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Today I will pretend like I’m a conservative and reimagine the events of #January6th based on newly released footage.


🚨BREAKING 🚨 Here we see patriotic Trump supporters kindly handing bike racks to officers so they have a place to park their bicycles.
🚨BREAKING 🚨 In previously unreleased footage, we see kind Trump supporters calmly looking for Nancy Pelosi to thank her for all the wonderful bipartisan work she’s done through the years.
🚨BREAKING 🚨 In previously unreleased footage, we see kind Trump supporters assisting riot police with aerosol lubrication after they got stuck because they all tried to walk out the door at the same time after giving Trump supporters tours of the magnificent Capitol.
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Needed: An FBI Director who'll conduct a true review of FBI's #January6th intelligence failure.

New GAO Report👇

"The ongoing FBI review of its actions during the weeks preceding January 6, 2021 has NOT INCLUDED an assessment of how it processed information."

h/t @ryanjreilly
2. GAO Recommendation No. 1:

"The Director of the FBI should assess the extent to which and why personnel did not process information related to the events of January 6 according to policy."…
3. Recommended reading:

@AshaRangappa_'s "The Missing Review of FBI’s January 6 Intelligence and Law Enforcement Failures"…
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Kavanuagh Rape Accuser Confesses She Lied, Was Never Raped, Never Even Met The Man.

Like #January6th - It was all a sh*t show the Democrats staged.

Pelosi’s 2018 tweet ⤵️ Image
Democratic senators had been coordinating with the protesters – many of them paid – to disrupt the hearings and to create a sense of outrage.

Sen. Kamala Harris brought Munro-Leighton’s fraudulent letter to the committee’s attention.
Who can forget the Sheila Jackson envelope handoff

A payout for the famous “Dr. Ford” who despite having blacked-out after only one beer 🍺 ,
was sure #Kavanaugh raped her 🤨…
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This is such an important analytical question abt the #AsburyRevival /#asburyrevival2023: Why are both left-leaning & right-wing Evangelicals eager to endorse it? I’ve been puzzling over it & have a few thoughts (@BradleyOnishi & @StraightWhiteJC can speak for themselves). 1/
Truthfully, I was invited to write a 1000-word OpEd on the #AsburyRevival that I mothballed on Friday, bc I realized I don’t have a “take” yet on it. Or, rather, I have endless *takes* but no thesis. The events at AsburyU the past 2 wks have been an Evangelical Rorschach test. 2/
When I was still Evangelical, I inhabited left-leaning Evang spaces (InterVarsity & Fuller Seminary…) & also many right-wing env’ts. We have to remember that left-leaning Evangs are still Evangelicals, & *revival* has a mesmerizing quality for Evangs. 3/
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#Breakingnew. Far Left Anarchist busted wearing a Trump hat during the J6 capital riot. After lying about this and denying they were ( including lying on the @MarkLevineNYC page ) , they cracked and went on a ramble ,The only reason someone would lie about this is to cover……
I suggest for people to look over any j6 footage and see if they pop up anywhere. Let's see what we can find
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Evangelical twitter is atwit about the #AsburyRevival. Per @drleahpayne, this Methodist school has a history of such outbreaks. I thought I'd offer some history on how the #NewApostolicReformation reacted to something similar 15 yrs ago at Lakeland, FL. 1/
What I tried to capture in my Charismatic Revival Fury series (…) is that the #NewApostolicReformation & Charismatic folks in general are magnetized to the idea of revival, the extraordinary inbreaking of divine-power manifestations in the mundane world. 2/
One semi-recent such magnetic event occurred, in April 2008, in Lakeland, FL. Pastor Stephen Strader of Ignited Church invited Canadian evangelist Todd Bentley to lead a 1-week revival.… But the 1 wk extended to 4 mos of nightly mtngs led by Bentley. 3/
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I know I'm being *that guy* who takes a truly funny TikTok video & turns it into an explainer thread on Charismatic-Pentecostal worship practices… 1st, please enjoy the clip in all its hilarity! 2nd, this clip comes from a service at The Storehouse church in Jasper, AL. 1/
That church was founded by Wayne & Jennifer Lee who came out of the International Church of Las Vegas (…). In my Charismatic Revival Fury podcast series (…) I describe how Donald Trump visited ICLV a few weeks b4 the 2020 election. 2/
That day (10/18/20) at ICLV, Apostle/Pastor Paul Goulet held up an Appeal to Heaven flag to present to Trump…, & Prophet Denise Goulet prophesied over Trump that God would give him a “2nd win” and a 2nd filling of the Holy Spirit.… 3/
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A picture of the reconfigured Religious Right since the Trump era: Congress intervened to take the Nat’l Prayer Breakfast away from the controversial Fellowship Fndn (aka The Family), so an alternate right-wing event moved to the Museum of the Bible. No surprises so far. 1/
Tony Perkins (FRC) opened w/ a prayer. No surprises so far. Then Perkins handed it off to his co-host Jim Garlow, a key Indep. Charismatic Trump advisor w/ deep ties to the #NAR. He led the “Election Integrity Prayer Calls” in late 2020, a key organizing force for #January6th. 2/
Garlow intro’d a theme of repentance, and then had an (evidently Xn) man blowing a shofar, dressed in a tallit (Jewish prayer shawl). This Xn appropriation of Jewish liturgical symbols comes out of the Indep. Charismatic sector, and was key to the Xn symbolism of #January6th. 3/ ImageImage
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🧵 1/
The Democratic Party needs a messaging revamp, like now. You can't tell us "Democracy itself is on the line", even when that's true, and expect to get by on this milquetoast bs. You lost the midterms to a clown show, and its getting worse.

FACT: Republican malfeasance in our nations pandemic response killed 500,000 Americans or more. They called it a chinese bioweapon but then protested and fought every measure to save lives while stuffing their pockets with tax money.

FACT: Donald Trump is a criminal who tried to overthrow the constitution in a violent coup attempt. He needs to stand trial for that, and his enablers in congress need to be REMOVED under the 14th Amendment. The excuse that "they wont let us" is trash.

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A minor tremor in Independent Charismatic-land this month that shows the uncertainty of this post-/mid-Trumpian moment: Mario Murillo, 1 of the big 4 panelists on Kenneth Copeland's "Flashpoint" declared (via blog) he was taking a hiatus from the show.… 1/
Murillo is a big deal. He's a respected Evangelist. He was the preacher who Bill Johnson credits with actually converting a young Bill. Murillo's been around for decades, but as "Flashpoint"'s star rose after the 2020 election, he became a leading Trumpy prophetic voice. 2/
The top "Flashpoint" prophetic panelists (often interspersed with other guests) are Lance Wallnau, Dutch Sheets, Mario Murillo, and Hank Kunneman. Host Gene Bailey seems to be angling to take over Kenneth Copeland's whole shop. 3/
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.@njhochman's attempted refutation of @BradleyOnishi's thesis abt #ChristianNationalism conflates 3 things to reach a simplistic conclusion. Hochman aligns 1) Amer Xty's demographic decline, 2) changing terrain in the culture wars, & 3) some Xn leaders' pessimism abt "winning" 1/
Xty is demographically declining in the U.S., but it's not going quietly into that good night. A lot of that decline is among liberal/prog churches. 45% of Americans who say "U.S. should be a Xn nation" is a still a demogr. force to be reckoned with.… 2/
The long-term coalescence of right-wing Christians around the Republican party means that this demographic, even if it's declining, is ever more important to Republican politicians. One need only look at Trump & DeSantis' jockeying for Evang leaders' support today to verify. 3/
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IMPORTANT UPDATE from the #January6thCommittee materials: the good news for listeners of Charismatic Revival Fury is they did have the #WhiteHouse visitor logs that I ended the series pining for. The bad news is they only released select dates:…
They evidently decided to only release the logs from dates relevant to the material referenced in the #January6thReport (Dec 12 - Jericho March, Dec 14 - Electoral College, Dec 18 - nutjob Flynn/Lawyers meeting, Dec 21 - MTG, et al. meeting, & Jan 3-5 - leadup to #January6th).
So the Dutch Sheets prophecy meeting on Dec 29th isn't in there. For those coming in late to this conversation or who haven't listened to our Charismatic Revival Fury audio-documentary series (you should!), this is what I'm talking about:…
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BREAKING: pro-#Bolsonaro rioters breach Congress, Supreme Court & Presidential Palace in 🇧🇷#Brazil.

Ex president promotes a stolen election lie & has been close to Trump.

He skipped inauguration of his predecessor & flew to Florida.

By: @peterbmillard…
2/ What does this remind you of?

🇧🇷#Brazil is yet more proof that the "stolen election" lie is poison for Democracy.

3/ Appalling footage is surfacing of pro-#Bolsonaro rioters dragging and beating the police protecting 🇧🇷#Brazil's capitol.

This is very, very bad.

And looks extremely orchestrated.
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Here it is, my 109th #ScholarSunday thread of great public scholarly writing & work, podcast episodes & conversations, new & forthcoming books from the last week. Add more below & enjoy, all! #twitterstorians
Starting with a few favorite pieces from the week, including two for the 100th anniversary of the Rosewood massacre. Here’s @gonzaleztennant for @JSTOR_Daily (h/t @KeishaBlain):…
& here’s @craigtimes for @SmithsonianMag on how the histories of that massacre were recovered:…
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I was waiting for the results of the 14th vote on #Speaker when I saw Kevin #McCarthy walking toward us.

Within seconds, a confrontation and fight broke out. Just a few feet from me, a newly elected member eager to get sworn in and start a job I’ve dreamed of doing for years.
It all happened on the floor of the House of Representatives, in the waning moments of #January6th and the second anniversary of the violent attack on our Capitol.

The whole thing made me sick to my stomach.
What we witnessed was such selfish, chaotic behavior - and by the very people who would take the reins of the House moments later.

These are the folks in charge now.
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January 6 Files: How Nancy Pelosi & The Deep State orchestrated a honey trap false flag event to smear Donald J. Trump & The MAGA Movement. #J6FILES #January6th #Twitterfiles #SaveAmerica

2. "House Republicans have gathered a trove of text and email messages revealing that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office was directly involved in the creation and editing of the Capitol security plan that failed during the Jan.6, 2021 riot"…
3. On Jan 4th. DJT had authorized up to 20k NG troops for Nancy Pelosi & to [local gov’t] DC Mayor Bowser. "they did not take him up on that. But he did put them on the ready, and that's why they were able to respond as quickly as they did." - Meadows……
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The Federal Government is the Enemy of the American People

Most fail to understand how our system of government works. And for the most part, the average American cannot be blamed. The Elite, defined here DC power brokers, Legacy Media, Big Tech, Big Union, Big Pharma) has a vested interest in keeping us ignorant.
Another aspect is that our Republic is a complicated yet sophisticated form of republican government.

A Republic is simply a form of government where power is shared among various type of governance: democracy, oligarchy, senate, and dictatorship.
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Two years ago, our democracy nearly fell. Today, I was honored to attend a ceremony at @WhiteHouse honoring the brave Americans—police, election administrators—who held the line for democracy. @POTUS
Democracy isn’t guaranteed. It’s not a passive promise or a spectator sport. It’s breakable without care and commitment. I’m grateful to the brave Americans who risked and lost their lives to uphold the Constitution and safeguard our sacred institutions.
Today is a reminder that we each have a role to play in helping sustain our democracy. It isn’t enough to assume that democracy will always survive. Be a Ruby Freeman. Study how far we’ve come and how much we have to lose.
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1/ Having immersed myself in #January6th issues, this line of critique of #January6thReport by @donell_harvin is spot on.

The report's missing piece: addressing the massive intelligence/law enforcement failure.

The most chilling line of his analysis ...…
"[L]acking is analysis of what should have occurred and who was responsible for the massive security failure ... The absence of any such conclusive analysis leaves ample room for conspiracy theorists to string disparate facts together and weave elaborate yet believable lies."
3/ To add to Harvin's analysis:

The committee's report thus leaves space for conspiracy theories to thrive ... the very kind of conspiracies that drive anti-government extremism...the very kind of extremism that helped propel the attack on January 6th and remains ongoing threat.
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On the second anniversary of an unprecedented, violent assault on democratic self-government, America doesn’t have much time for commemoration or reflection, because the same anti-democratic, anti-government forces are usurping the House from within. It’s terrifying. #January6th
Let it serve as a reminder that the problem is not just Trump, not even primarily Trump: It’s the party that elevated him in the first place, the party that embraces and elevates far-right extremists like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz.
The problem is the party that has been completely taken over by the far-right “populist” energies that conservative elites have been fueling for decades, always believing they could harness and control them in their quest to entrench traditional hierarchies, but never succeeding.
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On this #January6th, let's review the last two years. First, we should thank those officers who put themselves between the insurrectionists and American democracy. We should take an extra moment for those who gave their last full measure of devotion...1/
Never forget that #January6th was a conspiracy begun and driven by Donald Trump and his cronies. @MaryLTrump told us he'd never leave peacefully and she was correct. He was aided and abetted by dozens, if not hundreds who were happy to see democracy fall for their own gain...2/
At the Capitol that day, the likes of @HawleyMO and @tedcruz objected to an election they knew was free and fair because they believed it was good for their 'brands' and would help them win #MAGA support down the road. Both are cynics who don't belong in office...3/
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The 800-page gorilla of a report from the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the Capitol seems strangely silent on a few matters that, apparently, were a bit too uncomfortable for them to take on...… #January6thReport
Yes, the #January6thCommittee did acknowledge our report, filmed by @ZDRoberts, that showed that BEFORE the #January6th storming of the Capitol, riot instigator and Trump ‘bro #AliAlexander declared: “We’ll light the whole sh*t on fire!”…
What the #January6thCommittee left out: We discovered that #AliAlexander was brought to Georgia by the National Republican Senatorial Committee and the Georgia Republican Party for their get-out-the-vote drive for the Senate runoff races…
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When I've given my book talks for Of Thee I Sing, I start with a quote from @AndrewMcCormck's vital 1/7/21 @thenation article.+…
When the police begin firing tear gas at the insurrectionists, McCormick reports: “This is not America,” a woman said to a small group, her voice shaking. She was crying, hysterical. “They’re shooting at us. They’re supposed to shoot BLM, but they’re shooting the patriots.”
Just two days after #January6th, I gave the first such book talk, for Chicago's @GCELabSchool. That meant I immediately had to grapple with whether & how to think about those insurrectionists through the lens of patriotism.…
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Anyone who participated in the #January6th attack on our government should not be eligible for political office, including Kevin McCarthy. #Speakerofthehousevote
Just to be clear: all sides of the Republican Speaker debate are insurrectionists.
I could be wrong, but I tried to double check it. These are the folks who voted against certifying Biden's election:…
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