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Sigurdur Thordarson
20-yr-old Icelandic citizen
Authorities in Iceland
have confirmed
he was at center of
diplomatic row in 2011
when handful of FBI agents
flew N2 country meet with him –

Vault 7…

"but were
subsequently asked 2 leave
after govt minister 👈🔥
suspected they were trying 2
'frame' Assange."

Who exactly made decision?

Prolly Murdoch govt pal.

Where Vault 7?

So many sweep Fox + Murdoch
under rug. Don't Looq!…
Time Stamp

Sigurdur Thordarson
Julian Assange
in England in 2011.

Who else in U.K.
during 2011?

Yeah. Hacker MP Ms. Brexit



Who would ever trust such
a liar?

Guess when public figure,
game on, no?

Vet UR Pet
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Shall We Revue?

Sher Jan.

Erik Prince
w/ all the answers.

Wonder where
gets its intel from?

Kinda spew same sh¡t,
different Op.

Anthony Weiner

Breitbart News Daily
Erik Prince
November 4, 2016 👈…
Anthony Weiner

Breitbart News Daily
Erik Prince
11-4-16 👈
"according 2 'well-placed sources'
in NYPD,
“NYPD wanted 2 do press conf
announcing warrants +
add'l arrests they were making”
in Anthony Weiner invest,
but received
“huge pushback” from [DoJ].…
Stolen Data

“I mean,
it’s not like
foreign intelligence agencies
leave thank-you note
after they’ve hacked
+ stolen your data,”
Prince said
SmartyPants', huh?

Wonder who hired
2 protect Syrian Oil wells?


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British Broadcaster
Sir David Frost,
Famous For His
Richard Nixon Interviews, 👈
Has Died

U board QE2,
thru Med,
u come off dead.


Wonder how he got gig w Diqq?

▪️Liberty Global Europe[LGE]
Paul worked w UGC
feature film production.
<3 me some Yves.

UGC turned n2
broadband provider:

Asian/Pacific Countries? Heh?
Paul appreciates
good Mob listings.

Meant MobLocal listings.

Oh. GriftCardFactory
selling Japanese *electronics
shuts down.

Sads after it was making so much mullah.

Tawk bout
Old Queen's Road.

When *successful biz shut down,
gotta ask Y?
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News Corporation

In order 2 create the world u want,
u must first break down society,
in order 2 rebuild.

Welcome 2 Family Klan Murdochs.

1/4 for now...
Family Klan Murdoch

Built 2 last
Built on HHate
Built on Lies

asswoc w MURDOCH
now or EVER👈
should be looqed
4 liars they R.

Who trust lyin saqqs of liar sh¡t?

Miss Pouise does,
know Y?
She's a LIAR.
Adultress lied
2 family 4 8 yrs.

News Corporation
Political Machine

Even Murdoch Turdochh klan
admit 2 it.

Fuqqed-up anti-semeties

"If it were true, I would say something."
Not if under contract w NC
+ signed an NDA, hunty.


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I know where.


Fantastic Beasts
Where 2 Find Them

JK Rowling
Johnny Depp
Eddie Redmayne
Hannah Bagshawe

Crappy trailer, fyi.

Would U Buy
JK Rowling’s #SuperBoat,
Designed By Johnny Depp?

157-ft seafaring palace
can b urs
4 mere $19.7 million.

Tacky decor included.


Ms. Thing after yr,
tires of Disneyland,
sells at LOSS of $9.2M👈

She purchased 4 $28.9M👈

Tacky Mob…
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Rupert Murdoch
calls 4
Facebook + Google
2 subsidize news business.

Who puts Facefuqqed + News together?
Almost as bad as Fox + News, no?

Geeze. What big bag of diqqs
would work 4 these hhate mongers?

Guess u'd b
desperate + suqq.
But muh Sources!
Here's statement from
Rupert Murdoch
on how piggish he is.

Does any1 click on any of
those Facefuqqed Ads?

Croqq of BS.
If only he was dead.
His scent lingers.

[VP News Corporation]
retired writers graveyard
4 reasons of *Context

Lee Zeldin.

Fuqqing Lee Zeldin.

Who gave
Freedom Caucus
Lee Zeldin $2,700
in Oct 2016?

Same shill who also thought
Kristjen Nielsen
was awesome bc
it was Mattis' gurl.

Gotch'er nose.
Same shill.

U do math

Paul gonna become retired writer
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@YDanasmithdutra @RussellSieg @DemopJ Time 4 some Liz in
PubLIZity, yo!

Mtv - Robert Maxwell

More Ewwww 2 come.

Paul sees London
Paul sees France
Paul sees
psyops 👁️ cyclops

@YDanasmithdutra @RussellSieg @DemopJ Bet @DemopJ @RussellSieg @HatesHorseshoes @YDanasmithdutra @bernstein1985 @ElliAdventurer

2 thunk MTV as a tool?
Yerp. We no fool.

Gonna git flip-floppy w
Hold yer britches, b¡tches!

Seymour Hersh's
'The Samson Option'
Israeli Nuclear👈…
@YDanasmithdutra @RussellSieg @DemopJ @HatesHorseshoes @bernstein1985 @ElliAdventurer Lookity-Look-Look

Nicholas Davies,
foreign editor of
The Daily Mirror,
flagship of Maxwell's newspaper empire,
helped arrange sale of
Israeli arms 2 Iran👈
[were they US arms sold?]
as well as
help Israeli agents
Israeli nuclear technician"
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