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In case you missed last week's #WestminsterHall debate on the #DefinitionOfSex here are the highlights

@ranil (North East Hampshire, Conservative) talks about making sure that the Equality Act aligns with reality. He states the law cannot do impossible things and cannot make a man into a woman. This amendment does not take any rights away from anyone else.
@ToniaAntoniazzi(Gower, Labour) spoke about the two petitions and the question of whether a GRC changes your sex for the purposes of the Equality Act. The petitions are not about gender, self-ID or intersex. She also said we are responsible for legislating and they have to……
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🧵 @FreyaVanadiss is attending the debate for #FiLiA. Women from @Womans_Place_UK, @SexMattersOrg, @AllianceLGB here too, as women who have been impacted by gender ideology. Been chatting to a nurse forced from her job for stating #SexMatters #MakeTheEqualityActClear #EqualityAct Image
For those unable to attend, you can watch live from 4.30pm, BST.


#EqualityAct #MakeTheEqualityActClear #SexMatters 🚻 Image
.@ToniaAntoniazzi, a member of the Petitions Committee, has been asked by the Committee to open the debate. MPs from all parties can take part, and the Govt will send a minister to respond. Follow the Committee on Twitter & join the discussion using #EqualityAct #PetitionsDebate
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This article about male Glenique Frank who ran London Marathon in the female category is v interesting - please read. 👇Thanks to @georgeabtsports for flagging.

1. Frank seems to think his eligibility for the female category is about passports & “I ticked female because I…
…see myself as female”. (Last night this said “felt female” but article seems to have been updated; unftly I did not keep screenshot.) In actual material reality, UK Athletics rules in force from May 2021 to 31 March 2023 determined eligibility. They required testosterone….
…suppression under 5nmol for 12 months to become eligible & then continuous suppression under 5nmol to remain eligible. Was Frank in full compliance with these rules? If not, he must be disqualified.

2. Frank says he “came out three years ago”. So April 2020. In Oct 2021 he..
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@NSFTtweets Thank you. This should not have taken 2 1/2 years to correct. We look forward to hearing the @NSFTtweets Board answers to our other questions at or before the Board meeting on the 6 April.
@NSFTtweets Amending the website is a first step, that acknowledges the problem.

Now the work starts.

Question 2: What steps will the @NSFTtweets Board take to correct the 2022 #Equality, #Diversity and #Inclusion Strategy & all trust communications and policies?
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🧵It's all the speeches this lot didn't want you to hear from the @StandingforXX #LetWomenSpeak rally yesterday at #SpeakersCorner Hyde Park! Huge thanks to @roseveniceallan and @ThePosieParker who was much missed.

Thread will grow as I get through them! Subtitles coming later!
First up we had @RachelK01840150 with this barnstorming speech about the unpopularity of women who made historic gains for women's rights! 🔥

Charlotte Edwards, @rafaellacjthis, gave this short address against the medicalisation of gender non conformity.👏👏

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It is now two and half years since the Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn NHS Foundation Trust was advised it misrepresents the Equality Act in its equality policy and equality impact assessments. It is in breach of its public sector equality duty.

#SexMatters #discrimination Screenshot of QEHKL equality impact assessment
The Deputy CEO advised one of our members on 10 September 2020 that the errors were noted and communicated to relevant colleagues for their attention re policies, reports and documents. The list of protected characteristics was corrected but the other errors remain in place.
We wrote to 2 January 2023 asking for the outstanding corrections to policies, assessments and reports on behalf of @NorfolkWomen and the Women’s Rights Network North West Norfolk.

There has been no response.

#SexMatters #SexNotGender
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We recommend reading @CCriadoPerez's Invisible Women, about the ways policy development & impact assessments fail to assess the impact on women.

Equality Impact Assessments matter.

We have asked @TeamQEH to correct their EIAs to include the 4 missing protected characteristics. Queen Elizabeth Hospital NHS Trust Equality Impact Assessmen
Despite now having the correct list of protected characteristics in V3 of the @TeamQEH Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy, the policy & EIAs do not cover those with the protected characteristic of sex as it uses the word “gender” instead of sex. >

#IWD2023 #SexMatters
. @TeamQEH was informed of these errors first in 2020 and has failed to correct the omissions and use of gender and transgender in the #Equality, #Diversity and #Inclusion policy and equality impact assessments ( EIAs). >
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@MaggieChapman @victor_madrigal If they wanted to “live as who they are” there wouldn’t be an issue. The point is that they want to live as who they are not.

@MaggieChapman @victor_madrigal I do not consent to having my body searched or examined by a man.

I do not consent to undressing or showering next to a man at the gym.

I do not consent to sleeping next to a man in a female hospital ward or hostel accommodation.

@MaggieChapman @victor_madrigal I do not consent to being part of his therapy, because that is what transition IS. It’s a therapy that requires the entire world’s participation in a lie.

A lie that HARMS women and girls.

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1/13 Voit nyt lukea lausuntomme sosiaali- ja terveysvaliokunnalle translain uudistukseen liittyen.

Tässä ketjussa muutamia nostoja. #translaki #translainuudistus #NaistenRintama #NaistenOikeudet #SukupuolellaOnVäliä #SexMatters #NoToSelfIDinFinland…
2/13 Jotta naisten ja tyttöjen oikeuksia ja asemaa voidaan edistää, naiseutta ei tule määritellä juridiseksi kategoriaksi johon miehet voivat omalla ilmoituksellaan liittyä. Transsukupuoliset, joilla on sukupuolidysforiadiagnoosi, voisivat edelleen vaihtaa juridisen sukupuolensa.
3/13 Ihmisoikeussopimukset eivät edellytä juridisen sukupuolen itseidentifikaatiota, vaikka näin toistuvasti väitetään. Euroopan ihmisoikeustuomioistuin ei edellytä jäsenmailta lainsäädännön muutosta siten, että juridisen sukupuolen voi itse määritellä. #NaistenOikeudet #SelfID
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@ManduReid's leadership has will sadly become knownfor dismissing expertise & the majority view of Party members on self ID.

The Party's assembly was clear in its support of single-sex spaces, yet #wep #groundhogday brings back the same tired motion that was rejected previously
@ManduReid This week Reem Alsalem, the UN #VAWG rapporteur wrote to Hollyrood to intervene on similar self ID policies (#GRRBill).

It is unacceptable to WEP party members that her voice, alongside ours, should be dismissed.
@WEP_UK #IDEVAW2022 #16DaysofActivism

The Party bought a self ID motion that was rejected until the membership was consulted (thank you Sophie Walker).

The Party stalled for years, and when a version of a consultation was conducted it rejected self ID.

Our blog:…
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This week’s update is long and legal!

#SexMatters in life & law and it shouldn’t take courage to say so.
But right now, a whole lot of courage, resilience & resources are going into unpicking the mess created by the law that allowed some men to become women for “all purposes”
Arguments are coming to a head in Scotland, where Nicola Sturgeon is pressing ahead with the Gender Recognition Reform Bill on an accelerated timetable, despite dissent and questions about how it will impact on the rights of Scottish girls and women.
Meanwhile, @ForWomenScot’s case against the Scottish Government’s current interpretation of the GRA is being heard.

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Question: if it is not acceptable to wear a "blackface" then why is it acceptable to wear a #womanface I find it DEEPLY offensive that a man can put on a skirt and make up and say he is a woman. It demeans everything I am.
I have bled, I have given birth, I have nearly died giving birth; I have produced milk for my babies; I have been sexually assaulted; I have been passed over for promotion; I have been harrased and threatened because of my sex by men who think it is fun and games to
frighten a young woman; I have been stalked; I have been talked over, had my career sabotaged and my ideas pinched and all because I am a woman.
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A 🧵on why #NoToSelfID is still important On 27 October @scotgov voted for the 1st stage of the Gender Recognition Reform Bill #GRR the vote passed 🗳For 88
🗳Against 33
🗳Abstained 4
🗳No vote 4
Scottish Labour Party @ScottishLabour
voted For the #GRR but they recognise the bill needs ammendments & gave a commitment to "seek to amend the bill at stage 2 to respect the primacy of the Equality Act 2010 and to have that placed on the face of the bill".
What happens next? stage 2
The #GRR Bill goes back to the @SP_EHRCJ Committee & MSPs can suggest amendments
Other concerns included the lowering of the age from 16 to 18
& cross border issues
There may be more ammendments suggested The deadline for submission is 9 November
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So, people are assigned a sex at birth. Why are some people assigned male while others are assigned female? On what basis would a medical professional assume the sex of the child?

#women #WomensRightsAreHumanRights #whatisawoman #WomanFace #transman #transwoman Image
The reason is that certain biological characteristics are given the name male, while certain other biological characteristics are given the name female. A person who objectively has the given characteristics is called either male or female.

Males and females go through a
process of aging and development. Young females are referred to using the word "girl" while adult female persons are referred to using the word "woman".

People "assigned female at birth" have the biological characteristics of a female and are girls who will grow up to be women. ImageImageImageImage
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A 🧵on why #NoToSelfID is important right now. On 27 October @scotgov will vote to reform the Gender Recognition Act #GRA If the vote goes through this removes the need for a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria & people can self declare the gender they wish to live as /1
@scotgov and @ShonaRobison have told us that no man would declare himself to be something he isn't to access vulnerable women & children. We know this is not true. There are numerous examples where this had happened.
The #GRA reform will require people to live as their acquired gender for 3 months before applying for a #GRA this means you must self identify as your preferred gender. A man can self identify as a woman or a woman can self identify as a man.
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🧵 🎂 Woman’s Place UK is 5 years old today 🎂

#WPUK was founded in 2017 by grassroots volunteers in response to proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act. Our campaign aimed to ensure that women's evidenced concerns were heard & our sex-based rights upheld. #WPUKfivetoday
🧵 🎂 Woman’s Place UK is 5 years old today 🎂

15,810 tickets sold
31 public meetings
8 webinars
1 Conference
438,924 you tube views
215 blogs
251 talks
Evidence submissions, consultation responses, campaigns & more

🧵 🎂 #WPUKfivetoday 🎂

We can not begin to thank everyone who have supported - with time & money - our meetings & campaigns, especially the women who have volunteered to make them happen. Their passion, time, skills & insights have made this campaign possible.

Thank you
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“We’re seeing a linguistic sleight of hand in which what used to be called ‘protection’ is recast as ‘segregation’”, writes Sex Matters Advisory Group member Joan Smith @polblonde…
“No amount of support for girls’ and women’s sport can eliminate the fact that men are more muscular than women, while women are just over half as strong as men in their upper bodies and have about two-thirds as much strength in their lower bodies.”
“The obvious solution, which is to have women’s, men’s and open sports categories, is anathema to gender extremists because it doesn’t achieve the aim of eliminating single-sex spaces — sorry, I mean challenging the strict gender binary.”
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Dear NSFT,

We appreciate your apology but you have failed to understand why "people" is not inclusive nor acceptable when talking about maternity services.

We guess you know this is an issue because you have BANNED replies to your tweet & FAIL to talk about mothers & mums. >> Image
Do you think deleting the word "birthing" is enough?

Failing to talk about mums, mothers and maternal services excludes women who may have English as a second language or with special needs, and distresses some mums. It is dangerous.

You are doubling down - and not listening. Image
You have a duty to all 9 protected characteristics.

By following #Stonewall advice to erase the words, woman, mums and maternity from your patient outreach, you are failing women in 3 protected characteristics, sex, race and disability.

#discrimination Image
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@NSFTtweets - joining Stonewall has scrambled your brains.

Only women give birth.

By calling mothers "birthing people," you discriminate against women with special needs and women with English as a second language.

It is also disrespectful, dehumanising and offensive to women.
Erasure of the word “woman” is part of
a political & cultural movement delegitimising clarity about sex.

Sex matters for safety & dignity in healthcare for recording accurate information, obtaining consent for examinations & providing single-sex facilities & accommodation.
Avoiding the word woman when referring to maternity mental health and female biology, and instead using “pregnant people” is your participation in that highly contested political movement, @NSFTtweets, and is discriminatory.
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🧵 Trees have 3 sexes, male dioecious, female dioecious and monoecious. Councils and planners like to plant dioecious male trees as they don’t seed, drop fruit or flower wildly and most important to councils, messily. This is good for their street cleaning budget but not for us
in nature there’s a natural even mix of all 3 tree sexes ensuring that the amount of pollen wafted into the air is regulated. When planted independently of dioecious females the pollen is unchecked by any capture from female flowers resulting in an uptick of pollen in the air and
You guessed it, hayfever and allergy symptoms spike. You may wonder why you can holiday somewhere with lots of trees and have mild / non existent allergies then return to a city / urban area and be up to your eyeballs in sneezes and piriton. This is the reason, no female trees.
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Even if it’s just 1 they’re taking the spot that would otherwise go to a girl. If that 1 TG athlete excels in a competitive sport they will be displacing a spot that would otherwise go to a girl, then at the county level, then at the state level, then at the national. 1️⃣
At each level of competition girls will be displaced by that 1 person, missing a chance to compete & potentially scholarships created to help FEMALES. Go to @boysvswomen to see how #sexMatters in sports—stats show HIGH SCHOOL boys beating female OLYMPIC athletes. 2️⃣
Sports is a competition between bodies, not feelings about bodies. No one wants transgender athletes banned from sports, we want them to compete within their sex class. 3️⃣

#SexMatters #SexNotGender
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"Manche Männer haben eine Vulva/manche Frauen haben einen Penis/TERFs haben keine Zähne" sagt ein "feministisches" Kollektiv aus Hamburg. Frauenhass und Gewaltandrohungen gegen Frauen..die #sexmatters sagen…sind bei den Linken mittlerweile gesellschaftsfähig 🤮 #TransEXTREMISMUS
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🧵Yesterday another man appeared in court charged with threatening me on account of my belief that #SexMatters. I want to be very clear that every time someone in a position of power wrongly describes feminists or LGB people like me as transphobic simply 1/4
because we don’t share their belief in gender identity theory they risk inciting the sort of abuse & threats that I and others suffer from self styled “Trans rights activists” who in truth are nothing of the sort. 2/4
Instead, they are just good old fashioned misogynists & lesbophobes who are being encouraged & enabled by those who ought to know better. I don’t think enough attention is being paid to this problem. It needs to be called out by 3/4
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So @The_TUC wants charitable status of @ALLIANCELGB removed by @ChtyCommission because the 'LGBT+ community' must speak with only one voice, and must never be 'divided.' So LGBT+ is fine, T alone is fine, but never LGB. Focus on sexuality w/out gender identity is not allowed 1/ Image
But the belief that everyone has a "gender identity" which is more important than their sex is just that - a belief. Why does @The_TUC insist we all live by this particular belief system? 2/
The most racism I've experienced recently has been from trans activists insisting that male-born people with particular gender identities are women 'just like black women are.' 3/
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