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I'm glad to see another good article on the New Apostolic Reformation, this one by @mccrummens in @TheAtlantic. I'm going to offer a few thoughts/reflections, but go read the piece before you read this thread. 1/…
The piece follows Tami Barthen, an NAR superfan who was in DC on #January6th. I even excerpted a short clip in Charismatic Revival Fury of Barthen & her husband reading Dutch Sheets' "Appeal to Heaven" decree on J6. I've posted about her before. 2/
The best innovation in @mccrummens' article (something that's often lacking even in well-reported NAR articles) is how deep she goes into the mentality & behavior of non-prophet/apostle *followers.* Here you have someone who literally purchased a mountain based on prophecy. 3/
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Everyone should read @FredClarkson's new piece in @Salon where he examines a 50-state series of New Apostolic Reformation prayer calls & the NAR fixation with Pennsylvania in particular.… Just to connect a few dots... 1/
The prayer calls were convened by Clay Nash, an apostle in Dutch Sheets' Network Ekklesia Int'l.… Interestingly, Clay Nash was a member of Sheets' post-2020 election prayer & prophecy tour (see Charismatic Revival Fury, ep. 5.…) 2/ Image
Clay Nash was also in the group of apostles & prophets (led by Dutch Sheets) that met at the White House with top Trump admin officials on Dec 29, 2020 - 8 days before #January6th.… @BradleyOnishi 3/
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Inside the Ukrainian counteroffensive that shocked Putin and reshaped the war | Dec 29, 2022

The 2 bridges were targeted with #US -supplied #M142 #HIMARS which have a range of 50 miles - and were quickly rendered impassable.
- @kokoomus #WEF papukaija ImageImage
@kokoomus #WEF-#YGLs-#lobotomia
- Kun Isä-#Schwab'sta aika jättää, #orvot päästetään #sijaiskoti'in.
#DOJ VIDEO Shows #Capitol Police Holding Open “Upper West Terrace #Doors” On #Jan6 , While Over 250 Individuals Walk Into The Capitol
@kokoomus #DOJ VIDEO Shows #CapitolPolice Holding Open “Upper West Terrace #Doors” On #Jan6, While Over 250 Individuals Walk Into The Capitol | By Patty McMurray | Mar 1, 2023
Watch the incredible video here:
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On May 9, 2021, three days after NARA notified #Trump that key presidential records were missing, Trump flew a private plane with 8 document boxes aboard from Palm Beach, FL to Bedminster, NJ (h/t @TristanSnell @cwebbonline)
"The recording, in which #Trump also indicated he knew the document was secret, could undermine his repeated claim that he had already declassified material that remained in his possession after he left office."…
"On the recording, #Trump began railing about his handpicked chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley...

Trump then began referencing a document that he had with him, saying it had been compiled by Milley and was related to attacking Iran."
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Alex Jones was initiated into the Proud Boys by Gavin McInnes on Infowars, which remains Roger Stone's propaganda platform too.

OathKeeper Kelly Meggs got 12 yrs yesterday.

In 2022, his co-conspirator Watkins told the committee to blame Alex Jones: (Source, DailyBeast): Image
2/Also yesterday, Oathkeeper Stewart Rhodes got 18 years for seditious conspiracy. Here he is making plans for D.C. on Infowars and talking about "blood on the streets."
3/Here is Alex Jones' infantile, embarrassing, and alarming Proud Boys initiation:
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Both DEMS & media need to stop describing individuals as "alleged", "self-styled" or other challenging term re: #whistleblower status.

They meet definition of being #WBer.…
2/If individuals made protected disclosure to supervisor in employee’s direct chain of command, an OIG or appropriate congressional committee or its members, they are protected #whistleblowers.

Doesn't mean they are credible or accurate, but attacking status undermines system.
3/I served as co-counsel to IC #whistleblowers whose complaint led to Trump's 1st impeachment (not our objective). Cong. Jordan was hypocritically a key attacker of WBer's lawful & legitimate status. It was wrong then, it is wrong now.…
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These comments from Roger Stone at the Pastors for Trump/ReAwaken event at Trump's Doral resort this week are very important. For those who don't speak "Independent Charismatic," allow me to translate. Stone is claiming a prophetic destiny based on a prophecy from Kim Clement. 1/
Kim Clement passed away in 2016 (here's a tribute from the Christian music artist Carman…), but before that, he was the *original* Trump prophet. He was a South African Charismatic prophet, with a real dramatic flair - synth music, rambling, etc. 2/
Clement was part of Cindy Jacobs' Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders, a core New Apostolic Reformation institution that C. Peter Wagner superintended.… He rubbed shoulders with & was close to Lance Wallnau, Dutch Sheets, Lou Engle – the whole crowd. 3/
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🧵 #Pennsylvania 🚨
#Harrisburg #NAR L*fe Center Ministries "Supporting 35 ministries & missionaries around world All people on our list have relationship w/ us. 1️⃣st one is HIM Harvest Intl led by Ch* Ahn We as church part of HIM apostolic covering They have 25000 ministries"
2/🧵 #Pennsylvania 🚨
#Harrisburg #NAR L*fe Center Ministries Life Lines missions promo video "God's plan to CONQUER THE WORLD depends on the voluntary offerings of his people"
⚠️NAR = Christian Dominionism
⚠️Mastriano, F*ucht, Abildness all connected to L*fe Center
3/🧵 #Pennsylvania 🚨
#Harrisburg #NAR L*fe Center Ministries supports Apostle Abby Abildness "PA holds historic precedent for a nation led by God's divine direction in EVERY SECTOR OF SOCIETY" ⚠️ NAR William Penn prophecy "My God will make it a seed of a nation" #PAGOV
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I was happy to be interviewed, & I think @7im did a very fair job of writing about the complex case of Derrick Peterson, a former sheriff deputy & candidate for Portland's school board who was commissioned as an apostle by Ché Ahn in 2020.… 1/
Ché Ahn also listed Peterson as an advisory board member at 1Race4Life, an anti-abortion/racial-reconciliation org that he founded in 2020 after George Floyd's murder.…. 2/
Last week Oregon Live ran a story where Peterson downplayed his 2020 apostolic commissioning & said he "is not affiliated" with 1Race4Life.…. Since then he was removed from Ahn's site & the 1Race4Life site has gone dark. What is going on here? 3/
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I'm thrilled we have recovered 33 of the expert statements submitted to the #January6th Select Committee.

Addressing the state of U.S. democracy and political violence.

All now publicly available @just_security.

Read Introduction by @jhglick here.👇…
2. Jacob Glick's synthesis of the expert statements is its own wake up call.

A threat assessment for U.S. democracy with white Christian nationalism and anti-government violent extremism, and political leaders willing to exploit. Also places United States within global trends.
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A thread for the #left

If we choose to change, just imagine what we can do. What makes America great has never been its perfection, but the belief that it can be made better. And that people who love this country can change it.
In hearings around the country, Americans reaffirmed our belief that this great nation can compete–and succeed–in the 21st Century but only if we take a new approach. One that is both innovative and faithful to the basic economic principles that made this country great.
We believe that it is essential to take immediate steps to stem the loss of manufacturing jobs. Taking these immediate measures will provide good jobs and will help the economy today. #FJB
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THREAD: Proof that Ray Epps Was a Die-Hard Trump Supporter.
Ray Epps' activities go beyond what an FBI agent or asset would be permitted to accomplish. Ray Epps was added to the FBI's WANTED list on January 8 and removed from it on June 30, 2021, after he was formally recognized by the New York Times.

🚨Click ALT on the Photos for Source
The MSM defense of Ray Epps is strange, in this piece ("Ray Epps has suffered greatly in the previous 10 months as right-wing media personalities and Republican lawmakers have baselessly labeled him..." — NYT, July 13, 2022) is particularly suspect.…
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1. Sadly, alot of anons and patriots have traded their thirst for knowledge for an easy drink from the fountains of #shillformation flowing freely from the liars that infected Twitter in 2017. All controlled ops. All of them. That's why they hate me. Because I don't sing or (ctd) Image
2. Many of the shills are spewing information that keeps patriots hooked but never offers anything of intellectual value. I guess that works #RooRooRaRasl that are still chanting #ForMoreYears🤡 Image
3. PROOF: As I am writing this thread, the words are disappearing and I have to keep typing them over and over and over again. Ask yourselves? Who is really in control? Image
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Sunday, April 2nd, 2023.
News you can use. 🧵
If it hasn't happened to you, that doesn't mean it isn't happening. America is infested with fascists, and it's getting worse.

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Friday, March 31st, 2023
News you can use. 🧵 Image
I would be surprised to learn those tweets aren't archived.

"As of this writing, March 30, 2023 at 2:27 AM ET, Joseph Flynn just deleted every single tweet from his Twitter account."…
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Today I will pretend like I’m a conservative and reimagine the events of #January6th based on newly released footage.


🚨BREAKING 🚨 Here we see patriotic Trump supporters kindly handing bike racks to officers so they have a place to park their bicycles.
🚨BREAKING 🚨 In previously unreleased footage, we see kind Trump supporters calmly looking for Nancy Pelosi to thank her for all the wonderful bipartisan work she’s done through the years.
🚨BREAKING 🚨 In previously unreleased footage, we see kind Trump supporters assisting riot police with aerosol lubrication after they got stuck because they all tried to walk out the door at the same time after giving Trump supporters tours of the magnificent Capitol.
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Needed: An FBI Director who'll conduct a true review of FBI's #January6th intelligence failure.

New GAO Report👇

"The ongoing FBI review of its actions during the weeks preceding January 6, 2021 has NOT INCLUDED an assessment of how it processed information."

h/t @ryanjreilly
2. GAO Recommendation No. 1:

"The Director of the FBI should assess the extent to which and why personnel did not process information related to the events of January 6 according to policy."…
3. Recommended reading:

@AshaRangappa_'s "The Missing Review of FBI’s January 6 Intelligence and Law Enforcement Failures"…
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Kavanuagh Rape Accuser Confesses She Lied, Was Never Raped, Never Even Met The Man.

Like #January6th - It was all a sh*t show the Democrats staged.

Pelosi’s 2018 tweet ⤵️ Image
Democratic senators had been coordinating with the protesters – many of them paid – to disrupt the hearings and to create a sense of outrage.

Sen. Kamala Harris brought Munro-Leighton’s fraudulent letter to the committee’s attention.
Who can forget the Sheila Jackson envelope handoff

A payout for the famous “Dr. Ford” who despite having blacked-out after only one beer 🍺 ,
was sure #Kavanaugh raped her 🤨…
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This is such an important analytical question abt the #AsburyRevival /#asburyrevival2023: Why are both left-leaning & right-wing Evangelicals eager to endorse it? I’ve been puzzling over it & have a few thoughts (@BradleyOnishi & @StraightWhiteJC can speak for themselves). 1/
Truthfully, I was invited to write a 1000-word OpEd on the #AsburyRevival that I mothballed on Friday, bc I realized I don’t have a “take” yet on it. Or, rather, I have endless *takes* but no thesis. The events at AsburyU the past 2 wks have been an Evangelical Rorschach test. 2/
When I was still Evangelical, I inhabited left-leaning Evang spaces (InterVarsity & Fuller Seminary…) & also many right-wing env’ts. We have to remember that left-leaning Evangs are still Evangelicals, & *revival* has a mesmerizing quality for Evangs. 3/
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#Breakingnew. Far Left Anarchist busted wearing a Trump hat during the J6 capital riot. After lying about this and denying they were ( including lying on the @MarkLevineNYC page ) , they cracked and went on a ramble ,The only reason someone would lie about this is to cover……
I suggest for people to look over any j6 footage and see if they pop up anywhere. Let's see what we can find
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Evangelical twitter is atwit about the #AsburyRevival. Per @drleahpayne, this Methodist school has a history of such outbreaks. I thought I'd offer some history on how the #NewApostolicReformation reacted to something similar 15 yrs ago at Lakeland, FL. 1/
What I tried to capture in my Charismatic Revival Fury series (…) is that the #NewApostolicReformation & Charismatic folks in general are magnetized to the idea of revival, the extraordinary inbreaking of divine-power manifestations in the mundane world. 2/
One semi-recent such magnetic event occurred, in April 2008, in Lakeland, FL. Pastor Stephen Strader of Ignited Church invited Canadian evangelist Todd Bentley to lead a 1-week revival.… But the 1 wk extended to 4 mos of nightly mtngs led by Bentley. 3/
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I know I'm being *that guy* who takes a truly funny TikTok video & turns it into an explainer thread on Charismatic-Pentecostal worship practices… 1st, please enjoy the clip in all its hilarity! 2nd, this clip comes from a service at The Storehouse church in Jasper, AL. 1/
That church was founded by Wayne & Jennifer Lee who came out of the International Church of Las Vegas (…). In my Charismatic Revival Fury podcast series (…) I describe how Donald Trump visited ICLV a few weeks b4 the 2020 election. 2/
That day (10/18/20) at ICLV, Apostle/Pastor Paul Goulet held up an Appeal to Heaven flag to present to Trump…, & Prophet Denise Goulet prophesied over Trump that God would give him a “2nd win” and a 2nd filling of the Holy Spirit.… 3/
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