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Daniel Greenfield explains the #PelosiShutdown plans.

Turns out 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants quit voting #Democrat
They need a continuous supply of fresh bodies... but we knew that, yes?

By @Sultanknish (full text below) Enjoy this? RT it!…
'President Trump floated a partial trial balloon compromise on illegal aliens in his speech.

Others have been floating a more comprehensive deal, trading illegal alien amnesty for wall funding.'
'But Speaker Pelosi has remained quite hostile to the idea of any compromise.

There are two reasons for that.'
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It looks like Another False Flag will be today ,do to #Q1125 for today. #BloodMoonSunday #RedFlag #FalseFlag
@DevinNunes will be on @MariaBartiromo Today. Will be talking about #Cohen Wait till it comes up. @fedupwarriorq17 @madmandave1011 @neXgenAnon #QClock #ItsHappening
Q clock post 1125
FBI burning the midnight oil
(Pelosi left the country)
What was just released to Nunes
( watch Maria Bariroma if Nunes in news you know whats up)
Warning? (Fake news on Cohen again)
Telegraph? (trump tweets)
Its Happening
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1] @ericbolling making so much sense maybe @SpeakerPelosi should take a minute and read this ...

"Building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border is not just vital for border security—it’s also one of the smartest financial investments Washington could make"
2] Assume "the wall will only reduce the flow of drugs across the U.S.-Mexico border by 5 percent. Given that the annual cost of illegal drugs is around $500 billion, even that minimal impact would save taxpayers a whopping $25 billion in the first year alone"
3] Senator Inhofe introduced the WALL Act and the Asylum Abuse Reduction Act that would have FULLY funded the entire Wall and substantially reduced the wait for real asylum applications.…
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@realDonaldTrump BQQM He DID it!! 5.7 Billion bill is getting voted on in #SENATE Who owns Senate?
53-47. Sen Mitch McConnell will present bill votes this week. 328,000 going to loose their jobs. Bye Pelosi!
Trump owns Senate.
Sen.McConnel will present 5.7 billion dollar bill. It's locked & loaded
30 days us almost up. BYE bye
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House Speaker @SpeakerPelosi statement PRIOR to POTUS Trump speech at 4PM today.

- IF Ms Pelosi fails to meet POTUS at the table, the Gov shutdown becomes the #PelosiShutdown

- It’s 2019, not 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 or 1776. It’s TIME to fix Immigration once and for all.
Trump is willing to provide:

- Temporary amnesty to DACA/TPS for 3 full years so that CONGRESS CAN fix it! (Unlike Obama’s Executive fiat attempts)


- $800 Mil in port of entry technology
- Thousands more new Border Patrol Agents & Law Enforcement

- Dozens of increased Immigration Judicial Teams to Process the massive backlog of ⚠️900,000⚠️ cases still pending

Dems can NOT reject on the basis that POTUS isn’t granting “AMNESTY”: That is the job of CONGRESS!
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With another caravan en route @SpeakerPelosi chooses to peddle a false story about one woman and her insulin, she fails to mention men and women of our incredible Border Patrol are working without pay because they need us to #BuildTheWall #PelosiShutdown ❤️🇺🇸 @DHSgov
Translation of photo above notes that it’s 1,700 migrants with “several children” but chances are every photograph you’ll see will be of those children. #BuildTheWall
Few more found using Spanish hashtags and the translation function. #protip
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Let us reason together.
Why don’t the ministers of disinformation want the truth to shine?
Take it to the full conclusion.
If you’ve read the BIBLE you know why.
They lose and GOD WINS.
They are trying to change the ending.
But the truth is already written.
Read the Bible
Tomorrow will be 1 year anniversary of this Q post! This is more important than you know. Q
Note 1 year + 2 day delta (2 days ahead of schedule)
Eric Trump screen grab = Justice Coming
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#BuildTheWall #PelosiShutdown
No deal tweaker.
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The #Democrats are building their own wall, a growing wall of #BigGovernment statism, endless war, globalism & higher taxes that race toward #socialism.
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It's a wall that blocks us from our liberties including our right to own a gun & the right to engage in free speech. It’s a wall that censors & controls minds by means of lying, fake news corporate media.
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It’s a wall that protects a massively corrupt Deep State from receiving justice.

@SpeakerPelosi, tear down your despicable, fascist, blue wall & allow our @POTUS to construct a legitimate one along our southern border.
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