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#Tulsi's for #GMO labeling, the Dark act, and healthy nutrition
#Putin is against GMO's and fast food.
I guess that's just a coincidence.
@NBCNews @MSNBC @joerogan @Tulsi2020Fans @HillaryGuess @MDforTulsi @MDforTulsi @CAforTulsi @BernieTulsi @TulsiGabbard
“My personal position is that society must keep children safe.” – Vladimir Putin
That's what Tulsi believes
I guess that's just a coincidence. @joerogan @NBCNews
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I warned about Trump being Putin's puppet in Feb 2016. Literally, a puppet (watch it.) Will you listen now, good people? They are stacking the courts. Watch out for RBG. They will do anything to protect themselves. #PutinPuppet #TrumpRussia
2. And then we warned three weeks before elections... Still thinking art can do.
3. And then a week before the elections, I wrote the first article. It pretty much sums it up. Flynn, Manafort, Sater, Page, Leviev, & Trump's video where he says "I have a relationship with Putin."…
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Quid: Trump Tower Moscow, 2016 election win
Quo: relief from sanctions, change of RNC platform, withdrawal from Syria
Trump is unilaterally making these decisions - and he is not being held accountable. And it's so fantastical that he is getting away with it in plain sight, it's almost as we've become anesthetized to it.
And it’s almost as if Trump was ordered to take this last step - as well as relieving sanctions on Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska’s Rusal - in the final days before Democrats assume control the House.
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#Ukraine’s on the verge of martial law b/c #Russia just seriously escalated its 4yo illegal war—blocking key Kerch Strait, firing on & seizing 3 Ukrainian navy ships, wounding 6 Ukrainian sailors—AND Trump attacks NATO & EU. Appalling, terrifying & expected of a #PutinPuppet.
#Russia’s fresh aggression in its 4+yr illegal war on #Ukraine is a crisis with advance warning. Read @KyivPost’s coverage of Russia’s military threats to gain control of Azov Sea… via @BSBonner #KerchStrait #KerchBlockade #PutinWar #RussiaAttacksUkraine
Escalating tensions between #Russia and #Ukraine in the Sea of Azov bear echoes of Russian provocations that led to the war with Georgia in 2008… via @AtlanticCouncil h/t @IlvesToomas #KerchBlockade #KerchStrait #RussiaAttacksUkraine #BlackSea
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part 4/4 - #4partRand
@RandPaul consistently advocates for Russia's interests over US values and interests. Why?

In Part 4, we look at how Paul's behavior has become even more aggressively pro-Russia. Has he become a #PutinPuppet?
Part 4 - Rand Paul on Russia

Rand Paul is aggressively pro-Russia. After a Mar 2018 mtg, the Russian Embassy tweeted text about “improving Russia US relations, restoring…dialogue.” The tweet was deleted and revised, removing “improving” and “restoring.”…
Rand Paul objected to a resolution Jul 2018 to protect US elections from Russian interference, saying “it’s a “waste of time” to hold Putin accountable. “They’re going to interfere with our elections and we also do the same.” @cnn @thehill…
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part 1/4 - #4partRand
@RandPaul consistently advocates for Russia's interests over US values and interests. Why?

In Part 1, the first RUSSIAN INFO ATTACK on a US Election occurs in the presidential race of 2008. #PutinPuppet test?

tl;dr -
Ron Paul's US pres campaign 2008 was a trial run for RUSSIAN ELECTION ATTACK. Rand Paul is elected '12. McConnell puts Rand on ForRelCmte. He appoints pro-Kremlin Dimitri Simes, who in Apr'16 first introduces Kushner and Trump to Kislyak. Rand behaves like an oligarch wannabe.
Part 1 - the Paul elections
Rand Paul worked on his father’s 1988 presidential campaign as the Libertarian candidate. Ron received less than 1% of the vote. They both know what a failed campaign looks like.…
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1. It all started not surprisingly with #RogerStone, #Stone worked with Arthur #Finkelstein and Lee #Atwater in the 1970´s

#Trump #Russia #Putin #RussianMob #Mogilevich…
2.#Finkelstein was very involved in #Trump´s campaign in 2016, but is hardly mentioned in the press, why?

#Trump #Russia #Putin #RussianMob #Mogilevich
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Yet again, msm is wasting time with a standard framework to analyze a #PutinPuppet development. So, #WhatWouldPutinDo? Well, if you saw the @RichardEngel special last Friday, then you know that Putin gave Kim the ICBMs he's been testing; well, Kim's fresh out...
1/, time to do something else, particularly because it's Putin's threat of #sanctions that matters. See, there's a fleet of freighters regularly sailing from #Vladivostok to nowhere specific - just out to sea... Where they turn off their transponder... Which is what the...
...Kim regime has been surviving on. So, why would Kim suddenly offer a weapons freeze for talks? Because Putin wants his puppet to survive the midterms (remember: flip Congress = impeachment). To get him votes, what could be better than the #KabukiTheatre of DT *saving*...
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