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Acc. to JTBC, all #LOONA members excluding #Hyunjin and #ViVi recently suspended theur exclusive contract with Blockberry Creative. An application for injuction was filed.

It's reported the 9 members made the decision as the mutual trust has broken.

#KoreanUpdates VF
Blockberry Creative denied the report from JTBC which said 9 members of #LOONA are filling an injunction for their exclusive contract. "It's groundless"…
#KoreanUpdates VF
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Congratulations to #IVE and #LimYoungwoong for winning MMA TOP 10 Award at the Melon Music Awards #MMA2022 tonight 🎉

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Congratulations to #TXT (#GoodBoyGoneBad) for winning Best Performance - Male Award at the Melon Music Awards #MMA2022 tonight 🎉

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Congratulations to #LE_SSERAFIM (#ANTIFRAGILE) for winning Best Performance - Female Award at the Melon Music Awards #MMA2022 🎉

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The next story will come from this anthology:
Comic book of Legends of 3 Great Generals of Mt Paektu (vol. 7)
The Tale of 3 Commanders
Writer: Kim U-kyong
Kumsong Youth Publishing House
Juche 102 (2019)
Product code ㄱ-1961029
ISBN 978-9946-21-565-5

More DPRK magical realism! Image
This comic book contains adaptations of legendary stories of the 3 Great Generals of Mt Paektu Image
Publishing information Image
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Dispatch releases investigation report reg. case of #KimSeonHo & ex ‘Choi’ (her name is mentioned, but we don’t think we are in the position to do the same, so please refer to the original article)

As it’s a really long one, below is the summary of the report:

#KoreanUpdates RZ
- Choi met #KimSeonHo for the first time in late 2019
- #KimSeonHo found out that Choi is a divorcee by Mar’20. He was shocked, but then decided to stay with her bcs he liked her & said that nothing was changed with her status

#KoreanUpdates RZ
- #KimSeonHo & Choi often travelled together. Dated in various places
- 8 Jul’20 Choi sent an apology message to Seon Ho, bcs she was caught w/ other man. It was a repetitive act & he said he then knew that there might not be future with her with this behavior

#KoreanUpdates RZ
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#TheEastLight #LeeSeokCheol: "My brother #LeeSeungHyun (bassist) have been beaten while being detained at the 5th floor studio. There's lot of blood. The CEO watched it but didn't do anything"… #KoreanUpdates VF
#LeeSeokCheol: "From 2015-2017, Yoon Yeong Il PD constantly hit us with baseball bat. He can't keep the promise to prevent recurrence. This month the PD back &members we're frightened" #LeeSeunghyun is now undergoing psychiatric treatment… #KoreanUpdates VF
March 2015

A angry w/o reason, cover the cctv & window & hit member around 20 times w/ baseball bat

Kim Chang Hwan (CEO) receive e-cigarette as gift. #LeeSeungHyun who's in middle school was forced to smoke even tho he's not smoking… #KoreanUpdates VF
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Yet again, msm is wasting time with a standard framework to analyze a #PutinPuppet development. So, #WhatWouldPutinDo? Well, if you saw the @RichardEngel special last Friday, then you know that Putin gave Kim the ICBMs he's been testing; well, Kim's fresh out...
1/, time to do something else, particularly because it's Putin's threat of #sanctions that matters. See, there's a fleet of freighters regularly sailing from #Vladivostok to nowhere specific - just out to sea... Where they turn off their transponder... Which is what the...
...Kim regime has been surviving on. So, why would Kim suddenly offer a weapons freeze for talks? Because Putin wants his puppet to survive the midterms (remember: flip Congress = impeachment). To get him votes, what could be better than the #KabukiTheatre of DT *saving*...
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