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1/ A thread about @CopiosaOfficial $COP and why it will be a game changer for newbies who want to invest in small market cap cryptocurrencies.

Fact: $COP is the first cryptocurrency I invested in!

👇🧵 Image
2/ Copiosa's catch phrase "Crypto made easy." is their vision every investor, both experienced and inexperienced.

They want to bring forth a platform which makes investing into a new or small market cap cryptocurrency, risk-free and super simple!
3/ Many of us know all to well the feeling of investing into a project and it being a rug pull :(

They aim to alleviate this complexity of investing into small MC cryptos through the introduction of their own mobile application which makes your investment much more secure.
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Numbers never lie 😎

While the market fluctuated strongly with a series of incidents. 😭

$NEAR's TVL has quadrupled since 6 months ago. 🔥

#Solana #Avax #Polygon #BSC #ETH #Near #AURORA
1/ Check it out: 👈

TVL on blockchain ecosystems in 6 months
#NEAR +462%

#Solana -56,5%
#Avax -58.2%
#Trx -58.5%
#Polygon -42.5%
#BNBchain -48.0%
#ETH -51.%
2/ This success mainly comes from the intrinsic of talented people and unlimited ability of technology.

 $USN launched at a time when users lost faith in stable-coins, but still asserted its difference and innovation.
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🧵 $30B in TVL wiped out by the $LUNA and $UST collapse. Total #DeFi TVL slashed in half over the last month.

What does the future hold for DeFi on the major #Layer1 chains and protocols? My thoughts in 10 tweets. 1/10
#DeFi exploded from $19B TVL at the start of 2021 to $280B by the end of 2022, holding steady until April of this year.

It now stands at $128B with the majority of that over 50% drop coming in the last month as investors rush for the exits. 2/10 Image
Why? A negative global macro outlook with inflation and rising interest rates leading to sell off in traditional markets.

The knock on effect on $BTC compounded by the shock from the $LUNA and $UST fallout has nervous investors going risk off. 3/10
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Summary AMA 14/05/2022
* Team & App
* #StepN Userbase
* @solana network
* Charity sneaker
* Genesis sneakers
* Shoe skins & Panda skins
* Minting scrolls
* Sneaker burns
* New token (SocialFi)?
* Dynamic Minting
* Tokenomics
* Events
* Extras👇🧵
Team & App
- Expanding the team. More development & infrastructure. 100 new developers last week
- More basic improvements around the current gameplay. Starting with boring/fundamental tasks
- #StepN team will take more time for testing and bug fixes before deploying updates
#StepN Userbase
- #StepN articles (e.g. increasing interest for retail users.
- More retail, non-crypto native, entering requires extra #StepN app preparations.
- 700,000 daily active users.
- Last night: 150,000 users running at the same time
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Summary AMA 07/05/2022
* Transaction improvements
* Plans for May (skins & sneaker burns)
* Genesis sneaker status
* #StepN Beta Phase IV
* Multi-accounting
* New NFTs & planned items
* $GMT burn status👇🧵
* Transaction improvements:
- Catch the drop off transactions and put them back online
- Implemented the dynamic node system (one node fails, another one takes over)
* Month of May will be focussed on the #BSC chain. The plan is to restore balance between the chains this month
- 10,000 sneakers were dropped to Solana genesis holders
- Team believes in a couple of weeks more people will migrate to #BSC (increase in sneakers, $GST, etc)
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🧵 The market is tough right now so it's time to get behind projects with strong teams, use case and potential. I'm still bullish on #FaaS and here's a thread on @TheCryptoTrian1 $MUDA a #DeFi3 project that differentiates itself from competitors in some interesting ways! 1/12
The business strategy is composed of 3 pillars. The 3 sides of the triangle aim to make $MUDA an easily accessible form of passive income across multiple chains with direct retail onboarding via fiat onramp. The objective is to offer well rounded, safe and profitable #FaaS 2/12
Pillar 1 was launching multi-chain with a custom BEP to ERC20 bridge from day 1, allowing users to choose to invest on either #Ethereum or #BSC, as well as offering arbitrage opportunities to align the market cap on both chains. 3/12
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When evaluating ecosystems for growth historically we can identify 3 common trends.

A thread...🧵
Believe it or not, the first trend is a figurehead or even a martyr.

Common examples that come to mind @VitalikButerin @IOHK_Charles @cz_binance or even Satoshi himself. Though it's not required the top ecosystems seemed to have a central advocate regardless of their influence.
This is a sub trend but narrative is also important. During the Wonderland days #AVAX exploded In growth because advocates spoke about how it was the L2 solution for DeFi causing waves of money to enter the ecosystem to build temporary roads. ETH scaling issues helped.
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#StepN is a hybrid application that merges functionality from both web 2.0 and web 3.0.
I’ll try to explain how this works in practise and the advantages and disadvantages of such setup in the thread below 🧵👇.
Note: All the information is based on my observations.
#StepN has two different wallets in which a user can hold funds. They’re called ‘Spending’ and ‘Wallet’.
The ‘Spending’ wallet has an old school web 2.0 setup where all information is, most likely, stored in databases and deployed on multiple servers in the cloud.
The ‘Wallet’ wallet is an implementation of a web 3.0 setup in which the user creates a crypto wallet and owns the access to it by writing down his/her seed phrase upon setup. You could think of it as a lightweight version of @MetaMask .
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In a few hours from now @Stepnofficial will snapshot current #Solana genesis shoe holders and airdrop each of them a #BSC shoebox to boost the chain interest.

Let's deep dive in the current state of #STEPN on #BSC 🧵👇
Disclaimer: The charts and data below are regarding the 2125 sneakers and shoeboxes which are tracked on the #BSC blockchain.

If a shoe was minted in the app and never moved to the blockchain wallet, it's not included in the analysis.

This data is regarding #Web3 data on BSC
Sneaker's class
- 906 sneakers (almost half the shoe supply) are walkers
- The second biggest category are joggers totalling 524 sneakers
- Runners account for 1/7th of all sneakers with a supply of 303 sneakers
- 81 trainers make up for a mere 4.5% and are thus the scarcest
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Summary AMA 30/04/2022
* $GST & $GMT discussion
* Shoe minting
* Offline/live events
* @solana Node congestion issue
* The status of #BSC
* $GMT utility vs governance
* Luck attribute & Mystery Boxes
* Multi-account for shoe lvl up 👇🧵
* Rapid appreciation of the $GST price isn't sustainable
* New users are important to continue the growth of the app
* The team decided, in the last few days, to alter the minting cost of new sneakers resulting in a current 200 $GMT minting price to push down the $GST price.
* ❗️❗️Within a few hours from now, sneaker minting cost will return to a 50:50 $GST / $GMT ratio ❗️❗️.
* The double shoebox event will remain until sneaker supply reaches a healthy level.
* The team is happy with current changes & data modelling
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Another 🔥 #AMA done on @Stepnofficial by the Russian community with @yawn_rong from #STEPN.
Highly informative. Tons of news and info
* $GMT
* Luck, MB & Gems
* Cheating & multi-accounting
* #stepnactivationcode
* Spending & Wallet merge
* #BSC
* Triple earning 🧵👇
* Nothing has changed regarding minting drop rate & earning with the last updates.
* Percentage wise the team expects to have 1 or 2 epic sneakers minted every day.
* @Stepnofficial won't implement regular DeFi 1.0 farming (deposit $GMT token and get passive return).
* 10 $GMT use cases in total. Two use cases will be released every two weeks.
* One extra, secret use case, will be announced as well.
* Once all 11 use cases are implemented, the burning, countdown, bar of $GMT will be shown.
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#DeFi : I'm happy to introduce you to the project Reunit : One #wallet to rule them all…

Goal : Give the possibility to regroup all your funds from all networks by using #LayerZero in a single transaction, and call all contracts thanks to Reunit Relayer
It will use #LayerZero and @StargateFinance, and will make the life easier for everyone who have tokens across all chains.
#Etherereum, #Avalanche , #BSC, #Polygon, #Optimism , #Fantom and #Arbitrum will be supported.
A Reunit omnitoken will be created, and 75% of fees generated will be redistributed to holders.

Example of a transaction on #sushiswap : Image
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Great #AMA done on @Stepnofficial #STEPN by @HuobiGlobal , co-hosted by @CryptoCoinCoach and speaker @shitirastogi from StepN.
* StepN in short
* Mission
* NFTs
* Price stability
* Security
* SocialFi
* #BSC
* Luck
* Success stories
* Partnerships 🧵👇
#StepN in short:
* #Move2Earn health and fitness application. Users equip sneakers and then move outdoors to earn token & #NFT rewards.
* Built in wallet & swap marketplace + other features to facilitate easy onboarding of non crypto users.
* #STEPN wants to build a lifestyle app. Not just gamification.
* Mission in 3 steps:
1. Fitness application for people to move outdoor
2. Bridge between #web2 and #web3 (simple mechanic & UI) where people own their own digital assets through NFTs
3. Carbon neutrality
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[THREAD][🎁#GIVEAWAY🎁] X @LightFinance_

Il s'agit d'un fork $TITANO sur la #BSC

APY 143.553% & multisig by @Dixdraka


◽️ 50$
◽️ 2 WL


• Follow @LightFinance_ X @lionel_tlse
• TAG 2🐒

📌@LightFinance_ c'est quoi ?

C'est un fork #TITANO sur la blockchain, l'équipe qui est derrière ce projet est bien connu, car il s'agit de


Donc la team est full doxx et c'est un point essentiel ici
📌Le token $LIGHT ?

Il sera dispo sur la plateforme de @PancakeSwap lors de l'ajout de liquidité !

Les principales informations :

• Rebase 30 minutes
• Buy taxe 14%
• Sell taxe 19%
• Liquidité lock 1 an
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Just IN: 'Medicalised #FGM' - #Uganda Indicts #Kenya and #Sudan 😯
Ugandan girls and women are being mutilated from hospitals in the neighbouring Kenya and South Sudan, a senior Govt official has revealed.
The State Minister for Gender and Culture, Ms Peace Regis Mutuuzo, says
some girls and women from Karamoja and Sebei sub-regions sneak into Kenya and South Sudan to secretly undergo medical mutilation.
Ms Mutuuzo said she got to know about the horrible stories of medicalised mutilation last year in September when she led a delegation of legislators
for a field mission in the FGM practising districts.
She said whereas some girls and women were voluntarily seeking medical mutilation, others were being mutilated against their will during child birth.
“Medicalised genital mutilation is not happening in Uganda. It is happening
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[THREAD] Second partenariat : 🔑@Cloud_Financee

Cette fois-ci je suis multisig (fonds presales) sur un joli projet Titano. Image
Pourquoi et qu'est que Cloud Finance ?
C'est un projet #TITANO mais sur notre bonne vieille #BSC (merci CZ).
Je connais très bien 2 des fondateurs, des gens de confiance, beaucoup de discussions avec eux, de partage de connaissance depuis des mois.
C'est pourquoi j'ai toute ma confiance en ce projet.
L'équipe est dox et connue de tous ici. 😘
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#Cosmos vision as the internet of blockchains is extremely compelling. Here's why I think its likely to succeed, and why #IBC protocol is superior to other bridging options🧵
Most people are aware that #IBC integration comes close to "out of the box" for the Cosmos chains, and there's a ever-growing number of them, including hugely popular chains like #Terra, #Cronos, #BSC etc.
However, #IBC can be integrated with non Cosmos chains. @interchain_io is currently supporting teams on
Polkadot & Kusama , Near & Harmony to bring their ecosystem to Cosmos
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[THREAD] sur @Cloud_Financee et Qu'est ce qu'un Fork @TitanoFinance ?

Dans ce THREAD je vais vous présenter le prochain fork #titano qui va péter dans les prochaines semaines,

Gérer par des membres A.A🏴‍☠️:


💧Tout d'abord, qu'est-ce qu'un Fork $TITANO ?

Fork du projet @TitanoFinance, c'est un protocole d'auto-staking et d'auto-compound sur la #BSC,

💧Qu'est ce que tu autant par la ?

Il vous suffit simplement de hold le token pour générer des rewards.
Sur @Cloud_Financee, l'auto-staking s'effectue toute les 30 minutes (48x/jour)

💧Pour la Presale, la WL est encore accessible, je vous conseil vraiment de pas rater ça !

💰 500$ d'alloc avec ~500 WL
⌛️ 24h
💸 0.00001$ (même prix qu'au launch)
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@YieldZilla_ #Giveaway
15 $YDZ tokens to 2 people (Worth $150 at the time of writing this 🧵)
To Participate:
1⃣: Follow @sweetheater & @YieldZilla_
2⃣: ♥️&RT
3⃣: Tag 3 friends
Read this 🧵 to know what I like about @YieldZilla_'s Autostaking Platform.

48hrs Image
Looks like the season of Autostaking has begun and with @SphereDeFi doing so well, there are projects that have come up in other chains trying to achieve the same success.

@YieldZilla_ is one such project on #BSC. Trying to explain their functionalities in this 🧵👇👇
@YieldZilla_ rewards users with a sustainable, fixed compound-interest return through the use of its auto-staking function.

So, what is auto staking? 🤔
Staking that requires no effort from the buyer, just buy and hold the token.
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1/ 🧵Thread on $ALPACA
If you think that BSC $BNB is just a place for rugs, you would be missing out a lot of alphas. A blanket filter will leave you out of a lot of alphas.
There are innovations happening here with valuation that even TradFi guys would ape into.
2/ With yield drying out in the crypto lands, investors are going down the risk curve for yields, @AlpacaFinance - a leveraged yield farming protocol on #BSC and #Fantom is here for that demand.
3/ Users can leverage up to 8x of their capital for yield farming.
But wait there's more!
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So, @coinbase recently announced in their blog they're evaluating 50 assets for listing on their platforms.

The assets indicated in the blog post are very different one to another.

Here is a quick overview on each of them: i'll stick to 1 post/project

It'll be long thread
I'll take into consideration the coins by mcap, despite Coinbase saying they'll not consider that


I'll also have a particular regard to #NFTs, due to their recent interest with @Coinbase_NFT and their recent cooperation with @BoredApeYC $APE
For similar reasons, i'll not consider very much privacy coins, since, well... $XMR
I don't know extremely well the thought process concerning listing on @coinbase so i'm not confident that better products have better chances at listing, but we have to start somewhere
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#STEPN 是花姐本人今年最关注的项目之一。
原因无需赘述。套用一下@FTX_Benson 的一个方法论:市值天花板够不够高?上涨动力是否持续存在?
如果仅仅将 #stepn 对标 #AXS ,其实项目并没有那么有趣🤔。但我发现 #stepn 真的是社交的一个产品,人们会相约一起跑步🏃‍♀️,一起聚会、下酒馆、喝茶聊天,讨论🏃心得,跑步减肥,各种讨论生鞋子、开鞋盒等等,而这些,你在 #AXS 是看不到的。
从这个角度而言,#STEPN 已然具备了一定的社交属性。一款区块链时代的,兼具游戏+社交+defi属性的产品,此前有过吗?恐怕还没有过,如果这代表的是方向、是趋势、是未来,那么想象空间到底有多大?天花板到底有多高呢?也许是几何式的。
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TVL explained in details.

A lot of us here at CT have been hearing about the abbreviation "TVL" a lot lately.

Today, I'll be breaking down what TVL actually is in a way a 10 year old can understand.

Sit back. A thread. 🧵
A lot of us have been hearing about the term "TVL" so much lately.

Especially regarding some particular DeFi protocols.

First of all, I'll be explaining the term TVL and then, I'd go deep into protocols that are associated with this term.
Lastly, a tool we can use to check TVL of some of our favorite DeFi protocols.

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My thoughts on the state of the Andromeda ecosystem and why I believe its best days lie ahead. Big ol' TLDR 🧵1/25 (DW, there are memes)

@MetisDAO @MetisNews247 @PeakFinance_DAO
2/ The Andromeda experienced 5 days of tremendous growth in TVL, around $243,690,704 USD according to It is no secret it has since been in decline.
3/ Since then, we have seen a tapering off of TVL across the ecosystem. This was in part due to the depreciation of $METIS in value as more degen overnight forks capitulated across the ecosystem.
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