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Useful-Ruins @UsefulRuins
#HateHoax no.???
This incident was played up so much and the media lapped it up.
All the while many of us said "smells fishy"
@9th_prestige @OldeShipmate @GenAugustoP @PubliclyPrivat1 @NoSlackDelta @CoolHandLukeX1 @KurtSchlichter @ThomasWictor
I heard excerpts from the 'impassioned speech' given to the cadets about how racism won't be tolerated.
You would have to be a fool not to think it was directed entirely at the 'white' cadets.
The whole time I listened to the speech I thought,
"What if the whole thing is a #HateHoax , you are chastising these cadets who did nothing wrong over nothing, pitting their suspicions upon 1 another"
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Frame Game Radio 🐸 @FrameGames
1. Today, we explore the "Supply and Demand" theory of the #DiversityIndustry. It explains the #GoogleMemo. For new followers, start here:
2. The story arc of the ethnic non-White civil rights movement began mid last century can, in 2017, be summarized thusly:
3. See, you signed up for MLK's "content of character" speech. Because you believe in equality. Good! You're a good person! That was 1963.
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