Shall We Revue?

Sher Jan.

Erik Prince
w/ all the answers.

Wonder where
gets its intel from?

Kinda spew same sh¡t,
different Op.

Anthony Weiner

Breitbart News Daily
Erik Prince
November 4, 2016 👈…
Anthony Weiner

Breitbart News Daily
Erik Prince
11-4-16 👈
"according 2 'well-placed sources'
in NYPD,
“NYPD wanted 2 do press conf
announcing warrants +
add'l arrests they were making”
in Anthony Weiner invest,
but received
“huge pushback” from [DoJ].…
Stolen Data

“I mean,
it’s not like
foreign intelligence agencies
leave thank-you note
after they’ve hacked
+ stolen your data,”
Prince said
SmartyPants', huh?

Wonder who hired
2 protect Syrian Oil wells?


“Bc of Weinergate
+ sexting scandal,
NYPD started investigating it.
Thru subpoena,
thru warrant,
they searched his laptop,
+ sure enough,👈
found those 650,000 emails.
They found way more stuff
than just more info pertaining 2
inappropriate sexting
the guy was doing”
“They found State Dept emails.
They found a lot of other
really damning criminal info,👈
incl money laundering,
including fact
Hillary went 2 this sex island
w convicted pedophile
Jeffrey Epstein.
B Clinton went there > 20 times.
Hillary Clinton went there at least 6 times!”
“Amt of garbage
they found,
of criminal activity by Hillary,
by her immed circle,
+ Dem mems of Cong.
was so disgusting
they gave it 2 FBI,
+ said,
‘We’re going 2 go public w/ this
if u don’t reopen invest
+ u don’t do right thing
w timely indictments,’”
Is it me or Que?

“I believe
I know, + this is from
very well-placed source of mine
at 1PP, One Police Plaza in NY;
NYPD wanted 2 do press conf
announcing warrants
+ addl arrests they were making
in this investigation,
+ they’ve gotten huge pushback,…
2 point of coercion,
from DoJ,
w DoJ threatening
2 charge some1
that had been unrelated
in accidental heart attack death of
Eric Garner👈
almost 2 yrs ago.
That’s level of pushback
Obama Just Dept is doing
against actually seeking justice
in email
+ other reltd criminal matters.”
Stoopid Award
Goes 2 Erik Prince

“5 dif parts of FBI
conduct invest N2 these things,
w constant downdrafts from
Obama DoJ.
So in the, I hope, unlikely
+ very unfortunate event
HRCH is elected pres,
we will have constitutional crisis
we have not seen since,
I believe, 1860.”
Ass in Oren Hatch as 1st President,
I think he means... #LaL

Hope folks start seeing
how someone gains
*intel N2 working of
our Democracy.

Almost like Butina
knowing all about our
laws + justice system.


Oh Dear

Huma Abedin
Hillary Clinton
"both flipped" + cooperating w govt.
State Department server
classified information.


Is Breitbart
any diff than
Fox | News Corporation?

Kinda similar
w their kray, huh?

Is Projection Part of
LongGame Q?

“There is all kinds of criminal culpability
thru all the emails they’ve seen,
incl money laundering,
underage sex, pay-4-play,
+ plenty of proof of inapprop
handling/ sndng/recvng of class info,
up 2 SAP level Special Access Programs.”
Which Chief?

And he's in charge
of protecting Syrian
oil wells, huh?

“So plot thickens.
NYPD was pushing because,
as article quoted 1 of the chiefs;
that’s level just below commissioner;
he said as parent, father w daughters,
he could not let that level of evil continue."


“Now, as I understand it, Preet Bharara, the Manhattan prosecutor, has gotten ahold of some of this. From what I hear, he’s a stand-up guy, and hopefully he does the right thing.”
Yammers, Erik Prince

Stalin Very Qute

“If people r willing 2
bend or break law
+ don’t really care about
Constitution or due process;
if ur willing 2 use
Stalinist tactics
against some1;
who knows what level of pressure”
could be brought 2 bear
against even most tenacious
law enforcement officials?"
Prince citing #Murdoch

WSJ has “exposed downdraft,
back pressure from DoJ”
against both #FBI + #NYPD,
in effort 2
“keep sunlight + disinfecting effects
of truth + transparency
[by] shining on this great evil
that has gone on,
+ is slowly being exposed.”

U Betcha! Got dat rt
Paul member's this 1

“The Justice Department
is trying 2 run out clock,
2 elect Hillary Clinton,
2 prevent any real justice
from being done,” he warned.

Well, now wat big mouth?

Had Congress
unlike ALL GOP.

Traitors keep *StraightFace?

"These r unusual
sliding-door moments of history,
that people can stand up
+ be counted,
+ make real difference,
+ 2 save Republic,
save Constitution
we actually need + love,
that our forefathers👈
fought + died 4."

Yeah. Paul's chaffed.🔥
Bring It!
Traitors Enjoy Lying
in Yer Face. It's *Qute.

Like TeamPatrirot



Should throw
Ganske in there.
He's bit of trainwreck, 2.
$2.5M 2 fix train,
Paul hears.

Prince #FACTS
"fact is,
u know if Left
had emails pointing 2
Donald Trump visiting,
multiple times,
island w underage sex slaves basically,
emails, u know they’d b talking about it.
They’d be shouting it from rooftops.”

Hard facts
btw GOP legs.


Prince dismissed claims of
Clinton campaign
CEO John Podesta
DNC chair Donna Brazile
some of damaging emails
already released by WikiLeaks
were fabricated,
“forensic analysis done shows
they r not fabricated;
they r really legitimate.”

Impeccable *Timing
Yeah, Huma all Loqqed-Up
inside Prince|Mensch Q-world


Erik "Prince
based on his info,
Abedin is most likely looking at jail time,
unless she cuts deal w prosecutors.

So many arrows ptng
2 them.

U heard it from cow's mouth.
In order 2 understand,
u must do hmwrk.

Some TeamPatriot folks
no like homework.
Get lazy. Mule4Mensch

Sad when u realize Op.

But, do so, + move forward.

Just fire up ur bus @threader_app
+ unroll, then roll, then unroll again.

Prince nazti
Murdoch nazti
@threader_app Pardon Paul, @threadreaderapp

please * compile
while rolling + unrolling bus
over nazti fuqqs.


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