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The charging and arrest of #JussieSmollet is devastating on so many levels. I still believe that hate crime victims should be believed and treated as victims until the evidence proves otherwise.
But when the evidence ends in a false reporting charge it is profoundly damaging. There are scores of unsolved violent crimes in Chicago that require & merit the attention of the CPD. The diversion of their resources to investigate false reports harms victims & communities.
There are also those who will use one incident to disbelieve hate crime victims. I reject that out of hand. There were over 7,000 hate crimes reported to the FBI in 2017 - a thousand more than in 2016. Black ppl are disproportionately the victims.
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If I was to claim a “modern day lynching has accured” the last thought that would come to mind is a good laugh.


Amazing How Truth Always Prevails.

FEEL ME #JussieSmollet 👊🏼
Your’re...for the PO-POs
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The media won’t ask why, but I will. 1/
He did it because he thought he’d get away w/ it. And he was almost right.

The media bought it. Hollywood bought it. The left at large bought it.

There wasn’t one ounce of skepticism. Not one hard line of questioning. Not one moment to pause before writing/tweeting support. 2/
It fit the narrative perfectly. ORANGE MAN BAD. MAGA RACIST.

No matter how implausible the story. No matter how ridiculous the circumstances. No matter how perfect. The left bought it. Hook, line, sinker.

#JussieSmollet did this because he thought he could get away w/ it. 3/
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SO I created this collage
Poking fun at #KamalaHarris
dems in general
idiotic #GreenNewDeal
Adding in #JussieSmollette
Cause he WAS a hot topic
My spider senses tingling
Something didn't smell right
= #GreenNewDisaster
Seems as time had gone by
My hunch not to believe
Is proving to be on target
#JussieSmollette lies unraveling
Arrests being made
Seems like a simple
Clear cut #HateHoax right
But then
you gotta factor in THIS
+ #JussieSmollette
So what right
Private #JussieSmollet activities
Not = #JussieSmolletHoax
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Leaks out of the Chicago PD say that investigators believe @JussieSmollett staged the hoax hate attack with two African men connected to “Empire.” Whatever the end results show, I’d like to chronicle some of the responses at the time the news broke of the alleged brutal attack.
Jussie Smollett has powerful & influential friends despite the victim narrative he clings to. Democratic Presidential hopeful @KamalaHarris said that this was an “attempted modern day lynching” to much applause.
Jussie’s celebrity co-star @LadyGraceByers used the occasion to smear the United States. She wrote that “hatred, inequality, racism and discrimination continue to course through our country's veins.”…
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Ok I feel confident enough to call this Jussie Smollett thing a hoax now.
Reason being.
> "Both men being questioned are African American."…

Ooof. Well if you're a fan of shitshows, buckle up. because this is gonna hit that point real soon.
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Racist white men in Chicago attacked black gay actor and said “This is MAGA country”? Media/activists who are out for blood pounced on this. Police now deny the anonymous claim by @TMZ that this is what the victim even claims.…
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