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Scottish women have had their options removed for them!

The Greens call me a non-man.

The SNP calls me a non-trans woman.

The Labour party refuses to provide a definition of 'woman'.

@HumzaYousaf decided that sex wasn't #WorthProtecting in the #HateCrimeBill.
As an advocate for a disabled female relative, her MP - @PeteWishart - has never once responded to my queries re: single sex services for intimate care. Only my Conservative MSPs saw fit to answer me prior to their vote on the #SixWords amendment.
What are women to do? For whom should we vote?

I will not stand idly by as I am erased from law, as @ForwomenScot have so recently fought against. I will not watch as my niece is told that "Gender Identity" - a feeling, a perception - is more important than her reality.
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Thread of speeches by Cross Bench & Non-affiliated Peers in today's #MOMABill
First up Lord Pannick explains how the word Woman fully include everyone giving birth, regardless of gender identity.
He demolishes the government claim that gender neutral
terms in a Maternity Bill are necessary.
He explains The Lord Chief Justice in the Court of Appeal has ruled on this in the case of a claimant registered at birth as female.
"The person who gave birth to a child is female...
I do not think there are any legal difficulties in
referring to mothers or women in this Bill as female.
The Mother of Parliaments in doing that would be showing no disrespect to transmen"
One wonders how they'll trump yr arguments!
Surely #MOMABill will be amended on Thurs with
#SixWords "leave out “person” and insert “woman”
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We are unable to live tweet the debate this afternoon but we will bring you updates as and when we are able.
3.05pm start…
Lord True for the government outlining the terms of the bill: 'women' mentioned at least 6 times in the first couple of minutes.....
Currently explaining lots of technical details.
@1SVN giving a brilliant speech in the @UKHouseofLords . We will post the clip as soon as it is available, too many brilliant points to include!
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1/6 #SixWords
For the word ‘person’ substitute ‘woman’

It is beyond belief that it has taken governments 103 years to notice women in government may have babies. We are very pleased to see long overdue recognition of this fact.
But it is unacceptable that this bill talks about
2/6 ‘pregnant people’ and makes no mention of women at all. This is not a situation that will ever apply to a male minister, so why the obfuscation of language?

The Equality Act 2010 is very clear; it talks about pregnancy and maternity using ordinary language.
3/6 Women. She. Her.

We are encouraging everyone to contact their MP as a matter of urgency; there is less than 48 hours before this bill is presented. See our example letter here:…
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Despite being in lockdown for a large part of 2020, we appear to have achieved quite a lot. Here are some highlights. But first, in the tradition of Janus, we look forward toward our JR which is happening a week today! Support still needed & appreciated!…
We held a series of meetings in January and Feb, kicking of with @AskNic, @HotchkissRhona and Maureen O'Hara.
And culminating in a rally outside parliament to raise awareness about the GRA consultation.…
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What a wk!
Here's a thread to warm hearts -
Clips of our signatories @JohannLamont @JennyMarra @ProfAliceS @Docstockk @GoonerProf & Lord Young of Norwood Green in action @UKHouseofLords @Commonswomequ & @ScotParl,
& @LabWomenDec webinar
Here's the mighty @scottishlabour MSP @JohannLamont opening the debate on Thursday for her amendment -
"For the word ‘gender’ substitute ‘sex’ "
to the Forensic Medical Services Bill (Scotland)

Here's @JohannLamont's unforgettable closing speech in that debate.
The amendment was passed by a landslide majority.
Just 9 against (Libdems and Greens).

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Thread: How six words can make a difference.
Later today MSPs will vote on the final wording of the Forensic Medical Services Bill - a good and important bill designed to make the aftermath of rape/sexual assault easier for victims
The current wording says women can choose the gender of their examiner, but as gender is NOT a protected characteristic under law, leading feminist and MSP @JohannLamont has tabled a #sixwords amendment changing sex to gender
So far, so straightforward...until Rape Crisis Scotland - set up to support women at their most vulnerable - sent a briefing to MSPs asking them to keep gender. Why?
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Anyone confused about why women, & sensible men, are raging about rape & sex on Twitter today (& for some time to come)? Well, there is a new Bill going through the Scottish Parliament, the Forensic Medical Services Bill 1/ #SexNotGender #SixWords
Everyone seems to agree its actually a very good piece of legislation. The core element of discussion is that it would allow the victim, whether female or male, that had experienced a sexual violent assault, or rape, to get the forensic medical evidence 2/ #SexNotGender #SixWords
collected before you needed to make a decision about reporting the crime. Right now, if you wanted to report a rape, you'd go to the Police & get examined, probably within their facilities. As you can imagine the last thing you may want after an 3/ #SexNotGender #SixWords
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Sadly, today we have seen something of a push-back on Twitter to the amendment to the Forensic Medical Services Bill, including some unpleasant comments or misrepresentations of the motivation of the brave women who raised this as an issue in the first instance.
One of these dirty tactics has been to suggest this is an attempt to derail the whole bill.

This is disgraceful fear mongering. The bill is, in the main, excellent & will make things a little easier at a terrible time.

No one wishes this not to pass - they just want it perfect.
It has also been said that it doesn’t matter if sex or gender is used.

In fact, sex is legally defined and gender is not (although orgs and Gov accept it is distinct from sex), so, if you want legal clarity and for the bill to be future-proofed, it really does matter.
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