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The Surveillance States of America:

Cops/feds monitoring pro-choice and #BlackLivesMatter protesters - flawed, facial-recognition tech, proven by @ACLU @amnestyusa to especially misidentify Black Americans.

Privacy rights exist.…
2/ @amnestyusa

Surveillance city: #NYPD can use more than 15,000 cameras to track people using facial recognition in Manhattan, Bronx and Brooklyn…

And used against in court. The maps in this story show the neighborhoods monitored. #LAPD much the same.

If you're protesting pro-choice, wear a mask.

(#BLM) protesters won in court. The NY Supreme Court ruled in favor of @Amnesty #NYPD…
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#happeningnow at the Children's vaccine site in NYC where activists are outside rallying. Here's a message they stated they had for the NYC Mayor and the NYC Health Commissioner
#NYC #itshappening #Health

For licensing email
Activist write on the floor of the Children's vaccine site.
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#ACAB Daily Digest (May 18, 2022)🧵:

Tough job. Remember: cops kill over 10,000 dogs in the USA every year. If you love dogs, you must hate cops. Image of pig in formal dress. sidebar quote reads: "I d
Related (from 2019):…
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#ACAB Daily Digest (May 17, 2022)🧵: angry mouse on blue field s...
NYC, NY | "Two plainclothes #NYPD cops shot and killed a man following a dispute in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx Friday night, according to preliminary details released by the NYPD."…
Cops show up "to help" a stranded car and kill two. (Palmyra, IN) | "The driver of the Escape, Justin Moore, 31, of Owensboro, Ky., died from gunshot wounds. One of the Good Samaritans, Jacob Tyler McClanahan, 24, of Corydon, was also killed."…
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LIVE! /1. Jing Fong workers and community members started peaceful drumming to protest against the racist displacement agenda and the new mega jail. @mocanyc Museum staff started calling NYPD right away to criminalize us. Live thread update. Pls share widely.
LIVE 2/ Police came, parked by the picket
LIVE /3. MOCA museum staff greeted & spoke to NYPD officers
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My hardware store—Saifee Hardware & Garden on First Av. at 7th St. in the #EastVillage—is the best hardware store in #NYC.

So proud of Zack Tahhan & Saifee employee Francisco Puebla—immigrants both—who spotted the shooter as NYPD was harassing Tompkins Sq. homeless a block away!
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Breaking: Multiple people shot and “several undetonated devices” found in Brooklyn train station. No other details available at this time.…
Police are searching for a man with a gas mask and orange construction vest. Authorities say at least 13 were injured, some from gunshots, without providing specifics of severity.
Update: #NYPD states that "there are NO active explosive devices at this time."

Not clear if there were ever any such devices.

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🧵 We need to be clear about something when we talk about gun violence: we already have laws against the gun that killed PO Rivera, specifically the high-capacity magazine. 1
We already have laws against the manner in which he possessed it, how he acquired it, and how it was transported from Baltimore to Harlem. 2
This heinous crime proves laws are meaningless if they are not enforced. The individuals to whom we lend the power of the state to enforce these laws are called police officers, prosecutors and judges. 3
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#ACAB Daily Digest (January 21, 2022)🧵: Two panel Simpsons meme. Ra...
#LAPD killed again with a reckless, entirely unnecessary high-speed pursuit over allegedly stolen property. And sicko local media, obsessed with covering police chases as entertainment, broadcast it live. (Los Angeles, CA) |…
This is not the first time local television has aired an LAPD execution live, either. Brian Beaird was shot and killed on live tv by #LAPD after a chase in December, 2013.
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The incident at @tjmaxx in the 13th precinct IS the problem with @ManhattanDA’s policies.

- Man with 12 prior arrests goes to TJ Maxx at 620 6th Ave
- attempts to remove clothing
- store security attempts to stop him
- he brandishes orange shears & threatens security guards (1)
-security camera captures suspect as he walks out door
- police officer locates suspect nearby, interaction smooth, she recovers both the shears & stolen property

(Here’s where Bragg comes in…)
-last night, PO refused to sign the petit larceny affidavit she was given by ADA (2)
- Affidavit only said “defendant stole and possessed stolen property” & not that he displayed and threatened cutting shears.
- PO stated to ADA the affidavit didnt accurately reflect elements of the crime where the property was forcibly removed w the threat of physical injury (3)
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🚨Fmr #NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik turned over some documents to the @January6thCmte but withheld numerous others, including one titled “DRAFT LETTER FROM @POTUS TO SEIZE EVIDENCE IN THE INTEREST OF NATIONAL SECURITY FOR THE 2020 ELECTIONS.”…
Kerik’s lawyer provided the “privilege log” to the #Jan6thCommittee saying the file originated on 12/17, a day before Trump huddled in the WH w/advisers including Misha Flynn, where they *discussed seizing election equipment* in states whose results Trump was attempting to throw.
Another file provided by Kerik included emails btwn Kerik & others about paying for rooms at the Willard Hotel. Kerik wasn subpoenaed by the #Jan6thCommittee into the Willard Hotel “war room,” where Trump cronies plotted to prevent Congress from certifying @JoeBiden’s victory.🧐
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Last night, I was arrested for the first time in my life for going to a Brooklyn @BurgerKing with no vaxpass.

None of this would be happening without government force.

#resist #mandates #medicalfreedom #liberty #freedom #civilrights #NYPD #police #BurgerKing
I can't believe we're at a point in history in which we're arrested just for being in public without covering our faces or divulging our legally private medical information.

#resist #mandates #medicalfreedom #liberty #freedom #civilrights #NYPD #police #BurgerKing
Stand up for what's right, regardless of your vax status. We need more New Yorkers, Americans, and all other humans across the world to remember that we can't exist in perpetual fear. It's time to live again.

#mandates #liberty #freedom #civilrights #NYPD #police #BurgerKing
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#ACAB Daily Digest (November 15, 2021)🧵:

Protests and police repression continue in Bangkok, Thailand...

[h/t @RobTheRich0001]
From 2020: "Looking at the location of where dogs have been shot across the city and county of Los Angeles, what emerges is a map of deadly police use of force that is highly concentrated in the region’s most impoverished communities of color."…
Portland, OR | "At the end, one man was left, drenched in rain, slowly removing his belongings. 'I’m just going to move around the corner, and come back later,' the houseless man said, without evident emotion. 'It’s just the game we have to play.'”…
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#OTD 1991 – Gene Tierney, 70, US actress (b. 1920)

She spent two years at a Swiss International School, and learned fluent French. In 1936 she visited Warner's studios, (where her mother's cousin was a producer), and met Anatole Litvak, who told her she should become an actress.
#OTD 1991 – Gene Tierney, 70, US actress (b. 1920)

Film debut: Return of Frank James (1940) Hudson's Bay * Tobacco Road * Belle Starr * Sundown * Shanghai Gesture (all 1941) Son of Fury: The Story of Benjamin Blake * Rings on Her Fingers * Thunder Birds * China Girl (all 1942)
#OTD 1991 – Gene Tierney, 70, US actress (b. 1920)

Heaven Can Wait (1943) Laura (1944) Bell for Adano * Leave Her to Heaven (1945 OscarNom) Dragonwyck * Razor's Edge (both 1946) Ghost and Mrs Muir (1947) Iron Curtain (1948) Wonderful Urge (1948) Whirlpool * Night and City (1950)
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My view on the #RustMovieShooting

Some background. I was a Sergeant with #NYPD and was involved in a handful of shooting incidents. I am a @NRA LE firearms instructor & owned a security consulting & training company in Los Angeles.
I trained armed professionals, civilians & actors who wanted to prepare for auditions & movie/TV roles.

Prior to any firearm training I would provide all students, even LE members, with a packet that's primary purpose was addressing safe firearm handling.
Gun safety is a pretty simple formula.

1)Treat every gun like it's loaded. If anyone, including #BabyJesus hands you a gun & tells you it's unloaded, say thank you & verily it yourself.

You are ultimately responsible for anything that happens with that gun. No blame shifting
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What is the purpose of the @NYPD34Pct? This has been going on since 9pm. It’s 3:16am. I just called @nyc311 to complain about the non-stop music in this video. People have been screaming at them to stop. They’re drunk. An altercation has now occurred. The cops wouldn’t come.
I’m nearby and I can hear a woman screaming in agony. Whatever likely assault occurred, as a group of party goers physically restrains a screaming woman, it could have been avoided if there was a way to call the police directly to break up parties like this. There isn’t.
In New York, you can only call 911 if something dangerous is happening, not before. Women are now screaming on 182nd at 3:37am in front of building 620. People are looking out of their windows wondering what’s going on. The 34th Precinct is about 2 blocks away. This is crazy!
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My deaf mom built & wired avionics for helicopters including choppers used by the first woman to fly for the #NYPD. She was once in a Budweiser commercial during the “For all you do, this Bud’s for you!” advertising phase. #WomenInspire #MothersDay #Deaf (1/7)
In ’88 Mary Lowery was the first woman assigned to the NYPD’s Aviation Unit, the same year Mom was wiring avionics for Heli-Dyne in Hurst, TX. One helicopter they built was for the NYPD and their 1st ever with a “bambi bucket”. (2/7)
When the helicopter was complete the NYPD gave mom a baseball hat w/their logo. Dad used Mom's to try to get out of a traffic ticket. I was there & acted as his interpreter. Dad told the truth to me & I interpreted a better lie to the cop. We got off.We didn’t need the hat. (3/7)
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1/4 The policies #NYPD published failed to address, as required, the disparate impacts of its harmful technologies like facial recognition, its gang database, and social media monitoring tools, on Black and Brown New Yorkers. Image
2/4 We and our partners call on NYPD to follow the POST Act’s disclosure requirements. The NYPD’s expansive technology systems must not infringe on New Yorkers’ privacy rights or civil liberties.
3/4 Compliance with the #POSTAct is only the first step. NYPD’s use of technology to track, monitor, and surveil New Yorkers casts undue suspicion on communities of color. Its gang database relies on overbroad criteria that disparately impacts Black and Latinx New Yorkers.
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1-This thread will be 40-50 tweets long so please be patient. This thread is not to fish for kind words, it's to both remind my long-time followers & introduce my new followers that life can change in a flash. This incident & the aftermath happened to me. It can happen to you.
2-Today, February 12, 2021 marks the 10 year anniversary of my battle with Maksim Gelman, the #NYPD, #NYC, & the "Justice" System. Image
3-Similar to Clubber Lang, since they won't come to me, I'll bring my case to the "people" #NYPD Image
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I know the #NYPD is over-funded. You know how I know? A thread.

Yesterday I went biking through Brooklyn. Pretty much all of Brooklyn. There was very little traffic. It was Labor Day and folks were just not out driving, I guess. But at some point, (car) traffic stopped. 1/4
I could see the police lights -- masses of them -- but I couldn't see what was going on until I got closer.

It was a protest. Of 10-15 folks, with a tuba and a sign that read "Stop killing our children." On a very broad sidewalk.

(To be clear: just one tuba, just one sign) 2/4
Apparently this presented such a threat that the #NYPD sent 3 vans, 2 patrol cars, and a civilian car w/lights blasting. Some police officers were so engaged they literally were taking naps in their cars.

Still blocking the traffic, tho, and forcing bikes onto the street. 3/4
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Did you know...

That Portland #Police Association (#PPA) President Darryl Turner is also the President of #ORCOPS, the Oregon Coalition of Police & Sheriffs, which he helped launch in 2015?

#PortlandOregon #PortlandOR #PDX #PDXpolice #PoliceUnions #PoliceBrutality #PoliceReform Image
ORCOPS website says "ORCOPS uses the Portland Police Association office as a home base with an on-staff social media manager, in-house communications, and shared resources so our overhead is minimal."
Tom Perkins is the Secretary-Treasurer, who is also from the #PPA.

#pdx #gov ImageImage
#ORCORPS touts itself as saying that their "members are the only law enforcement advocacy group in Oregon with a proven history of influence and representation in the State legislature."

This means they like to be involved in law & policy making.
#gov #Oregon #police #law #usa Image
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You know that thing where some people say policing is systemically rotten and others insist it's "just a few bad apples" (dude, "one bad apple spoils the bunch!"). If only there was some way to empirically resolve this dispute!

Turns out, there is. For decades, the discipline records of #NYPD officers were a secret, thanks to state law 50-a. That was repealed after the murder of George Floyd, in response to the #BlackLivesMatter uprising.

Now, @Propublica has organized these records in a searchable database: "The database lists active-duty officers who’ve had at least one allegation against them substantiated by the CCRB: That’s about 4000 officers out of the 36000-member force."…

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Brooklyn, NY
NYPD officers repeatedly struck a protester who was already on the ground. Then a commanding officer stepped on his neck. #EnoughIsEnough

The NYPD says officers used restraint at the protests. Here's what 64 videos show:
The #NYPD ran is acting like an occupying force!
TW: Police brutality

This was the NYPD violently clearing the Brooklyn Bridge so that a pro-cop march could use it.

Don’t look away. Don’t let this continue. #EnoughIsEnough
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