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"And the hits just keep on coming: Sex-specific effects of multiple stressor exposures on cognition"
Starting with @SEcksDifference setting us up well on the importance of early life stressor, working on limited bedding and nesting altering maternal care #Sfn2019
@SEcksDifference Limited bedding and nesting negly impacted maternal care, including affecting body weight throughout life, and gonadal hormones (elevating testosterone in males, estradiol in females. Interestingly an enriched environment there is also less time spent in nest building! #sfn2019
@SEcksDifference .@SEcksDifference showing the LBN model didn't affect vaginal opening or estrus cycle duration though, so unclear where effects on sex arise! Interestingly, prelim data shows that LBN enhanced male sex behavior, e.g., mounts less intromissions, and shorter latencies #sfn2019
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I've always been a firm believer in school uniform.
A fair, accessible and affordable uniform does have benefits, reducing bullying of those who can't afford branded clothing, introduces discipline in a fair way as everyone appears equal.
But current uniform policy has gone far beyond being uniform.
It is no longer affordable and accessible.

It is now teachers and schools who bully and abuse the pupils, who make lasting judgements based on appearance.
There is no such thing as a uniform size where children are concerned but the child is punished for their size, shape not conforming to the manufacturers average.

Girls are taught by their educators to expect judgement and abuse because of what they wear and how they wear it.
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Sex selective abortion is about sex, not gender.
FGM is about sex, not gender.
Child brides - sex, not gender.
Childbirth mortality - sex, not gender.
Pregnancy discrimination - sex, not gender.
Rape prevalence - sex, not gender.
2/ Period stigma/poverty -sex, not gender.
Domestic abuse prevalence - sex, not gender.
Progeniture - sex, not gender.
Breast tax - sex, not gender.
Breast ironing - sex, not gender.
Widow burnings - sex, not gender.
Witch burnings - sex, not gender.
3/ Forced or coerced hysterectomies - sex, not gender.
Obstetric violence - sex, not gender.
Abortion rights - sex, not gender.
Political under-representation - sex, not gender.
Glass ceiling - sex, not gender.
'Gender' pay gap - sex, not gender.
Burden of care - sex, not gender.
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The shenanigans of @scotgov regarding the announcement of proposals to reform the GRA are, to say the least, concerning. There are serious questions which now must be answered by @S_A_Somerville and @NicolaSturgeon

First, why are @scotgov hurriedly coming out with an announcement with 2 days notice? Did they give all their MSPs the opportunity to submit a question, including those critical of proposals to date? Or have they tried to stack the deck with sympathetic allies in parl?
We ask because it is quite clear that certain, unelected, individuals, renowned for their abusive behaviour on Twitter and privileged links to those in power are claiming to have superior inside information.

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Apparently, some people find our New Year Resolutions alarming. We are not sure why. We are alarmed at the state of women’s rights in 2019. We are alarmed we are having to make these resolutions. Read them and tell us what alarms you.… #sexmatters
1. Women have a right to self-organisation, to speak and to be heard free from fear of abuse, threat or vilification in public and political discourse and in academia. This should be actively facilitated by those with civic or legal responsibility for promoting equality.
2. The law must work for women
The law must be strengthened to ensure that all women who want or need single sex spaces are able to access them without resorting to extraordinary measures. Service providers should be supported in offering such services...
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Hi again @stonewalluk
I wholeheartedly agree that there is no place for homophobia in sport. I welcome your attempts to make (esp male) sports more inclusive of gay and bi people. 🖒
But... I played women's rugby for over 10 years. Is it fair to include male bodies?
Is it fair to allow self ID male bodies into sporting competitions?
Such as Andraya Yearwood?
Or Fallon Fox, whose opponent was left with broken bones and requiring 7 staples in her head.
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1) Did girl child rapist/torturer & crossdresser David Channelor have a direct role in changing the policy @Girlguiding to allow males "to [secretly] undertake leadership roles within the clubs, including the esteemed role of Brown Owl."?
@Girlguiding 2) Aimee Challenor is on Stonewall's trans advisory group.… and listed @girlguiding 's change to include males as the highlight of January 2017…
@Girlguiding 3) in 2017 (2 years after charges pressed) David (aka Baloo) Challenor inexplicably attended this low profile interview with Aimee Challenor - (cool as a cucumber).…
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It seems lots of organisations have got all muddled about equality law. They need reminding that 'sex' is a protected characteristic. We have already helped lots of councils and others to get their guidance right. Let's make sure everyone is compliant.…
Here's a statement on the successes you have had so far and why it matters… #sexnotgender #sexmatters
And here is our statement on the government's recent commitment to upholding single sex exemptions under Equality law…
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