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Darwin worried about the impact of Christian concern for "the imbecile, the maimed & the sick" for this very reason. "No one who has attended to the breeding of domestic animals will doubt that this must be highly injurious to the race of man."
Darwin himself remained sufficiently the child of his Christian upbringing to find this a very distressing reflection. Others, in due course, would not...
"Homo sapiens is just another species. To insist otherwise is to cling to the shattered fragments of religious belief. Yet the implications of this view - which the Nazis, of course, claimed as their sanction for genocide - remain unsettling for many." #Dominion
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1/ I had to order some Christian Reconstructionism primary sources from the Chalcedon Foundation for research purposes, and they sent me their "ministry news report." Don't think the Rushdoony crowd is dead; they're still around.

#Dominion #ChristianReconstructionism
2/ They also sent me their bi-monthly newsletter. One of the short articles is about the Book of Revelation and how Rushdoony personally embraced the "idealist" perspective, even if he also promoted the "preterist" view.

#Dominion #ChristianReconstructionism
3/ For those interested, more primary sources can be found on the Chalcedon Foundation website. The site also contains blog posts and information on Rushdoony and Christian Reconstructionism, through the work of his son Mark Rushdoony.

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To Burford, where on 13 May 1649 Cromwell launched a night attack on a Leveller-inspired mutiny in the New Model Army, preparatory to its departure for Ireland. (The episode features in #Dominion...)
340 men were imprisoned by Cromwell overnight - one of them, Anthony Sedley, scratched his name on the leadwork of the font, & described himself as a ‘prisner’. 3 of the mutineers were subsequently shot in the churchyard. A plaque commemorates them as Leveller martyrs.
Burford Church is also notable for featuring a Green Man & this enigmatic sculpture, high on the tower. It was long taken to portray the flight of the Holy Family, but may originally have portrayed the Romano-Gallic horse goddess, Epona, with 2 attendants. It’s certainly v old...
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#Dominion is published in 2 weeks' time: a history less of Christianity than of what has made Christianity revolutionary & transformative over the course of its 2000 year existence.

So not a small theme...
So how to give order to the immensity of such a theme? OBVIOUSLY: by drawing on Christian symbolic numerology - and specifically on the numbers 3 ("one God in 3 persons") and 7 (the number of the sacraments, virtues, deadly sins, churches in Revelation, etc.)
The book is divided into 3 parts (Antiquity, Christendom, Modernitas); each part is divided into 7 chapters; each chapter is divided into 3 parts.
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In the 60s popular music had the energy that came from giving voice to - &, at its greatest, directly inspiring - one of the great religious convulsions in the history of Europe & America.
“The 1960s were a key period [in the history of Christianity], comparable to the years following the publication of Luther’s 95 Theses in 1517” - Olivier Roy in his new book, Is Europe Christian?
Roy is not alone in making this argument!
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To Yesterday!
Well, what an odd, oddly unsatisfying, and yet even more oddly unsettling film for any lover of the Beatles to watch. Albeit with a great Oasis joke, and an even better, blink-&-you-miss-it Revolution 9 joke. #Yesterday
It did serve to reassure me that the weight I have laid on the Beatles' shoulders in my chapter on the 60s in #Dominion is one that they are more than capable of bearing - because only the Beatles could have borne the weight that #Yesterday obliges them to bear.
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Need to unpack two concepts brought together by this question: 1) Decentering 2) Whiteness. #LiberatingEvangelicalism #insession 1/
First, To decenter means to move, slide, lift and clear from the center—the reference point. 2/ #LiberatingEvangelicalism .@FreedomRoadus
Now, #whiteness. Whiteness is a POLITICAL construct, created to order our world in such a way as to bestow full benefits of citizenship and humanity upon people deemed white by the state. 3/ #LiberatingEvangelicalism .@Evang4Justice @FreedomRoadus
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