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Thread - 10 inspiring #ExpelMe speeches.
One year ago at 7pm, against a backdrop of intimidation from the usual men's rights mob, our historic rally started in defence of @ALLIANCELGB & @Womans_Place_UK who'd been defamed in

absurd pledges signed by @UKLabour leadership & Deputy candidates inc @AngelaRayner @lisanandy.

Since then 1000s of Labour supporters have signed our Declaration & joined our campaigns.

First up was this fabulous message from MSP @JohannLamont

Then @BevJacksonAuth for @ALLIANCELGB
"I'd like to thank the impromptu choir outside...I look forward to being able to sit down and talk to each other...
Sex not gender"
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@SoreenHQ I’m sorry to hear some vicious Trans Activists are yet again trying to destroy another Female owned business by making false claims against @MumsnetTowers. They’ve been a fantastic resource for Women, not just Mothers & I do hope you continue your collaboration ❤️.
Here are some lovely people expressing the Truth of Mumsnet to them @SoreenHQ
@SoreenHQ We are just Women & Mothers getting on with our lives an ensuring our existing legal protections as per current U.K. Law, is upheld.
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Penny Mordaunt: “As discussed previously, the word “woman” or the word “Minister” would have run into legal difficulties, and I hope the words “mother” and “expectant mother” will be acceptable to hon Members.”🤡
#MomaBill #MumsTheWord
#MomaBill Baroness Morris of Yardley: “We are not here to pass legislation that does not make sense to the public whom we represent. If we were to go out into the streets of our country and try to explain to the electorate—to our citizens—“
“... that we have got ourselves into a position where we are not permitted to use the word “woman” in a Bill that deals with maternity, they would not know where we were coming from.” #MomaBill #MumsTheWord
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I will be emailing @Jacob_Rees_Mogg tomorrow for clarification on Penny Mordaunt’s scientifically inaccurate statements to find out whether her ideological beliefs are now a matter of UK Govt policy, given she so freely expressed from Dispatch box. You should email too.
The despatch box is not a place to recite mantras and it's certainly not a place to mislead the House, especially in regards to the EQA @GEOgovuk

@PennyMordaunt does our Parliamentary Democracy discredit. These lies must stop.
I was brought up Catholic. If a Minister, from the dispatch box started invoking the Nicene Creed, I would feel very uncomfortable indeed. Creeds are affirmation of Faith. Why should 1 preach their dogma to others. Seriously?
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Only 2 Labour HOC Female MP’s voted in favour of the amendments objecting to erasure of Women.
Jess Phillips & Stella Creasy are making a lot of noise about refuge shelters & maternity leave, but when it really mattered, let Women down.

Watch to know who supports women #MomaBill
Penny Mourdant is a bloody liar 🤥. What’s grammatically challenging? No, the word “Woman” would not have been a legal problem. #MumsTheWord
Maternity isn’t about the Menz, Love 👋🏾.
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#MOMAbill Lord True - The government has listened carefully and has heard the strength of feeling - gender neutral drafting does not require a single approach.

"Mother" and "expectant mother" is legal and acceptable to the government…
@LordPhilofBrum talking about the ability of women to talk clearly about sex where #sexmatters @SexMattersOrg !

Talking about what happened to @RosieBoycott was disgusting and the silence from her colleagues
Those who speak up for women's rights and clear language are criticised for transphobes it is #chilling

If you erase women from the language and law how is that inclusive?
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Thread of speeches by Cross Bench & Non-affiliated Peers in today's #MOMABill
First up Lord Pannick explains how the word Woman fully include everyone giving birth, regardless of gender identity.
He demolishes the government claim that gender neutral
terms in a Maternity Bill are necessary.
He explains The Lord Chief Justice in the Court of Appeal has ruled on this in the case of a claimant registered at birth as female.
"The person who gave birth to a child is female...
I do not think there are any legal difficulties in
referring to mothers or women in this Bill as female.
The Mother of Parliaments in doing that would be showing no disrespect to transmen"
One wonders how they'll trump yr arguments!
Surely #MOMABill will be amended on Thurs with
#SixWords "leave out “person” and insert “woman”
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Thread - Videos from today's ground-breaking #MOMABill 2nd reading @UKHouseofLords debate.
We've already tweeted @LordPhilofBrum's speech, here are more Peers speaking up for #WomanNotPerson, starting with @UKLabour's Front Bench
Dianne @HayteratLords
Here's @UKLabour peer Anita Gale @BaronessGale speaking up for #WomanNotPerson
Here's @UKLabour peer Estelle Morris speaking up for #WomanNotPerson
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We are unable to live tweet the debate this afternoon but we will bring you updates as and when we are able.
3.05pm start…
Lord True for the government outlining the terms of the bill: 'women' mentioned at least 6 times in the first couple of minutes.....
Currently explaining lots of technical details.
@1SVN giving a brilliant speech in the @UKHouseofLords . We will post the clip as soon as it is available, too many brilliant points to include!
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MPs are discussing #MOMABill…

Proposed amendments leave out "person" and insert "woman"
@RachelReevesMP talks about If we are to encourage women from all backgrounds to become MPs and ministers - 102 years after women won the right to stand for parliament, there are still just 220 female MPs compared with 430 men
The first woman MP to have a baby while serving in parliament in 1976. She had to come into parliament 10 days after giving birth to vote.
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For those unable to watch, we are going to tweet on the #MOMABill this afternoon.
Penny Mordaunt moving second reading of the bill.
This bill means ministers do not have to resign when they become pregnant....(we will paraphrase things, Hansard will have exact wording later)
Jim Shannon DUP saying this has been a difficult time for parents, mothers, babies, asking for extended maternity pay. PM says this is beyond the scope of this bill but gov are looking at it. PM saying 'people' again.....
Sir Edward Leigh raises the biological woman issue! If we are going to adopt gender ideology we should not do it by stealth! PM says no intention to not use word 'women', it is a drafting issue...
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It is being asked whether #MOMABill needs to say "persons" instead of "women" in order to include females who have legally changed sex to male

My answer: no ...

The GRA is a legal fiction which allows for look throughs - it does not mean other laws can never refer to the sexes
It is recognised that it is necessary for the law to refer to the two sexes - in particular in matters around reproduction, and in anti discrimination law (as well as regulations relating to sport, buildings, healthcare etc...)
For example the laws around fertility treatment are specified as relating to women and men (in their respective biological roles). It is obvious as obvious can be that this refers to the big gamete people and the small gamete people
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How it started.. ...How its going
In 2002 The EcHR ruled in the case of Goodwin that not changing sex recorded on birth certificate breached the right of a post operative transsexual to a private life, and that changing it for a tiny number of people would have no substantive harm to public interest.
In 2021 it is being argued that because the resulting law gold plated this to allow people to change their legal sex without slteration to their body we can no longer have words for the two sexes, or use those words to recognise biological sex in law.
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