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My project to immortalize Team Reality, in the form of a print book that we could keep for years. Maybe gift to others or to our kids.

To show that among all insanity, some stayed sane...

At long last, it is here...(1/x)
The idea was that we would all be gone from Twitter one day, but the fight had to be documented so it is not forgotten.

What we all did and witnessed here was simply too precious to disappear.

As I worked on it, it evolved into something more than just a keepsake... (2/x)
The tweets I began curating were telling a very important story.

In the words I used in the book, they were "telling the story of how massively the “experts” failed, over and over and over, but were never held to account." (3/x)
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1/ Not surprising to anyone who actually paid attention and did research in the last two years. Unfortunately, these results would be puzzling for the majority of "heroes" & "gurus" (mainly doctors) on the #TeamReality side who still push & blindly promote all other V for kids. Image
2/ "Relative Incidence of Office Visits and Cumulative Rates of Billed Diagnoses Along the Axis of Vaccination" (2020) by James Lyons-Weiler and Paul Thomas

PDF:… Image
3/ One paper that everyone needs to read: "The Questionable Contribution of Medical Measures to the Decline of Mortality in the United States in the Twentieth Century" by McKinlay & McKinlay from 1977.

PDF: ImageImageImageImage
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My Nextdoor account was suspended less than 48 hours after creating a Team Reality group for posting "misinformation." Here is the post that got me banned:(credit to @statomattic and all of #teamreality for the inspiration): 🧵
What is Team Reality? It’s a truly grassroots, leaderless movement. We come from all political backgrounds, races, and religious and spiritual beliefs. We may not agree on a lot of issues, but these are some principles we believe in:
- Restrictions on our liberties, no matter how small, must be shown to do more good than harm. “Non-pharmaceutical interventions,” such as lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and mask mandates, have failed to prevent the spread of covid and have done tremendous harm to our society.
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Both COVIDians and #TeamReality quoted in this piece (because it's about how everyone is frustrated but not about the same thing), but this spoke to me so much that I want to quote it. As a blue state mom, I really feel this: 1/14
Ryan, an elementary-school teacher in Boston, reached out to vent his frustration and despair:

"At this moment, about a third of my students and a third of our total staff are in quarantine. None of them, to my knowledge, are actually physically ill. 2/14
The amount of legitimate illness I have seen wouldn’t even warrant a “boy, nasty cold going around, huh?” comment at the water cooler in our pre-COVID era. Yes, there are some coughs. 3/14
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1/ Although #MassPsychosis going viral is a good thing, and while I largely agree with what has been said on that topic, it is still important to note that it is dangerous to religiously follow the teachings and opinions of one person.…
2/ If you watch closely (from all the interviews he did) what Mattias is advocating for as a solution is a mixture of:

- nonviolent civil resistance
- parallel society approach
- passivity, hiding, running away
- waiting for the self-destruction of the leaders & the regime
3/ But here are a few key questions. Why do people forget how similar events in the past were finally overcome? Why everyone forgets what kind of damage was inflicted upon people & society before mass formation was finally subverted? Do people realize that the madness of ..
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1/ Wrong. This is also why I’m more & more distancing myself from Lockdown Sceptics / #TeamReality camp, as many simply have no idea what is actually happening & what to do about it. You can collect all the evidence you want & hope for international tribunal case to take place ..
2/ but it will mean nothing if you cannot win the war first. Yes, this is a hard pill to swallow for many of those people. You can only have international trials when enemy has been defeated & when they are on the run, not before. Nothing will fix itself on its own and ..
3/ no, The Party will not allow itself to be prosecuted, when they are the ones still in charge holding all the power and when all the pieces of mass control are still in their own hands. Living in denial till the very end will ensure that The Party will achieve their goals.
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History may not be poetic, but boy does it rhyme.

Following: 8 pages of an article written by an NYC doctor during the peak of the gov't alcohol poisonings of the Prohibition era.

If this quote isn't enough to whet your appetite, I don't know what is.… Image

Below is pretty much the rallying cry of #TeamReality… Image
Now for the whole article. Page 1.… Image
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🙏🙏 RT 🙏🙏
#TeamReality 🎅holiday party🎅? HELL YES! December 4th, Newbury, NH.

Yes, it’s a campaign fundraiser, but it's going to be 🌲incredible!🌲

AND you’ll be helping to send a card-carrying member of #TeamReality to Congress to fight the CDC.
Now, let me tell you why it’s going to be incredible.
1) Fireworks
2) Mulled wine
3) 500 Members of #TeamReality+kids
4) Ice skating performance (!)
5) I'm doing it. You thought I was good at data analysis? Wait till you attend my parties

Part of reclaiming normal is BEING normal. Think about it, your patriotic duty as a liberty-loving American is to party. We rebel from this BS by having fun. Gato was right. The Karenocracy is coming down.…
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1/ Another important thread. There are lots of smart people and prominent voices in Lockdown Sceptics / #TeamReality camp who talk about organizing and building the infrastructure that will allow living outside the system that is emerging right in front of us.
2/ Other people call it living off grid for example, outside cities, with smaller communities, they promote having their own currency, growing their own food etc. Alternatively they also advise supporting:

- cash payments
- smaller banks
- local food producers etc.
3/ In their minds this is the right solution that should be pursued. In this short thread I will explain why those people are 100% wrong in their approach and why what they are trying to do will ultimately fail. Here is what I always try to emphasize - no matter how smart or ..
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§5 IfSG:
'Eine epidemische Lage von nationaler Tragweite liegt vor, wenn eine ernsthafte Gefahr für die öffentliche Gesundheit in der gesamten Bundesrepublik Deutschland besteht, weil
1. die Weltgesundheitsorganisation eine gesundheitliche Notlage von internationaler Tragweite
ausgerufen hat und die Einschleppung einer bedrohlichen übertragbaren Krankheit in die Bundesrepublik Deutschland droht oder
2. eine dynamische Ausbreitung einer bedrohlichen übertragbaren Krankheit über mehrere Länder in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland droht oder stattfindet.'
Dazu nimmt #TeamReality wie folgt Stellung:

1) Die WHO ist eine halbprivate, nicht demokratisch kontrollierte Organisation. Größte Geldgeber sind aktuell Bill&Melinda #Gates sowie A.Merkel mit deutschem Steuergeld. Die Entscheidungen der WHO sind interessengetrieben von der
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Faucism has brought out the worst and the best in people.
Seeing so many men and women dedicating so much of their time to push back and inform us about the facts and inconsistencies of the regulated rhetoric; often against their own best interest, but always ultimately in all of our best interest, has been incredible.
There are so many people I could mention. However so as not to overwhelm, if anyone is looking to learn more or has just began to awaken to the realities of this year here are four gentlemen that I highly recommend.
@MichaelPSenger @MarkChangizi @wakeupfromcovid
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When vax passports get introduced (not if) then end result will be:

- enslavement & genocide of all & those who oppose them (#TeamReality)
- imprisonment & genocide of those who force & promote them (#TeamApocalypse)

There will be no middle ground.
It will be one or the other.
My prediction. Lunatics are not showing you their true intentions, only because they not yet have a full control over you & your lives. It will take time to put the necessary infrastructure in place along with the vaccine passports. It will start with a 2 tier society but ..
.. once they achieve their goals you can expect more isolation / detention centers, re-education facilities & eventually a form of "peaceful euthanasia" for the people (dissidents) who are not fit to live & exist in their "utopian" society / new normal.

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1/ MAJOR THREAD on my chart again

I have found the magnitude and (primarily) Gompertz shape of the C19 virus deaths for the US is entirely comparable/ consilient with the 1957 and 1968 flu pandemics by researching historical flu data.
2/ While there isn't great detailed mortality data on the 1918 pandemic -- and there are some interesting questions like how many died of *recommended* aspirin overdoses! -- there is US monthly data on the more recent 1957 and 1968 pandemics.
3/ Both eyeballing these curves and the totals numbers suggest we are experiencing with C19 (red) something very similar to 1957 (green) and 1968 (blue) for which there were no lockdowns and minimal economic damage.
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