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milton pennsylvania
SHUTDOWN DAY 27: Apprehended while crossing the border in Brownsville, Texas, in 2000, an illegal alien from Honduras with a history of drug and gang convictions was held for 32 days and then released on a mere $5,000 bond, Image
never to show up for his mandatory court date.

Five years later, that same illegal alien would push his way into Carly Snyder’s apartment at 2:00AM, punching her in the face & stabbing her over 37 times using 5 different knives seized from her own kitchen.
The force of one blow so vicious that it bent the knife into a “U” shape. Her body so mutilated, it was impossible for the coroner to count all the stab wounds beyond 37.

A lifelong animal lover, Carly aspired to be a veterinarian.
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It’s why BANNON was 1st indicted @SDNYnews @TheJusticeDept

It’s why BANNON was subsequently pardoned by his #BuildTheWall CO-CONSPIRATOR aka @POTUS45 aka “Individual 1” on his final day in the @WhiteHouse45

BANNON was arrested August 20, 2020 and presented in the Southern District of New York re:

“ONLINE FUNDRAISING campaign charged with DEFRAUDING hundreds of thousands of donors”…

Same day BANNON is arrested for “DEFRAUDING hundreds of thousands of donors in connection with an ONLINE crowdfunding campaign known as “We Build the Wall,” #BuildTheWall merchandise was being sold via @POTUS45 @VP45 @GOP “CAMPAIGN” website/domain/SERVER owned by:

@Trump Org

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Noah pleeze. Not only is this talked about literally all the time, but the same people who talk about it in the way you do (it’s a silly fantasy b/c randos w/ rifles can’t fight a military) have spent months now sharing memes of Olga from HR who now slaughters Russians w/ her AK.
People: Anatoly was a history teacher who baked artisanal sourdough & ran a socialist reading group. But now, he has personally slain over 200 invaders from Muscovy, & God willing he will bathe in the blood of his enemies until his land is free.

Same people: LOL @ ur “militia”
Yes yes I know, Olga & Anatoly have gotten some training from the military & are fighting with a larger, organized force. Now think about how many former military were there on Jan 6, & how our military is politically divided just like our population, etc. & so on.
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One important point as #EUCO leaders debate the need for a ‘temporary’ (some suspect it will become permanent) border wall at the EU’s Eastern border with Belarus:

Any EU country is free to build a wall on their portion of EU external border. The question is who will pay for it.
As Trump found out, it’s expensive to #BuildTheWall. His was never built.

Do they work for their intended purpose? Is it worth the enormous expense, taking money away from education, infrastructure,etc?

Should all EU/US taxpayers have to pay for walls, or just the border state?
“Why should this burden [of a wall] be paid exclusively by Lithuanian taxpayers?” Austria's new chancellor Alexander Schallenberg asked today.

Austria is one of the non-border member states pushing hard for an EU external border fence/wall.
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Biden’s Border Crisis Goes Global
#Immigration #BuildTheWall

More than 160…In the past few months, illegal aliens from more than 160 countries have been encountered at the border.

For context, the UN only has 193 members! 1/4
And it’s not just the number of countries, it’s the number of people, too. The number of illegal aliens from beyond Mexico and the Northern Triangle has skyrocketed from 9,416 in January to over 50,000 in May according to preliminary estimates. 2/4
So when Harris claims she is addressing the “root causes” of Biden’s border crisis by avoiding the border, she is not telling the truth. SHE’S LYING.

People from around the world, including cartels & terrorist organizations, are exploiting Biden’s policies to enter the US. 3/4
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3 Homes Laredo TX 180 people Smuggled💥

1 home Houston TX 97 people smuggled💥

Del Rio TX 740 people per day crossing❗️
Semi-Truck San Antonio TX 41 People smuggled💥
#BidenBorderCrisis ILLEGALS
@SecMayorkas IS A LIAR ❗️❗️ The Border is Closed🤦‍♀️
We are dealing with Smugglers💥 Everything is fine - go back to sleep #BidenBorderCrisis
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1) Let's talk about #Guatemala and VP Harris

President Alejandro Giammattei
Change how $ is delivered letting ‘LOCAL’🇬🇹 nonprofits handle the programs
U.S.🇺🇸 #NGO charge too much and don’t deliver $
Apply for Asylum in Guatemala
2) Let's talk about #Guatemala and VP Harris

Where has U.S. Aid $ been going? #NGO
$70M out of $157.5M has gone to GOVERNANCE and ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS 💸💸💸
3) Let's talk about #Guatemala and VP Harris

Meanwhile, Kamala meeting with U.S.🇺🇸 #NGO George Soros💥 and Rockefeller💥 selling out our Nation
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Biden promised to stop seizing border wall land. His DOJ is still doing it.

The administration is past a self imposed 60-day deadline to review resources for the wall. And it’s still taking land for it. #BuildTheWall
This week, the U.S. government seized six acres from a family in Hidalgo County, Texas, the result of a Trump-era court case designed to help construct the border wall.
“They can have all the excuses they want but it’s real dicey to look at what they’re doing right now,” said a person who consults with the White House on immigration policy who has grown frustrated. “It’s a lot of stuff Trump was doing.”
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#BidenBorderCrisis NGOS 💥 STAKEHOLDERS 💥
Crimes against Humanity 🚷 Child Trafficking 🚷
#BidenBorderCrisis NGOS 💥 STAKEHOLDERS 💥
Crimes against Humanity 🚷 Child Trafficking 🚷
#BidenBorderCrisis NGOS 💥 STAKEHOLDERS 💥
Crimes against Humanity 🚷 Child Trafficking 🚷
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At #MillionMAGAMarch and first person on bullhorn is a nazi. Talking about opposing homosexual and Jews
Jovi Val is the Nazi and about 100 plus white nationalist Groypers surrounding
America Gaurd present
Sean Perez up front (has swastika on chest)
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(1) Thread: There's a ready made hashtag that IMO is perfect for this moment in American history:


The trafficking of persons includes but is not limited to sexual assault, let alone prostitution. It's broader than that.

A number of #LawAndOrder issues...
(2) Human trafficking includes the exploitation of peoples' labor, or the violation of their rights wrt crossing international borders and even their right to occupy a home or vehicle in peace.

Child sexual assault is human trafficking, bc they can't consent.
(3) Any sexual activity with a minor is unlawful. They are legally unable to consent. I don't want the age of consent lowered, either.

Some child sexual assault involves only the offender and the victim.

Some of it is part of organized crime, often internationally.
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I have been mocking Trump as Bin Laden. But he is doing the same messaging to "The Base" that Binny did and using the idea of singular action against oppression while invoking religious symbolism and authority through himself.…
Homework: In this paper we understand the general concept of societal fracturing through fear, physical events and rhetoric and the creation of asymmetrical chaos which undermines the homeostasis of civil society.…
To be fair Trump, like all President's has been tough on terrorist leaders. But not quite the same way.
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Trump never built his vanity border wall—though after promising Mexico would pay for it, he tried to steal money from our troops and everyone else to do it (and men linked to him stole money in its name).

But America *will* ultimately have to build the Trump Virus Memorial Wall.
PS/ Thanks to @OlphertJustin for the image. I personally measured it to confirm that the lengths are accurate.

I hope people don't think I'm joking. I wouldn't joke about this. I believe America owes it to our pandemic dead to #BuildtheWall—the Trump Virus Memorial Wall—in D.C.
PS2/ This pandemic has been the greatest public health disaster in our history. The death toll alone would put it in the conversation—but what puts it first among America's historic tragedies is that nearly all the deaths were preventable. That's why a Memorial Wall is justified.
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Per SDNY, the 4 people behind “Build the Wall” kept saying in public that they are not getting paid but that they did get paid a total of over a million dollars by giving the million dollars to a non-profit run by Bannon.

This is the crime here.…
Basically, if #BuildTheWall leaders said up front that “we raised $25 million and $1 million of it - way less than most non profits - goes to those who run/promote the fund,” there would be no story here. This is a reminder of how easy it is for Feds to prosecute if they want.
Mueller prosecuted Manafort’s Associate’s Attorney (Zwan) for lying about a legal thing not related to collusion. Such are the acts of the Feds when they want to crush someone. Meanwhile, people who obstructed justice by destroying evidence (Clinton emails) got a pass on it.
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Hollywood whistleblower warned us in 2018 that exclusive sex club #SNCTM is really a front for a massive child sex trafficking operation servicing the global elite & working with Mexican cartels.

This must be what Barr meant by 'Hollywood clique'… Image
Journalist Alicia Diaz Gonzalez had learned that SNCTM members were working with cartels to smuggle kids from orphanages in Mexico into the US. Alicia was found beaten to death in her Monterrey home in May 2018...
#RIP #BuildTheWall #EndTrafficking… ImageImageImage
Renegade anon dropped a lot of names and goes into much more detail about the 'gay/jewish mafia' in Hollywood. Well worth reading all the posts. Hope he is well, whoever he is.
#UnsealSNCTM #EndTrafficking #Hollywood… ImageImageImageImage
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President Trump Town Hall.

@realDonaldTrump if they come out hit me I’m going to hit back. We forgot to fight back!
.@realDonaldTrump if a Republican did what Chuck Schumer did they’d be in jail right now.
There’s a big difference between President Trump saying it was a Obama judge and Chuck Schumer threatening to justices.
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.@POTUS @realDonaldTrump rally in New Jersey.

Since the election there has been 7 million new jobs created and the unemployment is lower than any time in history.
.@realDonaldTrump under the Trump economy we are having a blue-collar boom.
.@realDonaldTrump has ended the war on energy. We are now the number one producer of oil and natural gas.
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Ahead of @realDonaldTrump’s arrival in @austintexasgov, these two opposing rallies are outside the convention center making sure their message is heard. President Trump will speak at the @FarmBureau Federation later today. @Bryce_Newberry will be there when he does.
The anti-Trump/anti-animal as food rally is moving to Cesar Chavez and 3rd Street. Image
In the meantime, the pro-Trump rally started chanting #BuildTheWall. All of this will be on @KVUE tonight.
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President @realDonaldTrump rally in Milwaukee, WI.

#Soleimani what is the king of roadside bombs. There’s a great percentage of people missing arms and legs because of this son of a bitch.
President Trump says he made a mistake. He should’ve said he didn’t want a wall because they always want to do the opposite of anything he says. #BuildTheWall
We are building the wall very rapidly. Very soon it should be up to 1 mile a day and over 400 miles by the end of the year. #TrumpRallyMilwaukee
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I’m feeling too lazy to make a whole big thing about stuff I published this year but I’ll make a thread of a few 2019 threads #HappyNewYear2020
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The biggest impediment to #BuildTheWall at this point isn’t money (though more is always better!) but that the owners of the Texas land targeted for wall construction aren’t selling. Hence DHS walking back some of their more optimistic construction estimates for next year.
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Very Important @anncoulter Segment on What Conservatives Must Focus On

"Our entire country is about to be over if we don't stop immigration. Absolute stop, deport illegals, build the wall, go after refugee frauds. Otherwise all of your Congressmen are going to be Ilhan Omar."
@AnnCoulter .@AnnCoulter: "This is the last Christian country on earth and it is being swept away by morons who will not face what the truth is."

#BuildTheWall #DeportThemAll
@AnnCoulter Highly Recommend watching the Full Interview with @AnnCoulter on the @ericmetaxas show.

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