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This hasn’t aged well.

The double standard and unmitigated hypocrisy beggars belief.

No buildings were 🔥 burned.
No policemen 👮🏻‍♂️ were killed.
No looting occurred.

Police opened the doors ffs!😲

Remember, America…

The same people blathering on about #Insurrection are the same ones who tried for FOUR years to convince you that #RussianCollusion was real and #BLM & #Antifa were ‘peacefully’ protesting in 2020.

Lest we forget…

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1/5 La lente agonie du Parti démocrate depuis #BillClinton. #JoeManchin aurait sauvé le Parti des progressistes et montré qu'un Démocrate modéré peut encore faire la différence (sic). Un chef d'œuvre. La primaire démocrate de 2016 ... remember ?
2/5 En 2016, on affirmait que le #DNC s'étai déplacé vers la gauche depuis les années 90, et qu'#HillaryClinton se présentait contre les politiques de son mari.…
3/5 Or #PewResearch expliquait que 61% des Dems souhaitaient un candidat proposant des politiques similaires à celles de #BarackObama, et 60% un candidat qui ferait des compromis avec les Républicains.…
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#JohnDurham has charged a lawyer linked to the #DNC with lying to the #FBI under oath. But there is more to this indictment than meets the eye.

Who? Image
We were told in August 2018 Image
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NEW: "We have already opened more than 170 subject files" per Acting US Atty Michael Sherwin on siege of #USCapitol

"We've already charged over 70 cases" he adds, saying number will like exceed 100 on charges - trespass to theft of nat'l security/defense info to assault, etc
"This is only the beginning" per Sherwin
"We're looking at significant felony cases tied to sedition and conspiracy" per acting US Atty Sherwin

Priority is cases involving weapons, pipe bombs
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RT THREAD: At the #DNC I spoke of two Americas. We see it on full display this evening. #POTUS was taken to a hospital out of "caution" to monitor is reported symptoms of low-grade fever, chills, cough, and low-energy. On June 11th my Dad woke up with the same symptoms (1/4)
My dad was told to come back if he couldn't breathe. Five days later on June 16th, my mother rushed him to the hospital as he gasped for air. His ICU doctor said he wished he would have come in sooner to the hospital. (2/4)
Would #MarkUrquiza be here today if he in his America he had access to that type of care? But it's not just Mark what about the families of the Rio Grande who called for an ambulance and were told the backlog was 3 hours to receive emergency transport? (3/4)
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#SunriseExposed #BLM #ANTIFA I've been saying for months now that these people are communists and fascists and that they're all voting Democrat. I've said repeatedly that they, and the politicians they support are funded by Soros. I was called a conspiracy theorist.
I was told that #ANTIFA were just a bunch of hippies planting gardens and that they were burning trash in the street. Turns out that they're actually a worldwide organization with charters and massive funding. They are the opposite of their name. They've been destroying business
For months. Destroying, rioting, looting, threatening, and even killing. Harmless hippies planting gardens. I was told that #BLM were a grassroots peaceful movement and that I should support their message. All I see from their message is more division, more intimidation, more vi
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This was published on February 4, 2020.

China denouncing measures by the US and other countries denying entry to Chinese citizens because of #COVID19

Like the CCP and the WHO. The DNC and MSM agreed with my previous post. Influencing millions. Causing deaths.
#COVID19 #Covid_19

Working together, the CCP, WHO and DNC influenced many to die. Image
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Women face hate crime charges after attacking @realDonaldTrump supporters outside #DNC #BidenVoters… via @nypost
Two women have been indicted on hate crime charges after grabbing a 7-year-old boy’s “Make America Great Again” cap in front of his mother outside the Democratic National Convention in Delaware.
Olivia Winslow and Camryn Amy, both 21, were indicted by a grand jury Tuesday on felony charges of robbery, conspiracy and hate crimes, as well as a misdemeanor charge of endangering the welfare of a child.
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Reading through the #Biden campaign’s website, one wonders if the leader of the #DemocraticParty is in touch with the rest of the country, not to mention the rest of the world when it comes to #Israel.
by @mikopeled #BidenHarris #BidenHarris2020Landslide
The #Biden campaign’s attack on #BDS and #activist #LindaSarsour shows that the #DNC is not ready to truly embrace the #progressive values it claims to represent.
by @HomePalestine… #election
The presidential nominee affirmed his “unshakable” commitment to Israel during an online fundraiser by former US ambassador to #Israel Dan Shapiro.
by @AlanRMacLeod… #Palestine #Antisemitism
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Mary J. Blige has nothing to prove. Except to herself.…
Mary J. Blige wasn’t watching the #DNC when Sen. Kamala Harris used Blige’s “Work That” as her exit music. But Blige she certainly heard about it. “I wasn’t there, but I was there,” says Blige, who first met Harris a long time ago.… Image
For 2018’s “Mudbound,” Blige became the first person nominated for Oscars for acting and songwriting in the same year. “Now I have to work as hard as an Oscar-nominated actress,” she says. Image
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"BDS is a #Palestinian-led movement for freedom, justice and equality. #BDS upholds the simple principle that Palestinians are entitled to the same rights as the rest of humanity."
by @HomePalestine… #Palestine #Israel #TuesdayMorning #TuesdayThoughts
The Democratic establishment has also assiduously avoided discussing its #progressive platform, focusing on Biden’s values and Trump’s lack of them.
by @AlanRMacLeod… #DNC #Democrats #BidenHarris #TuesdayMorning #Election2020 #election
2,000 years ago, #Jesus taught an oppressed, occupied people the ways of mercy and nonviolent #resistance.... some strains of Christianity have transformed themselves from these humble roots into dominant, imperial forces
by @HomePalestine… #Israel #bible
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Für #Biden war es gestern bei seiner Antrittsrede auf der #DNC besonders wichtig, das Bild, das Trump und seine Leute von ihm gezeichnet haben - ein seniler, tattriger Greis, der langsam und müde ist - zu widerlegen. Das dürfte ihm gelungen sein.
Der Tenor seiner Rede: wir befinden uns in einem Kampf um die Seele der Nation. Licht gegen Dunkelheit, Empathie gegen Kälte. “If you entrust me with the presidency, I will draw on the best of us, not the worst. I will be an ally of the light, not of the darkness.”
Einigkeit im Angesicht einer gemeinsamen Bedrohung. Bidens Appell, auch an die, die ihn nicht unterstützen: "But while I will be a Democratic candidate, I will be an American president. I will work as hard for those who didn't support me as I will for those who did."
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Bisher ging es bei der #DNC vor allem darum, Ameeikaner*innen zu zeigen, wer Joe Biden ist. Das ist gelungen. Heute muss er auf Policy-Ebene überzeugen: was ist sein Plan? Denkbar schwierig als Redenthema ohne Live Publikum.
Rhetorisch wird das eine große Herausforderung - bisher haben in diesem Format nämlich vor allem Reden gut funktioniert, die nicht wirklich welche waren, wie die von Michelle Obama. Die Option hat Biden nicht. Die Balance zwischen einem Überblick seines Plans...
...und einem bloßen Herunterrattern von Punkten hinzubekommen, ist selbst für erfahrene Redner*innen schwierig.
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So many news stories to comment on, so little time to read it all. We feel your pain. Here are the must-reads from @chitribopinions on the pages of the @chicagotribune. / thread to follow
... Former Ohio Gov and one-time GOP presidential hopeful @JohnKasich is having a moment. Tuesday at the #DNC, Thursday in @chitribopinions writing about the need for opioid settlement money to be used wisely.…
... columnist @SteveChapman13 takes a look at @JoeBiden's roller-coaster political career and his improbable rise as the Democrats' best shot to defeat @realDonaldTrump.…
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Der vielleicht wichtigste Moment von @HillaryClinton's Rede auf der #DNC: "Don't forget: Joe and Kamala can win 3 million more votes and still lose. Take it from me. We need numbers so overwhelming Trump can't sneak or steal his way to victory."
"Vergesst nicht: Joe und Kamala können mit drei Millionen Stimmen Vorsprung gewinnen und trotzdem verlieren. Glaubt mir. Wir brauchen so überwältigende Zahlen, dass Trump sich den Sieg nicht erschleichen oder stehlen kann."
Damit spricht sie einen wichtigen Punkt an, der zu befürchten ist: dass Trump gar nicht darauf aus ist, die Mehrheit der Wählerstimmen zu gewinnen. Es reicht, wenn er das Electoral College gewinnt, oder dicht genug daran vorbeischrammt, um seine Basis von Betrug zu überzeugen.
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Former Second Lady and teacher Jill Biden made the case for her husband's candidacy at her old school in Delaware.

@JoeBiden formally received the Democratic party nomination on night two of the #DNC.

@DrBiden joins us following her speech last night at the #DemConvention.
"I think our country is looking for new leadership, and they're looking for someone who's steady and strong and has the character to lead us forward. And that's Joe. That's my husband, Joe." — @DrBiden
"I think Kamala is a strong woman, she's fierce, she's tough. And that's what we need going forward. And so when Joe chose a woman and chose @KamalaHarris, I was really excited. So I think it's a great ticket." — @DrBiden
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i get the @AOC endorsement of Bernie for president but, & as much as i support her, this just causes more divisiveness at a time when we need unification behind the nominee who actually stands a chance of beating Trump - why give them ANY reason?!

turns out i didn’t fully ‘get’ the @AOC Bernie endorsement tonight.. that’s on me, & i apologise for speaking out of turn. the last thing i want is to create discord between those of us who ultimately want the same thing.

thanks for setting me straight.
rather than deleting my initial tweet & pretending i wasn't 'that' idiot with a twitter acc, is it not more beneficial to use this conversation as a means to educate those of us (myself included) who may not have been fully aware of #DNC procedure?

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Why would the #DNC tell Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes that she may not get a chance to speak, and then allow her only 60 seconds, but allow Republican John Kasich a full speaking slot? The Democratic leadership, totally corrupted, loathes progressives, loathes the left.

That's why Democratic primaries are rigged, it's why so many establishment Democrats would have voted for Trump if Bernie had won the nomination, it's why left-wing media like The Young Turks can't get a press credential at the Democratic Convention, but had no problem... 2/11
getting credentialed for the Republican Convention, and it's why we have seen zero concessions to the left after @JoeBiden won enough delegates for nomination. (A non-binding climate plan that Joe doesn't even know the details of and has already contradicted by saying... 3/11
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Remember when #KamalaHarris prayed for #JussieSmollet’s quick recovery from the hoax he completely fabricated then conveniently had a sudden loss for words? Lol this is the best the #DNC has?😂🤣😂 Best of luck in November👌🏻 #Trump2020 #TrumpLandslideVictory2020 #HeelsUpHarris 🇺🇸
For posterity.👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
Lol “facts are still unfolding” aka “I’m covering my lying my ass” 😂
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Well I woke up to the realization that the democrats have jumped the shark. They no longer have any compunction even pretending like they want to win the election. The decision to invite a cop onto the November ticket (even a 'black' one) cements their idiocy. #FuckBiden
I was delighted to watch #Tulsi2020 take down @KamalaHarris in the start of primary season. She's done little to defend working people from the banks. Failed to go after @stevenmnuchin1 for his part in the forclosure crisis. She thought the way to address truancy was to attack..
working parents and throw them in jail, rather than addressing the underlying systemic issues. She smoked pot for years while enabling her departments to continue to arrest black and poor people for the same thing. She is so out of touch with what needs to happen to accect..
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#DNC2020 MONDAY SPEAKERS- Sen. Bernie Sanders, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Rep. Jim Clyburn, Former Gov. John Kasich, Sen.Doug Jones, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, and Former First Lady Michelle Obama #NexstarDC
(Among others) #DNC TUESDAY SPEAKERS - Former Attorney General Sally Yates, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Former Secretary of State John Kerry, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Former Pres. Bill Clinton, and Former Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden #NexstarDC
Among Others- #DNC WEDNESDAY SPEAKERS -Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Former President Barack Obama, ***TBA Vice Presidential Nominee*** #NexstarDC
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This 🧵 is about the @DNC's platform vote on cannabis and why I will not back down in my support of legalization even though my Party did not vote in favor of legalization.

#Marijuana #MarijuanaJustice #cannabis #NCpol #CannabisCommunity #Cannabisnews #USpolitics #DNC #DemCast
On July 27, the @DNC voted against an amendment to its official 2020 policy platform. This amendment would've supported the legalization of medicinal & recreational cannabis across the country; however, it was sharply rejected with a sweeping 50-106 vote.
Now that the @DNC Convention is set to begin next week, on August 17, I felt it pertinent to speak out against this vote which I feel is not reflective of many members of the Democratic Party, nor of many candidates who are running on the Democratic ticket this fall. #Cannabis
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