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While you wait for the 2nd round of Mueller’s testimony, read my piece on how anti-social justice warriors are using #HateHoax to obscure the fact that hate crimes are on the rise — and underreporting, not false reporting, is by far the biggest problem.…
Out of an estimated 21,000 hate crimes reported to law enforcement between 2016 and 2018, fewer than 50 were found to be false, according to the Centre for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino.

Meanwhile, our reporting system is so broken that 1 in 6 law enforcement agencies nationwide didn’t file a single hate crime report from 2009 to 2015.

In 20 states, anti-LGBTQ attacks aren’t considered hate crimes.

In 5 states, there are no hate crime laws on the books at all.
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The other day, @NYCMayor @BilldeBlasio fell for the #hatehoax and sent out a very angry tweet to President Trump. If only NYC had a mayor who got as upset about how his cops are being disrespected.
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🔥Re:Mueller testimony
▶️@Comey saying "We R watching, Keep UR mouth shut or else
▶️U know the rules, stick to the script./Gives Threat 2 others
🔥Therapist activate FF/DailyBeast(TAWC)-write story🐦
#HateHoax #SignsSomeoneIsPsycho
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn #SaveAmerica
If Mueller lies AG forced to DECLAS ALL docs
If [MUELLER] defers 2 original report but D's/FAKE NEWS push FAKE info> public didnt watch hearing>AG Barr be forced to DECLAS all docs 4 public TRUTH?
Be Ready [Mueller,JC,TRAITORS 1 & ALL]
Thank you 4 playing
FISA goes BOTH ways!
#QAnon Anthony Comello was trying 2 help @Potus not take out a mob boss
#LEAKERS #FakeNewsMedia…
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“it's incitin’ so much hate, and I've never been — I. have. never. been. — and nobody has ever told me that before.”
乁(•ˇ_ˇ•)ㄏ #HateHoax
I just watched the raw video, and it's clear who's rational and who's not.
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Except we HAVE HIS entire statement now @itsericathomas .... this time you don’t get to just say anything and everyone must believe it.... let’s take a look, shall we? I will post his statement, and YOUR behaviors below:
Eric Sparks vs Erica Thomas: Part 1
Here, I think we actually hear Eric Sparkes speak uninterrupted.

That was a rather threatening @itsericathomas in part 1 if you listened closely... at least 2 threats made...

Here is part 2: Eric Sparks vs Erica Thomas #HateHoax
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😂 he deleted it but the internet still has it
😂 we finally got our trend! This morning is starting off just as hilarious as yesterday was with the #MuellerIsComing trend. #HateHoax. Happy Sunday everyone!
Robert Francis O'Rourke still hasn't deleted his slanderous tweet. Why do you support the #HateHoax Bobby?
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Attention White Men Of America:

At this time I recommend start wearing body-cams or some other recording device. I usually only record audio when in public (as it easily fits on my phone storage) but I may switch to video.

These #HateHoax instigators must be held liable!
Camera recordings keep folks honest.

Sad but true in 2019.
This actually could apply to anyone... I just addressed it to white males since it appears they are the flavor of the year for #HateHoax attacks.
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You can’t make this stuff up. It turns out the man who had a verbal spat with @itsericathomas is a Democrat and he has social media pages filled with anti-Trump hate, even calling Trump a Nazi. He denies telling her to be sent back but he did say some rude things. Very messy.
The media uncritically ran with a racist Republican angle. @itsericathomas now says he DIDN’T say go back where you came from and we find out the "racist white guy" she accused is actually a Hispanic Democrat who says she’s lying for political purposes.
Watch: Eric Sparkes, the man accused by @itsericathomas of saying "Go back where you came from" admits they had a verbal spat but says she’s lying for political gain, he’s a Democrat too and doesn’t support Trump. After that Erica admits he didn’t say those exact words.
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Smollett picked the attack location because of the camera, can you imagine the chaos that would’ve erupted if his #HateHoax was on video?!? WHO SENT THE LETTER @USPISpressroom @FBIChicago what is taking so long? @TheJusticeDept
You sure were quick helping Hogg with a threatening letter from a “NRA member” what gives? #SmollettCoverup
THIS also needs some clarification @cookcountygov why was @SAKimFoxx told the brothers were paid $3500 EACH, they both worried it would look bad @JussieSmollett paid the other brother and suddenly the public is told it was a single check to the “trainer brother” #SmollettCoverup
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Catch me on CBC tonight at 8:30pm EST. I will be talking about hate crime hoaxes. #HateHoax
"What would be the incentive to fabricate a hate crime?" @NatashaFatah asks me on the CBC. My answer: "What incentive is there not?" Watch my first interview on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: #HateHoax #Canada
Center for Study of Hate & Extremism is run by someone who was w/SPLC. Research question they’re asking is flawed. Low % calculated when dividing number of police confirmed fakes over num of ALL bias reports. Center even says their data may not be accurate
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Canada’s Jussie Smollett? @NatashaFatah reports on a major hate crime hoax in Winnipeg. Jewish owners of a restaurant fabricated a hate attack on their business. Police spent significant resources & time on the case. Owners have been arrested & charged.
A vicious hate crime at a Jewish cafe on the eve before Passover. Leaders in the city said it was ‘the most brazen’ they've ever seen. A fundraiser was made. Progressive religious community planned an interfaith vigil. Police now say attack was all faked.…
How unfortunate that hate hoaxes so often have a nexus to the LGBT community. The BerMax Caffé and Bistro restaurant hosted gay and drag parties as an intersectional Jewish business. #Victimhood #HateHoax
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“I truly believe that a child cannot consent to being on a diet the same way a child cannot consent to having sex,” says non-binary fat activist S. Rashatwar at @StOlaf College. In ‘17, campus fell for massive #HateHoax targeting blacks by black student.
Earlier this month the medical school in Galveston at University of Texas (@utsystem) had Sonalee Rashatwar aka "The Fat Sex Therapist” give a lecture on the “business of medical fatphobia.” Photo: @utmbnews
A slide at the presentation on 18 April by fat activist Sonalee Rashatwar. She says this is the “iceberg of white supremacy” where people only pay attention to the top rather than the “vast majority” of other things that make up white supremacy eg color blindness etc. @StOlaf
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Catch me on @foxnation tomorrow with @greggutfeld. We discuss hate crime hoaxes, Portland’s politics, and victimhood culture.
What are the consequences of hate crime hoaxes that we need to be thinking about? Watch a clip from my interview with @greggutfeld on @foxnation:… #HateHoax
How do I respond to my detractors who call me a "lap dog for white supremacy"? Watch a clip from my interview with @greggutfeld on @foxnation:…
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ICYMI: Saturday Night Live aired a skit mocking the Jussie Smollett #HateHoax fiasco:
Comedian @idrisstv made a funnier Jussie Smollett skit IMO with a fraction of the budget and a skeleton crew. It includes the Subway sub & the Nigerian brothers. Note: Curse words in clip:
The Daily Show aired a #JussieSmollett life time movie parody. #GayTupac
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One of the first online discussion boards I wandered into in the mid-1990s focused on the liberal monopoly and bias in US media - and that was 15 years before #AndrewBreitbart entered the scene. And years before #Breitbart, I and many others were pointing out the many... (1/10)
...tricks the #MSM use to advance the liberal narrative - which reached a crescendo in 2006-2007 during the #DukeLacrosse #HateHoax. What those 3 boys suffered as a result of the media's bias and bloodlust was 100x worse than even what #CovingtonCatholic boys suffered...
...except it went on for thirteen months. But the media's basic premise was the same: Privileged white boys debase and humiliate a minority. And when it was all over, and the media were finally forced to admit it was a hoax after crucifying these boys for months... (3/10)
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One of the brothers was a stand-in for Jussie’s love interest on Empire. For those that don’t know, a stand-in is on set all day and literally stands where the actor eventually will, so crew can sets lights and camera shots because actors are spoiled brats and can’t be bothered.
The point being Jussie spent a lot of time with him on set, they were definitely friends and the entire cast and crew of @EmpireFOX knows who he is.
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Right after Donald Trump’s election, the SPLC really stoked panic. A pro-gay Episcopal church in Indiana was vandalized w/“Heil Trump,” a swastika, & an anti-gay slur. Turns out it was the gay organ player who did it. He was only charged w/a misdemeanor.…
Days after the Pittsburgh massacre, Trump supporters were blamed for Nazi vandalism at a Brooklyn synagogue & fires in a Jewish community. Turns out the perpetrator was a gay black man who had worked with city council on an initiative to fight hate crimes.…
One week before the presidential election, a black church in Mississippi was burned in an arson attack. “Vote Trump” was written on the building. After much panic, an investigation revealed that the man responsible was a church member. Andrew McClinton:…
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You are so busted @JussieSmollett do not pass go, do not collect one more ounce of sympathy. Go directly to jail. You follow the men arrested, they love you. @EmpireWriters @EmpireFOX @Chicago_Police @FBIChicago #JussieSmollett
January 9th just laughing it up, did they make the weirdo ransom note that week? You are shameful.
Here he is in Nigeria handing out cash.. just two days after the #HateHoax wonder where he got money? #ArrestSmollett
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Racist white men in Chicago attacked black gay actor and said “This is MAGA country”? Media/activists who are out for blood pounced on this. Police now deny the anonymous claim by @TMZ that this is what the victim even claims.…
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