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Text: Genesis 17:1
Title: Having a closer walk with God.


Our work and walk with God, as believers, is for a purpose; there's a destination.

Walking with God is with awareness' you know it and God knows it too.
Walking with God is more internally than externally.

God desires that we are close to Him. God's purpose of creation is to walk with Him. Leviticus 26:12

When you are closer to God, it becomes more easier to recognize His voice.
There are levels in walking with God but we can always be closer irrespective of the level we are.

Your closeness to God is determined by you. Also, know that God wants you.

You have the right to come before God by yourself and He desires that we come boldly. Hebrews 4:16
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Text: Numbers 23:19, Malachi 3:6, James 1:17
Title: Not in God's Character


God is not a man that should lie. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Some things are consistent with the nature of God.
1. It's not in the nature of God to fail. Psalm 77:8
God has proven overtime that He never fail.
Rest your mind when you have promises from God, they will ALL come to pass. Isaiah 55:11
2. It's not in His nature to abandon His own. If you're on God's side, He will never abandon you. Psalm 37:17,25

God can show up in ways you don't imagine but He will never abandon you. Psalm 37:39
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Text: 1Corinthians 4:20 (MSG)
Topic: The Empowered Life


Empowerment: The process of becoming stronger and more confident, taking responsibility for your life.
Also means equipping with adequate information.

The life of a Christian is an empowered life.

The intention of God for every of His child is to know His ways and secrets.

Outcomes of an empowered life
1Peter 1:3-5, 2Peter 1:2-4
This empowered life has been given to us through Jesus.

1. The empowered life should be seen in a believer.
A life that is empowered is a life with victory and result.
The desire of an empowered life I to leave the common level to uncommon level
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Text: Luke 19:1-10
Topic: Positioning for divine uplifment


Upliftment talks about an upward shift.
Whichever aspect you are trusting God, this month of June you shall experience upliftment in Jesus name.
Way to experience upliftment.
1. Divine alignment
- A hungry seeking heart will always find God.

2. Divine positioning
- Sometimes, some of your disadvantages are advantages in disguise.
- Positioning is important in receiving from God.
- If you're on the right track, be sure it will soon be your turn.

- Every view of your life should be a view that aligns with God's.

How to be positioned for upliftment.
1. Re-align yourself with God.
- Anyone who wants to receive from God must be well aligned with God.
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Title: The Mindset of a believer
Text: 2Corinthians 5:17


Mindset is an attitude or way of doing things; a pattern of behaviour.

Our mindset as a believer should be that of a redeemed person. 2Corinthians 5:17
Philippians 2:5-8
As a believer, a mind that should be in you should be of Christ.

1Corinthians 2:16
If you have the mind of Christ, then you should be able to guard your heart, attitude and all.

Mindset guides and directs all you do
Even when going through negative circumstance, our mindset should be to speak positively in accordance with God's word.

Our confession should be such that even when things happen as setback, it should not be accepted as failure.
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Text: Matthew 6:25-33
Title: The way of the seekers


When it comes to the matter of the kingdom, you cant do away with sacrifice.
Matthew 4:24-5:1

The Kingdom of God is beyond the physical senses.
Seeking God's Kingdom is the way to be all He has destined you to be. You are a product of eternity in mind.

God loves you more than you love yourself.

Whatever you seek outside of God's Kingdom is error.

When you seek God's Kingdom, you get busy with the agenda of God.
A person of the Kingdom is only interested on what God is saying.

Jeremiah 3:15

The same way you seek the Kingdom of God, you are to seek His righteousness tenaciously too.

The laws of the Lord comes from His nature.

Hosea 10:12
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Text: Romans 2:26
Title: Growth


In the place of growth, it is essential to b truthful to one self.
Isaiah 6:5

In our dealings with God, we are judged differently am so is our assignment and persecution.
Desire to hear God should be what compels us, as believers, to study and come before His presence.

Ephesians 5:13
Growth is inevitable in the Kingdom of God

1Corinthians 3:15
Ask God for grace to grow in Him
We grow in Christ in Jesus name.
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Text: Psalm 19:1-11
Title: A word for you


There's always a word for every situation. This is not words from men or friends but the throne of grace.

There's no situation you find yourself in that takes God by surprise and there's provision
available for every situation you find yourself in.

Since nothing takes God by surprise, there's always a word for that situation. Once you locate the word, that's the end of the trouble.

A word from God will settle your worries, fears and agitation.
God is always interested in helping you out and granting you testimony.

Until you locate that word, you'll still be struggling and suffering.

2Samuel 5:17-25. Always search the word of God to know what He's saying concerning every situation
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Text: Genesis 22:8-14
Title: The Lord will provide


No matter your need or the situation you are trusting God for, the Lord will provide.
The statement 'God will provide' is a statement of truth. Matthew 6:26

Psalm 91:2
Our God is all in all.

This provision concerns material and non material things.

God is our provider, shelter and hiding place. 2Corinthians 1:3
Part of God's provision is comfort and healing.

James 1:5. God provides wisdom.

For every of our needs, there's always God's provision. Philippians 4:19

Some of God's provision.
1. To the Israelites Deuteronomy 2:7,
2. To Elijah. 1Kings 17:6-9,
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Text: John 10:1-6
Title: Are you a sheep?


- John 10:3. Do you know Jesus? Do you know Him personally and intimately.
Can you say you know the voice of the Shepherd?

God is beyond a formula; you can't use formula to get His attention.

If you're numbered among the sheep, what have you received from Him?

Acts 10:3

Beyond signals, God can communicate to you through dreams.
In the journey of the Spirit, it is up to you not to God.
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Text: Isaiah 49:14-24
Title: God has not forgotten you


- God is telling us that he has not forgotten us, despite the fact that a nursing mother forgets her child.
- He further promises that all the enemies will be destroyed. God is telling us to wait in him,despite what we're passing through.
-Nothing can touch us because we're hidden in him.The judgement of God will come on the enemies,all we need is to wait in him
-God promise to contend with those who contended with us ,also he will save us
-God will destroy the enemies of those who belongs to him
-Heb 13:5-6, God is telling us that he is our helper,we should not be afraid of anything.
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TEXT: Psalm 121:1-2


- When you're divinely helped, you receive supernatural support and service beyond human level.
- The true help of a believer is from God. Jeremiah 3:23; Isaiah 41:13
- When God helps a man, shame is far from such a man. Isaiah 50:7
- In this month, the Lord will help you. Exodus 14:14

Ways God can help you.
1. Through Heavenly Hosts. Matthew 4:11; Luke 22:41-43

2. Slowing down or frustrating the enemy. Exodus 14:24-25; 2Chronicles 32:8
- When God shows up, He'll always fight your battle. Genesis 24:40-42

3. When God grants speed. Psalm 46:5
- God can make it happen so fast and so early
Mark 15:40-44
God will cause men to assist your out their resources.
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Text: 2Timothy 2:15
Title: Approved Unto God.



- It is dangerous to continually live based on the approval of men because the approval of men is nothing when it comes to the things of God.
- It is important of for you to be approved of God.

- Living under the approval of men is illegal to God.

- You can be approved by God; Moses, Joseph, Jesus were all approved by God.
- The standard of God is high and it is very possible you meet up.

-The true test of God is your status after you've gone through temptation. 1Corinthians 10:13
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Text: Luke 22:32
Title: Be Converted


- John 10:10
Satan is the father of lies; that is his pattern and he still does that today.

- There are challenges that makes a believer to fall back. Luke 22:32
- Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. Romans 8:38

- Hebrews 7:25 It is an encouragement that Christ is praying for us.
Ephesians 6:10

- When our faith is being challenged, we should know that it enables us become stronger.
- Whatever the challenge is, don't throw in the towel. Always strengthen yourself knowing that God is with you.
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TEXT: Exodus 19:4-6


- The entirety of our lives hangs on the choices we make.
- God's intention for man is to be a priest. Revelations 5:10
- For a man to become a priest, there is a process of priesthood. Even though Adam failed (Genesis 3:8), the concept of priesthood has not changed.

- It is expedient for man to understand that he is a priest unto God. Ephesians 1:3-6; Romans 8:29
- It is wise to align ourselves into God's original design. Genesis 1:26-27

PRIEST: someone consecrated to serve a god; stands as a representative and preserver of the ordinances of a god. Malachi 2:7

- A priest is a messenger and can also move the hand of God. Genesis 8:20-22
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TEXT: Psalm 34:1-12


- There are some level of success, attainment and achievement that a man gets to and it becomes impossible to hide. 1Samuel 21:11
- Even if you're not aware, the devil is aware of the provisions and greatness ahead of you and he's ready to combat it.

- Stop pretending and start taking responsibility for your life; dont take it easy on the devil.
- Consistently stay sensitive in the Spirit at all times. 1Samuel 21:12

- Do not be naive.

TO TASTE and SEE means to come and experience the good ness of God all round.
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TEXT: 1Corinthians 9:24-27

- Recipes are things combined together to achiev something

- It is God's mind for every child of God to win. No one is born a loser.
- We all have a race to run. Hebrews 12:1-2 and you are not the one to decide the race your run but God.
- In every race, there's always a lot of distraction and it can even come from unlikely quarters.

- Note that it's not everyone that run wins; run in such a way that you will win.
May you get to win in the name of Jesus.
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Text: John 10:1-5
Title: The Believers' Instinct

- The sheep is figurative of we believers and the Shepherd id Jesus. John 10:11
- A true believer have some instinct that are already developed which helps them not to miss out of life.
- The Instinct talks about a way or manner of behavior which is not learned; natural desire or tendencies that makes a believer act in a particular way. Ephesians 4:22-24
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TEXT: 1Kings 17:1-16
TITLE: Dynamics of God's Provision

As you stay per time/season in the place where He wants you to stay, it is prerogative for Him to provide for your need. Psalm 104:27, 145:15-16, 136:25, 147:9.

God always provide for His own, those who live according to His will. Matthew 6:26
At every stage of every believer's life, there's always a provision available. 1Kings 17:7

beyond food, provision to a man can be material or non material.

1. Abraham.
2. Isaac. Genesis 26:1-2
3. The Israelites
4. Jesus
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TEXT:Ephesians 2:4-5, John3:27-31
TITLE: Beyond Limitations
Limitation is something that control the size or extent of something. Limitation also determines how much of a thing is possible. It controls what a person is able to do, placing a limit on what is achievable.
The human mind has placed a strong limitation around it, contrary to #dominion that God had in mind at the beginning (Genesis 1:26). It sets the limits to what one can attain.
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Topic: Grace for Speed
Text: 1Kings 18: 41-46

Elijah was a man of faith. One who believed strongly in the word of God. He made sure He held on to the promise of rain even when it didn't seem like it. He was persistent till the fulfillment of the word came.
Faith is described as continued action in the absence of evidence.

When you have Grace for Speed, all other natural laws are suspended. People will question your victories and accomplishments because it's unfathomable by human understanding.
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TEXT: 2Corinthians 9:14-15

- Exceeding means to surpass or to transcend and grace is an unmerited favor.
- Exceeding grace is a type of grace that eliminates all human possibilities.
- Exceeding grace is an unmerited grace and it is one of God's promises to us.
1Timothy 1:14

- The grace of God is limitless. No matter what you are passing through, the exceeding grace of god is able to move you from the level of ordinary to extraordinary.
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Come breathe your name upon us breathe x2
YHWY is your name breathe Lord
Come breathe Your name upon us breathe.

Text: 1Peter 2:9
- The identity of a man is what a man represents or where he's from.
- It constitutes the reality of what a man is or what he stands for.
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