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With all due respect to the fine @awaisaftab, these are the varieties of #antidepressant withdrawal syndrome:

1) WS with only physical, no emotional symptoms
2) WS with both physical & emotional symptoms
3) WS with only emotional symptoms
4) WS manifested as emotional anesthesia
@awaisaftab Of the above, types 1 & 2 are WS, not "relapse", even if "depression" is present. Emotions such as those that compose "depression" do not exist apart from experience. Emotional reaction to feeling neurobiologically out of control should not be diagnosed as "depression".
@awaisaftab Type 3 may include the waves of intense anxiety, fear, & "black holes" characteristic of WS. Characterized by intense sensations with interludes of relative calm. Typically, these very gradually abate over months.
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@psychgeist52 @drjanaway 1/ Sorry for the late reply @DrJanaway and indeed @psychgeist52, where is the outrage, and from psychiatrists, as asked by Dr Malcolm Kendrick years ago? Also 30 years of failed trials.ā€¦.
@psychgeist52 @drjanaway 2/ #Study329 appeared in the Crime Section of the Huffington Post.

*The trials for Prozac/Fluoxetine are indistinguishable from those of Seroxat/ Paroxetine & other trials in showing *no evidence of benefit* & evidence of a great deal of harm to include preventable deaths
@psychgeist52 @drjanaway 3/ I would appeal to you as a human being to

a) read ā€œChildren of the Cureā€

b) to imagine #Prozac withdrawal in a child (ā€¦)

c) Akathisia, a form of Mental Torture, in a child ()

c) #PSSD (ā€¦).
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@awaisaftab Hello, Awais. I will attempt to answer your excellent questions. @HengartnerMP may wish to add his perspective as well. /1
@awaisaftab @HengartnerMP Re your #2: This was a retrospective study. Duration & symptom criteria from Chouinard & Chouinard, 2015 were used in selecting subject population. Other of C&C's criteria (C) were addressed in analysis & discussion. The paper only weakly corroborates C&C's criteria (C). /2
@awaisaftab @HengartnerMP "Greater severity of illness": We relied upon subjects reporting symptoms were qualitatively different than prior to treatment. It is impossible to quantify "greater severity", the symptoms being so various & most unlike original condition. They certainly were distressing. /3
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@DrFulli @AllenFrancesMD Yes, we know. I've got 6,000 naturalistic case histories of adverse effects of psychotropics right here. I know more about adverse effects of psychotropics than I ever cared to. Being prescribed isn't a shield for a drug.ā€¦
@DrFulli @AllenFrancesMD Not joining handwaving over esketamine because it's so dangerous, though I abhor the dishonesty & hype. I counsel people with akathisia, movement disorders, suicidality induced by prescribed #psychiatric drugs every damn day. A psychotropic is a psychotropic. They all ruin lives.
@DrFulli @AllenFrancesMD I just had to review and document the suicides of 2 of my site members who could not stand their post-acute withdrawal syndrome #PAWS from #antidepressants any more. One was a woman with PSSD sexual dysfunction for 38 months. She was 21. Started sertraline at age 17. /1
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I'm in a particularly bad mood about the delusions of #psychiatry having spent the last week analyzing the case histories of 70 people with #antidepressant post-acute withdrawal syndrome #PAWS: duration 5-166 months, median 29.5 months. Lots of #psychiatrists involved. /1
5/70 reported recovered, 2 reported suicides. One suicide, better after 69 months of #PAWS, had an adverse reaction to an antibiotic that threw her back into the depths of withdrawal. The other, a 21-year-old woman, because of 38 months of post-SSRI sexual dysfunction #PSSD. /2
The 63 for whom I do not have reports of recovery from antidepressant post-acute withdrawal syndrome #PAWS or suicide have mostly been lost to follow-up. After years of reporting grueling symptoms, they didn't come back to tell us how they were doing. I hope they did recover.
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