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I am delighted to announce that after a year of complaining about the various permutations of 'assigned gender' in BSB diversity surveys, they have taken legal advice and reverted to 'male, female or prefer not to say'. Separate questions to be asked about gender identity.
This is not an 'attack' on trans people. This is simply to say that 'sex matters' and ought to be recorded transparently and in accordance with the law. If a thing can't be identified, it can't be protected.
We cannot effectively balance the tension between the rights of women and those who wish to be treated as women unless we understand what is actually happening on the ground. The effective erasure of sex by a failure to record it accurately was accepted by the ONS as unlawful.
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The last two days in the UK were highly important for sex-based rights. We, as LGB people who know that sexual orientation is towards sex and not gender identity, care about it.
Recently, it has been criminalized for especially lesbians to situate their sexual orientation based on sex instead of one’s subjective and declared gender identity.
We already stated how this conception made us vulnerable to abuse, and how it was no different than conversion therapy. Homosexuality is one of the spheres in which sex is important. That’s why it’s very important for sex to be a protected characteristic.
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Before I took to f/t journalism I had to tell the trustees at the charity where I worked at as a funding bid writer that they might be targeted b/c of my views. When I tried for work elsewhere I would find, despite being amply qualified, I would rarely be shortlisted. 1/5
The frustrating thing was never quite knowing why I hadn't been shortlisted. One small local charity were enthusiastic on the phone, when I turned up for interview the centre manager gave me a look that went through me like an icy laxative. I gave a text book interview 2/5
& yet only found out I had been unsuccessful when I saw the post re-advertised on social media. When I emailed to complain about this I was told 'I didn't have enough bid writing experience' (I had been successfully writing bids & winning awards for charities for 4 years). 3/5
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#IStandWithMaya ❤️

We hope @WEP_UK @WEP_Scot @WEP_Wales @ManduReid are following Maya Forstarter's appeal today

An appeal that gets to the very crux of women's rights in the UK today- women's right to say #sexmatters

Case details 👇🏿

It is vital that @WEP_UK get to grips with the issues at the crux of this appeal

It is also key that the @EHRC is intervening on behalf of Maya & indicates how far we have come despite the silence of our feminist leaders at WEP

#IStandWithMaya #SexMatters
WEP bursts at the seams with radical, women centred policies ❤️ & our leader @ManduReid is smart, compassionate & down to earth ❤️

However we have left the heavy lifting of defending #womensrights to those without the protection & weight that we have as a party.

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I made a thread about Maya Forstater’s case yesterday, with screenshots of her barristers’ skeleton, only for it to vanish into the ether of my drafts folder. Let’s see how far I get this time.

The question tomorrow is “is believing sex matters a belief worth protecting?”
Sorry, trans ideologues: there was *no trans colleague.* That was fake news.
Women’s rights & believing that #SexMatters are not “transphobic” or “bigoted.” They’re not even beliefs about trans-identifying people.
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So very proud of @Wight_DASH using the single sex exemptions to keep a women’s service women-only 🖤🖤🖤
Hey @WomensPrize I know you don’t provide a service, so much as a cultural resource, but if this little refuge can use the Equality Act to remain for women only, why can’t you? #SexMatters #WomenOnly
It’s obviously not “transphobic” for a refuge for women fleeing male violence to have only women on staff. That’s beyond question.

What is deeply questionable, however, is the motives of a man who insists upon his purported legal entitlement to work at that refuge.
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Today at 2.30 we will be giving evidence to Women & Equalities Committee alongside @fairplayforwomen @filia_pix #womenatwesc Thank you for all your messages and long-standing support. Nothing about us without us.
Our portfolio of written consultation submissions relating to the rights of women including this #WESC consultation can be viewed here

We welcome our new followers watching #WomenatWESC

We are a left wing feminist organisation

To read our manifesto & our campaigns 👇🏿…
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Fascinating framing. Apparently, thinking women’s prizes should be for women is “extreme.” #NotBuyingIt #SexMatters
What is Index on Censorship for now? Under pressure, it extended itself to mutter lukewarm support for free expression when JK Rowling was attacked. Now it’s back on form, giving women’s rights away for us. Thanks for nothing, chocolate teapot organisation unworthy of funding.
It’s so common I almost neglected to state: how *dare* @RuthSmeeth & @IndexCensorship insinuate that defending women’s rights from males is equivalent to white suprematism! What an outrageous and ridiculous antifeminist smear. You’re not to be taken seriously again.
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Was talking to my Dad last night. We FaceTime almost every day. He’s in the UK, I’m in Aus. He called me because he’s upset for his best friend who has fallen out with his daughter BIG TIME. They were watching TV when it came on the news about Eddie Izard. His friend shouted 1/
“Bloody ridiculous!” at the TV at Izard’s claim that he’s now a woman. His daughter rounded on him with “That’s nasty. SHE’s a woman!” & you can imagine everything that happens next. She stormed out of his house & hasn’t called him since. She’s 50. She has a daughter. She put 2/
the thoughts, feelings & sexual fetish of a man who she’s never met & will likely never meet above the thoughts & feelings of her own father, an old man.

I went to school with her. I’m disgusted & ashamed of her. If I ever see her again I’ll tear a f**king strip off her! 2/
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Hardly a victory @stellacreasy. Amendment 87B NOT in the Domestic Abuse Bill and as the Hansard record of Baroness Williams of Trafford's Speech in the House of Lords today shows... 1/
"While the amendment is not needed, as the necessary powers are already in place to require forces to provide information of this kind, we agree that data can be helpful and we know that some police forces like Nottingham are already collecting it. I advise the House..2/
..that, on an experimental basis, we will ask police forces to identify and record any crimes of violence against the person, including stalking and harassment, as well as sexual offences where the victim perceives it to have been motivated by a hostility based on their SEX... 3/
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My thread on the criminal threats made against me on 1st February 2021 the day I was sacked from @theSNP Westminster front bench for as yet unspecified “behaviour”.…
Grant Karte appeared at Edinburgh Sherriff Court this morning Friday 12 March and pled guilty to offences under Section 127 of the Communications Act 2003
Some of the threats which Mr Karte made to me were of a sexual nature. A recent survey of parliamentarians showed that while politicians of both sexes receive abuse and threats, it is largely female politicians who receive threats of sexual violence.
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Bloody Hell. Maria Miller is leading the Women’s Day debate in the HOC!
She doesn’t even know what a woman is.
She is also now telling the house to believe women.
Yes. Like women telling you we need SINGLE SEX SPACES!
Now Caroline Nokes. Where the hell does she get the idea that “transwomen” are most likely to suffer domestic violence? They have a lower murder rate than any demographic. In fact they are more likely to be perpetrators! And sex offenders.
No Mhairi Black who famously called women “Jeremy Hunts” for defending single sex spaces !
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The single-sex exemptions in the Equality Act 2010 mean that it is lawful to have sports teams and categories that are for women & girls only. However, there is increasing pressure on female sports to allow males to compete in female categories at all levels if they identify as >
> women or girls. This is despite scientific evidence that even from childhood there are physiological differences which make it not only unfair, but unsafe, for boys and girls or men and women to compete in some sports together. If someone has experienced male puberty the >
> physical differences are even greater, even if testosterone is later suppressed. Many prominent sportswomen (and some men) have spoken out on this issue, including @Martina Navratilova, @Tanni_GT and @Sharron62 Davies. Many girls and women are turned off participating because >
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On #internationalwomensday2021 I think of the 23 million girls since 1970 who were not born due to sex selective abortion #sexmatters
On #internationalwomensday2021 I think of the 60 million to 100 million women who should be alive today but are missing, presumed dead, because of male violence. #sexmatters
On #internationalwomensday2021 I think of the exhausted women who work two out of three of all labour hours worldwide, but earn just 10 per cent of the world’s income #sexmatters
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#MOMAbill Lord True - The government has listened carefully and has heard the strength of feeling - gender neutral drafting does not require a single approach.

"Mother" and "expectant mother" is legal and acceptable to the government…
@LordPhilofBrum talking about the ability of women to talk clearly about sex where #sexmatters @SexMattersOrg !

Talking about what happened to @RosieBoycott was disgusting and the silence from her colleagues
Those who speak up for women's rights and clear language are criticised for transphobes it is #chilling

If you erase women from the language and law how is that inclusive?
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What a fantastic debate in the House of Lords yesterday. For those who were unable to watch live, you can read what went on here:…
Even better you can watch our 'Baker's Dozen' of what we think were the best speeches across the political spectrum.
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We are unable to live tweet the debate this afternoon but we will bring you updates as and when we are able.
3.05pm start…
Lord True for the government outlining the terms of the bill: 'women' mentioned at least 6 times in the first couple of minutes.....
Currently explaining lots of technical details.
@1SVN giving a brilliant speech in the @UKHouseofLords . We will post the clip as soon as it is available, too many brilliant points to include!
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Ensuring that the census recorded accurate sex data was one of our earliest campaigns back in 2017 see this post for details… #Census2021 #SexInTheCensus #WomenCountSoCountWomen
We recently sought a legal opinion on the advice given to @Scotgov by @EHRC on the collection of sex data. We believe that their advice misrepresents the law and call on them to withdraw it… #SexInTheCensus #WomenCountSoCountWomen #SexMatters #SexNotGender
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THREAD: SEX AND THE CENSUS: 15 different organisations have come together to launch a joint campaign on #Census2021 The census has always asked “What is your sex”? We believe people should answer the census accurately & honestly. See campaign website /1
We think that this is the best way to collect information needed to understand the population and to plan and fund public services. Counting the number of male & female citizens is vital for the census, & because the census sets standard for other data-collection across society.
The @ONS disagrees. It is planning to tell people they don’t need to answer the census “sex” question with their biological sex. Instead it will direct them to self-identify as male or female, relying on any “legal document” they choose. /3 #SexInTheCensus
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THREAD We are delighted to hear that hard copies of The Political Erasure of Sex are reaching intended recipients. It is vital politicians/policy makers base decisions on material reality & evidence. Thank you @janeclarejones @lnmackenzie1 and @SelinaTodd
We are proud to have supported research for this project. We are grateful to all our supporters whose donations have enabled us to print and post this copy and get it into the hands of our political representatives. Thank you to @uniofox for its support…
But you don’t have to be a politician or a policy maker to read this report. Literally anyone can download it here. It’s not quite the same as a beautiful hard copy, we know, but the information is the same and it is compelling. #SexMatters
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If you liked the #ONSValentines you can catch up wth them here!

@Census2021 #Census2021 @ONS

Don't stop there.

Make sure ONS hear that women count

#sexmatters… Image
Contact your MP

Ask them to read Sex and the Census: its in their postbag

by @janeclarejones and @lnmackenzie1 Image
...@Womans_Place_UK @ALLIANCELGB @Transgendertrd @SexMattersOrg and a host of other grassroots orgs are going to give guidance on sending a message to the ONS on census night Image
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How it started.. ...How its going
In 2002 The EcHR ruled in the case of Goodwin that not changing sex recorded on birth certificate breached the right of a post operative transsexual to a private life, and that changing it for a tiny number of people would have no substantive harm to public interest.
In 2021 it is being argued that because the resulting law gold plated this to allow people to change their legal sex without slteration to their body we can no longer have words for the two sexes, or use those words to recognise biological sex in law.
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Pattern recognition...

Why does this male person, Stonewall trans advisory group member, get coopted on to the Royal College of Obs and Gyne Womens Network where we get to advise doctors about the experience of patients?
Why was this male person, 10 years ago, already telling the EHRC how to talk about maternity?

What possible interest is it of Roz's, except that Roz wants the word woman?
Why did Brighton and Hove Hospital Trust ask this male person to review the language they tell midwives to use about their female patients?
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Getting really frightened by these pushes to criminalise the acknowledgment that biological sex is real, binary, immutable and politically significant.

Its patently obvious that women cannot advocate for the rights of their sex if they can’t acknowledge its existence.
If we can’t acknowledge biological sex, we can’t collect data on sex.
Without accurate sex data, and without the freedom to talk about how sex impacts female people, we can’t address sex inequalities in health, education, workplace, childcare, elderly/sick care, pensions etc.

Without accurate data on sex, and without the freedom to talk about how sex impacts female people, we can’t begin to create effective policies to tackle sexual abuse, rape, domestic abuse and MVAWG.

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