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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/15/2022…
Doomsday Glacier in Antarctica Could Collapse Soon: New Research - Rolling Stone…

#ThwaitesGlacierCollapse, #antartica, #IceShelf, #ClimateChange
America’s Divisions May Have Passed the Tipping Point…

#PartisanPolitics, #tribalism, #polarization, #TippingPoint, #CivilWar
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/13/2022…
Inside the multibillion-dollar, Silicon Valley-backed effort to reimagine how the world funds (and conducts) science – Endpoints News…

#ScientificResearch, #ResearchFunding, #FundingFlows
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I'm sort of tired of the claims of '#Political #Tribalism'.

This is just another from of '#BothSiderisms' where the idea is to conflate the parties as to being equally bad.
The political Left is a loosely aligned group who have varying ideas about how to best serve constituents. They obviously don't vote in lockstep, and the media's constant coverage of 'Democrats in Disarray' gives Truth to this. There is no strict party orthodoxy.
On the other hand, you have the political right in America. The #GOP.

There _is_ a requirement to strictly follow every mandate of the party. The party hands out talking points weekly and all members are expected to parrot them.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/19/2021…
Why The Vaccines are a Home Run Despite the Yankees’ Outbreak…

#COVID19 #vaccines #infection
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11 Ways Trump’s Condition Undermines Our Republic By Vince Greenwood, Ph.D. -- a thread:

#DutyToInform #DutyToWarn #UnfitToBePresident
1. Because of his greater than normal need for stimulation and impulsivity, disruptions to our government’s legal, financial, and administrative functions will accumulate.
2. In the exercise of his duties — at every choice point — power and dominance will prevail over others’ welfare. #DutyToInform
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Okay...praying as I type and for my twitter friends as you read.

Trying to be very clear here.
Communication is a two way street.

My job is to be as clear as I can-and be humble and patient when others tell me they hear me say something-whether I intended it or not.
My job is to keep my “street” clean as possible and when “reviled to not revile in return” and to keep “entrusting myself to the one who judges rightly.”

If I believe someone is negatively interpreting or if someone is misrepresenting me intentionally- my job is to love.
If I believe-and hundreds or even thousands of others agree that I have been clear BUT there is one person I can serve by trying to be clearer - my job is to love that person.

So here is clarity- for ALL my twitter friends I love.
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ok let's do a mini #semiotics lesson on Avenatti's Twitter profile (I'm blocked by him 🤣) aka how he wants to be seen by the public.
I want to focus on his header photo and his avi photo.
Let's do his avi first:
The photo is staged to make Avenatti look like a tough fighter.
The American flag in the background is there to show how "patriotic" Avenatti is. The ropes for the boxing ring are there to show that Avenatii may be a fighter, but he's not a dirty no-rules street fighter, he's a nimble boxer who stays within the lines. The "Spalding" and
"GLEASON'S" logos reaffirm his athleticism & "fitness." The watermarks on the image show he's a cheap bastard who wouldn't pay for rights to the photo w/o watermarks. His watch is fully outside of his shirt cuffs, because it shows he's wealthy enough to own a prestigious watch.
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THREAD: The rise of political tribalism might be overstated, according to political scientist @MattGrossmann.…
Since the 2016 election, there HAS been a real rise in negative partisanship...and party bias may even have economic consequences. BUT there are a few caveats:…
1.When answering questions about opposing parties, citizens tend to think more about political leaders than their fellow citizens. And many citizens dislike BOTH parties’ leaders.
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Prime example of how #MindVirus works. It's all tied up with #Identity & #Tribalism & the basic human need to be part of a community. Once you belong, your #LizardBrain is primed to defend the system out of fear. Threaten the thought system, threaten the identity /1 #Exvangelical
When I look at the #Exvangelical phenomena, I see #SocialEvolution at work. Driven by a group of individuals who've reached a level of #personaldevelopment that allows them to become objective of former thought systems & their limitations. The old beliefs now seen as harmful. /2
The former beliefs & thought system becomes "ego alien" which results in resistance in many ways. Anger being prominent, but many feel a need to change the old system. They feel an empathy for those still ensnared in limiting, harmful beliefs. They try to reach out only to find/3
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