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Terri McCullough.
Who is Terri McCullough?
she is Nancy Pelosi Chief of Staff,
and worked for the Clinton Foundation for 3 years.

Terri McCullough is certainly involved also in the organization of the Jan. 6 Trap.

To @TuckerCarlson : Investigate!
@CFWBers… Image
@TuckerCarlson @CFWBers @realtoriabrooke 2) Terri McCullough is also likely involved with the AntiFa & BLM RIOTS of the Summer 2020.

I bet she is connected with George Soros.
(not just with HRC & Crazy Nanzy)

Probably involved in the organization of the 2020 Election Fraud.

@TuckerCarlson @CFWBers @realtoriabrooke 3) Let's recall that Jake Sullivan is the current "National Security Advisor" of demented Joe Biden.

But Jake Sullivan is a Hillary Clinton puppet:
He was Hillary Clinton campaign manager in 2016...…
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@KristaKiuru #Tedros Adhanom: #WHO chief may face #genocide charges | Dec 14
- David #Steinman accused Tedros, 55, who took over at the WHO three years ago, of being one of three officials in control of the Ethiopian security services from 2013 to 2015.
@KristaKiuru 27 years, the #TPLF dominated and controlled every walk of life in every corner of #Ethiopia.
- #HumanRights abuses were rampant, independent media and journalists were non-existent and arrest and intimidation of opposition politicians was commonplace.
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☑️ Mensonge sous serment : 1⃣/2

🔴 Anthony Fauci a utilisé @Twitter pour diffuser les récits officiels du gouvernement sur le #COVID19 et les vaccins, bien qu'il ait déclaré sous serment qu'il n'avait jamais utilisé la plateforme de médias sociaux

@ChildrensHD Dr. Anthony Fauci used Twit...
☑️ Mensonge sous serment : 2⃣/2

🔴 Fauci à @FoxNews
" Je n'ai jamais eu de compte @Twitter "

🔴 Anthony #Fauci , lors d'une déposition de 7 heures, où il a nié utiliser #Twitter ou même savoir comment accéder à un tweet Image
☑️ Twitter Files #FauciPharmaFiles

🔴 Last December, @elonmusk sent out his viral tweet about #Fauci .

🔴 Fauci went on @FoxNews and said he had "no clue what [Elon] was talking about."

Thread by @thackerpd…
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#TwitterFiles ENFIN le début des #FauciFiles.
#Fauci déclarait ne pas être sur Twitter, ne pas y être impliqué. Il l'a répété pendant une déposition du 23 novembre 2022.
Mais un rapport montre qu'il a repris un compte pour WHOCOVIDResponse, et un compte de la Maison Blanche 1/2⏬
#FauciFiles On y apprend que Twitter avait un "Fan Club de #Fauci" parmi ses employés🙄
Et que Twitter commençait à censurer les tweets sur les vaccins fin 2020, pendant une collab avec Johnson&J sur une "stratégie de marketing" et les pharmacies CVS..2/2
#TwitterFiles Le premier post des FauciFiles est par ici, bon pour le moment c'est un peu léger mais le journaliste a annoncé une suite. Pour le résumé, déroulez ci-dessus ⤴️
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#Rothschilds family funded most wars on both sides starting from Napoleon period.

They first established banks in Germany, London, France, Austria and Italy and later started to spread their wings. 164 central banks are owned & operated by them.

The fact that none of these countries have a #Rothschilds controlled central bank shows how powerful these guys are. Image
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🧵THREAD: In an age of alleged pandemic urgency, supposed good intentions have led to discrimination against the unvaccinated and coercion for gene therapies. This thread unveils the bad guys' deeds that must not be allowed to fall into oblivion.

A special note of disapproval.⬇️ Image
#1 Thank you to all the citizen journalists for calling out the nefarious activities of the government and stopping the Mary Poppins-singing censor czar @wiczipedia from scheming to infringe upon the people's right to free speech. Image
#2 Thank you, @BillGates, for finally admitting that your vaccines don’t stop transmission and don’t stop infection. Now, please stop buying up farmland and injecting our food with mRNA. Image
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🧵1/10 Trump: The ultimate ‘WINO’ – Winner In Name Only. @CryptidPolitics @RealClearNews @benshapiro @brithume…
2/ Trump is not a winner. Whether his own polling, endorsements or accomplishments as President, Trump is a WINO and it is getting worse by the day. Trump is inflicting his WINO ways on the Republican Party at-large.
3/ Trump is directly responsible for the Democrats’ Senate majority. Particularly egregious were losses in Pennsylvania and Georgia.
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Dr. Vladimir Zelenko : #Covid_19
Ils sont partis d'un virus naturel et ils en ont fait une chimère qui s'attaque au poumon.
En 1999 le Dr #Barrett a modifié un coronavirus de chauve souris et une protéine de surface, afin qu'il affecte les être humains.
Puis cette recherche est devenue illégale aux 🇺🇸, elle a été ensuite envoyé à #Wuhan par #Fauci où cette recherche s'est poursuivie. Puis ils ont réussi à modifier le virus afin de le rendre bcp + agressif pour les 🫁et causer des caillots.
#Zelenko #Malonne #Yeadon #Montagnier
La protéine #Spyke responsable des caillots sanguins, 1e cause des décès à court terme. La 💉des jeunes qui provoque des #Cardites. Les fausses couches avec + de 80% après la 1e💉. Puis la fertilité causée sur le long terme
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BREAKING NEWS: the lobbyists for the cattleman and pork associations in several states have CONFIRMED they WILL be using mRNA vaccines in pigs and cows THIS MONTH. WE MUST SUPPORT #Missouri #HB1169. It is LITERALLY the ONLY chance we have to prevent this… NO ONE knows the the……
Support local farmers - not #BillGates and #CCP factory farms that want to poison us
To be clear - at this point there are zero states requiring informed consent for “vaccine food”. While I would argue that it must be done under existing law I absolutely do not believe that will happen. If #Missouri will pass #HB1169 the informed consent and disclosure……
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Brilliant, unbelievably well sourced, evidenced micro level detail of how SARS-COV-2 was engineered, manipulated, funded and spread. Includes emails between culprits like #Fauci #Dazsak #Baric #Andersen NIH DARPA NISAID EHA WIV CCP #Shizengli #virologists…
Incredible academic work by Dr Valentin Bruttel @VBruttel which gives such an elegant and irrefutable walk through of everything and everyone who came together in orchestrating this horrendous and completely preventable #COVID19 pandemic saga #genocide #WHO #NIH
And before these are censored or deleted.... ImageImageImageImage
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Gotta love @jimmy_dore. How do so many people still not know about these criminals? How long does it take to sink in, people? I mean...It's not brain surgery. 😉
Workforce statistics do not reflect what we're being told.
#VaccineInjuries #VaccineDeaths
#Fauci opened the #Gates of hell.
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Robert F. #Kennedy Jr. et Children's Health Defense (#CHD) ont intenté vendredi un procès collectif contre le président #Biden, le Dr Anthony #Fauci et d'autres hauts fonctionnaires et agences fédérales, en les accusant d’avoir "mené une campagne systématique 🔽
et concertée" pour contraindre les trois plus grandes entreprises de médias sociaux du pays à censurer des discours protégés par la Constitution. Kennedy, Children's Health Defense et Connie Sampognaro ont déposé la plainte auprès du tribunal de district des États-Unis 🔽
pour le district occidental de Louisiane, division de Monroe, au nom de plus de 80 % des Américains qui accèdent aux informations par le biais de sociétés de médias sociaux, principalement #Facebook, #YouTube et #Twitter.

Les plaignants accusent de hauts fonctionnaires 🔽
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🧵1. Long before the Fauci emails were unredacted, many of us knew that the C19 origin story is a Political + Orwellian head-spin. The Pandemic has been bewildering, and frustrating but the worst part for many has been the confusion. ImageImageImage
🧵2. In congressional review the “Proximal Origin...” article has been a hot topic. While Andersen, Lipkin, & #Fauci ARE key ppl the story has missed crucial details. As was the case w/Redfield- the who/what that has been omitted/excluded is often where the truth is hidden. ImageImageImageImage
🧵3. The rarely discussed/ interesting part: One of the authors of the “Proximal Origin” paper is Edward Howell & it was his colleague, Yong-Zhen Zhang who 1st sequenced C19 on Jan. 5th 2020. Howell & Zhang are both professors at Fudan Univ. in Shanghai. ImageImageImageImage
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1) THREAD on Professor Edward Holmes:

He’ll be looking forward to a front row seat …

… at ‘The Australian Treason Trial’s’.

2) Yesterday #Fauci threw him under the bus.
3) Here is a video interview discussing the House Select Committee on the Coronavirus Pandemic:

Note - 7:40 to 8:00

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@leslibless btw: There were many of us tweeting this "authorization was not justified" #warpspeed by DJT and knew HCQ and Ivermectin from the very start stopped covid.
This is a coverup by #fakenews to state they didn't know b/c #Nuremberg2 cometh. lying b'stards.
@leslibless #WarpSpeed Killed Thousands #Nurember2 cometh. Megan is Lying watch her eyes. She knows Media Was Hung Right Alongside the Nazi's for Lying to the Public. Thousands of People were telling everyone about #Ivermectin, I had many tweets #AskACowboy in re.…
@leslibless Here is just one of my files: Vaccination, The Jab, Big Pharma, Covid, Kill Shots. Infographics…
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@RobertKennedyJr erzählt @jimmy_dore, dass Dr. Anthony #Fauci seit 2002 für die Entwicklung von Biowaffen für das Pentagon zuständig ist und 2014 drei #Viren aus #USLaboren entwichen, so dass er seine #Biowaffenforschung in das Labor in #Wuhan verlegte:
"Sie nahmen das Geld, das #Cheney ihnen [aus dem Patriot Act] gab, 2,2 Milliarden Dollar, und leiteten es durch das #NIH, und alles lief über Anthony #Fauci. Ab 2002 bekam Anthony Fauci also eine 68%ige Erhöhung vom #Pentagon für die Entwicklung von Biowaffen, …

…und er bekam eine Erhöhung von Milliarden von Dollar pro Jahr, und dann begann er mit all diesen Funktionsgewinnen.
Im Jahr 2014 entkamen 3 dieser #Keime in öffentlichkeitswirksamen Ausbrüchen aus verschiedenen Labors in den #USA. Der Kongress veranstaltete Anhörungen dazu
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In Feb 2020 I had strong suspicions that Covid was lab engineered. By the end of April the scientific evidence I had was *overwhelmingly* on the side of lab origin. #Fauci and #collins had that data by the end of January. They lied, people died. The facts matter.
Here was my first big public romp through the lab origin data back on May 4th, 2020.
/3 Somehow, the whole "lab origin" thing became a matter of politics. If you were on the left, you believed and wrote anti-scientific "zero evidence" crap like @NPR did:
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Some say corrupt billionaires are the problem. Some say the corrupt #government is the root of all problems. I’d say corrupt billionaires are literally running the corrupt government.

If you are wealthy, you can do no wrong. You are a ruler without any rules… a 🧵 for awareness…… Image
PNC Bank seem biased to me, if the reasons it gave don’t hold merit. Image
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🔴 Humains et souris : Le gouvernement américain a créé le vaccin - A-t-il aussi créé le virus ?

Très interessant éditorial de Drew Allen dans American Thinker à lire et à RT !…

De toutes les "théories du complot" qui ont circulé autour du #COVID19 🔽
aucune n'a été plus manifestement VRAIE que la théorie selon laquelle le virus se serait échappé du laboratoire de #Wuhan.

En mars 2020, interviewé par National Geographic, Tony #Fauci a catégoriquement rejeté la "théorie" selon laquelle le virus proviendrait du 🔽
laboratoire de #Wuhan.

En fait, a-t-il dit, il n'y a pas UNE SEULE preuve pour soutenir cette théorie. Au lieu de cela, Tony Fauci a affirmé que toutes les preuves montrent que le virus est passé des animaux aux humains.

Autrement dit, il s'agit d'un virus naturel. 🔽
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L’éprouvette du pangolin.
Ou comment l'histoire de l'origine de la fuite du Covid d'un laboratoire est passée de la «théorie du complot» au débat gouvernemental.
Décembre 2019
Un groupe de cas d'une mystérieuse maladie respiratoire est signalé dans la ville chinoise de Wuhan, les premières traces d'un virus qui "tuerait des millions de personnes" dans le monde dans la pire pandémie depuis des décennies..
16 février 2020
Le sénateur Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) devient l'un des premiers politiciens à avancer la théorie selon laquelle le coronavirus est né dans un laboratoire, soit comme un virus créé artificiellement, soit comme un virus naturel qui s'est échappé.…
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I #provax sbandierano come prova dell'origine naturel del #COVID19 principalmente due studi, di cui uno su #Nature.

Il primo si intitola "The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2"…

Il secondo "SARS-CoV-2 furin cleavage site was not engineered" scritto solo da Robert F. Gary…

Gli autori dei due studi sono stati finanziati da #NIAID…
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Dopo 3 anni i sostenitori dell'origine naturale del #virus del #COVID19 non sono riusciti a dimostrarla.
Ergo l'origine di #laboratorio è certa, l'origine dentro il laboratorio collegato a #Fauci a #Wuhan è molto probabile.

Nel 2015 era già chiaro
Dato che è intervenuto questo troll, ricordiamo chi è la Bombetta 🤡
La troll Bombetta non riesce a postare studi che non siano fatti da persone con conflitti di interesse con Fauci 🤣…
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USA . #Fauci prenait entre 50 000 et 100 000 dollars pour une heure de discours.

"L'ancien médecin Covid de la Maison Blanche demande entre 50 000$ et 100 000$ pour 1h de travail maximum, selon une liste sur le site Web de l'agence Leading Motivational Speakers ⏬
qui a depuis été effacée.
Les honoraires de conférencier du Dr Fauci étaient disponibles sur Leading Motivational Speakers aussi récemment que lundi.

L'homme de 81 ans a récemment pris sa retraite de son poste de directeur de l'Institut national des allergies et ⏬
des maladies infectieuses, où il recevait le salaire le plus élevé de tous les employés du gouvernement à plus de 480 000$ par an, plus que ce que gagne le président.

Le Dr Fauci – dont la valeur nette est estimée à plus de 12 millions de dollars ⏬
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At the beginning of February 2022, #Biden warned that "if #Russia invades #Ukraine with tanks and troops, then there will be no more #NordStream2"
#ItsDone #NordStream: Fourth leak found as Russia and West trade blame over alleged sabotage of gas pipeline | Sep 29
- #EU and #US have stopped to directly accusing Russia, a #Kremlin official was rebuked after hinting that #Washington was #responsible.
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