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1. New letter to the President of the United States from Archbishop Carlo Vigano: "The forces of Evil are aligned in a battle without quarter against the forces of Good; forces of Evil that appear powerful and organized as they oppose the children of Light.." #Q Image
2. May you accept these words of mine as the “voice of one crying out in the desert” (John 1:23). Image
3. Daily we sense the attacks multiplying of those who want to destroy the very basis of society: the natural family, respect for human life, love of country, freedom of education and business. Image
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The cover of @TIME: the #GreatReset is coming. Swallow the pill, folks, for your own good. The #Davos aristocracy at @wef wants the best for you & is so kind to reset your lives in 2021. No need for democratic consultation, which would but slow down the process of your salvation. Image
Relax! The founder of @wef, Klaus Schwab, has described 'stakeholder capitalism' as his preferred model, positioning 'private corporations as trustees of society' to 'address social and environmental challenges'.…
In 2019, WEF entered into a partnership with the United Nations to accelerate the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (#sustainabledevelopmentgoals) Its plan is to shape policy proposals through a Fourth Industrial Revolution using the 'URGENCY' credo.…
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"We must move on from Neoliberalism in the post-COVID era. The 'Great Reset' offers an opportunity to re-evaluate sacred cows, defining the pre-pandemic era: the coming #Industry40 and the digitization of countless economic activities."…

"The #COVID19 crisis is going to accelerate a number of changes and transformations in human society. Notably, the pandemic is expected to significantly accelerate the Fourth Industrial Revolution."…
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(thread) #cdnpoli " What is the #NewNormal" ?

"... hasta donde debemos
practicar las verdades?
hasta donde sabemos..."

True. We don't know everyone else's stories.
I don't hate people who support #communism .
I guess many of them "have a dream".

Capitalism has allowed me to prosper, with relative #freedom . Maybe not as much as I would've liked to. I don't live in the Bridle Path, never will. But knowing ppl who are called #NIMBY , both here and there, I can assure you no one refuses to give a hand for those in need.
The problem is human nature.
Who's in need, and of what?
We all are, always will...

I was raised in #LatinAmerica. I was once on the side of the "opressed", now I am in the side of the "oppressor". I know what it's like to grow up against American #imperialism .
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Biden predicts a #DarkWinter. I'd look that up if u don't know...…
#DarkWinter exercise was purged from Center for Health Security website this year via waybackmachine.

Internet Archive for the win. PDF of script and all…
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When will you realize that L. Summers (Economic advisor for Clinton/Obama&Harvard President) being instrumental to China’s entry to WTO, his connections to Epstein, and their connections to WEF weren’t just mere coincidence? 2020 is not just random bad events. It’s a culmination.
Look at the BOD for Xi’s Alma Mater, Tsinghua University...ask yourself if these ‘elites’ have your best interests in mind🤔. With CCP’s forced tech transfer, how do you think this benefits you?
Do you think their #climatechange and #blm agendas are because they have your interests in mind? ...they facilitated a human-trafficking, child-raping, honeypot scheme...
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2020: when a greenwashed safari club with a murky past & shady present campaigns for:

- Davos- & WBCSD-approved 'Nature-based' capitalism to control half a planet
- Davos- & WBCSD-approved 'Planetary Diet' science fiction to control the way we eat

#NoGreatReset, thank you much
In case you do not know what the murky & shady part refers to, here's some reading:

And if you're new to the #GreatReset bit, check this thread:
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One key feature of the #GretaThunberg cult is how devotees quickly appear from the woodwork to shame anyone who dares criticize this little Green New Deal campaign caricature, implying the angry little Swede is some authentic grassroots sensation, and thus out of bounds...
When you see this, do remind cult followers that Greta is a mere puppet fronting WEF, Greenpeace, WWF & UN Agenda 2030 - all backed by the richest men on planet. Greta is their child celebrity asset, a commodity used to sell a global multi billion $ green financial bond market...
She's sneered at the world, accusing us of 'looking to youth for answers' & ruining HER future. One can just as easily say same about Greta who's now fronting Klaus Schwab's #GreatReset - which is already destroying millions, if not...
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From #Lockdowns to "#TheGreatReset". Lockdown in the wake of #coronavirus pandemic accelerated implementation of long-held plans to estb. so-called NWO. Under auspices of #WEF, global policymakers are advocating a “Great Reset” with intent of creating a global technocracy
It is not by coincidence that on 18 Oct 2019, in NYC the WEF “Event 201” at “high-level” pandemic exercise organized by John Hopkins Center for Health Security. This coming technocracy involves close cooperation between the heads of the digital industry and of governments
With programs such as guaranteed min income & healthcare for all, new kind of governance combines strict societal control with the promise of comprehensive social justice. The truth, however, this NWO of digital tyranny comes with a comprehensive social credit system
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-- BANG .... SWITCH (@blayone #Reset Button)
-- Is this the "Decoupling from China" ("CCP" --> 'Central Clearing Counterparties') @realDonaldTrump has referenced?
-- @Barclays:…
@digitalassetbuy #XRP
2/ SOFR Switch Over:

** Weekend of 17/18 October 2020 **

-- DERIVATIVES, Counterparties, settlement ... #XRP anyone?!?!

@digitalassetbuy @Neloangelo314 @val5linx @thebearablebull @Kevin_Cage_ @xrp_hodl_ @_Crypto_Maniac_ @Fame21Moore @XRPcryptowolf…
3/ Have a look at the Barclays Key Terms list...

-- "ARRC" (for a FLOOD of LIQUIDITY?!) -- think: Noah's Flood, lots of biblical vibes imo
-- Remember @looP_rM311_7211's Coronal Mass Ejection ("CME") hints...?
-- CCP (acronym doesnt even really make much sense should be CCCP)
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A massive new social struggle is about to begin, in which the vast majority of humankind will resist the techno-slavery being imposed on it by the fascist 1% elite.

Don't believe us? Then read the words of Klaus Schwab, head of the capitalist WEF:…

“We are at the threshold of a radical systemic change that requires human beings to adapt continuously. As a result, we may witness an increasing degree of polarization in the world, marked by those who embrace change versus those who resist it. Image

"This ontological inequality will separate those who adapt from those who resist—the material winners and losers in all senses of the words.

#GreatFascistReset #slavery Image
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Ahead, as part of the #GreatReset, is the finacialization of nature. "#Ecosystem services" & #biodiversity will be bought, sold & traded on #WallStreet. This will be the largest transformation of the global economic system in modern history.
It must be stopped. @nodealfornature
Assigning monetary value to nature ("#NaturalCapital") will replace #GDP. The very corporations & institutions that have destroyed the natural world, will then own what remains - what they have not yet destroyed.

Nature's contribution (theft) to the global economy is est. at 125 trillion $ annually, while world's annual #GDP is est. at 85.9 trillion dollars (2018). "Natural Capital" accounting will replace #GDP.

The financialization of #SocialCapital will follow.

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Sept 18, 2020, WWF Too Big To Fail:

"#Ecosystems are assets. We are talking about an asset mgt. problem."

No. Ecosystems are biological COMMUNITIES that exist for their own purposes. Not ours.

Depraved #WEF, #WWF et al. after decades of plunder, plan to seize what remains. Image
"As we navigate our way through the biggest #economic #crisis since the 2nd world war, we are still facing the existential threat of biodiversity loss & climate change."

They do not give a fuck about biodiversity. They trashed it for profits. They do not care about the climate. Image
What they do care about. Protecting & expanding current power structures. Protecting the ruling class to which they belong. Profit$.

Markets are not the solution to the accelerating biodiversity crisis & ecological breakdown. They are the cause.

#NewDealForNature Image
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The Digital #NewNormal Part 7:


#COVID19 #DigitalIdentity #ID2020 #GreatReset #NHSCOVID19app #HealthPassport #ImmunityPassport
#CommonPass #COVAX

In Jan 2020 The @wef published a document "Reimagining Digital Identity: A Strategic Imperative"…

"For healthcare players, a patient-led connected health experience offers more targeted and sustainable treatments even at home, reducing the cost of processing health records and of hospitalization, and opening the door to truly personalized, targeted healthcare"

This is the digital future we need.

"We stand at a pivotal moment in the creation of our digital world. We urge leaders, practitioners and experts from all sectors and countries to contribute to and support these processes"…
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Sept 18, 2020, #WWF, Too Big To Fail:

"Very soon #pensions worth trillions of dollars could become the frontline of sustainable investing."

#GreatReset #ImpactInvesting #SDGs #GlobalSouth #SouthAsia #TCFD #EmergingMarkets

"... the greatest commercial opportunity of our time." — Mark Carney

The ecologic crises will not be solved in the same economic system that created it. The planet will not be saved by those that have destroyed it.

#CorporateCoupOfTheCommons Image
Another quote from the film:

"Over the next decade, approx. 95 trillion dollars is needed for infrastructure."


Feb 3, 2019: The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg – for Consent: The House is On Fire! & the 100 Trillion Dollar Rescue [ACT IV]…
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"55% of consumers believe brands play a more important role than governments to create a better future." Havas Meaningful Brands Study (2019)"

Havas created TckTckTck back in 2009.

#Privatization #Marketing…
"As a systemic amplifier (upselling & shifting ideas, products, behaviours), #marketing & #advertising has the power to nudge our collective systems in a direction in line w/ this ‘#GreatReset’ thinking/goal."

Repackaging technological enslavement & the monetization of nature.
"Companies from across [] Ireland & UK’s creative, marketing/communications industry came together to launch The #GreatReset, [] that hopes to maintain/promote the positive behaviours & environmental shifts created during lockdown, where we had a trial run of sustainable living."
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It's not "fossil capitalism". It's #capitalism. Capitalism serves capital (profits). #Socialism serves society.

"Imagination", as framing, is being heavily employed by those tasked w/ obtaining social license for the #greatreset being foisted on the global citizenry. #Language ImageImageImageImage
For those who are not familiar with the SDGs referred to in the #Brookings #GreatReset screenshot - The UN-WEF partnership firmly positions Word Economic Forum at the helm of the #SDGs (Sustainable Developments Goals). Not because they care about climate...

#NewDealForNature Image
Not because they care about poverty, #biodiversity, or world hunger. #SDGs represent the new global poverty economy of #impactinvesting & emerging markets. #3 (chart) is very high, because of the coming "#vaccine revolution" being manufactured by WEF in partnership w/ WHO. Image
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1)Do you want clarity? Do you want to understand the world you live in right now? Do you want upside down, back to right side up? You only have to understand one thing, one agenda, globalism. Understand globalism, the sustainable development agenda, & the great reset...
2)are one in the same. Understand that,you’ll understand global governance & why Canada,among many other western nations,as referred to by our PM as a post nation state,is taking orders from the WHO. You’ll understand why Klaus Schwab wrote a book called Covid19:the great reset.
3)You understand why the UN says vaccines relate to 14 of the 17 SDG’s. You’ll understand why they gave the latest SDG’s the subheading, transforming our world. You’ll then understand why you now fear the state instead of simply respecting the state.
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Following the launch of #NHSCOVID19app AKA the new Digital Health ID and #HealthPassport.


Its been downloaded by over 14 million people in England and Wales, around 25% of the population now have it. Image
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Watch "Politicians and Advisors Are Going to Prison" on YouTube
Don't wear a mask.
They are a dangerous to your health.
"There is the possibility of not only entry of foreign material to the airways, but also entry to deep lung tissue, and potential pathological consequences of foreign bodies in the lungs."
It's all about the money!!
Are the Global Scientific Elite Trying to Bury the Truth About the Origin of COVID-19?…
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The new #NHSCOVID19app was recently launched this week in England and Wales, it says it's the fastest way of knowing when you’re at risk from #coronavirus.


Initially dubbed as the #NHSCOVID19app but could this app later morph into a fully functioning #HealthPassport?

Allowing access to segments of society depending on your Immunity Status?

I suspect it may well.
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1) I think this is #DictatorDan's actual testimony. Still weird as, but. He looks skinnier, paler, way younger. And his hands look large in comparison to his body. I suspect tech heads could explain weirdness as result of Skype or similar software with low resolution.
2) But it's not remotely batshit to wonder what is going on here. Look at insane stuff going in #Victoria lately. To say it seems surreal (zif dystopian satire) is yuge understatement. Also, many #MSM glitches involving pollies esp those linked to Cabal, Dems (as Dan is).
3) Check out this "glitch in the matrix" featuring #HillaryClinton.
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The 'Great Reset' NOT a conspiracy theory. It's what is being prepared. Here in their own words, WEF, unelected elite of uber wealthy, on how they'll take control via UN.
It is doublespeak: you do not honour dignity of humans by deciding their destiny
You have chance now to oppose this, basically a 'third way' - not capitalism or socialism, but corporatism with big tech at helm managing our lives, planet, resources, using fear of global threat for consent. We've been here before: it's basically Fascism rebooted for globalism
Make sure if you have the chance to vote for governments, which do not bow to them but represent YOU, and politicians that have no truck with this elitist globalist cabal attempting the coup.
#DefundtheUN #OpposeWEF Oppose the #GreatReset
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When did the solution to the #coronavirus crisis become about addressing the grave threat of #climatechange which can only be addressed via big corps focusing on emissions reduction and building electric alternatives as directed by the #UNSDGs?
How did everyone decide within weeks that we are never going back to normal, that we urgently need a whole #newnormal and that this is the time for a #greatreset and to adopt the #newworldorder ? This kind of synchronised messaging is deeply concerning
Why are local decisions about navigating any kind of crisis being dictated by international organisations and #globalelites? What does any outsider know about the challenges that india faces? Why are these blanket policies and guidelines being set for all countries?
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