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I am.
There’s so much I don’t like going on, stuff that scares me.
To cheer myself up I thought I’d write a list of things I’d like to happen, in #auspoI and the world:
1. An emissions trading scheme.
2. Indigenous voice to Parliament
3. #changethedate
4. Federal ICAC
But wait! There’s more!
5. Transition plans for renewable energy jobs for those currently in mining
6. Publicly funded elections
7. A national job guarantee
8. Newstart set at 50% of median wage
9. Commitment to social housing
10. Some bankers in prison would be nice? #auspol
Fuck it. May as well keep going.
11. National plan for sustainable agriculture, protect our food security.
12. #auspol the manufacturing leader of renewable technologies
13. Free high quality public education from early years to university.
14. Medicare for dental and mental
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Well, will you look at this, #auspol? @Timothyjgraham on the so called #ArsonEmergency. A higher number of bots promoting this hashtag.… There is no way this is not an orchestrated campaign of disinformation. Is that via #ScottyfromMarketing?
2/ All of a sudden, there are arson hashtags being whipped out faster than you could sip a pina colada on a beach in Hawaii. #ArsonCrisis, #ArsoninAustralia, #Arsonists, #ArsonIsNotClimateChange - a bunch more. Despite there being no proportionate increase in arson in 2018/19.
3/ I’m seeing people lift data selectively from Dr Paul Read’s work at @MonashCrim @MonashUni to support the theory that the reason we have unquenchable and widespread fires is because of widespread arson. THIS IS UNTRUE. Comparatively, there are not far higher numbers.
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This just started off a huge rabbit hole. #Pearson #Bertelsmann #Obama #Vivendi #Bronfman #TimeWarner #BMG #MusicIndustry #Print #NaziPropaganda this is a #DeepState info haven! Just look at the top inv @ Pearson. They hide behind banks & mutual fund fronts. The entire S&P is DS!
Just the top investor is #Dimensional Fund Advisors. This was created by #DavidBooth who had deep ties to #UniversityOfChicago, this is where #Obama taught school. Can you say #DeepState puppet.
#ArnoldSchwarzenegger is a huge investor, which as you know pulls in the Shriver of the #Kennedy family (JFK was her uncle) & #California cesspool which includes #Getty’s, #Newsom, #Pelosi’s, #DAlessandro families I can devote an entire thread to this consortium.
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Word on the street is the #FederalReserve is having unheard of overnight lending activities meant to curb the rise of short term rates which are likely skyrocketing due to some big companies cash concerns. Hmm, let’s get some nice Fed conspiracies rolling…
The #FederalReserve is a system of centralized banks that fund the #UnitedStates loans from their own “reserves” w/ US citizen land & labor used as collateral. Most of these banks are held secret and difficult to trace back to to the originating bank.…
A quick look at history and you can see the banking system is a large network of oil barons like the #Rockefellers, #RoyalCrown and various vassal agents of #European banking families like the #Rothschilds. These banks are used to control the economy completely protected.
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Oh crap, #Murdoch puppet? Controlled disinfo? I used to listen to Bonginos podcast, his message is pretty sharp though. Anybody else have any perspectives on Dan? #Patriot or #DeepState?
Here is the post from Lee Stranahan, he does point out some very very fishy scenarios regarding Genie Energy and the ties to Kushner. Don’t forget Steinhardt is also on the board who started Mega group w/ Bronfman, Spielberg & Wexner. Eyes on for sure…
But I’m always reminded of layers. I believe the Murdoch connection is required for 2020. But why wouldn’t they worry about #Qanon? Conversely, why would they reprogram us to think for ourselves which would inevitably lead to us finding their ties out? POTUS will need to axe this
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Shall We Revue?

Sher Jan.

Erik Prince
w/ all the answers.

Wonder where
gets its intel from?

Kinda spew same sh¡t,
different Op.

Anthony Weiner

Breitbart News Daily
Erik Prince
November 4, 2016 👈…
Anthony Weiner

Breitbart News Daily
Erik Prince
11-4-16 👈
"according 2 'well-placed sources'
in NYPD,
“NYPD wanted 2 do press conf
announcing warrants +
add'l arrests they were making”
in Anthony Weiner invest,
but received
“huge pushback” from [DoJ].…
Stolen Data

“I mean,
it’s not like
foreign intelligence agencies
leave thank-you note
after they’ve hacked
+ stolen your data,”
Prince said
SmartyPants', huh?

Wonder who hired
2 protect Syrian Oil wells?


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NEW and important reporting from @JaneMayerNYer: The Making of the Fox News White House | The New Yorker…
💥Inside the @FoxNews-Trump propaganda machine: Hannity's become a West Wing adviser b/c of “utter breakdown of any normal decision-making in the White House…The place has gone off the rails.” So Fox TV personalities fill the "vacuum.” One—Guilfoyle—is like family, dating Don Jr
🤯Trump watches ‘Fox & Friends’ morning talk show like he's watching friends. He's reportedly RANKED the LOYALTY of Fox figures on a 1-10 scale. Bret Baier—on the "news" side—is only a 6; Hannity—a solid 10. And Steve Doocy of Fox & Friends is so adoring, Trump gives him a 12😳
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Now we've all caught our breath, here's everything you need to know about the biggest story in British media -- the battle royale for Sky (Thread 👇)
Media giants Comcast, Fox and Disney are all in the running to buy Sky. Why do they want it?
-- Big fans of Sky's technology, like the Sky Q box 📺📡
-- Want to diversify out of the U.S. 🌍
-- Want to beef up to compete with Netflix and Amazon 💪…
There's a fair bit of personal drama here. Comcast CEO Brian Roberts has a long history of going toe-to-toe with Fox executive chairman Rupert Murdoch and Disney CEO Bob Iger for media dominance. These are astute, battle-hardened deal-makers…
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