert. Aber womöglich wird es ja keine EU-Visaerleichterungen für ukrainische Nuklearpartikel im Schengenraum geben...…
2/3: Interessieren würde mich auch, welche Pläne die #EU für ggf. Millionen und Abermillionen ukrainischer #Flüchtlinge hat, welche sich auf den Weg u.a. nach #Deutschland machen werden, sollte es #Russland gelingen, die #Ukraine in den #Staatskollaps zu treiben.
3/3: Unten können sich ja schon mal diejenigen melden, die in diesem Fall ukrainische Flüchtlinge bei sich Zuhause aufzunehmen bereit sind. Vielleicht gleich mit Adresse und Bettenzahl... 😉
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Raise your hands if you think a "non-fascist" regime officially integrates Neonazi brownshirts like Azov & Right Sector into its police, military & security services and reifies Nazi collaborators & Holocaust perpetrators like Bandera, OUN & UPA as heroes & founding fathers?
^The Maiden regime that Zelenskiy inherited in #Ukraine IS a Banderite fascist regime in that the Banderite vanguard fought them into power, maintains them in power, and is hostage to them, because if Zelenskiy moved against them or broke with them ideologically, he would @27khv
^ have a second civil conflict in the country and the Maidan regime would collapse like a house of cards @27khv
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Joe Biden Is No President

“We have put together… and you guys did it for Obama admin before this… the most extensive and inclusive


in the history of American politics!”

#ChinaJoe 🇨🇳
Bye-then Is No President

#ChinaJoe 🇨🇳 #BeijingBiden
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🚨The Feds conducted pre-dawn raids of Rudy Giuliani's home & business, along with the home of Victoria Toensing, who represented Dmitry Firtash, a pro-#Russia Ukrainian mobligarch under indictment in the US.

Team🇷🇺Traitor is gonna go thru some things.😎…
"The execution of search warrants is an extraordinary action for prosecutors to take against a lawyer, let alone a lawyer for a former president."

Meaning: prosecutors had to show evidence that Rudy had committed a CRIME to get the search warrants.

Prosecutors are investigating Giuliani's role in the ouster of then-Ambassador to #Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, who blew the whistle on Trump's corrupt efforts (via Lev Parnas & Igor Fruman) to dig up/make up dirt on Biden in #Ukraine.

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Live: A rally led by #neonazi and radical nationalist organizations in honor of the SS Galicia division is underway in downtown Kyiv. The Kyiv mayor reportedly supported this rally. This is the new low for #Ukraine.
Ukrainska pravda, which is financed by National Endowment for Democracy & NATO Public Diplomacy Program, deliberately omits that this was SS division & repeats far right propaganda that volunteers joined this SS division to prevent Stalinist mass terror.…
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If I had read this in 2014 I never would have believed it. Now that I have lived through it I know that it is absolutely true.
Sorry, guys. American tax payers should not have to suffer this bullshit. There is absolutely no fucking excuse for it.…
Everyone who carried out the psyops should be locked up. They are criminals. #Ukraine
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CIA operations for manufacturing public opinion that never ended:
• CIA front organizations (brick and mortar)
• Congress for Cultural Freedom (culture wars)
• MKUltra (psych)
• Mockingbird (media)
• Rendon Group (brainwashing)
• Paperclip (Nazis)
• Gladio (terrorism)
When you put this all together it at least comprises science and education, mass communications, and “American” culture in general. Not to mention Hollywood and Bollywood. And all of the religions. Oh, and we cannot forget the whole racket of Zionism.
Then, you have to factor in that the depth and breath of this not only exists in the U.S. but certainly the Five Eyes countries, too—UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, not to mention countries like Israel, Germany, Japan, South Korea, India and the Philippines.
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THREAD How worried should US/EU policymakers be about Russia’s harnessing emerging technologies like AI & machine learning (ML) to support its assertive foreign policy agenda? I dug into these issues for a new paper as part of Carnegie’s project, The Return of Global Russia 1/x
There’s no doubt the Kremlin’s ongoing campaign of mayhem (the war in #Ukraine, interference in the 2016 and 2020 US presidential elections, #SolarWinds, etc) has shown Russia’s operators are highly technically capable, operationally aggressive and innovative. 2/x
Part of what makes the Kremlin’s current calling cards so easy to spot—and more difficult to counter or deter—is a remarkable indifference to the knock-on effects of its behavior. This kind of operational art and bravado can mean more sometimes than pure technical chops. 3/x
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#Germany has reportedly rejected #Ukraie's request for military equipment.

Whatever the cause - "provocation of Russia" "undermining position of neutral mediator" "not wanting to get entangled" - it exposes a huge double standard in DE's approach to aggressor & innocent victim.>
Aggressor Russia gets it all. Siemens turbines supplied to RU-occupied Crimea, in violation of #EU-sanctions, to make RU occupation energy sustainable. No consequences except for a meaningless apology.
Germany's Deutsche Bank is the place to go for Russian money laundering schemes and for financing the Kremlin's world-wide corruption. No serious consequences like criminal prosecution - just fines (which are always anticipated and built into the cost of doing business).
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Zuletzt gab es viele Entwicklungen zw. #Russland , #Ukraine und #Belarus , daher gibt´s jetzt einen längeren zusammenfassenden Thread.
- Ukraine bittet Deutschland um Waffen,
- Russland zieht Truppen ab,
- Kiew will Russisch "demonopolisieren"
Viel Spaß beim Lesen👇
Die #Ukraine will von Deutschland Waffen bekommen.
Dazu zählen Flugabwehr, Schiffsabwehr-Raketen, gebrauchte Kriegsschiffe und Minenräumgeräte.
Die MSM bezeichnen das als "Defensivwaffen".
Ob eine Korvette wirklich nur defensiv ist, lässt sich allerdings bestreiten.
Es heißt, insbesondere die CDU habe sich "offen" für solche Waffenlieferungen gezeigt.
Besonders hätten sich dafür Kramp-Karrenbauer und Norbert Röttgen eingesetzt.
Beschlossen wurde dies dennoch nicht, weil sich die SPD dagegen gesträubt hätte.
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1/9 #Ukraine and #Russia- a thumbnail sketch of the battle for language
2/9 It is almost impossible to find a popular history in English which gives an accurate account of the relationship between Russia and Ukraine. I am, therefore, trying to cram a thousand years of history into a twitter thread.
3/9 Ukraine is the successor of Rus, a medieval Slavonic kingdom whose capital was Kyiv and which encompassed what is now North Ukraine and parts of Belarus and western Russia. The country was Christianised by Bulgarian missionaries in the tenth century who brought their language
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1/152 Intermezzo by Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky as a twitter thread #Ukraine #Literature
2/152 I dedicate this to the fields at Kononivka
3/152 Dramatis Personae My fatigue, The pastures in June, The sun, Three white sheepdogs, The cuckoo, The larks, The city’s iron hand, Human woe.
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☝️Despite #Russia’s announcement of the withdrawal of its troops from the borders with #Ukraine starting from today, there are no grounds to believe the de-escalation is to happen soon (thread) ⤵️…
In fact, only the personnel is to be withdrawn to their permanent bases. All the military equipment is staying near the eastern border with #Ukraine. This means that there is still danger that troops will be quickly pulled back again whenever the #Kremlin decides on it.
These facts confirm that still #RussiaEscalates its aggression against #Ukraine:
◾️#Russia keeps refusing bilateral negotiations with Ukraine on the escalation — #Putin agreed to meet the President of Ukraine but explicitly mentioned that discussing Donbas is out of the question;
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1/8 It appears that leaders on both sides of the #Russia -#Ukraine border capitalized on the tension there to make contact with the new U.S. administration. My piece about recent events around #Donbass…
2/8 The current picture bears a lot more resemblance to the eve of Russia’s five-day war with Georgia back in 2008 than it does to events in Ukraine in 2014
3/8 If the previous escalation was preceded by pro-Russian mobilization in the east and south of Ukraine, giving it the appearance of a civil war, then the current tension looks a lot more like maneuvers ahead of a conventional conflict between two armies
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And so, #Russia de-escalates: First at home, and then in Ukraine.

(A quick thread. TL;DR: None of this is over just yet.)

The most recent and very welcome piece of news is Shoigu's announcement that Russian troops will be pulling back from the Ukrainian border. It is very good to know that a full-scale invasion of #Ukraine is apparently not in the offing.…
There will be a lot of mostly pointless arguing over why this happened. Some will claim that Russia never intended to invade. Others will claim that deterrence worked. Only Putin knows, and he isn't talking.

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#BREAKING Russia to end military drills near Ukraine on April 23: minister Image
#UPDATE Russia will on Friday begin returning troops from military drills near #Ukraine that have exacerbated tensions with the West, Defence Minister Sergei #Shoigu (pictured) said Image
#BREAKING Ukraine 'welcomes' drawdown of Russian troops from border: president Zelensky Image
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Here’s an update on how #RussiaEscalates its aggression towards #Ukraine (thread) 👇
⚡️Yesterday, at Putin's annual address to the Federal Assembly, he threatened the West with a harsh response to actions that, in his opinion, would threaten Russia's security. As we all know, they include Ukrainian resistance to Russian aggression and its Euroatlantic aspirations
⚡️The Russian occupation forces have been stepping up measures to recruit locals of the occupied territory of Donetsk and Luhansk regions for the so-called "military service" in its army corps since April 20.
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WE ASK: What is the relationship between media consumption & believing disinformation abt protests? Employing #panelsurvey in #Ukraine we examine media consumption among protest participants & non-participants + supporters & non-supporters… @AKaratnycky
TESTING THEORIES: on #AffectivePolarization #SocialMediaEffects & the role of #OldMedia (namely TV) & #StateMedia (namely #Russian owned TV) + #Ukraine context-specific expectations on #ethnolinguistic #identity divides… @EricaChenoweth @civilresistance
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1/Story @BylineTimes needs to be looked at.
We need to understand what happened, who all was involved & there must be accountability to restore trust & integrity for the sake of Democracy.
Did #CambridgeAnalytica Collude w/Russia's Intelligence Svcs TO INTERFERE IN US ELECTIONS?
2/ Cambridge Analytica, had a degree of intersection with and proximity to Russia, and specifically Russia's intelligence services". -- Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
#KonstantinKilimnik #PaulManafort #Ukraine #RickGates #SteveBannon #CambridgeAnalytica
3/Three foreign-based "Influence for Hire" co's that played a role in the 2016 Election:
#PsyGroup (Israeli based - founded by Joel Zamel)
#ColtVentures (linked to Michael Flynn)
"micro-targeting social media messaging" much like those of the IRA.
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I cannot believe that the U.S. Government (CIA) employs this slag to tweet this shite. Americans should demand their taxes back. #OperationMockingbird
NO MORE WAR! #Ukraine
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Ukraine as we once knew it no longer exists. There is a guy in a CIA basement somewhere moving the marionette Ukrainian President Zelensky's strings. The CIA doesn’t care what happens to the people in Ukraine. I think it is better to face the truth than to have delusions.
I firmly believe that if Americans really knew where there tax dollars were going, people would refuse to pay federal taxes. America is being run by a criminal organization.
NO MORE WAR! #Ukraine
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Orthodox Christian Easter is 12 days away. That is the timetable.
NO MORE WAR! #Ukraine
Ukraine is not being attacked. The Ukrainian army with American backing has been attacking the separatists in Donbas. Word is that the Ukrainian military has planned to increase that attack on Donbas in time for Easter. Russia is a third party. This is about the CIA.
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There's been no official communication from the government of #Russia regarding its potential expulsion of US diplomats from Moscow, says @StateDeptSpox.
#Russia disinformation campaign is designed to falsely blame #Ukraine for actions by the Kremlin, says @StateDeptSpox.
Ambassador Sullivan coming back from Moscow for consultations and to see his family, says @StateDeptSpox. "The ambassador has not been expelled" or ordered out of the country.
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