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🚨 #BREAKING: Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), ie, Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) 🇮🇶 relations director, Muhammad Reda Aljabery with a delegation of 🇮🇷 Iranian Revolutionary Guards in 2 cars on the Baghdad Int'l airport road taken out.
2. Mohammed Ridha head of PMF Protocol office was accompanied by high value guests, their SUVs hit directly inside Baghdad Airport’s main road.

"Mohammad Reza Kazim
Mohammad Reza Al-Jabri
Mohammed Al-Shaybani
Hassan AbdulHadi
Hassan Resistance
Haidar Ali"

3. Reports are that Muhammad Reda was behind the US embassy attack. #Bagdad Airport
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1/The other night i had a🤕 so I decided to watch something. W/ all the #LookingGlass info I thought I’d see if there was anything subliminal in “The Time Machine, released 3/8/2002. Well my suspicions are becoming pretty consistent these days!🤨
👉🏻1899, January 119 = 911 and 666
2. Whoops. Correct # now reflected in date graphic.
1 of initial dates shown on machine. NOT by accident apparently. Movie was released approx 6 mos after 911 Twin Towers. Lots of #symbolism incl. “as above so below”, underground monsters feeding on humans, & obvious time travel.
3. The Time Machine (short🧵for now)
👉🏻Scene removed from Moon destruction sequence as “it looked too similar visually” to September 11 (911) attacks.🤨
An uncredited Director was Gore Verbinski Director of Pirates of the Caribbean 🎥 🍿 which we know are loaded w/ #symbolism !
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Hearing resumed:
Cornyn: FISC was not told all relevant info & lied to...
Horowitz: FISC has a "report" and a DOJ has a "follow on letter" about this matter...

sounds like a criminal referral and subsequent legal action.
Cornyn reiterates this issue would be an end to authorities relating to NatSec investigations...

(knowing what we know, this was one of the many objectives employed to erode our faith and trust in Gov't...and ultimately weaken US defense against F/D actors seeking US demise)
FISC act includes surveillance & cannot be used against US citizens except for exacting circumstances. Higher standard.

1) Surveillance = legally authorized spying.
2) CP FISA = intentionally misleading info presented to FISC to gain surveillance authority
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New thread...GRAHAM: The FBI used defensive counterintelligence briefing to spy on Trump. FBI wrote up 302s on the meeting. The Senate is being defensively briefed tomorrow. Is the FBI going to be spying on us and writing up our conversation?
HOROWITZ: I'm concerned about that.
Graham: If you get out of this report a lawful investigation with a few irregularities says more about you (media) than Horowitz.

Media spin damaging to rep of DOJ/FBI...intentional? Of course...eroding American faith and trust in Gov't is an intentional destabilizing objective.
.@LindseyGrahamSC, a staunch defender of FISA says FISC should not exist unless FISA process is reformed.

(reminder, Woods Procedures were supposed to be the fix to the process after did we get here? No legislative oversight & no accountability = FISC rubberstamp)
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#Qanon post #310 also about #Pensacola speech about the military! There was a shooting at a military base in Pensacola this weekend almost two years to the day. News unlocks the map. We need to read these crumbs to show what’s coming #ProjectLookingGlass?!
😳 #Qanon in post 316 calls out @realDonaldTrump’s speech at #Pensacola. Listen to his speech. Thank you for your SACRIFICE. Can they see two years ahead via #ProjectLookingGlass? #MartialLaw on the 11th to be the #Redpill that leads to #TheGreatAwakening?
Since Q called out the time stamp on this post, it is also possible that Marshall Law could be instituted on 12/31 of this year. Anons, what do you think is the significance of the time stamps?
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The struggle we are witnessing between .@realDonaldTrump administration against the Deep State is part of a temporal war involving diff. extraterrestrial & human groups from the future intending to either protect/alter timelines that prevent future galactic tyranny
The #QAnon movement has major implications for preserving the US Republic & exposing the Deep State, many may not appreciate our movement’s far greater significance for humanity’s future and the #Galaxy.
Expand your thinking .....
The best physical evidence that our timeline is being altered is the #TheMandelaEffect.This new movie was released 12/6/19 but no showtimes have been assigned. A man becomes obsessed with a phenomenon where facts/events have been collectively misremembered by thousands of people.
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Every single day, @realDonaldTrump steps on the biggest stage in the world and delivers an award-winning performance. The previews are almost over...

Ready for the BIG REVEAL?

@realDonaldTrump 2.) Q's latest drop is #3606. Look closely at the corresponding Trump tweet.

President T

Cu + T = Q + T

3.) To take it one step further, check out the timestamp on @realDonaldTrump's tweet.


7+4+6 = 17(Q)
54 = mirror of 45 (@POTUS)

Are you enjoying the SHOW yet?

@beer_parade @stormypatriot21 @Cordicon
@paul_serran @_Luke_Slytalker @Bruno062418
@JuliansRum @gholland04
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1) The sham #ImpeachmentInquiry is still underway with @RepAdamSchiff at the helm.

How & when will it end?
Where are we in the #Qanon timeline?
What comes next?

Let’s take a quick look at recent #Q drops in context...
2) In drop #3604 from this morning, #Q quoted himself from #2693 back in February.

Nearly a year ago, Q predicted that an #ImpeachmentHoax would be pushed and run by the CHAIR of the #IntelligenceCommittee.


Q called it STEP FOUR.
3) That’s one hell of a prediction considering that #Impeachment is supposed to be run by the #JudiciaryCommittee (which is now Chaired by @RepJerryNadler).

How could #Q know nearly a year ago that this oddity would occur?

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1/ Project Looking Glass? Let's take a little journey shall we? ...
#LookingGlass #QAnon #GreatAwakening
2/ The first mention Q made about Alice without saying Alice was post 9. Through the looking glass...
#LookingGlass #QAnon #GreatAwakening
3/ I highly recommend you read the book. But I'll give you some of the highlights...
#LookingGlass #QAnon #GreatAwakening…
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The Looking Glass Project and the Thor Connection.

Twitter Thread Part 1

… because someone’s got to start this conversation

These are the dots I've joined together. Make of it what you will.

#LookingGlass #YellowCube
Certainly, if Q posts mention black ops project, it's worth a deep dive.
Most of us began our deep dive here ...

About 2 ½ hours interview of Bill Wood by Project Camelot's Kerrie Cassidy

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1/ Research on Q post 3585

First, Q blends two apparently disparate subjects together, routing to 8kun via DoD server, and Project Looking Glass. You have to dig through that post to dig for the nuggets of truth.
2/ I listened to the TRUReporting vid with Redpill78, thinking "that guy's been debunked", and just listened for entertainment value.

3/ I discounted the Project Camelot vid previously, due to the marginalization of the insider's reputation after that vid was recorded. You must sift through the disinfo, such as the space vehicles, seal team 9, and maybe pedo arrest marginalization, to grab the nugget of truth.
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A thread on #ProjectLookingGlass with some of my thoughts on the subject but first, a must watch video from #BobWood regarding #LookingGlass from Jan 2012. If you’re a #QAnon follower you will recognize certain phrases and themes immediately.

I have a good friend that has dug up some great detail and info on #ProjectLookingGlass but I’m going to just focus on what’s in the video

Basically you have a means of predicting the future based on probabilities understanding predictive programming and the persons own biases
The #DeepState had access to the #LookingGlass via control of #MilIntel and were using it to enrich themselves and drive their decisions, campaigns, etc... and clearly it’s been benefiting them greatly
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Quick dig on #LookingGlass

"Project Stargate was the code name for a secret U.S. Army unit established in 1978 by the DIA and SRI to investigate the potential for psychic phenomena in military and domestic intelligence applications. It was terminated and declassified in 1995."
Project Stargate lasted 17 years 🐸

"Remote viewing attempts to sense unknown information about places or events. During intelligence applications viewers claimed to sense things in the future, experiencing precognition."

#LookingGlass #QAnon…
"Physicists Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff began testing for SRI in 1972 including one who would later become an international celebrity, Uri Geller. Their apparently successful results garnered interest within the U.S. DoD."

#LookingGlass #QAnon…
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3. Dan Burisch: Stargate Secrets – Part 1 Interview transcript…
Vid Dan Burisch - Part 1: STARGATE SECRETS #DanBurisch #LookingGlass #ProjectCamelot
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1. This particular Q post is of utmost interest to me.

IMO, this post has much deeper meanings than most. I believe this has to do with:

🎶 #Frequencies
🕳 #DimensionalShift

Read on. This is just my personal observations.

Continued... 👇
2. Let’s start with the quantum physics of dimensions. We are in the 3rd dimension. To travel to the 4th dimension, you need to vibrate at a higher frequency.

This is achieved through what some call “raising your vibration”. Christ knew the these secrets of our existence. 🙏✝️♥️
3. Everything in the Universe is ultimately God’s creation. He created the cosmos and it was through His WORD that all matter was born. The Word is a frequency. Aum. Om. Amen. The same in every belief system embracing our Heavenly Father and the Lord. The word was first.
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