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I'm still reflecting on a day I spent this weekend teaching on #ReadingtheBible with integrity to the text AND to the lives & experiences of #LGBTQIA+ folks. I have a few thoughts that I'd like to share for whatever they're worth. /1
I was anxious about the day. I always am. I never know who's going to be there and how safe I can ensure the day will be for those attending. It didn't help that the BBC Radio Bristol interviewer I spoke to a couple weeks ago asked if I'd have people picketing outside. 😣 /2
There were about 50 people there, signed up for an entire day (9am-4pm) of studying the Bible and the passages that are often referred to as the "clobber" texts (texts used to beat up and abuse LGBTQIA+ people). It's not something people would usually sign up to for fun. /3
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One of the things that really hurts today that despite being a sexual and gender minority myself, I aill be relatively insulated from any decision against the LGBTQIA+ community by SCOTUS. There's potential for some of us being affected much more adversely than others.
A negative decision could first of all mean that anyone who wants to transition - even if they want to hide being trans or non binary later - will in the immediate run have to quit their job. You will lose income at the moat critical time in your life and have no $ support.
If you are trans and or non-binary and non-passing in the eyes of the Cis Empire, then you won't even be able to try and follow any future don't ask don't tell arrangement. This is also true for anyone who might be passing, but whose workplace already knows they are trans or NB.
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PRIMEIRA MÃO: @felipeneto irá distribuir 10 MIL LIVROS em resposta a tentativa de CENSURA de Crivella na Bienal do Livro, que gravou um vídeo em suas redes sociais pedindo o recolhimento da HQ “Vingadores: A Cruzada das Crianças”. A melhor parte dessa ação é COMO será feita (+)
Os livros distribuídos nesta ação (absolutamente necessária) do @felipeneto estarão embalados em preto com uma etiqueta ESPECIAL produzida com apoio da própria organização da @bienaldolivro , que já havia recusado a ordem de censura de Crivella.
A distribuição acontecerá amanhã (7), na Praça das Artes, 12h Os títulos, é claro, serão obras com personagens de cunho LGBTQIA+ e que respeitem a diversidade sexual e de gênero em todas os aspectos. Conseguimos, em primeira mão, algumas das obras que estarão nessa ação (+)
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O prefeito Crivella enviou uma notificação extraoficial pedindo o recolhimento de uma HQ da @MarvelBR por ter conteúdo "sexual" inapropriado para todos os públicos. Essa é a cena, claramente considerada ofensiva pelo conteúdo LGBTQIA+. Eles querem nos calar. Não conseguirão.
Por volta das 10h de hoje, a HQ "Vingadores: A Cruzada das Crianças" esgotou no estande da @LojaPanini. A @bienaldolivro não irá ceder à tentativa de censura de Crivella.
CONFIRMADO: a prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro enviou fiscais para lacrar, carimbar como inapropriado e esconder livros que contenham conteúdo considerado impróprio (assim como o dos tweets acima). Veja fotos enviadas direto do evento:
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As white nationalist "Straight Pride" rally draws close in #Modesto, local #LGBTQIA center targeted by neo-Nazi posters promoting Daily Stormer, less than a month after local #Sikh temple + priest were attacked by man screaming, "Go back to your country!"…
On August 24th, long-time anti-LGBTQ activist Don Grundmann will rally alongside Mylinda Mason, a local GOP organizer and head of California Republican Assembly - Stanislaus. In the past, Mylinda has run for a seat on the @Stanislaus_GOP Central Committee.…
@Stanislaus_GOP Grundmann and Mason's event, according to their website, promotes the "inherent superiority" of "whiteness," the "Caucasian" race, "Western Civilization," and attacks the LGBTQ community as "sodomites" that they are waging a "war" against.
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Introducing my #the100dayproject inspired by @QMUNITY and my fellow #ADE @Sharon_Drummond. 100 days, 100 GIFs, 100 queer terms to educate and connect our community and allies. All GIFs created with #AppleKeynote and will be compiled on @GIPHY :… @AppleEDU
Day 1: QUEER - widely used among the community to refer to the spectrum of non-heterosexual +/ non-cisgender ppl as a shorthand. Important - this is RECLAIMED language that was/is still used as a hate term. #pride #education @QMUNITY @sogiUBC Follow along ———> #100daysofQueer
DAY 2: HETERONORMATIVE - social roles & structures that reinforce idea that heterosexuality is the presumed norm and is superior to other sexual orientations. #pride #education #sogi #humanrights @QMUNITY @sogiUBC @HRC

Follow along —-> #100daysofQueer created on #AppleKeynote
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Not a reader of @NicholasSparks but have watched several of his books as movies.

Tearjerkers for sure.

I'm a gay man that lived a life of fear, isolation, and quiet desperation from my early years on.
I probably would have benefited from a club that existed to say, "Whatever I might think about your sexual orientation, you deserve to be safe and free from fear in life."

And, honestly, I think that is what, in particular, Gay Straight Alliance Clubs are about.
Today, in schools that receive federal funds and that have a club forum or offer an opportunity for political, religious, or philosophical groups, formed by students, to meet, a rule prohibiting such #LGBTQIA clubs would violate the #EAA, the Equal Access Act.
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Breaking my Twitter hiatus for something important: @SacPride should really be called @SacShame this year. Shame shame shame! Despite vigorous efforts by grassroots activists, The LGBT Community Center refused to ban cops in uniforms at #SacPride. AFTER first agreeing to it.
Mind you, no one wanted to outright ban all cops from participating in @SacPride. What we were asking for was not to have cops in uniforms. Literally, COPS in FUCKING UNIFORMS! Off-duty, walking around community members they help oppress while on their jobs.
Despite all our efforts, @SacPride decided that LGBTQIA+ Sacramentans who are unhoused can go fuck themselves. Those who are trans can go fuck themselves. Those who are Black can go fuck themselves. Undocumented? Yeah, who cares! MUST HAVE COPS! ALL THE COPS! Oh and in uniform!
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A small story:

Happy #PrideMonth! As always, if your biological family isn't ready to accept who you are, please act as if I am your Mom. I think you are absolutely perfect, don't change a thing, except get to the dentist more often; gum disease can lead to heart disease.
To say that I'm an ally of the #LGBTQIA community is, while correct, slightly understating it. I grew up in a gay neighborhood, worked in a business with a higher-than-average percentage of gay and bisexual people, volunteered at APLA at 17.
When I was bossed into buying a house, I had a short list of requirements. I'm not going to say, "Gay neighborhood" was #1; I'm not NOT going to say that, either. "Ally" is perhaps less accurate than "Stan." I am comfortable in that community and I'm never comfortable anywhere.
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@OED your definition of human being excludes a lot of human individuals by including the unnecessary characteristics of age and gender with the phrasing “man, woman, or child.” This excludes naturally androgynous adults, fetal humans, and persons considering themselves 1/
non-binary. Gender and developmental age have no bearing on whether one is a “human” or a “being” so why should it have a bearing on if you are a human being? While clearly not the intent, the remaining portion of the definition can be read so as to exclude such persons 2/
as those with mental and physical disorders. This reading is not incorrect given the grammatical structure of the sentence. It seems unnecessary to me to include a general species description when talking about the qualifying criteria for individual beings. 3/
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If you are a teenager reading this and you think you might be gay, or bi, or trans, or asexual, or any way that your parents will not ever accept, and you're starting to feel overwhelmed, here is some good news.

I am now your Mom. @SaraJBenincasa is your Aunt.
We think you are absolutely amazing and perfect, just as you are. Keep your head down, get through high school, know that the world can't wait to meet you, just as you are, but stay safe until it's time to go.

Also, I'm a terrible cook.

I apologize in advance.
Look at all the family you have! Imagine tonight as you go to sleep that you hear your Aunt Sara and I sitting around the kitchen table, talking shit, drinking coffee and cackling.
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Contrary to popular belief, there really are more than two genders.Many people with sex chromosome variations don't know they have it, or find out later in life. Some are born with ambiguous genitals, and some look like one gender or another but their chromosomes are different.
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1/thread: Had a brain-shattering convo with a teen about #pronouns. I think many adults poo-poo 💩 the topic, but I [an adult by any measure] have some alternative thoughts🙋.
2/thread: Alot of what the teen said was hard for me to understand. Ie, sometimes the teen prefers she/her; other times they/them. I was like, "How do we know which? How do YOU know which?" 🤔I could understand why older, set-in-their-ways folks wouldn't at ALL get it👀.
3/thread: But THAT thought--how older generations were raised with pretty linear🙈, narrow🙉, "accepted roles" 🙊(for men & women; for Americans & "foreigners," etc) made a💡turn on for me.
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As we close out #PrideMonth, again w/o recognition by Trump, we must recognize the stakes.

The rights that so many have fought for are under assault.

Trump has already rolled back #LGBTQIA rights. It'll accelerate thru the Supreme Court.

Here's a list:…
Buzzfeed News lists the Trump Administration's anti-LGBTQIA actions - [see link for details]:

1. Saying it’s legal to fire workers for being transgender.

2. Arguing that it’s legal to fire workers for being gay.

3. Making transgender female prisoners live with male prisoners.
4. Telling the Supreme Court that shopkeepers can turn away LGBT customers.

5. Withdrawing protections for transgender students.

6. Refusing to investigate anti-transgender discrimination complaints in public schools.

7. Trying to kick transgender people out of the military.
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Lynn Ann Conway
Born January 2, 1938

Lynn is an American computer scientist, electrical engineer, inventor, and transgender activist

Lynn grew up in White Plains, New York. Conway was shy and experienced gender dysphoria as a child. She became fascinated and engaged by astronomy and did well in math and science in high school.
Lynn is notable for a number of pioneering achievements, including the Mead & Conway revolution in VLSI design, which incubated an emerging electronic design automation industry.
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Hi @KMWhite18 et al, I'm a day late, but here it goes...


I'm Remy, just an average, middle-aged gay guy.

I write MM erotic fiction, probably best aligned with the paranormal subgenre.

Book Fave: What Belongs to You


A gay MM mashup of A Christmas Carol (minus the Christmas) with the movie Ghost.

#LGBT #LGBTQ #amwriting #gayerotica

Your MC in 5 objects:

- high school locker room
- old, broken watch
- bottle of Scotch, top-shelf
- tattered, frayed map
- run-down house in a decrepit neighborhood

#LGBT #LBGTQ #amwriting #gayerotica
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50 Senators gave Kyle Duncan a lifetime position on the 5th Cir Court.
All of you just told the world you are as homophobic & transphobic as the POS in the WH.
All of you just told the world its ok if they are too. They have the courts & Congress behind them.
50 Senators
All 50 prove, once again, you not only approve of legalizing bigotry but work towards backing it every chance you get
All 50 of you prove you believe a large majority of American's should have their rights stripped away, again.
All 50 of you prove you condone hate vs. #LGBTQIA
To all 50 Senators, you are now personally responsible for every decision this "man" makes
To all 50 Senators, you are now personally responsible for every hateful word or act this decision causes.
Every single hateful act/word/belief you bolstered
You. Are. Responsible.
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#LGBTVoices #ThursdayThoughts #Olympics2018

A short list of @VP history regarding #LGBTQIA
🔹supports state laws limiting which bathroom used by transgender people
🔹supports a parent’s right 2 subject #LGBTQIA kids to “conversion therapy”
🔹supports nullifing all orders that bans anti-L.G.B.T. discrimination by federal contractors and another that protects the rights of transgender students
🔹"led a direct, massive and concerted effort in the state of Indiana to deny equality to L.G.B.T. people"
🔹As governor opposed gay marriage and signed into law a bill that made it legal for businesses to cite religious freedom when refusing service to gay and transgender people
🔹voted against the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell.”
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If you’re a politician (or anyone) that supports stricter laws on #Opioid prescribing but not on #GunControl don’t tell me you care abt ppl.
If you’re a politician (or anyone) that supports #AbortionBans but not #GunControl don’t tell me you care about people.
If you’re a politician (or anyone) that supports #RefugeeBans but not #GunControl don’t tell me you care about people.
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