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Understanding the most important and critical part of AWS Identity and Access Management -

"The IAM Policies"

A Thread 👇 PS: https://spaceliftio.wpc...
Hey Twitterverse!

Today, let's dive into the fascinating world of AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies. IAM policies define permissions for AWS resources. Let's explore different types of IAM policies and see some examples. #IAM #AWS
1. First up, we have the "AWS managed policies." These are policies created and managed by AWS. They cover common use cases and are maintained by AWS to ensure compliance and security.

For example, "AmazonS3ReadOnlyAccess" allows read-only access to Amazon S3 resources.
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Po sieci krąży niepotwierdzona opowieść o autonomicznym programie, który w symulacji USAF samorzutnie atakował operatorów wetujących jego decyzje o zaatakowaniu danych obiektów:…

1/19 🧵#AI #AWS #Killerrobots
Zakładając że opowieść jest prawdziwa, w tej nitce opiszę szczegóły i postaram się odpowiedzieć na pytanie co sytuacja mówi nam, a czego nie mówi, o możliwości etycznego i efektywnego użycia dronów autonomicznych. 2/19
Skąd się na tym znam? Napisałem o tym doktorat i kilka artykułów naukowych, można je znaleźć tu:…

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"Elon Musk, for example, is among the richest Americans but seems to be a backer of free speech that the establishment hates. His social platform is the only one among the high-impact products that permits speech that contradicts regime priorities."

No mention of DARPA? 🤔
"Meanwhile his competitor in riches Jeff Bezos does not join him in this crusade..." ..

#Amazon #AWS #Wirecard

"So too when Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., – a scion of a “great family”👀 – has broken with his clan to support the rights of the individual and a restoration of the freedoms we took for granted in the 20th century.. Image
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🚀 The customer service industry, valued over $10B, is ripe for AI-driven transformation. With @LangChainAI and @awscloud, automate your customer support with a few lines of code. Let's dive in! #AI #CustomerService
Our AI-agent acts as an automated customer support rep, intercepting emails sent by users. It understands the user's issue, gathers necessary information, and crafts a comprehensive response. The result? A seamless interaction, quick resolution, and improved customer experience. Image
@LangChainAI is a powerful library for AI-powered applications. Our customer support system revolves around its robust features, which simplify the development process. Check out how it powers our AI-agent. Image
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17 Free #AWS training courses to take in 2023! 👇 👇

🌐 AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials

🌐 AWS Cloud Technical Essentials

🌐 Building Modern Python Applications on AWS
🌐 Amazon DynamoDB: Building NoSQL Database-Driven Applications

🌐 Getting Started with Data Analytics on AWS

🌐 A Practical Introduction to Cloud Computing
🌐 Cloud Computing With Amazon Web Services

🌐 Starting your Career with Amazon AWS

🌐 Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Zero to Hero
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Amazing FREE Cyber Security Courses

Help you get started or get better at things like Cloud ☁️

— Cyber Foundations —
ISC(2) Certified in Cyber -
Cyber Security -
Cisco Cyber Induction -
Cisco Cyber Essentials -
Fortinet NSE -

— Hacking —
PortSwigger Web Hacking -
CodeRed Hacking Essentials -
#RedTeaming -
— Vulnerability Management —
#Qualys -

— SOC —
#Splunk -

— Engineering —
Secure Software Development -
Maryland Software Security -
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🥷Security in #Azure | Mega thread 🥷

1. What is Azure?…

2. #AWS #Security Maturity Roadmap…

3. #Hunting Azure Blobs Exposes Millions of Sensitive Files…
4. Tutorial: Discover and manage shadow IT in your network…

5. Use tags to organize your Azure resources and management hierarchy…

6. Resource naming and tagging decision guide…
7. Assign policy definitions for tag compliance…

8. What are Azure management groups?…

9. Use cost alerts to monitor usage and spending…
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🚀 Backend Developer Roadmap for .NET Developers. (2023 Edition)

Follow this thread along for the entire roadmap.

#dotnet #developer #backend Image
Step 0: Know your basics.
Be familiar with OOPS, Brush up your problem solving skills, and learn GIT.
#dotnet #developer #backend Image
Next, get your C# skills right to the latest changes. #dotnet #developer #backend #csharp Image
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1/ Exciting news for VASPs (Read: #crypto businesses)! 🤩

We're launching #VeriscopeIaC, a powerful solution 💪 streamlining the Veriscope server deployment process. 🚀

More details here 👉 Image
2/ It integrates with popular platforms & tools like #AWS, #Terraform, and #Ansible, & is flexible enough to work with other cloud platforms too! ☁️🔧

 VASPs, get ready to experience smooth deployment, from setup to usage! 🌟
3/ Follow our comprehensive guide 📖 and your Veriscope Server will be up & running in no time! ⏱️ 

Dive into the "infra" folder 📂 in the Veriscope repo to find the IaC magic. ✨

Veriscope IaC makes managing multiple environments (test, dev, staging, prod) a breeze! 🍃💻
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📢 Digest #99 is out 🔥

🛣 Embark on a journey with developers as they conquer AWS Lambda
👀 Master the art of writing pull requests that'll make your team thank you
🔒 Uncover the secrets of setting up event-driven, trace-based testing in Kubernetes Image
⭐️ Dive into the ultimate guide to load balancers
😵 Investigate how HTTPie lost a whopping 54k GitHub stars
😅 Learn why RabbitMQ got dumped for a Postgres queue - was it worth it?
🔥 Lessons learned from scaling a Kubernetes cluster to a massive 1000 pods
🌍 This Week's Open Source Spotlight:

Uncover Kubernetes attack surfaces with a black-box perspective

Powerful search, tagging, filtering, and sorting with a simple text query language

An open-source database package registry to rule them all - @supabase
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My recent #aws threads always startet with creds, but how to get these creds will be the topic over the next days.
#hacking #recon #cloud

Lets start here:
Definitions first:
#aws creds: classic name and passwords e.g for IAM, or aws access and secret keys
Outside: no creds, and no connections in any way to the org and its aws cloud to be tested
Interaction Point: Any potential point, application ressource, system, vulnerabilty etc, where there is a pawsibilty to gain #aws creds, can be a lot of things

lets do outside first: #hackers are cold, let them in.
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Are you tired of being stuck in the same old IT routine? Do you crave the excitement of constantly learning and adapting to new technologies? Are you ready to become a #DevOps superhero, saving the day with your coding skills and infrastructure expertise?

🧵 What is #DevOps Dev?
🌻A #DevOps developer's job is to bridge the gap between development and operations teams. They work to automate and streamline the software delivery process, ensuring that applications are deployed quickly, reliably, and securely.
🌻 So, what is #DevOps?

It is a set of practices that combines software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops). It aims to shorten the systems development life cycle while delivering features, fixes, and updates frequently in close alignment with business objectives.
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It's free content Friday ... read on for some great free #AWS, #AZURE and #fundamental content you can, and should checkout RIGHT NOW :)

If this is useful, please retweet and follow me for future content :)

Thread 1/5
Let's start with #AZURE, did you know that @jamesdplee over at @cloudleeio has two FREE courses ?……

If you like them, consider supporting him via his paid content…

Thread 2/5
I have Docker and Technical fundamentals courses which are free to use over at……

Thread 3/5
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Check out what's new with #AWSPartner technical solutions for customers. 👩‍💻💻

Thread: ⬇️
Hear from an #AWS Ambassador & cloud architect from @SoftServeInc about best practices for running #Kubernetes in an enterprise IT environment, to help enterprise clients transform their applications from monoliths to microservices. ☁️🛠️
Explore how @Kaleido_io's pre-built services& APIs work atop the Polygon Edge protocol to help developers reach production faster, & learn how you can launch a Polygon Edge chain on the Kaleido platform in minutes. 💻⏳
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Sony Network Communications 🚀🚀se asocia con Astar para lanzar el programa de incubación Web3 gran noticia 🆕 para Web3
#hispacripto #Metaverse #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #META #cryptonewstoday #SonyNetwork #Astar #Web3 sigue el hilo para conocer la noticia 👇👇
Esta gran asociación también ha recibido más de 150 registros.
Las nuevas empresas participantes serán asesoradas por altos ejecutivos de #Sony, #AstarNetwork, #Microsoft #AWS #Dragonfly y #Blockdaemon.
El programa de incubación Web3 impulsado por Sony Network Communications y Astar se llevará a cabo desde mediados de marzo hasta mediados de junio. Tanto Sony Network Communications como Astar Foundation revisarán todas las solicitudes y decidirán entre 10 y 15 cohortes.
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AWS Graviton Weekly # 26 was out yesterday…

Let's see what happened in the last week related to AWS Graviton and @awscloud Silicon in general

#AWS #Serverless #cloud #awsgraviton #awsgravitonweekly
​🗞️ @AWS EC2 C7g instances are now available in additional regions…

#AWS #cloud #awsgraviton #awsgravitonweekly
🗞️ ​Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) adds support for MongoDB 5.0 wire protocol and client-side field-level encryption…

#AWS #cloud #awsgraviton #awsgravitonweekly
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AWS Partners can help you bridge the gap between the many #AWS service offerings & your business needs. ☁️🤝

Explore these examples. Thread: 📖
See how Rastret, a provider of software & hardware solutions for fleet management, worked with @here to build a more efficient fleet management system, keeping customers within budget & leveraging HERE's data to plan efficient routes for clients. 🚚💡 Image
Explore how Belgian energy solutions provider Luminus worked with @net2grid to help consumers reduce their energy consumption by offering them insights & analytics with a new app. 🌱📱 Image
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1/ With a market cap of $1.18 trillion, #Alphabet (#Google) is world’s fourth most valuable public company.
It delivered a revenue of ~$283 billion in FY22 (Dec YE) and is a top 20 company globally in terms of revenue. (~number 17th)
Here is a thread exploring #Alphabet.
2/ Incorporated in 1998, the company went public in 2004. ImageImage
3/ Here is a market cap history chart. Alphabet’s market cap is ~$1.18 trillion (fourth largest in the world).
For context, largest is #Apple ($2.3 trillion), followed by #Microsoft ($1.8 trillion), #SaudiAramco ($1.8 trillion) Image
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I pet a cat today and now my allergies are killing me, so obviously this calls for a follow up of, hey you found some #aws creds, what to do meow:

#cloud #hacking #Recon
Step 1: First you gotta decide if this is more of a lazy space vibe kinda thing (A), or (B) calls for some illegal dirty acidcore and adjust your playlist accordingly:
next drop the keys in your .aws creds file. I typically name the first set initial and work with the --profile tag in the cli, so I can keep track on were I am. Then check who you are first, with:
aws sts get-caller-identity --profile initial
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So you found #aws creds to an S3, lets do some #cloud #hacking #recon:

First of all, S3 stands for serious summertime sadness
and allows the general operations of:


An S3 is a bucket and within a bucket there are objects. Basically an object can be anyfile. Objects have keys assoziated
and a bucket nayme must be globally unique and not contain spaces or uppercase letters.

the bucket mrlee in the west region with an object pizza.jpg and a key of /mafia/pizza.jpg
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State of the #Cloud 2023: An in-depth report on the latest trends and risks ⛈

#cloudsecurity #CNAPP #CISO #Engineer

Report highlights in thread 🧵 or download the full report for free here 👇…
☁️ The responsibility of #security professionals to stay up-to-date on the state of the #cloud has never been greater.

🛡 With cloud adoption continuing to grow, it is crucial to proactively address potential threats and ensure secure deployment of solutions.

☁️ The number of API calls increased by 15% in #AWS, 20% in #Azure, and 45% in #GCP, leading to expanded attack surfaces.

👨‍🏫 57% of companies use more than one #cloud platform, requiring greater knowledge from #cloudsecurity teams.

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[Feb 2023] AWS Career & Learning Opportunities ☁️

Links down below!👇

#aws #cloud
1. Get 50% Off the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam:
(Attend event on Feb 10 | 9AM GMT for voucher)
2. AWS Launches Free Solutions Architect Learning Plan (+ Digital Badge):
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#programming with a fellow #dev can be more productive than you can envision!
#Containers provide an unparallel lift for #AI and #MachineLearning
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📦 #Amazon releases results after markets close today

☎️ A conference call is scheduled at 1430 PT (1730 ET)

Here is a 🧵 on what to expect from the #earnings...
🐌 Virtually all of Amazon's businesses are suffering a slowdown, from ecommerce to cloud computing

This is set to see it deliver its slowest sales growth on record for any Q4 - an important quarter covering the busy holiday shopping season. Image
#Ecommerce sales are falling as the explosion in demand seen during the pandemic continues to unwind.

However, they remain considerably higher than back in 2019 Image
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