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Minithread | The Hidden Message in B#RN 🔥

A few days ago BBC officially stated:

"There are 'hints' about the next album hidden inside the "Cherry Bomb" and "FIRE" covers"

We already know how deliberately Jaden plans everything, so I took this as a signal to dig deeper

but other than writings on their clothes, there was virtually nothing in the two cover videos to unpack, even after watching over and over

(there was the date 5/22 on their pants in FIRE cover)

I also didn't think it would be as simple as dance formations or just song titles
and the only thing on their shirts (other than brand names) is this text that reads B#RN
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Brief "#" teaser observation recap 🔥🔍
Yeah, you can make a # with four plus signs
But you can do it with two as well
The two rotating x's collapse to form one #.

First this teaser didn't have the #LOONA moon intro, but it does say [Teaser] in the title
Butterflies: The 1st and 2nd butterfly drawings look about the same

The 3rd and 4th butterfly drawings look about the same to one another, but are different from the 1st and 2nd
++ over Go Won as she takes off her jacket
xx on Go Won afterwards
++ with a butterfly? Interesting - in a now-empty street from Butterfly where one of the LOONAs ran through (or was it before?)
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📰190226 ENG
"Starmaker Interview with Lee Jong Myeong, CEO of Levite United"

Part 1 will not be translated, no new facts about LOONA

Part 2 & 3 thread below: #LOONA…
Q: What brings LOONA's identity as a group?

LOONA was revealed one by one because:
1) Member focused marketing to differentiate
2) Emphasize concerts and sub-units

K-pop groups become famous first then have sub-units,
We had LOONA's units first to build hype for full group.
Q: International perspective on LOONA?

- Met w/ French fashion directors, validated LOONA's concept perception in Europe
- Storytelling concept received very well overseas
- Similar to 'Avengers' series where each hero has a story, and fans have interest in a living LOONAVERSE.
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10 minutes 'til #LOONAVERSE Day 2 #LOONA #X_X here's a stream
Digipedi seen onsite
Jaden Jeong spotted back of C1 (he was seen yesterday too)
X X intro into Satellite again (we're 1/1!)- BTW I won't post much today if nothing is different, maybe only a little bit of talking in between if I find something particularly interesting.
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here's the audio only stream for #LOONAVERSE #LOONAVERSE_CONCERT #LOONA #X_X
starting in 10 minutes
I don't expect there to be much to translate, I'll mostly be freaking out just like everyone else, but if I catch something I'll tweet it in this thread
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comeback hype recap:
via Star News w/ #LOONA 00-line
Q: Thoughts on new title song?
#Hyunjin: When I first heard it, I thought "if we perform well, the response will be good. It could hit #1, I think? Haha. So I'm feeling a bit greedy. I'm practicing harder."
#Heejin: We first saw the song and choreography together. With the choreo, I thought "this could be big." As a little spoiler, it's a different vibe than our debut song Hi High. You'll think, "so LOONA can perfectly do a concept like this as well."
(3/3) Like Heejin said, compared to our previous songs, this song's style is the opposite, so it was a bit surprising. If we just pull it off well, I think it'll be really cool.
The only thing left is for us to perform well.
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Song recs from #LOONA to kick off the lunar new year
#Jinsoul: Our bright title song Hi High is good, but want to suggest our B-side, Heat, to stay warm in the new year.
#GoWon: SNSD - PARTY to get excited, like on the drive to meet your family.
#Hyunjin: There's this song called Baby shark. Driving while tired is dangerous, so listening to a cute song like this isn't a bad idea.
#KimLip: BTOB - Beep Beep; the drive to your parents' place will probably have traffic, so please drive carefully.
#Chuu: Turtles - Bingo; the early mornings are dark and it's easy to get sick, so you need to feel better!
#Heejin: my solo song ViViD. It's an exciting song. And after that, how about listening to all 12 solos, and then all the songs on our full group's album?
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Interview) Go Won: While the #LOONA predebut project was starting, I wasn't involved.
I saw their pictures in bus stations and thought "this is an unusual project. "
As I looked into it and felt their charms, I also thought, "these members would be such nice friends," and (1/2)
(2/2) I also thought, "I'd love to be a singer in a group like that," but I also ended up debuting as LOONA.
I grew my dreams while seeing Heejin and Hyunjin, so having an interview like this together with them is still surprising.
Note: #GoWon said she entered the company (BBC) on January 2018.

* Her solo album came out Jan 30, 2018
* She was a trainee/practicing elsewhere beforehand, as we know from prior content, like old dance practice videos
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When Olivia Hye's video for Egoist came out, I started to piece together a story that I didn't see a lot of people talking about. Mal and I have watched all of the videos together just to find red and blue. Let's start with Lipsoul
In Kim Lips video Eclipse we see her embracing her red world. I wanted to point out some things I've found interesting here. Firstly Kim Lip is shown with a Red Halo around her. We also see shots of the Owl a lot during these times. Owls can turn their heads all the way around
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Haseul and Gowon Video And Lyrical Analysis

I would like to start by pointing out that these are based off of translations I’ve seen online. I started noticing a story in the lyrics of Haseul and Gowon’s songs. Let’s start with Let Me In
“Deep in my Heart, in that dark place you suddenly entered. Awakening my world that would fall asleep someday
It can’t be a coincidence it can’t be rushed the sweet whispering in my ear past the night sky let me in”
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How to use Idol Champ: a guide! #LOONA #이달의소녀 #LOONA_HIHIGH
- First download the app "IDOL CHAMP" on your app store!
- Open the app and close all the pop-ups.
- Go to the main menu (by pressing on the 🤘)
- Scroll the menu until you find the Show Champion's banner and click on it.
-Vote for Loona's title track. You have 3 votes per day and they reboot at 00:00 KST.
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[Live Translation Thread]

LOONA STUDIO NO.4 - yyxy Hertz

Starting in ~10 minutes! 💕

Link for live audio stream:
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LOONA STUDIO Yeojin+SECRET Hertz starts in 1 minute
This is the ENG real-time update thread
Audio stream:
"...Did you guys dream of us?
...This is LOONA Studio with Choerry, Chuu, and Yeojin."

We kick things off with MY MELODY with the 3 of them

(This unit is such a shock, I know!! ;)
"No one could tell who they were since they were blurred!"
Yeojin: "If you just look at our outfits, they're like the ones from My Melody. I really wanted to show this to you guys live. It's a very precious song to me."
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[Live Translation Thread]

LOONA STUDIO NO.2 - Odd Eye Circle Hertz

Starting in less than ~20 minutes! 💕

#이달의소녀 #LOONA
lul thanks for the shoutouts -

anyways IT'S ALMOST TIME!!!
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They're walking in/introing with Valentine Girl in the background T_T
heejin playing piano while starting fairy tale
(all members are singing live, it's just the piano and vocals)
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✨ transparent loona signatures ✨ #LOONA #LOOΠΔ #이달의소녀
colors are screenshotted and picked from the colored border from their "go into orbit" video
heejin 🐰 희진
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CHUUVES AU where yves is dry and cranky so lipsoul sets her up with the small spoon chuu #loona #au #chuuves #chuu #yves
Kim Lip and Jinsoul aka The Superheroes
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