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#Dominion is published in 2 weeks' time: a history less of Christianity than of what has made Christianity revolutionary & transformative over the course of its 2000 year existence.

So not a small theme...
So how to give order to the immensity of such a theme? OBVIOUSLY: by drawing on Christian symbolic numerology - and specifically on the numbers 3 ("one God in 3 persons") and 7 (the number of the sacraments, virtues, deadly sins, churches in Revelation, etc.)
The book is divided into 3 parts (Antiquity, Christendom, Modernitas); each part is divided into 7 chapters; each chapter is divided into 3 parts.
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In the 60s popular music had the energy that came from giving voice to - &, at its greatest, directly inspiring - one of the great religious convulsions in the history of Europe & America.
“The 1960s were a key period [in the history of Christianity], comparable to the years following the publication of Luther’s 95 Theses in 1517” - Olivier Roy in his new book, Is Europe Christian?
Roy is not alone in making this argument!
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To Yesterday!
Well, what an odd, oddly unsatisfying, and yet even more oddly unsettling film for any lover of the Beatles to watch. Albeit with a great Oasis joke, and an even better, blink-&-you-miss-it Revolution 9 joke. #Yesterday
It did serve to reassure me that the weight I have laid on the Beatles' shoulders in my chapter on the 60s in #Dominion is one that they are more than capable of bearing - because only the Beatles could have borne the weight that #Yesterday obliges them to bear.
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Need to unpack two concepts brought together by this question: 1) Decentering 2) Whiteness. #LiberatingEvangelicalism #insession 1/
First, To decenter means to move, slide, lift and clear from the center—the reference point. 2/ #LiberatingEvangelicalism .@FreedomRoadus
Now, #whiteness. Whiteness is a POLITICAL construct, created to order our world in such a way as to bestow full benefits of citizenship and humanity upon people deemed white by the state. 3/ #LiberatingEvangelicalism .@Evang4Justice @FreedomRoadus
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