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I probably don't need to tell you that the next chapter, Still Life, starts with a pretentious quote.

I am not exactly thrill with #HellMother 's decision to reveal that Zack went through a phase of spreading his own feces all over himself and his bedroom. Remember, she has no real consent from him to tell any of this.

But considering they lock him in his room at night, a bit of
smeared feces to clean up seems less than they deserve.

Also, chill, #HellMother. At four *I* jumped through a glass table *in a store*. Feces? Not the worst thing you could've ended up dealing with.
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The next chapter, Positive Reinforcement, forces me to engage with one of #HellMother's quotes again.

"If punishment is the bad guy of ABA, who is often misunderstood...Then reinforcement is the hero of ABA, who is loved by all."
"Zack now comes willingly to the table to sit for drills, wholly compliant in line with our aspirations."

Wow. I don't even need to comment on that one. It speaks for itself.

#HellMother "'Compensating behaviors' in ABA-speak refers to functioning which allows the child to stifle his autistic tendencies in favor of conventional behaviors. Expressive language, suppression of tics, cluing in to social cues, all allow the child to function enough to
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Chapter Ten (I think?) is called 40 Hours and I know I said I wasn't going to engage with #HellMother 's quotes anymore, but I kind of need to.

"Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal." - Albert Camus

I am infuriated by her use of such a
quote. Look, I never had ABA. I was diagnosed too late (at age nine) and was considered "high-functioning" (*shudder*). (#HellMother)

Yet one could make the argument that I went through a sort of ABA of society. In being called "high-functioning", I became convinced that this
meant I HAD to do better, to appear more "normal", to be able to make friends and look people in the eye and do all those other things. Surely, I thought, if I'm high-functioning this means I should expect more from myself. (#HellMother)

But I could not succeed. I was still too
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Returning to #HellMother 's book, we start chapter nine, Picture a Staircase, with a horrific quite about ABA and how subjecting small children to 40 hours of therapy a week for years on end makes them "indistinguishable from their peers" and is considered the "best outcome."
Those who had a mere *gag* 10 hours a week did not turn into perfect little neurotypicals, and so ABA--which is literally the same thing as gay conversion therapy--became the go-to.

#HellMother is now joined by Hell Everyone Else, since people still allow and ENCOURAGE this.
Any allistics reading this: I encourage you to consider what it feels like to have your own mother hate what you are so much that she's willing to put you through 40 hours a week of therapy to "rescue" you.

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Chapter eight is called A Toxic Womb and I refuse to engage with this woman's asinine quotes any longer.

SOMETHING about you is definitely toxic, #HellMother.
"Our house is a tomb and we are walking cadavers."

NO ONE HAS DIED! Autism is NOT a fate worse than death. Just stop with this shit. #HellMother
"And Zack, staring vacantly into the distance, is a constant reminder that, while the physical child is still present, his very essence is not."

I am close to the point of tears. This will be my last chapter today. I simply cannot take much more of this right now. #HellMother
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Moving on to chapter seven: Thank You, Doctor.

I hear my silence talked of in every lane;
The suppression of a cry is itself a cry of pain. -- Darshan Singh

Look, at this point I don't even know what to say about #HellMother 's quotes anymore.

What the hell is going on here? @KaelanRhy how did you not break something over this formatting? It's literally giving me a headache. #HellMother
"Do his feet seem firmly and flatly planted to the floor or is there bobbing or bouncing?"

A 19-month-old child bobbing and bouncing is only stigmatized when someone suspects autism. Remember that. #HellMother
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Chapter five is called New Beginnings and starts with a movie quote:

"Fortune smiles at some and laughs at others."

Yeah, we get it, you think your autistic kid is some kind of unfair punishment. Move on, #HellMother.
Hey, instead of telling couples who want to adopt to never give up on getting an infant, you could've, oh I dunno, reminded them that hundreds of perfectly wonderful kids in the system could really use a good home.

But of course that wouldn't be perfect enough.

"His head circumference, balanced features, dark hair and ruby lips are perfection."

Look, I get it #HellMother, at the time you were practically ODing on positive hormones, but there is still something icky about describing a baby this way.
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Back to the salt mines known as AUTISM UNCENSORED. All trigger warnings still apply.

Chapter four is called Thoroughly Vetted and starts with some lyrics from a REM song because this woman is so goddamn pretentious. #HellMother
"I mourn my former physical autonomy but can't possibly share my irrational fears with anyone else because I know how selfish it sounds."

Then why are you having this kid!? #HellMother hates this so intensely, I just can't understand why she went through with it.
It's okay not to want children!
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Starting a new thread for chapter three of Autism Uncensored. This will be the last one for the night, lest I lose my will to live. (Also why is this book so friggin' long?)

Ironic Gestation starts thus:

We plan, God laughs. -- Yiddish Proverb

My autistic Jewish self is not amused. #HellMother
"From the moment of my birth I was destined for adulthood."


Well yeah, what do you think people are destined for? Goathood? #HellMother
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Who's ready for a trash fire? #HellMother
Autism Uncensored is a pretty ironic name when you consider what I'm likely to say about this heap.

Though I'd like to take a moment to shout out to whatever drunken baboon formatted this thing. It looks like ass on my kindle. #HellMother
Also I want to make it clear that this ENTIRE THREAD carries with it a trigger warning, big time. Feel free to blacklist the hashtag #HellMother if you don't want this coming across your TL.

With that said, let's get started.
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