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EXCLUSIVE: First Hand Accounts Allege Officer #BrianSicknick Was Denied Critical Treatment By Police

One witness helped another offered life saving care

Jan. 13, 2022

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Two shocking eye-witness accounts corroborate something worse than we could have ever imagined. The @CapitolPolice appear to not only be responsible for the #death of multiple #protesters (which they lied about) but also for the #death of a fellow officer, #BrianSicknick.
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#APlenaVista! [Español en el 🧵]

Interactive #LightPollution Map ( allows us to track the amount of light every year captured by satellites.

Maps are created using average monthly light emissions.

2 shocking finds in #Ecuador

1/ [Eng] World map showing the light...
#OverFishing is a highly debated topic.
What happens in #OpenWaters is difficult to monitor.
Yet, here you clearly see the #LightPollution (likely many⛴️) JUST outside the #TerritorialWaters of #Ecuador and #Peru in 2019


2/ [Eng] Picture showing the light p...
Here is a compilation GIF from 2012 through June 2020


3/ [Eng]
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In the occult, Saturn is not evil. Saturn is neutral with both dark and light aspects.

However, when Saturn is placed in the mind, and thus within ritual in a certain way, Saturn becomes a direct portal to the lower, dark, shadow realms.

#InPlainSight #Saturn #Sun #Occult Image
This is done by believing that Saturn should be in the place of our Sun and the moon then often replaces the Earth.

We don't wear down jackets in the heat and we don't confuse the old sun as the current sun.

This backwards, inversion is part of the cosmology of black magick. ImageImageImage
This cosmology is also a consciousness and a way of being in its self. It is an inner position as much as a cosmic position. A way of thinking, being and behaving.

It is being stuck in the past. It is called black magick because there is no real sun in that belief, no light. ImageImageImage
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Since In Plain Sight has started again on my channel a beautiful thing has happened...

People are connecting the dots.

Massive #OccultAbuse is happening #InPlainSight.

I have received accounts from people who knew something was wrong, but did not understand that it was occult. Image
We CAN do this together. It is time to address this destructive, sick pattern in society.

As we do we will realize that it is the root of many of the problems we see today in our world...

Simply sharing your story and raising awareness drains the dark occult of life force. ImageImageImage

I went back to snap screen shots of more people sharing their stories and many comments have disappeared.

Either all these people came back and deleted them, or Youtube did. ImageImage
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The film Orlando is an interesting and rather obscure choice for the Met gala.The maze scene is a reference to ancient Isis labyrinth resurrection rituals.I spoke of this ritual style in my masquerade ball video.She even recites spell: Nature! Nature!

The Opera as the MET is Akhenaten, of course.

Thank-You Olivia Bishop for bringing that detail to my attention.… Image
In this 'Opera' Akhenaten also has breasts and a female body.

#InPlainSight Image
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I have concerns about @marwilliamson .There is an urge within the spiritual community to happily collapse into the first signs of spiritual understanding in a leader. I do this. It's hard not to given how starved we are for higher meaning, connection & understanding.
But, we must find centre and recognize that our collective desperation and exhaustion can be used against us. We can become too eager to trust leaders that seem to speak our language. Anytime we are incredibly charged on an issue we are more easily manipulated. A harsh reality.
I am concerned that this very thing is happening with Marianne. I appreciate her role in bringing spiritual perspective into politics and her railing against the toxicity of our world, but I would like some clear answers about ACIM and its associations with MK ULTRA.
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Big Tech uses spells and magick #InPlainSIght

In a recent interview Bill Gates identified himself as a 'minor wizard' that was powerful enough to remain unaffected by Steve Job's spells.…
Also #InPlainSight Twitter founder Jack Dorsey mailed his beard hair to a witch to be made into a protection amulet.…
Speaking of Dorsey, he once ate a goat killed by Mark Zuckerberg.…
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#StrangerThings3 uses strobing lights in most of its episodes. Not only is this dangerous for people, but it over stimulates our brain so that our mind surrenders and becomes open to messaging.
Of course there are loads of product placement in this series. Coke, Gap, Cornflakes, Eggo Waffles, Burger King, KFC, Cheeto's, Kit Kat, Skittles, 711, Marlboro, Adidas ...…

Is it an extra cost to be featured during the hypnotic induction strobing lights? ImageImageImage
On the deeper side, there is also esoteric narratives and messaging happening. We see the 'X' appearing, a clear reference to #psychics and #Alice mythos with Eleven. All of this dates back to Atlantean and Egyptian Magick. Check out @darkjournalist for the tea on that angle. ImageImage
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What book was #Elvis reading when we passed that fateful night? This book! This book was in his hands when he passed. Elvis was extremely spiritually minded, he even admitted to having ET encounters and visions ImageImageImage
#Elvis was deeply into the #Occult and he is featured in my exclusive, premium episode of In Plain Sight: Secret Occultists. It will appear tmrw in video gallery of my website and not be on YT.

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Do you know of any "secret occultists?" Who do you know of that was deep into the occult but the public seems to just gloss over?

#Occult #InPlainSight
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