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[SCAM??] @azbit_news #Azbit #Airdrop #BTC

Never, but never make a deposit at this "cryptocurrency exchange". Do not believe anything that Azbit promises you.

- Not supported
- It takes more than 1 month to answer me
- My questions were deleted in the Azbit group chat

I lost my password to access Azbit, I tried to recover with my email, but the verification link never arrived in my email box (Yes, I already looked at the spam or trash box), the support does not solve nothing, it takes 1 month to reply and when you reply: They simply ask me to
create another account with another email.
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Son zamanlarda dikkat çeken ve gelişmeye, büyümeye devam eden @solana $SOL altyapısı üzerinde hayata geçecek bir projeden bahsetmek istiyorum. @BurntFinance $BURNT
Bilindiği gibi $ETH ağı üzerindeki en yoğun kullanım alanını #defi uygulamaları ve platformları oluşturuyor. $SOL , $DOT, $AVAX gibi ekosistem projeleri üzerinde de ilk gelişme alanı, ister istemez kullanıcıların taleplerini karşılama adına #defi projeleri oluyor.
Örneğin, $ETH ağının merkeziyetsiz borsası #uniswap dersek, #bsc üzerinde karşılığı #pancakeswap, $AVAX üzerindeki karşığı #pangolin ve $SOL üzerindeki karşılığı #Serum desek yanlış bir şey söylemiş olmayız.
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Hoy quería contarles algo que me pasó hace poco. No, no pegué un x10 con una crypto random, ni me cayó un airdrop por hacer staking en una nueva blockchain. O bueno si, pero les quiero hablar de otra cosa.
Compré unos $Matic en #Binance para pasar a @0xPolygon. Gracias a @Hippie4Crypto descubrí que con puedo pasar Stables directo desde la #BSC, sin tener que usar la red de #ETH y pagar el fee (de aprox 20$).
Pasé los $Matic a @MetaMask y fui derechito a Pancakeswap para cambiarlos por #DAI.

Como el token no me aparecía, me fui a @1inchNetwork. Tampoco aparecía, así que lo tuve que importar. Pegas el smart contract y listo.

Nunca había usado 1inch, estaba contento por probarla.
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1/ @VenusProtocol, a decentralized money market and synthetic stablecoin protocol built on #BinanceSmartChain with $11B+ in user deposits, has just created a proposal to fully upgrade their oracle solution to #Chainlink Price Feeds

2/ Venus is the largest #DeFi protocol in terms of total value locked across the entire #BSC network

It's an algorithmic money market that allows users to not only lend and borrow tokens, but also mint decentralized synthetic stablecoins and earn yield Image
3/ With 18 supported assets and yields up to 30% APY, Venus has become the defacto money market on the #BSC network

However, to ensure the protocol is fully collateralized and user funds protected, Venus requires price oracles to determine the value of all collateral and debt Image
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[THREAD] Après avoir investit dans son premier token de la #BSC il est temps de le faire travailler.

Grâce au Yield farming vous allez tirer le meilleur de la DeFI et générer des revenus passifs.

Que vous pourrez ensuite réinvestir pour générer encore plus d'argent💎⬇️
Pour faire simple le staking est un mécanisme qui consiste à immobiliser un certain nombre de ses propres tokens sur le réseau pour aider à sa sécurisation.

Cela en échange d'un rémunération.

C'est une forme d'intérêt (comme un livret A), mais avec des rendements importants.
Pour commencer vous pouvez faire du Stacking :

Directement sur la plateforme PancakeSwap, la plus sûre

De nombreux tokens ont leur propre pools

Utiliser des Yield Optimizer : des plateformes qui déposent vos liquidités sur d'autres services pour avoir la meilleure rentabilité
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Seguro notaste que este finde volvieron a la escena algunos de los proyectos más icónicos de #DeFi en Ethereum, #AAVE y #CURVE. Qué pasó? Bajó el gas? Explotó la #BSC?

No, se trata de @0xPolygon (antes $MATIC). En 2 palabras: #Ethereum barato.

Bueno, es un poco más complejo...
#DeFi propone una revolución financiera. Pero... es posible a 100 USD la transacción?

Muchos inversores y proyectos se pasaron de #ETH a la #BSC, que ofrece transacciones más baratas y rápidas, sacrificando descentralización para tener mayor escalabilidad.
Y que tiene que ver @0xPolygon? Mucho..

#Polygon (el nombre original del proyecto era $Matic) es una solución de layer 2 que ofrece transacciones a costos insignificantes sin poner en juego la descentralización. Image
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[THREAD] Vous êtes nombreux à vouloir entrer dans la DeFi, investir dans des pépites et générer des revenus passifs.

Après vos centaines de DM me demandant comment faire. Voici le tuto pour entrer dans le fabuleux monde de la #BSC

Prenez le temps d'apprendre avant d'investir !
1. Acheter vos BNB

On commence sur vous créez votre compte, placez de la fiat (sans frais par virement) et achetez vos BNB

Si vous avez besoin d'un tuto ici, vous n'êtes pas prêt pour la DeFi (mais ça viendra)
2. Installer Metamask

Rendez vous sur et installez le sur votre navigateur.
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Previously, I made an introductory thread on how to earn Crypto passively even without trading.

Now here's the PART 2 & (step-by-step) guide showing you how to do that & how you can use decentralized exchanges to swap tokens

An educational thread #RETWEET for others to learn.🙂
The last time, I talked about how this functions on DeFi (Decentralized Finance) but I didn't show how, now here's DeFi in layman's terms.

Decentralized Finance simply means a system that grants you autonomy and total control over your money, that is all trans(actions) on your
funds are controlled by you, nothing can occur to your funds without your approval, you have full control over it.

While Centralized Finance (CeFi) a.k.a traditional finance means the opposite, an example of Centralized Finance is the traditional banks where you and I store our
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Weekly AVAX Defi Ecosystem Commentary & Yield Farming Roundup (Mon May 3) on @avalancheavax Farming Yields for $PNG, $PEFI, $ZERO, $LYD, $OLIVE, $ELK, $YTS, $BAMBOO, $COM, & new $BAG + auto-compounders $YAK & $SNOB
1) Macro Commentary
I’ve been obsessed with the state of AVAX defi ecosystem since I widened my focus & started comparing vs other chains, & seeing that we’re losing in the race to build TVL

Here’s an updated table, adding also $MATIC & $LUNA as requested

& a cheat sheet of protocols:

This has caused me to start experimenting with other chains, notably #BSC & $SOL
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TrueBit / $TRU -- The “Hidden” L2 Solution Backed by $ETH and Coinbase Heavyweights

In this thread, I share why Truebit / $TRU is an easy multi-billion dollar market cap project and a possible top 20 market cap contender.

- $TRU has been in development for 4 years now.
- $TRU has strong $ETH links and its development was extensively influenced and supported by members of the Ethereum team.
- Vitalik Buterin co-authored a whitepaper with $TRU founder Jason Teutsch.
TLDR (contd)

- Christian Reitwiessner, creator of the Solidity programming language (used by all major blockchains such as $ETH, #BSC, and soon $ADA) co-wrote the actual $TRU whitepaper with Jason Teutsch.
- TrueBit was developed based on the concepts in these whitepapers.
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You've probably been wanting to know how to earn from crypto without trading.

So here's a #thread explaining all that including how to earn from crypto apart from trading through some Financial processes in Crypto.

An educative thread, #RETWEET for others to learn.🙂
Firstly I'll need to start by explaining DeFi.

DeFi (Decentralized Finance) simply means the financial applications, systems, digital assets & projects built on networks founded on the Blockchain system.

Examples of networks founded on Blockchain are Ethereum, #BSC, Solana, etc
These networks have projects under them that in turn help with amplifying the DeFi system because they act as trustless financial protocols that don't require mediation, that is they're decentralized (simply means without intermediaries) as opposed to traditional banking or CeFi.
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+++ Call for all devs currently working on #Ethereum & #BSC: Fantom is a Layer-1 chain that supports the EVM and that ensures maximum interoperability by using already-proven bridges. Ecosystem & user base are growing at a tremendous speed. More info below 👇 $FTM +++
#Fantom is a fast, high-throughput open-source smart contract platform for digital assets and dApps. Its aBFT consensus protocol delivers unparalleled speed, security, and reliability. Time-to-finality is 1 second.…
The #Fantom mainnet is up & running and already today delivers what ETH 2.0 anticipates for 2022: Proof-of-stake, 4.500+ tps, very, very low txs fees (0.00002$) and smart contracts. As it supports the EVM, it is easy to deploy existing contracts.

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+++ For those who are new to Fantom, this is a detailed & updated thread on why $FTM is a MUST-BUY for both holders & traders. Read below why it should be on your radar and how to test it out. +++

#FTM #Fantom #bitcoin #binance #NFTs #DeFi
What is Fantom? The basics: $FTM is a fast, high-throughput open-source smart contract platform for digital assets and dApps. Its aBFT consensus protocol delivers unparalleled speed, security, and reliability.…
The $FTM mainnet is up & running and already today delivers what ETH 2.0 anticipates for 2022: Proof-of-stake, 4.500+ tps, very low txs fees (0.00002$) & smart contracts. It’s time-to-finality is 1 second. It is the fastest & cheapest chain out there at only $1.5bn market cap.
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(1/15) Thread on MC/TVL and how you could use it as part of a valuation methodology for DeFi protocols.
(2/15) What are MC & TVL?

Market cap is the number of shares of an asset multiplied by the current price of that asset.

Total value locked is the total value (often USD) currently within a protocol (i.e., how much USD all assets stored would sell for at current prices).
(3/15) MC/TVL is simply dividing one by the other. Why would you do this? Put simply, it's a good way to measure whether a protocol is over or undersubscribed relative to the value stored within it.
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[THREAD] 10 exemples de "bags scientifiques" #BSC + présentation de mes réflexions perso

Il y a de tout dedans: des projets déjà installés à l'échelle de la BSC (fondamental + hype + exécution) ayant déjà bien pump, des projets solides qui pourraient exploser prochainement...
... & même des shitcoins qui ont pas encore été shill par les degens de TikTok 😂

L'idée n'est donc pas de vous dire d'acheter sans réfléchir, mais plutôt vous présenter mes stratégies pour vous aider à développer les vôtres & mener à bien vos recherches futures sur la #BSC
1 - $NAUT / @astronauttoken / MC: 10M - Holders: 6.1k

J'ai déjà parlé du $NAUT & de sa tokenomie qui génère de l'instant yield, mais c'est pas pour ça que je le garde

Je hold $NAUT car j'y vois l'occasion d'arriver early sur un Launchpad qui s'annonce solide (j'en ai loupé bcp)
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⚠️ URGENT ⚠️

dear GA hunter....please buat akun paypal + crypto address sendiri yuk untuk menghindari disangka multi akun.

banyak host yang sekarang sudah khusus crypto jadi susah kalau kalian gapunya sendiri.

🎀 Paypal 🎀
▪︎ Download / sign in di
▪︎ Daftar pake nama ASLI se asli aslinya, supaya kalau (amit-amit) limit, ngurusnya nanti gampang.
▪︎ Bisa diconnect ke rekening bank sendiri, bisa tidak. Jadi santai aja, kang CV banyak.
🎀 Trust Wallet 🎀
▪︎ Wallet penyimpanan aset crypto
▪︎ Daftarnya ga perlu KTP, jadi yang underage bisa pake sekedar untuk klaim
▪︎ Tidak bisa langsung dicairkan ke Rupiah, harus dikirim ke wallet lokal. Lagi, silahkan cari kang CV kalo blm bisa daftar wallet lokal
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(1/6) Análisis $AUTO @autofarmnetwork:
- Proyecto -> 3
- Redes Sociales -> 4
- Noticias -> 2
- Market Cap -> 3
- General -> 3,20

(Más bajo -> 1 | Más alto -> 5) Image
(2/6) #Proyecto:
$AUTO @autofarmnetwork Tengo que ser sincero y no he encontrado mucha información en las páginas oficiales. Por lo que puedo observar parece ser una plataforma de liquidez y swap de tokens. Es un proyecto de #BSC. Corregirme si algo es erróneo.
(3/6) #RedesSociales:
$AUTO tiene una actividad realmente importante en relación a su etapa tan inicial, no tiene ni 1 año de antigüedad. En #Twitter son más 34 mil seguidores. Y verdaderamente percibo un trabajo y esfuerzo detrás.
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Is high transactions-per-second good? Not necessarily. Sometimes, high throughput creates a new set of issues.

Thread 👇
1/ Ethereum has an ever-growing file, a 'state'. Full nodes have to keep hundreds of gigabytes of the state data. The cost of doing so keeps going up every year, pricing node operators out of the network. If this trend goes too fast, the network becomes less decentralized. Image
2/ Ethereum only has 20 transactions per second, at best. So the cost of providing storage goes up relatively slowly. For now, it’s still manageable to be anode operator. Ethereum devs are even thinking of possible solutions to compress the total size of the state.
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#کلاهبرداری توکن سازی

نرید سریع انجام بدید ولی روش کلاهبرداری که توی @PancakeSwap خیلی ها رو داره پولدار میکنه اینه که:
میرید کد یه توکن رو کپی میکنید و روی #bsc با یه اسم جدید دیپلوی می‌کنید با تعداد توکن ۱۰ بیلیون عدد اسمش هم گوزکوین $gooz.
بعد میرید توی پنکیک سواپ و
یه liquidity pool برای جفت مثلا gooz/busd میسازید و داخلش ۱۰۰ میلیون gooz و ۱۰۰ busd میریزید.
عملا دارید قیمت هر gooz رو ۰.۰۰۰۰۰۱ ارزش گذاری میکنید.
حالا باید یه سایت و با ۲۰ ۳۰ تا ادرس شروع کنید تراکنش انجام دادن، و هی خرید کنید از gooz های خودتون تا ارزشش رو افزایش بدید
و همینطور روی شبکه تاریخچه قیمتی و تراکنش ایجاد میکنید،
اینجا با یه تبلیغ کوچیک کلی آدم میان و شروع میکنن به امید ۱ دلار شدن و ۱۰۰۰۰x گرفتن شروع میکنن به خرید gooz های شما.
اینجا به بعد به دلایل امنیتی بهتون توضیح نمیدم ولی تهش این میشه که یه جایی شما تا جایی که
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WHY $ALPACA is a potential #BSC GEM YOU ARE MISSING in #DeFi

#BSC Contract Address: 0x8f0528ce5ef7b51152a59745befdd91d97091d2f

A thread to follow. 🧵
Like and Retweet. ❤️

$Alpaca Finance is the First and largest lending protocol allowing leveraged #yieldfarm -ing on Binance Smart Chain #BSC

If you wonder what Yield farming is: It’s an innovative #DeFi concept where users stake or lend their crypto assets in order to receive returns.
On #ALPACA ’s protocol's leveraged positions will allow you to amplify your profit potential, providing higher yields on less capital.

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$TANGO & $WQT - A lot of influencers were shilling these 2 projects a lot higher than they are now and have been silent during the drops.

I'm gonna bring some light to them whilst they are absolutely rekt & in my opinion the best entry you can get for a HUGE risk to reward trade ImageImage
A lot of these recent projects that have launched on Uniswap have done absolutely terrible and some will never recover, but I have high faith these 2 will.

I've been active in their telegrams and speaking with the CEO's/admins and these are not projects that will just die
As we all know some projects ONLY care about the price, usually for selfish reasons so spend all their marketing funds at the start before they have anything to offer

I think it's better that they build first before going all out on the marketing, which is the case with these 2.
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$GLCH is the first ‘for purpose’ #Defi Blockchain
💰$23M Market Cap
🔓Most Private/Seed/Presale Tokens Unlocked
🤝Partners with $ORN #API3 $RAMP $UNN $CELL $ROUTE
🤝@JeffKirdeikis CEO @TrustSwap is a Strategic Advisor
👨‍🔧Project Leads are Public & Visible… ImageImageImage
$GLCH #Blockchain
vs #DeFi Blockchains
$XRP $XLM $ETH $AVAX $SOL (All >$4B Cap)
✅Faster TX finality time
✅Amongst the highest throughput
✅No vulnerability to 51% attacks

⚠️Per image both $SOL and $AVAX have experienced notable bugs that dramatically slowed their networks ImageImage
$GLCH Tokenomics

$23M Market Cap
$45M Fully Diluted Cap
👀FDMC is >100X lower than $AVAX – HUGE Upside
46M Circulating Supply
88,888,888 Max Supply

🔓Just under 3M Private Sales Tokens Left to Unlock linearly over 4 weeks
🔒Liquidity Locked via TrustLock Image
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So I thought I must be going crazy on the earlier reported #BSC outage. Because when I scan through Reddit, Telegram and Twitter, there doesn't seem to be anyone really complaining about BSC not working for them.


I've spun up more instances of my monitoring tools, different geos, different providers, just to be sure.

And all the nodes that Binance lists on the RPC page (…) are sputtering on and off, or failing to respond.

They'll work for like a minute or two, and sometimes you'll get 10 minutes of no issues, but then all of a sudden they'll drop or fail on 80% of calls and take a long time on the next set.
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According to my uptime monitor most BSC RPC nodes are having outages intermittently this morning.

Which is weird because in theory they should be distributed?

So either the nodes themselves aren't distributed or the outage is a chain related problem?
There is a small chance of this being middle layer or local issues but that seems unlikely as most other non-BSC networks are reporting find on my end.
Figured I'd try and manually test it.

Tried 5 different RPC nodes. Very brief connectivity but mostly spinning wheels.

It seems like all of #BSC might just be...down...?
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