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Next week, $1bn is going to flow into #Arb projects.

Call it the trickle down effect 💦

Holders will sell their $ARB (received in the airdrop) and will use the liquidity to invest in low cap gems, in the hope of #ArbSeason.

Let's look at some potential plays 👇🧵

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All that you need to know about @RoseonExchange expanding its ecosystem to introduce RoseonX

Let's do #Defi, Big Move.

A Thread 🧵
What is @RoseonExchange?
Roseon is an ecosystem of smart, all-in-one defi features to make trading and other daily interactions as seamless and stress-free as possible, with you having all you need for your everyday activities with your favorite token holdings. Image
It offers automated market-making and liquidity services to users. It aims to create a seamless user experience by providing access to a wide range of DeFi products, including lending, borrowing, staking, and trading.
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@RDNTCapital 做为全链借贷和 #DeFi 创新者,其TVL已超1.35亿美元,在 #Arbitrum 排名第三(只在 #GMX 和 #Uniswap 之后),价格也持续攀升,但这还都只是基于V1和单链就已做到,V2才是 $RDNT 的真正腾飞
🧵 ImageImage
#Radiant V2和 #AAVE 等基础借贷协议的几个重要区别:
1/基于 #LAYERZERO 支持全链借贷,这意味着可以实现:在 #Arbitrum 质押 $USDC ,在 #BSC 上借出 $BNB , 彻底摆脱当前在同一公链上借出资产 -> 寻找安全低成本的跨链桥 -> 长时间等待的困惑,全链借贷是聚合被众多公链割裂流动性的基础入口
与 #AAVE V3 的跨链解决方案对比,基于 #LAYERZERO 意味着 #Radiant 全链借贷能快速支持更多L1/L2公链及其资产、更快速、低成本和安全,在安全事故频发的跨链桥领域,建构在 #LAYERZERO 之上的 #Stargate 跨链桥到目前为止尚未发生过任何重大安全事故。
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Are you interested in the #Cryptoworld? Do you know what a fair launch in crypto is? This Twitter thread will explain the concept of a #FairLaunch and its benefits in the #Crypto Space. $QUACK #RichQUACK #cryptocrash

- THREAD - 🧵👇 Image
1/10 💡 Have you heard of the term "fair launch" in the crypto world? It's a term used to describe the process of launching a new #cryptocurrency in a way that ensures equal access and opportunities for all participants. $QUACK
2/10 🔍 So what exactly is a fair launch in crypto? In simple terms, a fair launch is when a new cryptocurrency is launched without any pre-mining, pre-sale or early access for select individuals or groups. $QUACK
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The #DEX movement is getting bigger and bigger

The 'move to @arbitrum' is also getting more popular by the day 🚀

@RoseonExchange lives on both these narratives

$ROSN is going to quickly move to $ROSX, a thread to Inform yourself about it
👇🧵 Image
@arbitrum @RoseonExchange 1/

What is this thread about? 🧵

@RoseonExchange is a one-stop shop mobile app for web3 activities

RoseonX is the name of the upcoming derivatives DEX on @arbitrum

The $ROSN token will migrate as well turning into 1:1 $ROSX
@arbitrum @RoseonExchange 2/

A quick $ROSN overview:

Price: $0.128
Market Cap: $6.3m

Keep in mind that this will soon (March) become $ROSX and will be on @arbitrum instead of #BSC and is still very undervalued compared to $VELA $GMX $GNS and other similar projects. Image
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#Metalauncher just confirmed its airdrop!!

Follow these steps to qualify!

{A thread 🧵, RT for others}

#MTLAAirdrop #Metalauncher #Airdrops #BSC
@meta_launcher is is a platform that aims to onboard businesses and customers into the metaverse and have 3D shopping experiences in the metaverse
Metaluancher recently announced their upcoming Airdrop Campaign, where you can earn 3000 $MTLA tokens just by completing a few simple tasks.
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Metalauncher just announced there Airdrop, here is the guideline on how to participate.

#Airdrop is confirmed.!

A Thread 🧵
@meta_launcher is is a platform that aims to revolutionize the way businesses and customers interact and have shopping experiences in the metaverse.
Through its innovative technology, Meta Launcher is leading the way in creating a new standard of customer engagement in the virtual world.
They are building massive web3 utility which encompasses MetaMall, MetaMarket, MetaStore and MetaPad
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1/ Are #GMT tokens on #BSC really burned?

Even though on chain transactions on #BSC show the daily #GMT burns, the total #GMT supply, after burns, might in fact not decrease.

Please allow me to explain 👇
2/ Binance Bridge

@binance has their own bridge to bring tokens from other chains to #BSC

They do so by holding collateral in a 1:1 ratio in certain wallets (102% ratio atm)

Today 1.3M #GMT was minted on #BSC and an equivalent 1.3M #GMT were sent & held in a wallet on #Solana.
3/ Why?

This is done to ensure that tokens can move both ways.

Theoretically: When #StepN decides to bring liquidity back from #BSC to #Solana, they could burn the tokens on #BSC and release an equivalent amount of #GMT from their wallet back into #Solana.
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Recap on all current pools and vaults for #RealUSD.

Farming $USDR is the highest #yield option for stables on three of the four chains below 🚀

❗️If you plan to add liquidity, check our pinned post❗️

Going forward we'll share this thread once a week, after the epochs refresh.
Our @VelodromeFi pool is currently the highest yield stablecoin pair on @optimismFND.

Add liquidity:…
Similarly our pool on $BAL is the highest yield #stablecoin pair on @0xPolygonDeFi.

Add liqudity:…
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A new and novel flywheel is about to be unleashed

Are you ready to take the $OATH?

The @ByteMasons ecosystem flywheel will consist of

1️⃣ OATH
2️⃣ Reaper Farm

3️⃣ Granary Finance

4️⃣ Ethos Reserve
5️⃣ Digit (previously Reliquary)
6️⃣ Moon
1️⃣ OATH

$OATH is the revenue sharing governance token of the ecosystem

As all roads lead to Rome, all revenue streams lead to $OATH

All dApps in Byte Mason ecosystem will drive revenue to $OATH
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A new player is coming Today to @arbitrum

#AI farming, Launchpad, #DEX, a Deflationary Fund, and #RealYield

That's everything this newcomer has, and more 👀

Ready your weapons, we're going to @asgardx_world ⚔️
@arbitrum @asgardx_world 1/

What is this thread about? 🧵

@asgardx_world is a complete ecosystem in one project

#RealYield and deflationary mechanics, AI features, and a launchpad 🚀

It will gather capital 24-26 of February and launch the day after

There's also an #Airdrop ongoing 👀
@arbitrum @asgardx_world 2/

Here is what the thread covers:

1️⃣ @asgardx_world and its ecosystem
2️⃣ $ODIN tokenomics
3️⃣ Real Yield
4️⃣ Roadmap
5️⃣ Public Sale
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Tell me a better combination


#Arbitrum #crosschain #RELAY
This thread will cover

1️⃣What is Relay?
2️⃣Why Relay
3️⃣Relay and Staking
4️⃣Relay and security
6️⃣HoW to bridge
7️⃣Recent happening
8️⃣Useful links
1️⃣what is Relay

Relay is a Cross chain bridge aggregator that seamlessly connect different blockchain
networks. It enables the easy transfer of assets between one blockchain to another enabling "interoperability"
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1/ @fi_dynamic $DYNA on #BSC was hacked (…) and the loss is ~73 BNB.

The root cause is that the StakingDYNA contract (…) does not handle the deposit time correctly. ImageImage
2/ Specifically, users could deposit $DYNA and claim rewards, while the interest will be calculated as follows:
duration = now - lastProcessAt
interest = k * (stakeAmount * duration)

However, the user's lastProcessAt is only recorded for the first deposit/stake.
3/ Thus, attackers could: 1) open a new vault and deposit a few $DYNA at time A; 2) after a while (at time B), borrow a large amount of $DYNA by flashloan and deposit them; 3) redeem the deposit, the profit is calculated as k * (borrowAmount * (B - A)); 4) repay the flashloan.
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Get ready for another #Bitcoin rally!🚀

Get all the deets in our 🧵⏬

Also, it's best to sub to our TG…

#bitcoin #cryptocurrency #investing Image
1/10: Our Greed & Fear index dropped to mid-level last week, setting the market up for another #rally. With #Bitcoin still driven by #US #trading hours and a US public holiday on Monday, we expect US institutions to lift prices above 25,000 from Tuesday night onwards. Image
2/10: #Bitcoin and #Ethereum prices are both above their 50-day moving averages, which is a #bullish sign. The global #crypto market cap increased by 10.9% WoW to $1.17 trillion, with Bitcoin dominance at 40.4% for the week. Overall, the trend is up and the market is #bullish.
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1/ Introduction to Filecoin( $FIL)

Filecoin is a peer-to-peer network that allows anyone to store and retrieve data on the internet.
2/ $FIL Token

The Filecoin network uses the FIL token to incentivize various node types to contribute to the network.
And $FIL will also be used as a collateral for miners to participate in the Filecoin ecosystem.
3/ $FIL Tokenomics

- Max Supply: 2B $FIL
- Fundraising-Remainder: 2.5%
- Fundraising-SAFT 2017
- PL Team & Contributors: 4.5%
- Protocol Labs: 10.5%
- Filecoin Foundation: 5%
- Mining Reserve: 15%
- Storage Mining Allocation: 55%… Image
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🧵-- $CDT --🧵
🧵 @Checkdot_proto 🧵

🧵#Thread about $CDT a blockchain tool project that want`s to make a difference!


@CryptoGirlNova @Disguycrypto @FeraSY1
#Crypto #Cryptoinvestor #100x #AI
What is @Checkdot_proto ?

#CheckDot is actually a blockchain technology tool for end-users and developers that want`s to offer a various range of services that can simplify and innovate customers experience on the blockchain!

Let`s go!
So here are the main services of @Checkdot_proto:
- Decentralized Insurance
- Token staking
- Projects Verification
- Audits
- Bridge
- 24h bet protocol
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So @oasisprotocols latest product, the Oasis Privacy Layer (OPL) is here to change #web3 for the better.

Understanding the magnitude of this development for the industry can be challenging, so here is my attempt to break it down

Mega Thread🧵Read on

#privacy #AI #BigData $ROSE
2) In order to understand OPL, we first need to start with the Oasis Sapphire paratime.

Sapphire is the first and only confidential #EVM network for #web3.

What does it mean to be a confidential EVM though?
3) Essentially what this means is that Sapphire has the ability to create confidential smart contracts. Smart contracts with the ability to hide aspects of state.

Hiding aspects of state vastly expands what can be done with smart contracts enabling more sophisticated use cases
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🚨 Paxos-Binance USD Issue Sparks Concerns over Stablecoin Oversight and Backing 🤔

Sub to our TG…

🔢 What You Need to Know in 10 Bullet Points: 📝

#BUSD #Paxos #Binance #Stablecoins #Crypto 💰
1/ 🟢 #Paxos, a regulated trust company based in New York, issues and redeems the dollar-backed token #BUSD, licensed to be called "#BinanceUSD," a #stablecoin.
2/ 📉 In the past 24 hours, #BNB has dropped -6%, and around $2.4bn of shorts have been put on. But the issue does not appear to be around #stablecoins per se, what the market initially feared, but rather that #Paxos was not stringent enough with its oversight of the #BUSD.
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Chapter 1: A Fresh Start

(🧵/30) ImageImageImage
The only light of the night came from the moon and stars shining in the sky. The protagonist wandered aimlessly through the forest, consumed by rage and despondency. He was expelled from his kingdom for an offence he never committed: theft.

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1/ Today we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Phala Builders Program! 💫

This program provides funding, technical guidance, and marketing support to innovative projects seeking to build on Phala’s decentralized, trustless compute cloud using #PhatContract🤩
2/ Phat Contract is a #Rust based SDK that allows #smartcontract developers to leverage efficient off-chain computation without sacrificing on trustlessness, decentralization, or security✅
3/ Developers in any ecosystem can take advantage of #PhatContract and start building with it today, including @Ethereum and all #EVM chains, @Polkadot, #BSC, and many more👏👏
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The latest report from @MessariCrypto's @JamesTrautman_ is out, covering the State of BNB Chain in Q4 2022.

An insightful and exhaustive read that covers some of the most important developments at the turn of the year 🔍…

[1/9] 🧵...
Build N’ Build was indeed the mantra as BNB Chain made significant strides toward adoption in Q4.

Growth initiatives like MVBV, Builder Grant, EU Innovation and the Growth Incentive underlined ecosystem-wide support, giving rise to a 30% growth in daily active addresses🚀

[2/9] Image
The report notes that #BNBChain enjoyed a successful end to 2022 with network upgrades and ecosystem expansion!

With several upgrades to core functionality, integrations with strategic partners, and further expansions into DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, and beyond.

[3/9] Image
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If you missed the trend Derivatives Exchange like $GMX on #Arbitrum or $DYDX on #Ethereum, you should look into a hidden gem on #BSC, the project supported by @cz_binance , and I will show you the proof.
You can see in a tweet by @MrUncrowded. CZ said $APX, @ApolloX_Finance passed $DYDX in volume trading.
Dear @cz_binance, please help me to confirm this is the right information.
@cz_binance followed @ApolloX_Finance in Official Twitter.
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【所长看项目】Ultiverse @UltiverseDAO - Moonlight @Moon1ightSt 🚀🌕
赛道:#NFT #DEFI #DEX #AI 元宇宙综合一体

#Metaverse #GameFi #BSC #Ultiverse #BNB
网页端、手机端App陆续上线;2、3月持续超重磅级信息 。目前NFT价格在差不多13刀左右🧐
完全可以当代币去买 而且包含的赛道广
前阵子出了游戏测试包 29G的内存!
画风是赛博朋克 很符合元宇宙的叙事🫡
体验了一把觉得很赞 不是随便做着玩那种
近期CZ @cz_binance
找了他投资的游戏项目里 就这个游戏最能拿的出手的🙂
这个项目第一个项目是布置在ETH链上(目前价格1300U 稳定)😀
这种行为令人玩味 值得埋伏😄
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.@ScalablyInc Research記事更新しました✅

パブリックチェーンを “運営 “するには?

/#パブリックチェーン 運営の3つの側面
/#Aptos と #Sui を例に考察する…
/#パブリックチェーン 運営の3つの側面

この記事では #Avalanche や #BNBChain などいくつかの有名なパブリックチェーンの運用方法の優先順位を付けました。


開発者は #Solana のPoHや #Avalanche のサブネットなどの様に、技術的な違いの協調に有効です

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