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The name Varanasi was derived from tract of land lying in between confluence of river Varuna and Asi. Hence Varun-asi or Varanasi. Varuna and Asi join the Ganges on the north and south borders of the city.

The Varuna river is a minor
tributary of the Ganga, which is named after the god Varuna, the god of water. The Varuna river rises from Melhum at Phulpur in Allahabad district at 25°27′N, 82°18′E. It flows east-to-southeast for 106 kilometers via Bhadohi, Mirzapur, Jaunpur, and enters
Varanasi in order to finally merge in Ganga at Sarai Mohana.

The rivulet that borders the city of Varanasi at its south and joins Ganga at Asi Ghat is known as Assi or Asi river.

There are numerous references to the Asi Ghat in the ancient literatures. It was at the Asi
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A millionaire left a will. He had several sons. He said in the will: “Let each of my sons choose one thing that he desires most. The rest of my estate shall go to the best of my slaves.”
The court of law asked the sons to choose whatever they wanted.

One chose a palace, another a costly jewel, a third wanted a garden.

The turn of the last son came. He rose and said, “Sir, I choose my father’s slave.”

Everyone was puzzled. What a poor choice!

But no, by choosing this one slave, the young man had automatically become the owner of the entire property left over after the other sons had been satisfied.

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Our final session of #RCPsychC virtual Congress we are talking about Religious Delusions and Hallucinations: Significance, meaning, and narrative with Dr Alison J Gray @revdraligray, Professor Christopher C.H. Cook @cchcook and Dr Angela Woods @literarti
Book: Hearing voices, demonic and divine

Respondents: hearing voices

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1-A lot of #Spiritual #Sadhakas have asked me about #Mantra

The following is a little synopsis

A Mantra is a sacred word or phrase of spiritual significance and power.


2-Hymns; "that which saves the one who reflects"

(from the verb root ‘man’ = "to think")

Along with the #Brahmanas, as hymns Mantras constitute the ritual section of the #Veda (#KarmaKanda) (2/7)

3-Mantras are classified according to their metres

#Gayatri has 24 syllables with 9 subdivisions

#Usnik has 28 syllables with 7 subdivisions

#Prakrti has 40 syllables with 8 subdivisions

#Brhati has 36 syllables with 9 subdivisions. (3/7)

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1-To understand the role of the #Moon in a #BirthChart, must first assess its impact on the #Personality and emotional #nature.

The following are the broad brushstrokes of Moon in various #Rashis. (1/3)

#Astrology. Image
2-When #Moon sits in #Mesha or #Aries of a Birth Chart

-Such a person has thick thighs and displays a certain rashness

- He or she is more prone to sickness

-Wins recognition in high circles

- Is not too fond of water bodies. (2/3)

#Astrology. Image
3-When Moon sits in #Vrisha or #Taurus

Gives away things readily

Possesses a noble heart

Displays a high level of #spiritual purity

Has a charming, magnetic personality and a strong personal presence. (3/3)

#Astrology. Image
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Today would like to share about
Sri Brahmapureeswarar Kovil, near Trichy,
Tamil Nadu
Main Deity : Sri Brahmapureeswarar (Bhagwan Brahma).
Ambal (Consort) : Brahma Nayagi
Holy Water : Brahma Theertham.
Sthal Vruksham : Magizha (Spanish cherry) tree.
Prominence of the Shrine : This is yet another spectacular Dravidian architectural marvel, the Brahmapureeswar Kovil. Not known to many, this kovil is tucked away on the outskirts of the Trichy city at a serene village near Tirupattur. After a 30 km drive from Trichy,
take left and a 6 km drive through the beautiful village side would take you to the Brahmapureeswarar Kovil. An Early morning visit is recommended for a great #spiritual ambience. The main deity worshiped here is the Bhagwan Brahmapureeswarar, an avatar of Mahadev Shiva.
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And so Day 3 of my story of God at work in my life as part of #OfGodAndMe #ThisNunsStory series. Yesterday mention of the book, The Silver Sword seems to have struck a chord with many so perhaps its not out of place to mention that today 7th April is #Worldhealthday 1/20
Ian Serraillier ended his talks by showing this photo with the words, ‘No child should ever again have that expression on his face’. My hope this the UK as host of the upcoming #G7 summit will prioritise Universal health care for all. #UCH 2/20
So back to my story. Living at home again and my dream of religious life gone out the window I applied and got a place for September at Brighton College of Education to do a cert ed in biological science & primary education 3/20
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Message 📩 for the 💦 bearers

Cancer ♋️, Scorpio ♏️, Pisces ♓️

I see you really using your discernment & logic rn. Head over heart, which is almost against your nature but in this situation it feels warranted. You’re trying to move forward & detach from a painful situation.—
Be gentile & patient with yourself when it comes to overcoming this. Even if it doesn’t feel like it, you are healing. I do see you gaining control of those emotions. & as soon as you do, here they come. Could be a fire or air sign. Some of you have a family with—
this person. & some it’s just been a long term commitment. Either way, they are definitely coming back offering you an apology & something serious. I really feel most of you are going to turn your back on this & continue to heal yourself. You’re wanting to just free—
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Message 📩 for the Air signs

Aquarius ♒️, Libra ♎️, Gemini ♊️

I’m hearing “surrender to your emotions” there was definitely an unbalanced situation that you walked away from. Someone took more than they gave. Could be a water or earth sign. I feel you’ve held on—
To the all the bad things that has happened to you in your life. & spirit is saying RELEASE it. Although, we know everybody can’t be trusted. Everyone is not out to get you. For some of you, you have been unknowingly manifesting love into your life. For others this is —
The business colab you’ve been praying for. Whatever partnership is coming your way is meant to be in your life for a very specific reason & will definitely propel you forward on your life’s journey. Happiness, joy & excitement are coming your way. Almost a child—
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Message 📩 for the Earth Fairies 🧚

Taurus ♉️, Virgo ♍️, Capricorn ♑️

Okay.. Soooo someone from your past wants another chance. I see you trying to move on & find your own happiness but it’s like this person can’t stay away. They can’t help but want to follow you—
no matter where you are. The cause for the break up seems to be heartbreak & deception & someone not being able to move past this. This person does have DEEP feelings for you but you must use discernment. For those of you that are searching for your own happy ending, I see —
you thinking about learning or studying a new skill, or even going back to school. You should definitely take action & put in the work towards this . Because whatever this is, the universe is saying you have no freakin idea of how much—
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what the signs should release 🌿

can apply to sun, moon, rising & venus

aries: creative blockages
taurus: pent up emotions
gemini: the past
cancer: issues around asking for help
leo: feminine wounds
virgo: lack of boundaries and people pleasing
libra: overthinking
scorpio: blaming others
sagittarius: lack of intention
capricorn: expectations
aquarius: pain body
pisces: false beliefs

(explanations below)

you guys have creative pursuits you wanna go after but something is stopping you. it seems it’s a subconscious belief that you aren’t good enough. this seems to be something you’ve been dealing with from childhood. try doing some shadow/inner child work to work through
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Here again introducing myself. I am Nikos and I am working fulltime in #spiritual service. To guide and collaborate in the transformation processes that you are living.
#Healing #meditation
The services and gifts I work with are #Akashic #Healing, Simple #Tarot Readings and Reports, Akashic Records, and #Spiritual Mentor. I am opening my schedule for February. My dms are open.
In the following link you will find more information. About my services, their details, frequently asked questions, schedule and contact, and means of payment.…
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What do they all have in common?

They're tools of [#satan]

If you have any of them, it's because you haven't put on the Full Armor of #God yet

👉 👈



👉 👈


#Read the #Bible

#WeHaveDominion over #Demons


👉 👈

#Pray to #God for #Clarity and #Strength


#NoFear #GodWins
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Humorous but true...

If #Corona had a year end appraisal, it would read like this:_

1. Responsible for #GlobalDigitalTransformation and fast-tracking.

2.Reduction of #GlobalCO2 emission.

3.Five million jobs #restructuring.
4.#GlobalHygiene initiatives:
Ensured 100% compliance on washing hands..leading to collateral reduction of other communicable diseases

5 Made global industry shift to #WFH - saved exposure & costs
6 Reduction in global noise pollution by making everyone keep their mouth shut (while masked).

7. Taught cooking, vegetable shopping, housekeeping to many.

8. Highlighted the importance of governance, adaptability and long term planning, by all sectors.
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For the first time in my life, I won't be celebrating #Christmas with my #family

It was a tough decision, but in the middle of such an important #spiritual battle, I refuse to take part in anything #Pagan




[#Santa] is an anagram for [#Satan]…

#Pagan #Christmas #Spirits #ChristmasJumperDay




#Pagan #Christmas #Spirits #ChristmasJumperDay


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La propuesta, cual invitación similar a los desafíos Olímpicos, es canalizar e integrar las energías de la Verdad y real Luz en nuestras vidas. Así aceleramos y recibimos bien todo lo lo bello y luminoso que esta llegando.
Conectándonos y en comunión con nuestro yo superior, y hermanos mayores. Pedir y solicitar un caudal constante de Luz que llegue a nosotros, recibirla y la integremos a nuestro cuerpos y chakras.
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Hello everyone! I wanted to propose you a game and challenge for this beautiful process of change of the Aquarian age

#aquariuschallenge #aquariusage
#Spiritual #ligthworker #starseed #twinflame #twinflames
#gaia #consciousness #awakening #enlightenment
The proposal, which is an invitation similar to the Olympic challenges, is to summon and integrate the energies of Truth and real Light in our lives. So we accelerate and welcome everything beautiful and bright that is coming.
Connecting and communing with our higher selves, and older brothers. Ask and request a constant flow of Light that reaches us, we receive them, and we integrate them into our systems and chakras.
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Outlined briefly below is a balanced TEN POINT SPIRITUAL PROGRAMME for the family which each individual can use:

(thread, in instalments) Image

The first act of each day should be the Sign of the Cross. It involves the body and soul and is an expression of our faith in a nutshell. The basic doctrines of three Persons in one Godhead and the Son becoming man and dying on the Cross for our salvation
1b) are all contained in this act of faith. After making the Sign of the Cross, it is well to add: "Behold I come to do Your will, O God."
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1. Sri Brahmapureeswarar #Temple , near #Trichy
Main Deity : Sri Brahmapureeswarar (Bhagwan Brahma) Consort: Brahma Nayagi
Sthal Theerth : Brahma Theertha.
Sthala Vriksh : Magizha (Spanish cherry) tree.
@sattology @harshasherni @Itishree001
2. Prominence of the Shrine : This is yet another spectacular Dravidian #architectural marvel, the Brahmapureeswar Temple. Not known to many, this temple is tucked away on the outskirts of the #Trichy city at a serene village near #Tirupattur.
@RajiIndustani @SriRamya21
3. An Early morning visit is recommended for a great #spiritual ambience. The main deity worshiped here is Bhagwan Brahmapureeswarar, an avatar of Mahadev Shiva.
Shri Brahma, the creator among the Trimurtis [Trident- Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh] appears
@Vaidyvoice @Tanvangi17
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TEXT:Ephesians 2:4-5, John3:27-31
TITLE: Beyond Limitations
Limitation is something that control the size or extent of something. Limitation also determines how much of a thing is possible. It controls what a person is able to do, placing a limit on what is achievable.
The human mind has placed a strong limitation around it, contrary to #dominion that God had in mind at the beginning (Genesis 1:26). It sets the limits to what one can attain.
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This is more than a #band, this is a #spiritual #movement; and we are in the midst, of a spiritual #war--as we've been #warning you about this very moment in time, for the past decade.
With 3 #albums to date, #processionals across the #US, #podcasts, interviews, #vlogs, and #lessons; weve laid out everything we can before heading into such a battle, & were working on putting out more of these things for you to use on your #pilgrammages within & without.
However, we know how daunting such information and sensations can be; so we'd like to extend TO ALL INITIATES, THAT ARE IN NEED OF #COUNSELING (IN REGARDS TO THE MATTERS OF THE #SPIRIT)--PLEASE DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK.
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“Education is of three kinds: material, human, and spiritual.
Material education aims at the growth and development of the body. Human education…consists in civilization and progress. [Spiritual] education…in acquiring divine perfections. This is...true education.”—‘Abdu’l-Bahá
One can apply the #Maslow #HierarchyofNeeds to three kinds of education: #material education—concerns basic (physiological and safety) needs; #human education—relates to social and esteem needs; and #divine education—refers to self-realization and transition to a #spiritual life.
The instruction manual for each kind of education establishes the rules and boundaries one must honor to 1) survive in the material, physical world; 2) advance the development of human social systems; and 3) pursue the divine attributes needed for progress in the spiritual world.
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@DukePallCare SUCCESS! Journal Club Time Machine: Speed Dating with the Classics. Format - everyone in attendance (MS2-Attending) teaches a classic article for 4 minutes, it is put in context by someone old for 1-2 min, and we move on. Here's the list! A #HPC thread:
No 1 - SUPPORT Trial: 5 AMCs. Docs don't know pt's CPR preference, many DNRs within 2d of death, lots of ICU time and pain. RN led intervention gives docs data. Centers around communication. NO CHANGE IN KEY METRICS.
No 2 - Prognostication: Docs of pts referred to #hospice asked for assessment of prognosis. Only 20% accurate (+/- 33%) with most over-optimistic. Average miss factor of 5.3! Longer pt/doc relationship = worse prognostication accuracy (#LoveThemTooMuch)
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Once upon a time, there was an ashram in the Himalayas where a great sage and his disciples lived. They all respected their Guru not only for his knowledge, but also for his love and kindness towards all.

Because of his kind nature he often accepted disciples who were spiritually immature. This resulted in silly misunderstandings and quarrels among some of his disciples breaking the peace and tranquility of the hermitage.  

One day the Guru was very disturbed to see their immature behavior even after his repeated advice. It saddened his good heart to see his disciples turning into slaves of jealousy and anger. His compassion did not let him throw anyone out of his hermitage.

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