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Important interview with Dr Vladimir Zelenko in this week’s issue of ⁦@Ami_Magazine⁩ about his cure for #coronavirus that ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ and ⁦@RudyGiuliani⁩ have expressed confidence in.
Dr. Zelenko tells @Ami_Magazine that he has treated over 900 #COVID2019 patients with hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, and zinc; zero deaths so far. He predicts that #Ukraine will be the first country to adopt his treatment. READ the fascinating interview in this week’s issue.
GOOD NEWS: @VP Mike Pence announced Sunday that hydroxychloroquine will be used in a trial of 3,000 patients at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, and the results will be tracked in a formal study.
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Senior Associate Counsel in the Office of @WhiteHouse White Counsel Brian D. Miller named by @POTUS to be Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery in @USTreasury.
Peter M. Thomson, an attorney at Stone Pigman Walther Wittmann, named @CIA inspector general.
Jason Abend, a @CBP senior policy advisor, is @POTUS intended nominee to be @DeptofDefense inspector general.
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Part 1 {Thread to Document}:

Joe Biden, Biden Family, Burisma #Corruption

“Report Shows Joe Biden Stole $140 Million From US Federal Treasury & Transferred the $$ to Rosemont Seneca, Purportedly
For Bank Bailouts & Then to His Personal Account in the Cayman Islands”

“Financial records showing a Ukrainian natural gas company routed more than $3 Million to American accounts linked to Hunter Biden, younger son of Then-VP Joe Biden, who managed US-Ukrainian relations for the Obama administration.”
“Biden’s son served on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company, Burisma Holdings.”

“Records show that then-VP Biden pressured Ukrainian officials in March 2016 to fire the prosecutor who oversaw an investigation of Burisma Holdings & who planned to interview Hunter Biden...
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Der Klassenkampf von oben geht immer weiter!
Immer mehr sollten von unten nach oben umverteilt werden! Gerade in Krisen!
Das widerlichste sind ex-Piraten, jetzt schwarz-grüne Anti-Russland-Kriegshetzer und NATO-Trolle als Teil der NATO-Eskalations-Maschinerie - insbesondere wenn sie nicht dumm sind, sondern .... wessen Geld, dessen Lied....
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While everyone is understandably focused on #COVID19, something potentially very important happened in the peace process on #Donbas #Ukraine a few days ago. Warning, very long thread to follow.
On 11 Mar., parties to the war in Donbas agreed at a #Minsk Trilateral Contact Group (#TCG) meeting to form an Advisory council starting 25 Mar. This is big news.
The stated goal is to allow #Kyiv to negotiate implementation of the 2015 Minsk II agreements, which outline a political settlement to the conflict, with those directly concerned: residents of territories currently outside government control.
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#Covid_19 #BreakingNews
Scientific reports from the #Wuhan Virology Lab confirm,
HIV was introduced into the COV virus strain or SARS.

#Covid_19 needs to be examined from the HIV markers in the report.

The lab is only 30 miles from the #WuhanCoronovirus 1st report

This is the full scientific report
Where they talk about adding HIV to the SARS virus

Scientific report # 2
It begins off in the first paragraph talking about how the HIV was introduced to the wars virus.
It is an extension of their research from report 1.

Where is the media on This?
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2/ 911 - 19 - 33 number connections? 🤔
19 Terrorists - Nov 3 = 11/3 = 33
Nov 3rd 2014 was The One World Trade Center Opening

ARE WE LOOKING AT 911 Disclosure? Is a certain Whistleblower involved?
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump…
3/ Trump Promised 911 Disclosure.
👉🏻PINKY PROMISE👈🏻 @SecPompeo
Watch says Memory
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump…
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Today I’d like to introduce you to the US Government’s investigation into Russian Interference in 2016

I’ve been told this proves once and for all that Bernie & the #BernieBrothers are nothing but pawns on the Ruskies' chessboard!

Shocking, I know; it's meant to be.
Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Vol. 1

This is all sorts of redacted, it’s all “Russian Active Measures,” doesn’t really mention the campaigns specifically outside of repeating a planned hashtag against Hillary if she won.…
Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Volume Two, all the Social Media stuff.

pp 33, 34

Bernie's, 1st Mention… Trolls on "Both SIdes" were anti-Clinton, and supported all other candidates to try to take her down.…
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@decolonize_this UNMASKED.
On Jan. 28/20 a video appeared on #Twitter calling for a flash mob of anarchy in #NYC
Accompanied by the #'s
#FTP3 #J31
(Fuck the police 3 and on Jan 31) This being the 3rd flash mob.

#COVID19 #earthquake #IWD2020 #BreakingNews
Video calling for #j31 #ftp3
In #NewYork

Do these people not know that masks and voice changing software is nologer an issue.

Last page will link to the full article for anyone who wishes to take a deeper dive
learn about the A.I tech being used for this unmasking.

This movement needs to be unmasked as you will see this group supports terrorism.

Their goal is to brainwash and manipulate
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Some more sober thoughts on the short and medium economic repercussions on the decisions to remove #Rjaboshapka and drastically change the Ukrainian cabinet.

A thread. #Ukraine.

the short-term: @LIGAnet, Ukrainian business outlet, reported that @MorganStanley recommended selling Ukrainian government bonds. “We recommend selling Ukraine-2030 Eurobonds and buying Egypt-2031 bonds,” the report stated. So traders are spooked.
As @tashecon, one of the sharpest econ analysts, argues in his op-ed for @KyivPost the 🇺🇦 macroeconomic setting was the best in 30 years. That seems in peril.
Look especially at the IMF-Ukraine relations, how negotiations continue & whether they succeed /3…
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Opinion💭by @SharylAttkisson

A new order by the #FISA Court sets forth and reviews specific changes in the wake of gov't #Wiretapping abuses. (Thread👇)…
The most noteworthy item bars the @FBI and @TheJusticeDept officials who were involved in the controversial #Wiretaps from “drafting, verifying, reviewing, or submitting” new #FISA applications while their actions are under review.
The @JusticeOIG flagged #FISAabuse in the wiretapping of @CarterWPage. The #FISA Court and #DOJ have determined that at least 2 of the 4 wiretaps against Page were improper and are invalid.
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90 + high level resignations in the last 7 days.
This list only includes top level positions, such as:

Board members

Notables names that may be linked to currently sealed indictments.

Reasons with a ☆ are my opinion from previous research
Notables :

□ Disney CEO
Bob Iger : Child abuse ☆
□ Victoria's Secret
Les Wexner : Child abuse
□Black Rock Inc
Barb Novick : Slush funds ☆
US Democrats involved
□Nygard International Fashion
Ceo/Executive : Sex trafficking models and minors…
Notables Resignations
□Warner Bro's
Dee Dee Myers •
Head of Communications and former @BillClinton Press Sec.
□Dept of Defense
John Rood + 5 others since Dec 2019

@BreitbartNews @FoxNews #Trump #Sanders #COVIDー19
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THREAD: For years, the Kremlin's been embracing populists & nationalists across Europe & U.S. Yet how have things played out for some of its closest allies in Italy/Austria? Not quite like Moscow hoped, according to the newest installment of Carnegie’s #GlobalRussia project 1/
The #GlobalRussia project has focused on Russia’s growing assertiveness in regions the Kremlin largely neglected after the Cold War—eg the Middle East, NE Asia, Latin America, and Africa. Europe is another story: it has always been too important for the Kremlin to ignore. 2/
Moscow has trouble distinguishing Europe from the threat posed by the US which is why it looks for ways to plant wedges. Post-2014 realities (sanctions, diplomatic isolation, NATO deterrence moves) have encouraged Moscow to meddle more blatantly in European domestic politics 3/
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A Putin-Erdogan meeting is expected once the military operation in #Idlib reaches its objectives and imposes the Astana agreement by force where Turkey failed to do so in more than a year over HTS, ak al-Nusra (former ISIS in Syria, former al-Qaeda in Syria) et al.
The Syrian Army is preparing a large offensive and Russia is very angry.

Dangerous combination in the next 24 hours.
33 Turkish officers killed and 36 wounded by a Russian raid on a Turkish convoy in rural #Idlib (#Syria) last night.

#Russia is replying to the Turkish supply of MANPADs to Jihadists, a very serious matter jeopardizing Russian pilots safety and a change of the Rule of Engagement
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Official documents confirm
used to unite the #worldwide common enemy.
Create a global #Communist government.
End all sovereignty, all rights, bankrupt countries, remove the middle class and enslave us into super cities
Agenda 21
A United Nations document that under "sustainable development" takes away all private ownership from every aspect of life and gives full control to government.
Includes property, assets, money, water, minerals, land, family business etc.

While reseaching @JoeBiden
@BarackObama and #Ukraine
I discovered that the US in association the the IMF have been giving billions in loans to help countries become more energy efficient.

However loans are so big and the interest is so high that those countries will
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Early 2000s

LDS Church was in Saudi Arabia building water treatment plant for leper colony, according to wife of General Authority.

GA's son was Mitt Romney's top aide, on Ann's medical board.

WTF were they in Saudi Arabia in such an isolated place?

#QanonLDS #MormunMafia
Church claims to be doing missionary work around the globe. Absolutely NO REASON to be in Saudi Arabia when ppl weren't free to mention religion, proselyte.

200 temples, $100Billion Ensign Peak ..

#EnsignPeak #wellhellzbellz #QanonLDS #MormunMafia #CIAfront #CabalChurch
Church sends retired couples all over world. Friends were sent to Turkey. Can't proselyte there.

Couple had to come up w/own humanitarian projects. Wife felt it was pointless. Church asked them to extend time.

Does missionary system double as a CIA front?
Members R in the dark
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1/ “Even if a new president proposes sweeping reforms, Congress would block or severely #weaken them. In #foreignpolicy, however, a new president could reshape the world with a few strokes of the pen. @StephenKinzer
@stephenkinzer 2/ “A president could bring the U.S. back into the Iran nuclear deal; lift sanctions on Venezuela; offer to begin peace talks with Russia & China; pull American troops out of the ME; stop promoting the overthrow of foreign governments @StephenKinzer
@stephenkinzer 3/ 3 candidates are fully wedded to the paradigm of #conflict & #confrontation that shapes American #foreignpolicy: #JoeBiden, #AmyKlobuchar, & #PeteButtigieg.
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This thread is inspired by the conversation I'm involved in with @cchukudebelu, @dondee_don and a few others.

Will #Nigeria break up? Maybe. But it will be very messy as there are issues that need sorting, and they are, well, difficult...
The first thing is to understand the place of geography in determining how people behave, and how it shapes their interactions with the world.

I have given this presentation many times. I always start with this map...
You see, #Russia may be the largest country by area, but geography has dealt them a bad hand in terms of location. Asides the Crimea (Azov) all of Russia's ports are located in areas that are frozen for a good portion of the year.

Since sea trade is vital, the Crimea IS vital.
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The Spring Meetings of the Boards of Governors of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank Group (WBG) will take place in Washington, DC, April 13-19, 2020
The IMF & Ukraine #FollowTheMoney…

Who is behind the target of Trump? Which began 2015/2016

And did they launder money through Ukraine into dirty politician hands?

Where are HRC servers?
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🔥In #Ukraine, mass protests broke out after a “viral” email claiming to be from Ukraine’s health ministry falsely reported 5 cases of #coronavirus, on the same day evacuees from #China arrived.

But the email originated from OUTSIDE Ukraine.

Mass riots broke out in #Ukraine to protest the arrival of evacuees from #China's Hubei province, fearing they were infected with #coronavirus, based on a FAKE “viral” email—originating OUTSIDE Ukraine—sent to #Ukraine’s Health Ministry ENTIRE email list.

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Heavy Russian attack on the Ukrainian front in northern Lugansk province.
Heavy weapons used.
Dead and wounded on both sides.
Attack lasts for four hours now.
At least one Ukrainian position temporarily overrun.
Ukrainian reinforcements on the way.
Russian side confirms fighting, but - of course - blames Ukraine (see below).
🚨 National Security and Defense Council to convene in Kyiv in two hours.
Updated map.
These are the locations where fighting is reported (by both sides).
#PutinAtWar #Ukraine
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The #IMF that asked @realdonaldtrump to hold back #lethalaid to #Ukraine until they sent investigators into #PrivatBank to get all the important documents proving corruption. Once docs received, they told @POTUS to go ahead and release the aid.
@realDonaldTrump @POTUS So contrary to what the #impeachmenthoax Dems were saying, the President did not hold monies back without the #IMF telling him to as they were neck deep into their investigation of #PrivatBank which is also owned by the same person who owns #Burisma, Ukrainian Mykola Zlochevsky.
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A bunch of Democrats are involved. That's why they're freaking out about #Ukraine They send USAID to other countries, disguise it as loans thru several banks & steal it. Money-laundering schemes.That's why Trump paused aid/to make sure Prez Zelensky wasn't corrupt. Impeach Trump?
Slush funds for the global elite. Sick yet?
What do these people have in common?
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