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5 Ways to 'Let Go and Let God'

1. Stop Trying to figure it out

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.” – Proverbs 3:5-6
The Lord tells us clearly not to lean on (stand on) our own understanding. We are to let go and let God handle it.

Why? Because “…Our thoughts are not God’s thoughts, Nor are our ways His ways.”  – Isaiah 55:8
God knows exactly what He is doing and as Christians we should be able to trust Him no matter how grim the situation may look.

Remember Lazarus was dead for days but he still arose at the voice of God. Your situation can do the same thing when you let go and let God.
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What am I?

Some people say that I am edible and consumable because I provide food for them.

Some say I'm like a mother hen, opening her wings to provide shelter for her chicks because i provide homes for them.

#Agricbusiness #RealEstate #Homes #shelter
Some say I am like the sun, giving warmth to the flowers of their lives while some others say I'm like the moon giving light at night because I provide them Alternative power supply.

#renewableenergy #solarpanels #greenener #powerupafrica #TuesdayThoughts #EngineersDay #Chelsea
Some say I'm the signpost directing people to the store because I provide attractions to their content.

What do I say I am?

I say I am SHAWNS, a complete problem solving package providing foods, homes, alternative power supply and packaging.

Happy to serve you, Always.
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Coimbatore and its passion for Engineering!

Sri Visvesvaraya is seen showing great interest in the motor vehicle designed and built by G D Naidu. who is leaning over, while his son, Gopal Naidu is steering.
The made in pre-independent India motor vehicle was meant to be marketed at Rs. 2,000 but Naidu was refused license by the then government.
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The Japanese-language pornbot network described in this June 2020 thread has been shut down by Twitter, but a replacement appears to have arisen and (like its predecessor) is soliciting DMs. #TuesdayThoughts

cc: @ZellaQuixote Image
We found 614 accounts that we believe to be part of this botnet. All were created between July and September 2020 and have 8 character account names consisting of digits and lowercase letters (previous botnet used 7-char account names), follow 0 accounts, and have liked 0 tweets. ImageImage
Almost all of this network's tweets were hypothetically sent via "Twitter Web Client" (which usually denotes the no-longer-available old version of the Twitter website). Nearly all accounts use anime/manga profile pics, sometimes duplicated across accounts. ImageImage
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TBQH this is not super interesting, but I'll give Rev. Empsall this--he knows white evangelicals aren't worth trying to reach

Maybe his group will be able to move a few white mainline Protestants and Catholics to vote for Biden.…

#TuesdayThoughts Image
That could be one prong of a Democratic faith outreach strategy that makes sense. If the party gives up on trying to convert white evangelicals, it could divert more resources to reaching into Black Protestant and non-Christian communities, including the secular community.
Democrats are finally beginning to recognize the contributions of atheists, agnostics, humanists, and assorted nones to American society and to the party. When we vote, we vote overwhelmingly Dem…

CC: @AmericanAtheist @seculardotorg

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What's up with all these similarly-named automation apps being used to retweet Japanese #cryptocurrency account @hikari1985? #TuesdayThoughts

cc: @ZellaQuixote Image
We found a total of 170 accounts using custom apps with names of the form ABC-123-XYZ to retweet various Japanese tweets. Many of these accounts also use either twittbot(dot) or various custom apps to post occasional original tweets. ImageImageImageImage
Almost all of the tweets posted by this network (192925 of 193602 tweets, 99.7%) are sent via automated means, and the accounts are active 24/7. 86.2% of the content is retweets (sent via the ABC-123-XYZ apps), and the remainder is original tweets (all other apps). ImageImageImage
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Still on counsels and counsellors, sifting the wheat from the chaff...

Let's continue the discussion as I share my experience with you on this street.

It happened barely a year ago in Benin City.. #Thread

#TuesdayThoughts #tuesdaytonic .
I wanted to venture into fish farming on a business scale. I consulted my friends who were into the business in two different locations in the country, with the mind of getting a balanced perspective of the opportunities and challenges in the business.
After a proper consultation, ( now I doubt how proper the consultation was anyway 😂🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️), I decided to go ahead with the business. The first step was to get a fish pond.
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Shri Siddhivinayak Maha Ganpati Aarti at Titwala, Maharashtra
The Siddhivinayaka Mahaganapati Temple is located in Titwala,a small town in the Kalyan taluka of Thane dist,near Mumbai, Maharashtra The temple is dedicated to the Bagawan Sri Ganesha
Titwala is believed to be the putative site of the hermitage of sage Kanva, foster parent of Shakuntala who was born here
The place is steeped in ancient legend and the temple is frequented by a very large number of devotees on account of the
belief that separated married couples could be united & marriages of desired people could be fixed easily if the Ganesha image installed in the temple is worshipped with devotion
This temple is frequented mostly on #Tuesday
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The Wisdom of ANY,
When you are a Young Man
When you take your Wife and setup a Home,
Remember how your mother Brought you into the world
And with what embracing care she nurtured you
Do not let your conduct in the household be too high or Mighty.
And never lord over your wife if
You know that she is a gentle hearted woman.
Don't Say to her : ''where is So and So? Bring it here!''
When she has put it away carefully in some place.
Keep her beneath your eye and Watch her silently with love in appreciation of her worth.
She is contended when your hands rests upon Her's.

Advise TO ME BY
my ancient friend 1300 BC, EGYPT

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I thought that not having an audience would make all the late night shows worse, but John Oliver's "Last Week Tonight" has only gotten better.

This video of Kenosha sheriff David Beth has made the rounds, but Oliver really puts them into context here.
Can we #FireDavidBeth trending?

Kenosha Sheriff David Beth said that black men who committed theft should be "warehoused" in prisons until they died and not allowed to procreate.

And Trump is meeting with law enforcement in Kenosha today.

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Thoothukudi, Ganesapuram, local
Jamath broke the fence,demolished the temple hall & occupied temple space
Police & Tasildhar, both are supporting the M perpetrators & are allowing to take over the temple land!
The fruit for allowing these scoundrels to stay back!
Hear these locals !!
She says - temple hall had been demolished where prayers were conducted for years..
Police are siding with Jamath guys & refusing to help !!
This is Hindu majority country ?!
Do u believe ?
#Secularism #TuesdayThoughts
She said three M guys came and destroyed the place & trying to take over the land which they were using & praying for 50 + years ..
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Ronna Romney: "Donald Trump has incredible respect for the military"



How many days has it been since Trump learned about the US soldiers that Putin put bounties out on?

#TrumpChaos #RNCconvention2020 #rncfactcheck #BountiesForKillingUSTroops
Yes, Trump cares *so much* for the military that he fucked them over by slowing down the mail so they can't get their meds.

Thanks, Trump.

#TrumpChaos #RNCconvention2020 #rncfactcheck #BountiesForKillingUSTroops
“[Trump] is going to talk to you about law and order. Virtually everyone who worked for his campaign has been convicted of a crime or is under indictment, myself included. You don’t have to like me but please listen to me.”
Michael Cohen #TrumpChaos
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What has the Trump virus taken from you?

150k+ people have died.
4M+ people tested positive.
50k+ people are newly diagnosed every day.

It didn't have to be this way.

#TrumpVirus #AmericaOrTrump #tuesdaythoughts
What has the Trump virus taken from me?

I'm lucky. I've been disabled for many years and was isolated before #COVID19, so my day to day life has changed little.

Watching my husband and our 5 kids try to navigate Trump's new world has been awful. 2/
My youngest is almost 17. He has Aspergers. For years, I homeschooled him because he couldn't handle a classroom setting. With a lot of love and encouragement from the best public school teachers and counselors I've ever met, he started going to school and even mainstreamed.

3/ Image
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Instead of the jobs he promised, #LyingTrump has presided over one of the worst economic disasters in American history. Since he became President: 7.8 million jobs have been lost — including 7,100 coal mining jobs and 274,000 manufacturing jobs. (1/10)…
Instead of the “phenomenal” healthcare he promised, we have an out-of-control pandemic caused by a total failure in public health leadership, a growing death toll—and even Trump death panels. #TrumpTheGrifter is still pushing #hydroxycholorquine? (2/10)…
Instead of reducing the $19.9T debt he inherited to zero like he promised, #LyingTrump’s policies ballooned the deficit and sent the debt soaring to $24T in his first 3 years. The #TrumpCrash of 2020 exploded the debt further, to the current $26.5T. (3/10)
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What's up with the spike in recently-created accounts that use automation service twittbot(dot)net to tweet? #TuesdayThoughts

cc: @ZellaQuixote Image
Answer: a botnet, unsurprisingly. We found 1824 extremely similar accounts created between June 3rd and July 17th, 2020, all with randomized 13-character names, zero likes, and few or no followers or followees. All 1824 tweet primarily in Japanese. ImageImageImageImage
This botnet operates 24/7, and has been steadily ramping up activity as additional accounts are created (with a brief gap in early July). At present the network is churning out over 2000 tweets per hour, almost all via automation service twittbot(dot)net. Image
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बाली येथील जागृत ज्वालामुखी असलेला अगुंग पर्वत आणि समुद्रमंथनात दोरीचे कार्य केलेल्या वासुकी नागाचे बेसाखी मंदिर.

दक्षिण पूर्व आशियातील १७ सहस्र द्वीपांचा देश म्हणजे इंडोनेशिया.येथे हिंदूंची संख्या १.७% एवढीच आहे.त्यातील सर्वाधिक हिंदू बाली द्वीपावर रहातात.

ज्याला पुराणांमध्ये ‘वाली’ द्वीप म्हटले आहे, तेच आताचे बाली द्वीप आहे. बाली येथील ८३.५ टक्के लोक हिंदू आहेत
वाल्मीकि रामायणात सीतामातेच्या शोधात सुग्रीवाने वानरसेनेला ‘यावाद्वीप' आणि ‘वालीद्वीप’ येथे पाठवल्याचे उल्लेख आहेत.
बाली येथील हिंदूंसाठी अगुंग पर्वत एक पवित्र स्थान आहे.
सत्ययुगात समुद्रमंथनाच्या वेळी रवीचे कार्य केलेला सुमेरू पर्वत जावा द्वीपावर आहे. अगुंग पर्वताकडे पाहिल्यावर असे वाटते की, जणू काही तो समुद्रमंथनात दोर बनलेल्या वासुकी नागाचे तोंडच आहे. या पर्वताची रचना नागाचे तोंड उघडल्यासारखी आहे.
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Oh look, more pornbots. For a change of pace (and obfuscation of search results), these accounts emblazon the website they promote on the images in their tweets rather than linking it from their tweets or profiles. #TuesdayThoughts

cc: @ZellaQuixote Image
We found 699 accounts that we believe belong to this pornbot network. All were created in batches in April 2020 or later, all tweet exclusively via "Twitter Web App", have followed no accounts, liked no tweets, and watermark their image tweets with kunee(dot)me. ImageImageImage
The website promoted by these bots, kunee(dot)me, has the interesting feature of presenting visitors with a brief quiz before forwarding them to actual porn sites. It's not beyond the bounds of possibility that data harvesting is part of the goal. Image
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Between 1960 and 1970 Penguin Books underwent several revolutions in cover layout, at a time when public tastes were rapidly changing. Today in pulp I look back at 10 years that shook the Penguin! #TuesdayThoughts
Allen Lane founded Penguin Books in 1935, aiming to bring high-quality paperbacks to the masses for the same price as a packet of cigarettes. Lane began by snapping up publishing rights for inexpensive mid-market novels and packaging them expertly for book lovers.
From the start Penguins were consciously designed; Lane wanted to distinguish his paperbacks from pulp novels. Edward Young created the first cover grid, using three horizontal bands and the new-ish Gill Sans typeface for the text.
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The Inquisition, was a group of institutions within the Catholic Church whose aim was to combat heresy. The Inquisition of Goa was the most horrific of all the Inquisition in the world.
#tuesdayvibes #TuesdayMotivation @ShefVaidya #Goa ImageImage
Francis Xavier who is considered by Christian religious leaders as a saint and a miraculous person, landed in Goa on 6th May 1542 with a resolve to uproot paganism from Indian soil and replacing it with Christianity.
And so all plans of persecution and oppression of the Hindus came along with him. All religious policies and procedures of forcible and fraudulent conversions and demolitions of the Hindu Temples and idols were undertaken under his guidance and missionary zeal.
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Okay #TuesdayThoughts PSA, there continues 2b accounts pushing out screenshots of fake tweets in hopes of discrediting and/or ginning up faux outrage towards opposing activist / political accounts. This happens on both sides. Here is just one past example #infosec #osint #disinfo
This fake Bernie supporter / troll @berniewon16 had been promoting the #TaraReade story & attacked anyone trying to research the lies & inconsistencies surrounding that story. Because of that @berniewon16 went after @KhiveQueenB and pushed this fake tweet #infosec #osint #disinfo
We checked both of her Khive accounts @KhiveQueenB and @KhiveQueenBee and neither one made any such tweet on May 16th. #infosec #osint #disinfo
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Floaters are the little dots and shadows that float across your vision.

Sometimes you might fill like you can see a black insect flying by and you just want to catch it😯.
Dots and lines going across your vision might make it difficult to concentrate and cause confusion and the rest of your vision can become blurry if you’re worried and focusing on the floaters.

Sometimes floaters will go through your eye and you won’t even notice.
Generally, floaters are nothing to worry about, what they will do is cast a shadow on your retina by blocking out a section of the light that is going into your eye (this is what causes the dark spots).

This is common among people in their 60s and 70s.
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Meet @walters19901693, an American who supports real news, lives in Texas, loves Donald Trump, and wants the US Army to shoot protestors who remove Confederate statues. #AltWankers #TuesdayThoughts

cc: @ZellaQuixote
Back in November 2019, @walters19901693 also supported real news, but was an African living in Spain rather than an American living Texas. It also had only 10 followers rather than the 2000+ it now boasts.…
Things get more confusing when one looks at @walters19901693's tweets, several of which appear to be claiming to live somewhere in Africa rather than Spain or Texas. Prior to 2020 this account mostly tweeted about events in Africa, but has since pivoted heavily to #MAGA content.
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[THREAD]: Mahamud Tawane has always known the value of work. As a boy in Garissa, Kenya, he would spend his school holidays working at his father’s cotton farm, cultivating and harvesting. At the end of the day, he would be paid per kilo of his harvest.
In his final year of secondary school, Tawane had a friend who read plenty of magazines and narrated his readings to him. On one occasion, Tawane’s friend told him about an ongoing admission at a flying school in Kansas.
Without hesitation, Tawane applied and within a short duration received a response. However, the reply was not as pleasing as he would have hoped.The fee was simply unimaginably unaffordable.

At the time, Tawane lived with his older brother who happened to also be his guardian.
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