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Looks like Gordon Sondland sold himself to the highest bidder to obtain his coveted Ambassadorship. Trump sold it to him for $1mil & Ukraine oppo on Biden. GS's hotel empire is now reeling, so his testimony will be VERY interesting Thurs. #TuesdayThoughts…
"Sondland will also testify that after he attended Zelensky’s inauguration in May, he met with Trump, Rick Perry & Kurt Volker in the Oval Office. Trump told them that any in-person meeting between Trump & Zelensky would have to be approved by Giuliani" #TuesdayThoughts
"Sondland will testify that it was only later that he became aware that a public commitment by Ukraine’s new government to address corruption-including Burisma Holdings-was a prerequisite for a Trump-Zelensky meeting.”
~@GeoffRBennett #TuesdayThoughts
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NYT: Fiona Hill's testimony today was EXPLOSIVE. John Bolton called Mulvaney & Giuliani's shadow gov't re Ukraine a 'drug deal' & ordered an aide to notify WH counsel.
They. ALL. Knew. All along.
GOP Sens reportedly NERVOUS.
I'm hearing that John Bolton is now going to be subpoenaed. Makes a lot of sense. Giuliani is also reportedly saying he won't comply with Congress, so I'm thinking that Dems may very well now begin enforcing Inherent Contempt against these mugs (like RG)
The entire game changed during Fiona Hill's testimony today. Reporting out of DC tonight is that the GOP Senators are 'very nervous' & that despite all of the whining from GOP House, they now WANT the testimony to remain behind closed doors. Trump is DONE. #TuesdayMotivation
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The China Trade Talks resume (for the 13th time) this Thu & Fri. SCMP reporting that Pres Xi wasn't happy about Trump's 'joke' request for election assistance of last week & his Hong Kong comments, & that they may cut these talks short. #TuesdayThoughts…
2-"“Some people may ask, if the US raises tariffs further, is it still necessary to continue the talks … the answer is that it’s as necessary to take countermeasures as to continue the talks,” a Taoran Notes posting read.
3-"The commentary seemed to imply that China was ready to retaliate if the US went ahead with a planned tariff increase set to take effect next week..Kuijs said the US would probably go ahead with the tariff plan on 10/15, triggering “some retaliation” from China"
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For my #TuesdayThoughts thread, I'd like to discuss farts.

My farts, to be specific.

You see, I farted a lot last week. I was also bloated. I was curious why, so I turned to the internet.

The 1st link informed me that I may have a food intolerance, so I looked that up ⬇️
I quickly found some handy dandy quizzes designed to see if I may have a food intolerance.

Question 1 - excessive flatulence. Check.
Question 2 - wait, what? Why is a food intolerance quiz asking if I have metallic taste in my mouth or blurry vision?

There's more ⬇️
OMG!!! According to this quiz, a food intolerance could be causing my AGGRESSIVE OUTBURSTS😱

And now I may have finally found a reason for my clumsiness!!!

Lastly, this quiz associates food intolerance with arthritis, psoriasis and all sorts of chronic conditions.
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The State Dept IG has requested a meeting with staff from multiple Congressional committees tomorrow morning to 'discuss & provide staff with copies of documents related to the State Department & Ukraine.
2-"A Democratic Senate Intelligence Committee aide confirmed to The Hill that the State Department inspector general asked the panel to send staff to a meeting Wednesday but did not disclose the topic.
3-"Another committee aide said the request involved "multiple committees" and would be "one meeting with the House and Senate." The aide did not describe the topic or the nature of the request.
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And have a look at THIS!
Not only did the WH hide Trump's call transcripts in a 'super secret' DB never before used for that purpose, but they had it UPGRADED to prevent leaks.. if that's not intent, conspiracy and shady AF, WHAT is? #TuesdayThoughts…
2-"The changes included a new log of who accessed specific documents in the NSC’s system — known as NICE or “NSC Intelligence Collaboration Environment” — and was designed in part to prevent leaks of records of the president’s phone calls with foreign leaders and to find out the
3-"suspected leaker if transcripts did get disclosed, one of the former officials said. Prior to the upgrade, officials could only see who had uploaded or downloaded material to the system but usually not who accessed which documents.
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రాత్రి 11 గంటలకు. తాళం వేసిఉన్న ఇనుప ద్వారం బయట నుండి ఒక పిలుపు. ఎవరా అని వచ్చి చూశాను. గుమ్మం ముందు ఒక పెద్దాయన ఉన్నారు. చాలా దూరం వచ్చినట్లుగా నలిగిపోయిన బట్టలు చేతిలో చిన్న సంచి తో నిలబడి ఉన్నారు. అయన తన చేతిలోని చిన్న కాగితం లోకి చూస్తూ
"ఆనంద్, నెంబర్ 8, యోగానంద వీధి ఇదే కదూ!" అని అడిగారు. "అవును నేనే ఆనంద్. ఇదే చిరునామా. మీరూ ..." అని అడిగాను. అయన చిన్నగా వణుకుతూ తడారి పోయిన తన పెదవులను నాలుక తో తడుపుకుంటూ "బాబూ! నేను మీ నాన్నగారి మిత్రుడిని. మీ ఊరినుండే వస్తున్నాను.
నాన్నగారు మీకు ఈ ఉత్తరం ఇచ్చి మీ సాయం తీసుకోమన్నారు" ఉత్తరాన్ని చేతిలో పెట్టారు.

అయన ఆ ఉత్తరం ఇవ్వగానే "నాన్నగారా?" అంటూ ఆ ఉత్తరాన్ని తీసుకొని ఆత్రంగా చదివాను. అందులో "ప్రియమైన ఆనంద్! నీకు నా ఆశీర్వాదములు.
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Today in pulp... let me introduce you to the original Suicide Squad!!

Who brings a microscope to a gun fight? Really! #TuesdayThoughts
The original Suicide Squad was created by legendary pulp writer Emile C. Tepperman. They debuted in the May 1939 edition of Ace G-Man Stories.
Emile C. Tepperman had already written for a number of pulp magazines, including Secret Agent X, Operator No 5 and The Spider before creating the Suicide Squad for Ace G-Man Stories.
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Brilliant expose of so much only-in-America idiocy: backstabbing Christian profiteers fighting over property, radical homeschooling, violent creationist politicians...

I’ve been to The Creation Museum. Threads here:

#TuesdayThoughts #ChristianAltFacts
“Among the handful of countries where the vast majority of dinosaur fossils have been discovered, the United States is the only one where such bones, when found on private property, belong to the landowner, rather than to the government.”
“‘“It is this legal structure that allows creationists to dig dinosaurs and pretend to be paleontologists,’ Kirk Johnson explained. By keeping the land in the hands of young-Earth creationists, Meadows would insure that they could tell the story of any fossils found there.”
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1. It's the end of the month, so I'm gonna do a little monthly recap of what I've been up to this month and make a little pitch for supporting me via @Patreon if you find my work valuable and can afford to:

#MondayMotivation #EmptyThePews #crowdfunding
@Patreon 2. If I had to summarize what I've been up to this month, I'd say my work has primarily focused on pushing back against attempts to whitewash Christian nationalism and the dangerous anti-democratic views of the Christian Right. I did so in @jdforward here…
@Patreon @jdforward 3. And I followed up further on what's wrong with attempts to represent white evangelicals' Christian Zionism as benign in this piece for @RDispatches:…

#exvangelical #EmptyThePews #Resist
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This song has been running through my head since last week. So I just listened to it, and wow, here we are again!
Different circumstances, yet battle lines everywhere! #TuesdayThoughts #ImpeachTrump
Can't even tell you guys the memories that this has evoked in me..
It's now anthemic. Gotta teach this our children now..
2-"There's something happening here
What it is ain't exactly clear
There's a man with a gun over there
Telling me i got to beware

I think it's time we stop, children, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down
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Breaking: WaPo is now reporting that Speaker Pelosi will, in fact, announce the commencement of a formal Impeachment Inquiry this afternoon. #TuesdayThoughts #ImpeachmentInquiry…
2-"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and top Democrats are privately discussing the creation of a select committee to conduct the possible impeachment of President Trump, according to multiple lawmakers and congressional aides, underscoring the momentum among Democrats to try to oust
3-"the president. The California Democrat has spoken to key allies in recent days about establishing a special panel rather than leaving the task with the House Judiciary Committee, said several Democratic officials. Nothing has been decided, the individuals cautioned,
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Former Trump campaign aide, Corey Lewandowski is set to testify publicly today. The WH has been attempting to limit his testimony using terms that don't apply to CL. He will testify, but he won't say anything to harm Trump. #TuesdayThoughts…
2-The WH has barred former WH aides Rick Dearborn & Rob Porter from testifying at all. This obstruction alone is impeachable, & the immunity that Trump's claiming for them doesn't exist. Dems need to become a LOT more aggressive, otherwise they just look weak. #TuesdayThoughts
3-"The eleventh hour claims of privilege are poised to exacerbate the standoff between the White House and House Democrats, particularly after their battle took a new turn on Friday when the Department of Justice (DOJ) urged a federal judge to throw out Democrats’ lawsuit seeking
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@realDonaldTrump Oh, shit. John Bolton, or as Trump likes to call him, Michael Bolton, is OUT.

#PABPOTUS #PresidentPAB #Tuesdaythoughts

@realDonaldTrump Trump calls John Bolton "Michael Bolton" repeatedly.
You know, like a stable genius might do.
I KNEW John Bolton was fired by tweet.
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#QAnon #TuesdayThoughts #Narcissist
Masters of Manipulation-Psychopaths Rule The World
Covert narcissist lacks empathy
Narcissist =dismissive, manipulative
Psychopath-predator, pathological lying
When You Unmask a Covert Narcissist, RUN, But Quietly

#QAnon #TuesdayThoughts
Dr. Robert Hare-The Mind of a Psychopath
Q-Children are being kidnapped, tortured, raped & sacrificed in the name of PURE EVIL
They prey on individuals..
These people are Evil
We allowed EVIL to prey on us
Be careful who you follow

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Fictional story

#TuesdayThoughts just me randomly loudly typing my thoughts whilst sipping filter #coffee with lots of chicory

I assure you the story is pathetic and narration is horrible

If u still want to read go ahead cos I don’t know how I will end this thread
After so much build up ..

The last vote can be casted at 630 PM 🗳

21 ppl have gone to a day trip to Mysuru in a bus 🚎

It’s 3PM and they are coming back from Mysuru to Bengaluru

Anthakshari .. Annovra songs etc all done ✅.. fantastic lunch .. coffee all done ✅
Suresh opens his Instagram to see his friends are posting selfies after voting

He gets up - Gentlemen!!! We were supposed to vote today!!!

Everyone goes like

Oh come on shut up !!

Suresh “come on guys .. we can make it if we reach by 6”

Gopal “I don’t know whom to vote”
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Work experience is more valuable than Masters right after school! How many times more should I say this? Rarely will an employer pick a 2nd degree over quality experience. Except you want an academic career, relevant experience is more valuable in the medium term #TuesdayThoughts
Forget what your lecturers told you, most of them have never spent a day outside the walls of a classroom. While you can get a 2nd degree anytime, you can never make up the years you've lost in experience. Ceteris paribus, Zero experience will never rival 2yrs exp. Even with MBA.
Moreso, you most likely aren't yet sure what career you really want to pursue at that point, and how or what Masters degree will best enhance that career. So while your mates have joined various firms gathering experience, you are back 1-2yrs later, applying as entry level staff.
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I talk to a lot of activists. There is a growing appetite for activism with a harder edge. We can see what Johnson and his charlatans are either attempting to do for real or are pretending because they think they can scare MPs into doing what they want. #TuesdayThoughts thread/
There is something everyone who cares can do. On the 3rd September parliament is back. @SODEMAction will be back to their daily protest. Big numbers there every day will be a huge statement about just how serious and organised we are.
MPs are so concerned about the will of the people? Guess what we are people too and a significant daily presence will remind MPs of that and give courage to those with the power to #BlockTheCoup and stop a no-deal brexit and do the right thing.
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Welcome to the FUTURE HACK PITCH DAY EVENT @nitdanigeria @ngrinnovation @Innovate_Ondo @Akure_techhub
Team showcase 1
Team MSuit
They are solving the problem of accountability in basic and secondary educational levels in Nigeria @IBBUL @CS_IBBUL @abdullahibnkawu @Eidrieez @Herbdukareem #FutureHackFUTA #EduTech #TuesdayThoughts
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Trump rips Fed: 'Who is our bigger enemy,' Powell or China's Xi? #EndThe #Fed…
#QAnon #FridayFeeling
The Federal Reserve act of 1913 #EndTheFed
How the bankers took complete control of our money system
The Federal Reserve is not Federal-it's privately owned commercial banks

#QAnon #FridayFeeling
Alan Greenspan "Federal Reserve is an independent agency"- No agency of the gov. can overrule the actions of the Fed!🐍
Federal Reserve says they are above the law #EndTheFed
When will the Federal Reserve be taken down for illegally taking control of our money in 1913?
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▪️Why would Saudi Prince Alwaleed busted for Corruption pay Obama to attend Harvard Law School?
▪️Alwaleed donated $20M to create the Prince Alwaleed Islamic Studies Program at Harvard
▪️Alwaleed holds large stakes U.S. corporations including Twitter
#QAnon #TuesdayThoughts
4EVA - Eva Braun Trump/Obama tweet
▪️Is Trump getting ready to expose who Obama is?
▪️Hitler's wife Eva Braun w/ daughter maybe Ann Dunham
▪️Was Obama placed w/ C_A Ann?
▪️Is Loretta Fuddy Ann Dunham?
▪️The Cult of Subud=C_A front
▪️Related by #Bloodlines
#QAnon #MondayMorning
Obama's mother Ann Dunham and Loretta Fuddy were both part of the cult Subud (C_A front) that began in Indonesia in the 1920
Ann Dunham trained in Russian language
FARM requires select skill-sets🤡
What are the odds?
#QAnon #MondayMotivaton
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I want to create a list of potential guests for my show upcoming new show called "common ground". It will be a free speech platform where I will be respectful to my guests, irrespective of their positions so we can have a civil discussion about their views and why they hold them.
I will allow ANYONE on the show who strongly identifies with a certain worldview and is very passionate. The more interesting guests will be ones I totally disagree with, but I will also invite guests I do agree with. Point of the show is to find "common ground" with people.
I will ask questions about the person's position and why they hold it. I will also of course give my opinion and express my positions, but I will NOT bash the person, no matter how insane or perverted I find their worldview. This is a platform that allows TRUE communication.
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If nothing else can be said @ Tony Scaramucci, the one thing to be sure of is that you DO NOT want him as an enemy. This WaPo editorial is scorching. He's not going to stop, & he may well have some success. #TuesdayThoughts…
Last night, Scaramucci gave an incredibly articulate and passionate anti-Trump interview on Anderson Cooper. Cooper gave him at least 10 min-in the first 15 min of his show. Worth watching. Some powerful words...#TuesdayThoughts
2-"And to members of the so-called resistance, please leave room on the off-ramp for those willing to admit their mistakes," [Scaramucci] wrote.
I'm willing.. we have to be careful, tho, if they primary Trump w a decent candidate we could have another GOP president in 2020.
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Thanks @AHL_ng for creating the opportunity to discuss tropical issues.
I've been given the daunting task of evaluating the 20th century Nigerian youth. The problem is, I’m also a youth and I haven’t been this age before, and as such I can’t evaluate.
I’ll like to discuss my experiences as a 20th century Nigerian youth. The traits I appear to share with a large number of fellow youths which impacts on socioeconomic growth whether we notice I or not.
@AHL_ng @Sammozbi
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